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  • Stinker Sequel to a Stinker Original
    I STILL don't get it! The original movie was bad enough; did we have to have more of the same? As much as I don't mind accents, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said unless it was the US troops speaking. I was also looking for some thread of a plot - no dice. The infected were about as scary as my Dachshund. I know that some folks think these two movies are cult classics like the Romero zombies, and to each his own. If there's a third one brewing, I hope it's "28 Years Later" when I hope to be dead and gone!...more info
  • Black Holes abound in the the Marathon Zombie Universe..
    A shame, because I found the original film very different & interesting. But the plot-holes in this 'sequel' are of such an Epic stupidity that it simply kills your ability to suspend disbelieve for it. Gore lovers will love it (as there's plenty enough of that if naught else), but after about the first quarter I had to just shut it off.. as there was simply no more reason to care for any of the characters or what happened....more info
  • Storyline lost in the gore
    The movie is pretty much a waste of time ... there are a few interesting parts if you fast forward through many minutes of worthless gore and blood splattering shooting ... they should just delete the storyline and just show people being shot ... looks like the writers had a few ideas and then just got lazy or pretended to work ... don't waste your time with this....more info
  • I could think of 28 reasons why this movie is bad, but I still love it
    I love 28 Weeks Later, the continuation to 28 Days Later. Even with its MANY faults, I can't help but really like this movie.

    28 Weeks Later starts off during the beginning of the outbreak. Six survivors are hiding out in a cottage, just trying to get by when all hell breaks lose. Honestly it's one of the most intense and amazing intros to a movie I've seen in awhile. There is one scene I can't get out of my head from 28 Days and that's the tunnel scene. One of the best scenes that I always remember from 28 Weeks is what I call the hill scene. When one of the survivors is high tailing it across a field and you see a mass of infected coming over a hill and flocking right to him. Man I love the intro. 28 weeks after the outbreak begins, and the infected have perished from starvation, the military begins to clean up Britain and try to repopulate it. They bring in people from outside (England was quarantined so everyone else was ok) to start their new lives here. A survivor is found later that's infected, but not like `the infected' were. And so begins our cute tale of horror.

    As for movie itself, I really do like it, but like I said before there are so many faults with it. And it's mainly to make the movie scary or intense I guess. I'll give you an example. When the outbreak begins again (you know it's coming so I am not ruining anything), the military shoves everyone into one big room and then shuts the power off in the city and then turns on the emergency back up lights. Seriously? Why would you do this? That's the kind of thing this movie does a lot, just to add effect to it. It can get pretty eye-rolling for sure. But at the same time, I still can't help but enjoy the movie due to the fun it brings. Like the helicopter scene for instance. Once you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. So cool.

    In the end I would say give it a rent unless you just really like the series like me. I own it and love it but I'm still giving it 3 stars cause of the absurd things that happen.

    P.S. - Hope that 28 Months Later comes out like planned (supposedly 2011).
    ...more info
  • Sequel or Prequel
    I enjoyed the movie, not quite as much as I enjoyed the original, but I felt this was a worthy movie. I started enjoying it less as I realized that this movie is designed as a "middle" movie between the original and a subsequent sequel.

    Ultimately nothing got resolved in this movie, except you find out who lives and who dies. It leaves you with the first scene of the next movie, which may or may not be made.

    I'd give it 3.5 stars, but don't like being a chump for someone's non-ending string of movies so I rounded down....more info
  • This Movie SO Kicks A-Double-S!
    First off, if you liked "28 Days Later" then you will love "28 Weeks Later"!

    Secondly, this movie on its own, for those new to the franchise, is just flat-out awesome! The larger budget is well made use of, and what an effective sequel this is.

    There are a few of the most absolutely gruesome, and incredibly large, magnificent effects you'll ever see in this type of movie right here. You'll just flip. If you can wait until you're able to watch it in high def with 5.1 and a subwoofer, even if it's years down the road, then do so. Don't ruin it by watching it online or on a PSP or on a standard def monaural set or something...this one's a saver to savor!

