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Timecop [HD DVD]
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In this "pumped-up adventure packed with white-knuckle thrills" (Associated Press) time travel is not only a reality but an opportunity to alter the past for power and profit. Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in the sci-fi thriller that mixes hard-hitting action with awesome special effects romance and murder. Ron Silver co-stars as Van Damme's cunning adversary in what People magazine touts as "clever and original Timecop is a thinking man's movie."System Requirements:Running Time: 98 Mins.Format: DVD HD Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE/FUTURISTIC Rating: R UPC: 025192790829 Manufacturer No: 61027908

Pay no attention to the fact that Timecop is an insult to intelligent science fiction, and that it gradually succumbs to an acute case of the sillies. It is a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, after all, so check your brain at the door and enjoy this action flick set in the year 2004. Van Damme plays an officer in the Time Enforcement Police, assigned to prevent criminals from traveling to the past with the intent of altering the future. Ron Silver plays the evil politician who plots to retrieve a stockpile of gold from the Civil War to finance his latest campaign. The film is clever to a point, and entertaining if you can ignore the dumb jokes and inconsistencies. Best of all, it's an above-average vehicle for Van Damme (relatively speaking), who gets to kick some villainous butt and share a few scenes with Mia Sara, who plays the Timecop's wife. As Van Damme fans can tell you, this is one of the action star's better movies. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!!!!!
    Just like another Van Damne film,great!!!!!.He goes back in time to try to save himself and his wife before McComb and his gang to her.An enjoyable Van Damne clip that everyone should enjoy...more info
  • Back to the Future on steroids!
    The Jean Claude Van Damme Review Matrix (JCVD-RM)

    1) Who is he? Max Walker, a law enforcement officer for a government organization that regulates and monitors time travel. He protects the past from those who would take advantage of the technology, like Biff and Skynet.
    2) Which family member/friend must be avenged? Unfortunately for JCVD, and 80s movie fans everywhere, he must avenge his lovely wife who learns that nothing is unblowupable.
    3) Does he take his shirt off? Only once, and he's shredded.
    4) Does he have sex with a C-List actress? This is the pinnacle of JCVD's legendary black book. He bags Mia Sara, the same gorgeous young lady who played Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
    5) Is there a tournament? There is no tournament, just a race to fight crime.
    6) Is training needed for this tournament? One does not simply travel into the past without training, or a Delorean.
    7) Does he do the splits in training or in the tournament? He CONSTANTLY does the splits. In the kitchen; in the living room.
    8) Does he punch someone in the balls? First JCVD beatdown of the movie = stick to the junk
    9) Does he do a series of flying or 360 kicks? Oh hell yes. This is classic Van Damme.
    10) Is his enemy unbeatable? He's fighting time travel, government corruption, and futuristic weapons...that's about as close as you get to unbeatable.
    11) Does he overcome an injury or other hindrance? I've never been shot while wearing a bullet proof vest, but it looks like it would hurt like hell. JCVD shook it off like a champ.
    12) Does he win? No, and then yes, and then no again, and eventually yes. Awesome.

    When a movie starts during the Civil War with a hillbilly sporting eight teeth, two laser-sighted machine guns, and a singular intention of robbing the Confederacy of gold bars, there is no doubt that it's about to be awesome. JCVD has never looked cooler. He's rocking a massive coif of 80s hair on the verge of a permullet, and he struts/walks in every scene like it looks good. With a supporting cast of Ron Silver and Bruce McGill, Timecop registers as one of the better acted JCVD movies. In addition, the script and pacing are better than the majority of most action blockbusters - there is real creativity in the story composition. Exploring the spectacular concepts of Back to the Future and amplifying them, Timecop is superb on all levels. Narrowly missing out on being the top JCVD movie of all time, any action or sci-fi fan should thoroughly enjoy this JCVD thriller....more info
  • A Step Above Most Of Van Damme Films
    I thought this was a notch above the normal no-brainer kick-boxer action flicks which star men like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, etc. because of the interesting and somewhat complex tale with time travel as the main theme. The story also has some good twists and humor.

