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ViewSonic VX1940w 19-inch Digital/Analog Widescreen 1680 x 1050 Hi-Res LCD Monitor
List Price: $354.11

Our Price: $169.99

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Product Description

The display is the world's first 19-inch widescreen LCD to combine 1680x1050 super high resolution, ultra fast, up to 2ms response time (gray-to-gray) and up to 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.The VX1940w has been specifically designed for passionate gamers and multimedia enthusiasts eager to enjoy the fastest games and movie action sequences with minimal distortion and industry leading image quality. The VX1940w offers multiple inputs, wide viewing angles and 300 nits of brightness - making it not only an ideal solution for gaming, but also perfect for viewing DVDs and performing traditional PC applications.The highest resolution available on a 19-inch widescreen LCD, combined with the Dynamic Contrast Ratio, provides users with crisp images, darker black levels and a higher contrast. In addition, DCR technology adjusts black levels based on screen content to reduce "light leakage" and improve performance up to four times greater than traditional contrast ratios, especially when viewed from the side.

  • Super High 1680 X 1050 Resolution
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • With True Enhanced Performance.
  • Latest Technical Development.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Much Needed Upgrade
    This monitor replaced an LCD which was purchased 7 years ago, so keep in mind my review may be slightly biased. Firstly, I am a gamer and the resolution this monitor supports has been a huge improvement over what I have become accustomed to over the years. That, along with the wide screen ratio and fast response time, have transformed my desktop and provided a face lift of sorts. Not only do games and video appear crisper, but the additional space while performing miscellaneous tasks is nothing if not welcome.

    It has been mentioned before that in order to drive this monitor to its fullest, an adequate graphics card is required. I'm not sure where the line is drawn, but I have had no issues whatsoever with an x1900xtx, which I purchased more than 2 years ago.

    To sum things up, this is a very well made product that performs admirably while maintaining a relatively low price tag. I would recommend this to anyone looking to replace their current set-up or adding a second monitor....more info
  • Excellent monitor at a great price
    Bought this monitor to replace a smaller monitor in my office. Easy to install, excellent graphics....more info
  • Super Monitor but watch your Device Manager closely
    I purchased this to replace a 19" CRT by Viewsonic. The difference in night and day. Sharp, clear and great small footprint.

    Now after loading the drivers I checked my Device Manager screen in Vista and found that two drivers for midi and other supported device with a yellow triangle. I went to my mobo downloads and got the proper driver updates and no problems, but this is something to watch where one driver can screw-up another driver.

    This is one great monitor and I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Visually stunning display! ViewSonic is a trusted name in my house!
    Having bought a ViewSonic VA1912WB 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor (Black) some time ago for my new Dell XPS series, I didn't think a 19in monitor could surpass the display quality of that monitor, but I purchased this VX1940w 19in and was absolutely stunned. INCREDIBLY bright screen that is so bright, I even have to turn down the brightness considerably, especially at night, because it's almost overwhelming.

    Contrast (3000:1) is fabulous too, and, while I don't have the tech to time the vaunted 2ms refresh time, this monitor is noticeably faster than my previous ViewSonic, and it's no slouch.

    I have not had any problems that others have mentioned with this monitor. No defects, though I agree the build quality is slightly less hefty than its predecessor, though it's nothing I'd even take a star away from it for.

    It is true that you need a serious graphics card to take advantage of the features. I'm using this monitor on anHP Pavilion Media Center TV M8430f Desktop PC, Refurbished, Core2 Quad Q6600, 2.40GHz with 4GB RAM and Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS, though mine was bought new and is not refurbished as the one in that link is. The graphics processor onboard is an NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT 512MB PCI-Express x16 Video Card with DVI.

    Native resolution is a stunning 1680x1050, which I use for gaming (with its 2ms refresh rate!) and for professional graphics quality editing with my 10MP Canon DSLR. Superb editing possibilities with that combo!

    When I'm doing word processing, though, I avoid the tiny-iconing of such a powerful resolution, and tone it down to 1440x900, which is a bit easier on the eyes. All of this can be accomplished VERY quickly on the fly with no hiccups so far. The changeability of the display settings is very handy, and this screen is by far the best of its kind I've seen on the market yet. Would not hesitate to buy another ViewSonic as soon as I need one.

    HIGHLY recommended....more info
  • impressed and happy
    I so love this screen I used it with my xbox 360 and sometimes as a second monitor with my laptop, the quality's great and it work perfectly...more info
  • My wife loves the ViewSonic 1940
    Got this for my little bride, because she wanted to have her own computer. I lowered the screen for easier viewing by bolting the monitor's hinge directly to the round base, it was a simple mod.
    The screen is so beautiful, we both love it. A bad screen would have distracted from her interest in learning computers, so this did the trick!
    This would be perfect for hi-res games, but for now, she plays Sudoku only.
    She loves the hi-res for the grandkid pictures though......more info
  • impressed and happy
    I so love this screen I used it with my xbox 360 and sometimes as a second monitor with my laptop, the quality's great and it work perfectly...more info