    This review reflects my reaction to the film, along with my highest recommendation to others who might enjoy a nice, shocking epidemic movie.

    If you want the synopsis to the story, check it out in the product description. Otherwise..."28 Weeks Later" is freakin' hardcore outstanding! And it ties in both perfectly and sensibly to "28 Days Later" as well.

    This Blu-ray version looks and sounds absolutely incredible!...more info
  • do you want me to count the ways this movie disappoints?
    I feel like i'm on sesasme street working with the count to help people understand why those who gave this movie five stars are suffering from a virus much like in the movie except instead of creating incredible violence, this one just destroys the ability to perceive gaping plots holes...

    1. the U.S. military trusting joe blo british guy with an all-access pass to the entire military complex? right...

    2. the U.S. military leaving a high priority target like the only infected person in the world with absolutely no guard when they can spare 10-15 for a train that has just arrived. right...

    3. the fact that the mother was bitten but not killed. so apparantly the zombies that got her only nibble. sure they may have eaten and killed everyone else they've run across but i'm sure since she's a carrier/immune they didn't like the way she tasted. right...

    4. the father becomes a zombie that is apparantly intelligent all of a sudden as he knows to hide from those that are trying to kill him and wait in corners until his prey is locked in the room with him. right...

    i can continue one with numerous small inconsistencies like the complete incompetence of the soldiers and their slow reaction time to someone slipping their perimeter. not to mention the kid is covered in blood which if he touched his sister or the helo pilot it should have infected them if they had the slightest scratch. or hey...why wouldn't the military scan them for infection like they did with the original survivors? while many would say hey man it's a zombie film, why do you expect it to make sense? (i know it's not technically a zombie movie... just bear with me) i would respond to those people that when i go see a movie like this i am suspending disbelief on the things that i know are important plot elements such as the existence of a rage virus, etc. that does not give the writers the opportunity to just make up whatever they feel like without creating realistic scenarios, especially when all it would take is one intelligent person in the room to say "hey... that doesn't really make sense..."

    anyways... the point is that this shoddily written sequel was obviously an attempt to cash in on a successful original film. this is not the inherent problem but it is a disappointment to fans such as myself that enjoyed the first title when the second is so poorly done....more info
  • The wrong people died
    This was one movie I wish the homely boy and his stupid sister were killed outright at the beginning for disobeying the law and going outside the perimeter causing this mess. Their gene pool was tainted however by the complete stupidity of their father who later kisses their infected mother and get the disease himself.

    WARNING read no further if you don't want to know the ending.

    The movie was OK but the fact all the good guys were killed (including a hero military guy who stopped to help them) and these brats got away to spread it everywhere else is more sickening than the disease....more info
  • better than the original
    there isn't a whole lot of science behind my review of this film. I simply enjoyed it much more than the original, which is a rare occurrence nowadays. If you've seen the film, you know that the end sets it up for a third installment, hopefully it will retain the entertainment value....more info
  • omg this movie does not deserve even 3 stars
    ok i think theres alot of crazies out there for rating this movie the way they did cuz this movie sucked so bad theres only two good things about this movie and the first is the good 2 minute killing in the very begining and the second is the omg gruesome death scene of the guys wife as you see him just i mean just beat and rip the crap out of his wife having that said i was hoping this movie would be much better than the first which was a good movie but i bought this movie and watched it with friends and besides the very short part in the begining theres nooooo action in this movie till the end of the movie the first hour of the movie is so slow and omg boring
    and every time you think you've found the main character they die ...more info
  • Worth the watch
    28 Weeks Later (Widescreen Edition)
    If you're gonna watch an Apocalyptic movie do not pass on the 28 Days and Weeks Later franchise. My brother raved about them so after he bought the two movies I sat down and watched them. Easily one of the better zombie-like movies that came out in the past 2 decades, and plenty for all people to enjoy. If you don't like graphic then don't watch movies like these 2, but if you're like me and you enjoy good moves watch them... IN ORDER PLEASE....more info
  • Relentless downer
    "28 Days Later" was a groundbreaking zombie movie that reinvigorated the genre. Fast-paced, interesting and at the end optimistic, the fast zombies it introduced were a necessary part of the fast pace of the plot. I thought it was a great movie, so I had high expectations for the sequel.

