Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for the Canon Powershot S5 IS Digital Cameras
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Product Description

This clear molded polycarbonate housing provides durability and corrosion-free performance up to depths of 200' (60m). A clear view of the main o-ring seal gives assurance that the system is safely sealed. The included flash diffuser provides softer and more even illumination when using the camera's built-in flash. A flash deflector is also provided for use with an optically triggered slave strobe. The housing's lens port accepts optional 3.0" diameter color filters for color correction using available light in tropical or greenwater settings. The port also accepts the accessory Ikelite W-20 and similar 67mm threaded wide-angle or macro conversion lenses from Inon and Epoque. For the best results, the addition of an optional external "DS" Substrobe is recommended. A more powerful flash positioned at a distance from the camera's lens helps to eliminate backscatter (the illumination of particles in the water) for cleaner, crisper images. All Ikelite SubStrobes are designed to provide warm and even coverage for beautiful and natural results. Special electronics built directly into the housing provide true Canon eTTL exposure when used with a current model "DS" SubStrobe. "TTL" means that the camera communicates with the SubStrobe, automatically adjusting its output for perfect results. See strobe requirements by serial number. The EV Manual Controller can be used either hard-wired with a sync cord or as an optical slave to trigger any