    The special- effects - at least when this came out in the mid '90s - were very cool when the time travelers reached their destinations. The story can be a bit confusing at times but is fun, especially near the end when doubles of all the characters are on the screen at once

    The only bad part of the film is the credibility, especially with Ron Silver who plays a politician. No politician, no matter what party or where, would be this much of low-life. In fact, the story is full of unlikable and untrustworthy characters, too many of them. The time travel ange of the story may be intelligent but the dialog in many parts of this movie is just plain dumb and too juvenile.

    Yet, overall, this is still one of the best of a small group of well-done Van Damme movies.

    P.S. I am not buying a DVD of this until Universal puts this out on widescreen, as it was filmed!

    ...more info
  • Van Damme's Best
    The funny thing about this movie (that often ends up in the cut-out bins at any video store) is that it was actually Van Damme's highest-grossing film, and one of his only films that actually drew some rave reviews.

    Not about his acting, mind you; that was never a JCVD selling point. But Peter Hyams ("Outland", "2010") steered Van Damme into a solid action sci-fi thriller, gave the plot enough technical jargon to suspend disbelief, some quality T&A (Mia Sara, looking hotter than hell), and (as with the case with Van Damme's best films) gave the best lines to the supporting actors.

    Ron Silver has a great time as the antagonist--and plays off Jean Claude pretty well. Avoiding all the plot loopholes and illogical physics, paying attention to the money that was spent on this film, and basically comparing it to all the other actioners at the time enables me to give it a 4 star rating....more info

  • Timecop - a classic!
    I love this film when it first come out on the big screen, i have owned the VHS version aswell as the DVD too but when i found out this was coming out on HD DVD, i was baffled as i thought maybe this film would look good in quality as old film transfers dont look the best in 1080p, however, this film looks brillaint in detail, obviouslt dont expect modern HD quality images but for a classic film turned HD, it looks brilliant, better than most old film transfers!
    Only grudge is that it doesnt have any special featured :(...more info
  • Infinite 'Time'
    Max Walker's wife was killed by a senator and some thugs. That's what happened after a rendevous Max had with his wife at a mall. "There's never enough time to satisfy a woman." Passionate! A couple of psychos followed them home and took out his wife. He loved her with all of his heart and in the future, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to save her. Walker also has to stop a madman from becoming President of the United States after he forced some of his punks to go back in time and find the valuable stocks. With that money, he would be able to campaign. I was overjoyed with the uniqueness of this plot and it was far better than "Back to the Future". Time travel should be about corruption and saving wives. YES! The action sequences are remarkable with decent special effects and a scene where Van Damme kept his leg up and a thief almost skated right into his foot. "Read between the lines, mortal!" Jean-Claude Van Damme needs to make "Timecop 2" and "Street Fighter 2". His eternal presence is nothing short of astonishing....more info
  • Van Damme's Best performance
    If you were a Van Damme buff like me when you were younger, then you swear by and worship films such as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, and Lionheart. Timeless late 80's early 90's films that were immensely popular at the time and quite enjoyable as action movies during that era. However, Van Damme's reputation quickly faded because he was type-cast as the brute karate guy who was hell-bent on just kicking you in the face at an 120 degree angle.

    Timecop is Van Damme's glory film in his acting career. A wonderful and entirely believable futuristic story of time travel that with a little better directing and production could have been a darn good action flick. Van Damme plays a futuristic cop who witnesses his wife's murder and is determined to do something about it. Coincidentally, he's the top time travel cop for the time travel program that the government currently has implemented for national security reasons. Of course he's going to use that to his advantage. What ensues is a mixture of other time travel movies all brought into one but with that Van Damme flair. While the overlying message is that the past is a terrible thing to alter, Van Damme's life has never been the same since the loss of his wife. The only way to survive his mundane existence and to save the country in the process is to go back in time, alter it, and kill a few bad guys in the process. Van Damme is not over the top here, however. He plays a darker character who displays believable emotion as a result of his surroundings. If you're a fan of time travel movies ala Back to the Future, The Butterfly Effect, The Time Machine, then Timecop should be right up your alley.