    I shouldn't have wasted my time. With a different director and different characters, "28 Weeks Later" is just another zombie movie. It's predictable, slow and uninteresting. Sure, the effects are nice, and some of the photography isn't bad. But in the end, this is a paint-by-numbers B movie that is a relentless downer from start to finish. Avoid....more info
  • Grabs you by the throat!
    . . . and doesn't let you go until you turn into a snarling zombie! This is a very stylish - and exceedingly gory - sequel to "28 Days Later." The contagion has run its course through the UK and a NATO/US expeditionary force is tasked with repopulating Britain now that the epidemic is over.

    Or is it over?

    Man, those zombies sure do run fast! Those undead can really motor. Some of them must have been training with Usain Bolt. The movie features more hemoglobin than a Red Cross Blood Bank and enough projectile blood vomiting to last you a lifetime.

    "28 Weeks Later" offers edge of your seat suspense and is a rollicking and terrifying ride! Not for the squeamish, though.
    ...more info
  • Yessss!!!!
    I love this movie. When I first saw it, I just had to buy it for myself. ...more info
  • Sequel is a different movie entirely
    The premise behind the plot of 28 Weeks Later is great. However, implementation of that premise was terrible. I won't go into the plot--there are plenty of reviews you can read for that--I will go into the faults. There are several plot holes that are never filled: how did the boy live for so long, and how did he know there were people inside the house? How did the wife live? I understand the genetic abnormality--that part is cool--but how did she make it out alive at all, with a house full of ragies, when very capable men can't seem to avoid being eaten and torn to shreds? Why did the father retain some personality traits/memories when no other rage victim had before? How did the ragies get to the snipers? You get the idea.

    The writer/directors ought to have developed the genetic abnormality a little more, created smoother transitions, and relied less on all out gore. Of course, these are just my opinions.

    I'm glad I watched it once, but unhappy that I didn't just borrow it....more info
    Sure there are a lot of fantastic horror movies out there from the Exorcist in the 70's to The Ring in the 2000's. But in my opinion this one tops them all! Why? Because it will scare the hell out of you!!! What I look for in a horror movie is not the acting, although it's not bad at all here. It has to do with not being too cheesey (unless it's a cult classic like Evil Dead II), has to have decent effects, it has to make you become somewhat involved in the characters so you feel for them, & it has to make you feel like you need a hallway light on when you are walking to the bathroom afterward.

    I thought 28 Days Later (the prequel) was a great movie. Original & realistic story that seems to be copied more & more these days (biological warfare wipes out much of the population & leaves survivors vs themselves or zombies). It introduced a new kind of zombie that was fast as hell & who could infect you with blood to blood or by mixing internal fluids with yours. And the victims turned INSTANTLY. When the survivalist couple in the first one runs into the main survivor (Cillian Murphy) in the convenient store & the guy gets infected, the black woman hacks him up without hesitation. Her only companion to that point! No time to think about it. That was freakin brutal!

    And that's what 28 Weeks Later brings. A group of survivors is sitting around having a quiet dinner when a group of zombies assends upon thier cottage & all hell breaks loose. Literally! Crank up the surround sound & tell me you don't jump out of your chair & start sweating. And the movie NEVER lets up from there! Fantastic movie. Don't root for anyone because they probably won't make it through to the end. This movie is insane & the subway scene is one of the scariest in a movie just by how it makes you feel when you think about it. You're in the complete dark & you hear people screaming all around you. People are changing & killing each other left & right. You just want to survive, to get to the light alive. But there is fear & panic all around you. That's what this whole movie is about. And the best zombie dismemberment ever with the helicopter scene!

    If you love horror movies, or if you liked the first movie, or you just want to see a great suspenseful movie, or even if your a scardey cat just daring yourself to get through a tough movie..THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! 28 Months Later is supposed to hit theaters in 2010 or so. Let's just hope the mayhem is as good as the first 2 in this series!

