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Panasonic PT-AX200U 720p 3LCD Home Theater Projector
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Product Description

The PT-AX200 is ideal for watching sports events or playing video games in daylight conditions and surely for viewing movies in a dark room. Powerful 2,000-lumen brightness and new Light Harmonizer 2 technology make it easy for people to enjoy vibrant, dynamic images even if they don't have a special theater room. Together with the 2,000-lumens brightness, Panasonic's Light Harmonizer 2 technology produces vivid and easy-to-see images even in the kind of bright lighting that makes images from other projectors look whitish, faded or lacking in detail. The Light Harmonizer 2 circuit not only adjusts the gamma curve, but also controls the iris setting, lamp power, and picture sharpness to maintain easy, comfortable viewing at all times. The PT-AX200 features a Game mode that improves signal processing for better response, allowing you to play games with minimal stress. It also reveals gradation in saturated areas to show details that are otherwise lost in very dark areas. The Pure Color Filter was born from Panasonic's pursuit of optical technology that delivers true Hollywood picture quality. The light spectrum is adjusted to produce a level of light that maximizes the performance of the LCD panels, which expands the color range and produces truer blacks. The high definition picture of the PT-AX200 is remarkably smooth and film-like, while remaining amazingly sharp and detailed. Dynamic Iris has been refined to provide deeper, richer blacks for true image reproduction with stunning smoothness. This technology adjusts the lamp power, iris, and gamma curve according to data obtained from frame-by-frame histogram analysis of the image brightness level. The new Advanced Dynamic Sharpness Control determines image areas that need to be sharpened at varying degrees by examining small changes in brightness levels within the image. This greatly reduces noise amplification and delivers clear and natural looking images.

  • 1280 x 720, 720p HD Resolution and 6,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 2000 Lumens Brightness via a 220 W UHM lamp
  • LCD x 3 R, G, B
  • 2 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 S-Video, 1 Video Inputs
  • Comes with power cord, wireless remote control and batteries for remote

Customer Reviews:

  • Worked great until the bulb went... at 290 hours
    I don't have too much to add on what other people have said - it's a great projector. My projector-owning friends compared it quite favorably with the ones they own... it just has such bright, crisp images. I was very happy with my purchase.

    However - the other day, after about one year and 290 hours of use (I am not a heavy user!), something was clearly wrong with the image. The colors were not saturated, the image was dull... brightness was lacking. One more evening of that, and then it wouldn't start up - the "Lamp" indicator light was flashing. I will be ordering a new lamp, but it's far from cheap. I'm pretty upset, as I don't think I did anything in particular to make it die so early.

    Hopefully this serves as a cautionary tale for those considering this product....more info
  • Home Projector Heaven
    Absolutely awesome projector (if you don't expect it to be much use during daylighht..) Superb picture, very quiet (but hot) - it is bulkier than our previous projector, but doesn't have that disturbing "optical flickr", it works perfectly with the XBox 360 - 2 HDMI inputs plus extras - we have 3 devices connected to it at all times. If it isn't mounted, it could act as a semi-portable TV in your home - we hook it up to our Macbook Pro's at night to watch DVD's and streaming TV from our Slingbox. Is awesome....more info
  • best deal out there
    best projector under [...] hands down.

    I was looking for a projector that would be able to play nice with my Mac via a digital connection, do HD, be able to hook up an HDMI source, as well as an SD source and haven't been disappointed at all!

    NOTE: Not all DVD players are created equal and if you think your image looks kind of crappy, consider the source, I played a DVD through my PS2 onto this thing and it looked like crap, I could literally count the pixels, then I played a DVD through my Mac and I felt like I was sitting in a freaking theatre, it was pristine and clear and the colors were amazing.

    I have mine hooked up to a receiver that up-converts my SD TV signal to 1080 and it looks alright (but what can you expect when you blow a 720x480 pixel image up to 92"!), though some channels I've noticed are better than others, it really shines when you play an HD source through it.

    Sometimes you have to fiddle with the color/luminance options, but the good news is it has a ton options to tweak, and you can save profiles, so you basically tweak it once and load up different settings for different sources.

    I play DVD's out of my Mac into the pt-ax200u onto a 92" screen via a cheap DVI-HDMI cable and it's like being at the movies. Playing HD content off of is even better than what you see at the theater no joke! You seriously have to see it to believe it. And it works as nice big monitor, even though it's native 1280x720, it'll do 1920x1080 which is actually more than my regular flat screen monitor. I do video production and I can't use it to accurately monitor the color and luminance levels of my photoshop projects and video projects, but it's nice when you want to just sit back on the couch and get the work done that doesn't involve tweaking colors or brightness/contrast levels.

    I tried to the point of almost killing myself to get this thing to work right with a laptop running vista and couldn't get it to do the same thing twice, the problem might be on Vista's end (big surprise) but it's something to be aware of.