    Time travel will always be an interesting topic of conversation or subject of a major motion picture....more info
    I love it,it`s very very good I like the whole movie because it`s like telling the future of 21st century where going back in time is possible,also i like the plot and charaters of the movie.That`s why i`m getting it on DVD,Also the music is very good it`s good!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Timecop
    Universal has been steadily improving it's DVD product line. The only company currently listing detailed information like whether or not the movie was recorded in a single versus a dual layer, Universal seems to have the archetypal DVD customer in mind all the way.

    In light of this, it's all the more disappointing that the only feature worth mentioning about Timecop is that it has Dolby Digital sound, and is captioned and subtitled. Unlike almost every other major title on the market, Timecop doesn't even have a widescreen format. Heck, the Laserdisc version has widescreen--what the h*ll happened here?

    This is a shame, since Timecop is probably Jean-Claude Van Damme's best film. I know this isn't saying much, but even I have to admit that the Van Damminator has a certain endearing, if not annoying, action hero charm. And unlike Steven Segal, Van Damme allows his character to be hurt in fight scenes.

    Without any special goodies to mention, I can only close with a brief review of the story. Written by comic book scribe Mark Verheiden, Timecop is as good a time travel action flick as I've seen. Highlighted by a deliciously slimy acting job by Ron Silver (and a more thoughful and believable Van Damme), Timecop is just the kind of bubblegum your brain will want to chew on "movie night".

    Raincoaters will also appreciate the brief but steamy love scene with the stunningly attractive Mia Sara (of "Ferris Bueller" fame).

    I can only recommend this if you're a Van Damme fan who has to have it... END...more info

  • Interesting action movie.
    I do not care much for Van Damme movies, but I do like this one. Althought not as scientifically correct as should have been this movie as a whole is very captivating with a lot of good action and plot twists. Overall: GOOD....more info
  • Better than average Van Dmme movie
    "Clever and original, Timecop is a thinking man's movie' is how People Magazine described this movie. That is pretty insulting really when you think a long time, say 5 seconds, about it.

    As an action movie, Van damme has the moves here. The film moves along at a reasonable pace and the story is plausible if you do not think about it too much. Tragically there is the repetitive theme common to most of the star's movies of the family man who cares. This tends to be the major flaw in his work.

    One of the things that really gets me irritated is the tendency to postulate futures where the differences betwenn the near future and now are presented in such a stark fashion that they are incredible to contemplate. here particularly I refer to the vehicles and to some of the coostumes. Look back over the last fifty years and you will see gradual change but essentially the basic styles have remained the same. I understand that for dramatic effect these are useful devices but then they are undermined by the sloppy tendency to use music from olde eras which clearly has not changed.

    The holes in the plot are there for all to see although they are disguised by the clever circularity which the film makers use. The action sequences are impressive although they look very dated today, certainly in comparison with Jet Li for instance. Then there is the scene for the ladies where Jean-Claude does the splits. Alas his star has faded in recent years as his current movies tend not to have this feature.

    Worthwhile watching on rainy days where there is nothing on the tv. Alas there are too few of the former and too many of the latter....more info

  • Ok action film
    A time cop races through time to right the meddlings of a corrupt politician in the past. Van Damme is a cop whose wife has died and becomes a time cop. A corrupt politician is messing with the past to get enough money for his political campaign. The movie has pretty good fight scenes which are basically showing off Van Damme and his body. It has an interesting premise for the time it was done (1994) although the special effects were not that good, even for the time. The acting is better than other Van Damme movies though....more info
  • Good movie
    I got this movie because a friend broke the original DVD I had. When I watched the HD version, I expected the quality to be better, but it was only just as good as the standard DVD. ...more info
  • One of Van Damme's Best
    This is a fun, action-packed movie. There are some folks who can't get past Van Damme the actor and just accept him a genuine physical presence on screen. He was never a star for his broken-English-seems-like-he's-reading-the-lines-off-of-his-palm line delivery.

    In Timecop Van Damme is Walker, a Time Enforcement Commission ("TEC") Agent tasked with going back in time to catch time criminals, i.e., people who travel back in time to gain some illegal advantage from their knowledge of the future. In one of the early scenes we see Walker travel back to the thirties to stop a miscreant who is planning to buy up stock for rock bottom prices that will be worth millions in the future (the movie is set in 2004).