    ...more info
    Gore, fun, exciting, action packed sequence with the infected humans. The director of photography takes this film otherwise follow up to the graphic novel colors. Genuisely entertaining. Danny Boyle rocks on 28 Days Later, this is more similar to the original. 5/5 Stars! Imogen Poots is my favourite actress now. And what more, Rose Byrne is beautiful in the making of featurettes. Simply good.

    DVD Features includes:
    The 28 Weeks Later DVD is presented in separate widescreen and full-screen versions with English 5.1 Dolby Surround and French / Spanish Dolby Surround plus Spanish subtitles. Bonus materials include:

    - Feature Commentary by Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Co-Writer Enrique Lopez Lavigne
    - Code Red: Making Of 28 Weeks Later Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
    - The Infected Make-Up Effects Featurette
    - Getting Into The Action Featurette
    - 28 Days Later: The Aftermath Flash-Animated Graphic Novel
    - Stage 1 - "Development"
    - Stage 3 - "Decimation"
    - Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
    - Theatrical Trailers...more info
  • Kinda stupid, but pretty intense and sleeker than the original
    28 Weeks Later looks better than the original and has more gore, but the characters and plot are not up to the original's standards. This installment begins with a truly outstanding opening sequence, one of the most intense scenes in modern horror history, no doubt. After that, the film becomes an exercise in saying, "Oh please, that would never happen!" Yeah, suspension of disbelief is required for this movie, which is ok by me because it's just a movie, but the implausibility will surely turn off several fans of the original (as several reviews here on Amazon seem to suggest). And while the characters in this film are cool, we hardly get to know them and thus it's a little more difficult to care about what happens to them as opposed to the characters in part 1.
    The Blu-Ray 28WL is better than the 28DL disk, which looks no better than the regular DVD. This film obviously had a larger budget, and while it's not perfect it looks nice on a Hi-Def TV....more info
  • Rage is back with a Vengance
    When 28 Days Later was unleshed in 2002 it was praised as the best horror film of 2002, and it also reinvented the zombies and they gave you a good reason to run, thesse were not you're slow moving George Romero zombies, thesse were you're red eyed, rage filled, blood vomiting, p**ed off zombies that can run as fast as you can. 5 Years later we get 28 Weeks Later which in my view is much better than the 1st one. The story picks up 6 mouths after the first outbreak, the U.S. goverment is trying to rebuild England soon a surviour enters district 1 unknow to her that she carrys the virus and all hell breaks lose again.
    The acting is very good in this film, it might take a while for the action to kick in, but when it does it grabs you by the balls and does not let got untill the end, some of the violence can be too much for some, but this is a zombie film and you're going to get lots of blood. So in short 28 Weeks Later is one of a very few zombies flick that gives George Romero's zombies a run for it's money, A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!...more info
  • A masterpiece of suspense and horror
    The prequel 28 Days Later was a horror masterpiece. Being a "small" movie in close quarters with limited "infected", it excelled at keeping the suspense up and frights absolutely terrifying. With 28 Weeks Later, the set is much larger expanding to all of London with at times thousands of infected. I was worried that this larger scale would turn this movie into more of an action horror and not living up to the first. I was totally wrong. This movie put a vice around me and held me down for the entire duration. Every scene is masterfully done. At times the suspense is in the background where I could see maybe something going wrong, but usually doesn't. At other times I had my fists and jaw clenched tightly as the horror unfolded. I often wanted the movie to end so I could get the hell out of there. The intensity is unbelievable. The gore is usually brief but brutal. And the "oh god don't go into the dark subway" made me want to scream. But what else can you with the Army right behind you trying to exterminate you? I'd put this in the top 10 of horror movies of all time. Really. Perfection. ...more info
  • Five stars for the strength of the metaphor
    Small spoilers ahead:

    On first watching, I, like many others, did not like this sequel as much as I liked the original, but by the next morning I had changed my mind. I like it even better after watching it again. The message here is a lot more insidious than the message of the first movie. It's harder to grasp, at first, but once you see it and start thinking about it, it just keeps finding its way back to the front of your head.