    Also if you get it you SHOULD NOT ENABLE ECO-MODE RIGHT AWAY.
    I did that thinking I'd extend the life of my lamp and after 30 or 40 hours of use and noticed extremely annoying flickering. After searching forums about it I read that your supposed to "burn in" the lamp for like the first 500 hours or something by leaving it in normal mode. I switched it to normal mode and after an hour or so of use the flickering went away and I haven't seen it back since almost 50 hours later.

    ALso be aware of the lens shift difference between LCD and DLP projectors, the lens on this thing can move around a decent amount verses a DLP projector which can barely move the lens, if at all.

    So bascially it's not a perfect projector, but it works great with everything, really shines with HD content and you can't beat the price....more info
  • I like it.
    Bought this over a year ago and use it quiet regularly to watch movies on. No complaints, no issue. Operates great, never had any problems. Easy to setup and arrange.

    Only the 'energy saving' feature sacrifices quality of picture, but what do you expect for less light to the bulb I suppose... ...more info
  • Some reviews you can ignore?
    This is not a review of this specific product just a general opinion. If you read alot of reviews as I do, you will find that there are about 10% you must question. These are the reviews that are the generally negative and in most cases 180% from the other reviews. They almost always tell the prospective buyer to go with some other product which they name. These reviews are likely from people who represent that competing company that simply want to lower the score of the reviewed product in hopes of promoting their own. If you check a product and twenty people say it is great and one person says it was a nightmare beyond belief and then says if you want a great one buy.......? These are the reviews that can be dismiss....more info
  • A really wonderful projector at a remarkably low price point
    A terrific quality product, and very bright. I paired mine with the Duet Portable Projector Screen, and I am fully satisfied with the resulting image, with its visibility and crispness and size (80-inch diagonal). I have hooked up both a PS3 (HDMI) and DVD player (S-Video) to it, and they work great.

    The PT-AX200U has an output capable of 2000 lumens, which ultimately means that you can enjoy this projector in the middle of the day, even with ambient light streaming through your blinds.

    Originally, I was comparing this projector with many 1080p projectors. Ultimately, I felt I could either get a high-end 720p projector or a low-end 1080p one, and the low-end 1080p would have been more than double the price. I decided on the Panasonic in particular due to its great reputation, its brightness output, and its settings easily configurable for both movies and gaming.

    Despite the PT-AX200U being more than a year old at this point, the machine doesn't feel aged a bit. I think this is one of those times in the world of technology where you can really enjoy the price drop but not be missing any features. I can see myself enjoying this same product even if I bought it years from now....more info
  • Haven't been this satisfied with an electronics purchase in over a decade.
    I'd been shopping around for a new gaming display for Wii, PS3, Laptop through DVI, and movies, for a very long time, to replace my monster 36" 300lb CRT. First I went with a 46" LCD that just had too much lag, GHOSTING, grayish blacks, banding on the image, all these problems, and ended up returning it. Then a friend recommended I try the projector route. I was at first skeptical but eventually read a bunch of very helpful reviews on, and decided to go with this one, as it is marketed by Panasonic as a "gaming projector"

    4 months of owning it and now I would never go back to anything else. Ever. Every one of my friends who sees this thing in action says the same thing - even one who has a massive 1080p 70" Sony rear projection set. This thing is just stellar, the image is sharp, very bright - even in a dimly lit room, and vibrant with great contrast and colors, no lag or ghosting, perfectly complements the high gain 100" gray glass beaded screen I bought for it (I recommend these over a plain white any day - see pictures)
    There is no rainbow effect since it is a 3LCD projector, it is fairly quiet and does not have any sort of screen door effect, and ghosting is very very minimal - no more than a CRT or any other display. It also has a crazy amount of advanced image tweaking options that I've never seen on even the most expensive sony XBR LCD's.

    The short throw lens is very flexible and can easily fill a 100" screen from less than 24 feet. I place mine in front of the viewers, on a table, angled slightly up with its adjustable feet, and found it gave a better picture than putting it behind and high above viewers. The viewing angle is very good - much better than the LCD it replaced, and is best achieved by placing it with the lens closer to the level of your head. The lens can be shifted all over the place with the little joystick and locked into place by twisting it, and the focal and zoom rings are very precise and have a nice feel.

    Sure, it's not 1080p, and I wrestled with this issue a lot before buying it, but now I see that it really wouldn't matter unless i was trying to push this thing past maybe 150" or more. Also, most ps3 games only support 720p anyway, and the wii is only 480p - and taking into account the great value to performance ratio of this thing, I don't miss 1080p at all.

    Even taking into account the bulb replacement costs (about $250 for each ~2000 hour bulb), I still feel it's worth it and cannot stress how much I love this thing. I beat Metal Gear Solid 4 on it and it was a transcendental experience to play through it on such a huge and beautiful display.

    The only bad thing I can think of about this projector is that the lens cap is manual - you have to clip it on when you're done. I would have preferred a nice automatic one that shuts over the lens when you switch it off.

    One final note - this projector is MADE IN JAPAN! How often do you see that any more? All the LCDs and Plasmas I looked at were all made in china, taiwan, mexico and all these other places that I feel have much much lower quality control standards than Japan. Made me feel very good about this product....more info