    Mia Sara is fine, if underused, as Van Damme's wife Melissa, but Ron Silver as the villanous Senator McComb really has fun with the scene chewing. The great character actor Bruce McGill makes the most out of his small part as Walker's boss, the commander of the "TEC." Add up their performances, some nice action sequences, a somewhat intelligent plot, and solid shooting by director Hyams, and you have a very satisfying popcorn flick for a rainy weekend afternoon.

    However, there is one problem with Timecop. The DVD is absolutely garbage! I don't think I've ever seen it for sale in widescreen format. The film has been made available on HD DVD, but a blu-ray seems to be nowhere in sight. I hope this gets fixed soon, along with True Lies!!!...more info
  • one is for no widescreen version
    Once again, we're stuck with a full screen version of a movie that deserved better then what it got. As with "The Shadow", this is a decent little movie. It's not going to win any awards but it will certainly keep you entertained. Nice premise and decent Van Damme presence (I don't want to call it "acting"), but once again the studio decides to go on the cheap and not even give us a decent letterboxed version....more info
  • Best Van Damme movie!
    In my opinion, this is Jean Claude Van Damme's best movie that he ever made. The plot is good and his acting is actually very good and somewhat believable. He also looks really great in this movie....more info
  • What a kick
    Van Damme is kickin' again in TIMECOP, the sci-fi kung fu action/adventure where he must stop a greedy politician from altering past events for his benefit, and also intercept his wife's killers. It a nice change to see Van Damme with a longer hair cut. And he even ACTS in this movie too. TIMECOP is a must for any fan of Van Damme, kung fu films, sci-fi films, or movies with actual acting....more info
  • Awful pan and scan version!
    For a film that was shot in full anamorphic Panavision 2.35:1 by a very good director/cinematographer I find it very weird that Universal would only release this in cropped format. Many other people have expressed their disappointment in other reviews about this but I must let you know that the R2 version IS in widescreen. If you must by this film then get the UK Region 2 version. The Dolby 5.1 soundtrack remains the same but the movie is shown in it's correct OAR. And that is what matters most....more info
  • Classic 90's action flick with a pretty decent plot.
    I'm not going to bore you with a plot synopsis you can get off the back of a box. If you like Van Damme you'll like this movie. It's not filled with mindless action, and the plot is strong enough to carry the the film. It comes off slightly goofy, but only because of the 1990's take on what the future would be like.

    If you are looking for some decent/classic Van Damme action check it out. For under $10 how disappointed could you really be?...more info
  • Ultimate Van Dammage
    I'm so sick and tired of movie critics putting "The Muscles From Brussels" down,can this man get any props for his acting.It isn't common for an actor to grose over 200 million for one film.Van Damme proved his movies are worth that as Timecop hit theaters.I remember the buzz it recieved back in 1994.Realisticly 2004 will not be that way portrayed in the Peter Hyams film but realisticly it was a Van Damme good movie.It was Van Dammes highest box-office hit and put Van Damme in the action hero hall of fame.This film is an A+ for great martial-arts tecniques credited due to Van Damme who rarely uses a stunt double and a great storyline,with time travel,remember Back To The Future,well if you liked that movie I advise you to watch Timecop which is just as good with Van Damme in complete control...It's Van Damme at his peak"......more info
  • You just can't beat VHS
    I love this movie and the dvd I had of it always skipped, so I went to the trusty ol' VHS. Can't go wrong with VHS. It was in perfect condition when it arrived....more info
  • Excellent script, quality actors and Van Damme as a bonus!!
    I used to be a big Van Damme fan. Nowadays, he is producing some junk and this is a big turn off. However, all he is needed is to add some good actors and a good story and viewers would get great entertainment!