    This movie is, from beginning to end, a heartbreaking treatise on how a father's failings destroy, first, his own family and then, as a consequence, his entire society. That's a powerful and (I think) controversial thought to put out there, but the movie handles it delicately and responsibly, weaving the father's flaws and best intentions into the most human zombie since Bub.

    Robert Carlyle executes this role with subtlety and grace: his character's love for and abandonment of his wife, the lie he tells his children, the pain in his face even when he is completely out of control - all of these emotions are evident on his bloodstained face. Catherine McCormack is amazing in a far-too-small role as the wronged wife and mother whose compassionate choice leads to her death - more than once.

    Yes, the dialogue is terse, and, yes, the plot is spare, but this is a poetic depiction of how a family disintegrates and takes down everything around it - and how society's efforts to change that - public housing, incarceration, state-sanctioned violence, and finally catastrophic military intervention - ultimately fail.

    I guess it probably goes without saying that zombie movies are pretty misanthropic as a general rule, and 28 Weeks Later is no exception, but unlike most other movies in the genre, this one is balanced with a fairly sympathetic take on nearly all of the humans involved - not just a few heroic ones. Almost all of these characters are doing their best. And failing in spite of it. ...more info
  • An example of how you ruin a good thing
    While I am not going to preach about how great the first movie was, I felt these sequel just messed up too much to be an enjoyable film. To keep it simple, i will just list the cons and pros of the film.


    1) The first 10 minutes were very cool, and set the movie up for an incredible story, unfortunately, they flopped it.

    2) A couple scenes were cool, I enjoyed the helicopter scene, although that was just utter gorefest crap, that some people may feel takes away from the movie.


    1) They flopped it, the most interesting and dynamic characters got killed literally when the first zombie appears, and they throw out all character anything to start a mindless chase scene.

    2) Breaking zombie lore. It is really bad when a squeal feels the need to break the zombie lore established in it's own movie. I am surprised noone has mentioned the fact that these zombies run around freely at daytime now. In 28 days, they avoided light and remained indoors during the daytime if they could help it, that is why the characters were so capable of moving around and you only saw infected indoors or in tunnels during the day. Every scene that had zombies outdoors occurred during sunset with the light fading. The other lore broken is the formation of the "intelligent zombie" that seemed to explicitly harass his loved ones and avoid the failsafes.

    3) The sheer stupidity of it. So many things in this are just stupid, so stupid that it is unforgivable. For your convenience, I will list them now.
    -The women in quarantine is left completely unguarded, even after they realized she was infected. A Janitor is given open access to her door with his card (a quarantined area for infected). The then infected janitor, apparently quarantined areas have no cameras, manages to open the door to let himself out of quarantine (quarantine, mind you) and kill several armed guards who are completely incapable of shooting and killing him.
    -In response to this threat, the army shoves everyone into a single, dark, crowded room, cause naturally, placing everyone in a crowded room is the best thing to do when confronted with a highly contagious virus. A room, I might add with a back door that is unguarded and easily opened by a single infected.
    -The army begins opening fire on everyone to kill the virus. So insanely, in fact, that they target and kill people that are obviously not infected. The best example, of course, is when they open fire on a moving car. Cause naturally, there could be a zombie driving that car? Maybe I can understand the napalm and poison to stop the threat, but shooting someone who shouts, "don't shoot I am not a zombie" in an area with no zombies present, without making any attempt to extract them is idiocy.
    - Apparently, not only do legions of zombies managed to escape a quarantined area after a napalm raid, even though it only showed like 15 escaping, but they all have radar gps units in their heads even with all of London at their disposal and immediately run to the area the few surviving humans head to for pick up. Plus the "intelligent" zombie I mentioned earlier manages to track them perfectly, yet doesn't choose to attack at numerous opportunities.
    - In the stadium tunnel, the stairway leading down is apparently pitch black, yet there is plenty of light at the bottom of the stairs for them to navigate once they fall down the stairs and wonder out about 10 feet from it. Plus, after falling down the stairs in a pitch black environment, whose impulse would be to calmly wonder away, not panic and run, but just meander away before the only person that can see has a chance to find you.

    Alright, after that, maybe you can see why I chose the score I did. I will grant it a 2 simply because of the potential, that under better hands, could have made this movie a great experience. At the moment the first zombie appeared. I muttered quite loudly, "Oh my god, that is not the direction this movie is going". Yet it was, they just tossed away the plot and started running from crazed gps infected, the end. ...more info
  • Sequel relies too much upon coincidence
    If the first film took its theme to be the collective inheritance of a militaristic and violent culture, this film is about the effects upon a family of personal guilt. But the theme is pounded in a bit too strongly by a series of coincidences and implausible developments, especially when one of the zombies (I mean "infected") develops a personal vendetta and somehow seems to already be waiting for the main characters everywhere they happen to decide to go.

    Part of the appeal of the first film was that once the sci-fi/horror premise was established events unfolded very realistically and unpredictably. In this film events seem clearly designed to fulfill a symbolic role in the working out of one man's attempt to run from the past, and of the effects of this evasion upon his family.

    The basic premise of the film seemed intriguing to begin with, and the opening scene was quite strong: in an act of cowardice and self-preservation a man abandons his wife to the advancing hordes of infected; this situation raises interesting questions and sets up an intriguing conflict at the heart of the film: now that he has survived how can he live with himself, and how can he face his children, who will not understand the fear that led him to such a dreadful decision? 28 Weeks Later everything looks to be under control and the survivors in London are being "protected" by American soldiers, against the possibility that the virus might still exist -- but of course it does or we wouldn't have a movie.

    Apart from the story I also found the execution of this film to be lacking. It is obviously a bigger film than the first, with a bigger budget -- spent mostly on military action and explosions and a bigger vision of an empty and desolate London -- but this one lacks the inventiveness of the first film. What was fresh in 28 Days Later feels gimmicky here -- okay, the zombies can run, but does that mean that they must always be running? Can't they ever slow down and give us time to look at the action? The video documentary style footage here also seems just like a less effective duplicate of the style of the first one, and not so much an exciting new look -- and the frenetic editing of the zombie attacks and killings doesn't feel inventive but overdone and done to death. It sounds odd, but after several bouts of kinetic mayhem with sprinting dead I began to find it quite boring and repetitive -- and that definitely wasn't my experience with the first film, where I was on the edge of my seat the entire time (both in the theater and when I brought it home on dvd). The first film I would recommend to anyone who likes film (and doesn't mind a bit of blood and gore and zombie violence). This film I would only recommend for fans of horror and zombie flicks. ...more info
  • Staggeringly bad
    Wow. How to describe this piece of plot poo. Oh wait, I just did. Yes, it's a zombie flick, but if you go through the trouble to a) show the military presence in setting up the London reconstruction, and b) demonstrate the overwhelming security activity of all aspects of life, which c) ties into London's reputation as the most camera-happy city in the world, then how do two kids sneak out of the city unopposed? And people, they cross a BRIDGE, one of only two ways into "the green zone." This is how the story kicks off, and it's downhill from there. In a city destroyed by slobbering zombies, the first "carrier" is found - and they leave this woman alone and unguarded. She's carrying the friggin' virus that has killed millions of people. The plot holes in this are so huge they defy description, the least of which not being that this "carrier" caught the disease from zombies that eat every person they see -- except, of course, the carrier. Guess she was just a light snack, the one aberration in a consistent behavior of eating everything.

    It looked cool, seemed well-shot if you can handle a constant shakey-cam, but this was a Cleveland steamer of a story. ...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    More of a follow-up than a true sequel, 28 Weeks Later nonetheless does what good sequels should do: it stays true to the spirit of the original while doing something new; an engaging and stylish horror movie, 28 Weeks Later doesn't break new ground like the original did but it offers a compelling ~100 minutes and offers allegorical connections for those who care to look for them....more info