    Timecop is one of my favorite Van Damme movies. I think that the whole time travel Sci-Fi plot was very good and without any obvious flaws. I would grade this story 10 times better that the recently released Time Machine with Guy Pierce. The special effects were pretty good. Ron Silver, Bruce McGill, Gloria Reuben are all acting very well. Finally, Van Damme plays very well. Overall, an excellent mix of Sci-Fi / Adventure / Action and a real treat for fans of any of these genres.

    I wish I could see Van Damme is high quality movies with good stories and good cast again and not the junk he is producing now. My other Van Damme suggestions would be Lionheart and Hard Target....more info

  • Timecop - Science Fiction
    This one with Van Damme as a time cop. trying to catch the bad guys. Some going into the past to rob a stage coach of its money and bringing it back to the present or fixing an election then using the power of office to buy out business or twist the business in their favor for their profit. With Van Damme trying just to keep him and his wife alive and having their son born. Good Movie....more info
  • A Good Time Travel Cop Show
    I've always been a mixed fan of Jean Claude - I like some of the movies he stars in and then there are others that are I could take or leave.

    Timecop is one of those that is good even for a movie that is more than a decade old.

    Basically, Jean Claude plays a time enforcement cop who works for an agency that polices the timeline for people who try to go back in time and make things better for themselves. I won't spoil the movie, but just know that things wind up getting personal and he winds up having to go back in time and at one point "goes rogue" as he works to apprehend the bad guys.

    Overall, the acting was good, the directing was excellent, the special effects were good for the time. Time travel movies are hard to do because you risk confusing the audience at large, you risk exposing plot flaults when things don't add up, and you risk the critique from the people who analyze the consequences of changing timelines etc. As a time travel movie, this is pretty tightly put together and the direction is very good which makes things hold together fairly well.

    The movie has a fair degree of review value (you can see it several times as background) associated with it.

    This movie comes from when Van Damme was peaking in his career and surrounding himself with excellent directing and production teams and undertaking good projects. I'm also a great fan of Bruce McGill's acting so his presence in the movie elevates it somewhat for me. Additionally Ron Silver plays a great bad guy. Mia Sara is stunningly beautiful and a wonderful actress as usual and Gloria Reuben plays a great sidekick to VanDamme. Overall, very solid actors with great fighting scenes from Van Damme.

    If you like cop shows and can tolerate a bit of sci fi/time travel, you should enjoy this film....more info
  • Vanne Dammes Best
    IF you cant stand J.C.V.D then I cant recomend this or any of his films! But for those who are and have not seen this one, then this i would have to say is one of, if not, the best film he has made! Vanne Damme plays a time traveling cop, which has some great features to it. Its not just any old action movie! the plot is great. It sends vanne damme chasing a guy through time who wants to change the presnet to make himself presidant! And vanne Dammes on the case. This is a great movie, at least rent it if youve never seen it, its well worth at least one watch before you dismiss this as just yoru ordinary Vanne Damme movie!

    I STRONGLY recomend you never see Time Cop 2 tho! No seaqull works without the original cast, and the seaqull is a waste of time! Stick with this and pretend part 2 never happend!...more info

  • Time travel with the muscles from Brussels
    Pretty decent flick, I actually give it 3.5 stars. A nice, quick sci-fi b-movie with some good action, decent f/x and some subpar acting(of course). Great villian in Ron Silver and Van Damme tries but the film could have been upped a notch with a better lead. Some lapses in logic but are forgivable due to the fact that no one knows what kind of results would be reaped when playing with time. All and all a fun adventure if looking for a quick flick....more info
  • Better than Expected!
    The movie is a somewhat typical Van Damme film transplanted into a realistic sci-fi world. Regardless of the quality of the movie (which was not that bad) the quality of the transfer was exceptional! For a '94 film I was impressed with both the audio and video quality. Bravo!...more info
    I actually don't mind Van Damme as an actor, and I usually love films by Hyams. This is not a credible bit of sci-fi, however, although there is enough action ( it's a Van Damme movie after all ) to get past a slightly better than run-of-the-mill script. Ron Silver, and Mia Sara do as well as they can, and the CGI work is alright, but I much preferred Van Damme in HARD TARGET. If you want time travel stuff that's crisp DOCTOR WHO in just about any incarnation trumps this story in spades....more info