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Pyramid Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net, Black
List Price: $4.99

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  • Fits most racks
  • Great for carrying odd shaped items

Customer Reviews:

  • Pro Cargo Net
    Perfect fit on my rear basket. Very versatile with or without a basket on rear rack....more info
  • Bike Bungee
    Does a great job, I use it to hold down my gym bag to my bike carrier. Well built and fast shipping....more info
  • Great invention
    I love it. I use it with a set of baskets on the back of my bike. Holds everything in perfectly....more info
  • worth it
    bought at EMS and use it everyday to keep my things from flying out the the milk crate I have mounted on my rack. much much better than those silly bungies....more info
  • good quality after lots of use
    I've owned this product for over two years. I'm writing this review because I just bought a second one.

    Why I like it:
    It's still completely intact. Nothing's ripped or torn yet. I use it to cover my groceries in a basket which sits on top of my rear rack.
    It has 4 hooks that are permanently wrapped around the cords. The segments they wrap around are also double corded so there's more strength to prevent a cord break.

    Why I don't like it:
    There's nothing to put here....more info
  • good hold
    I have used this net a few times & every time it has fit nicely over my bags without letting anything fly out. So far it seems to be a great size & flexible anough to cover many different items....more info
  • Bike net
    A good replacement for bungee cords as long as your load is large enough. I find that I still need a smaller bungee cord for littler items. ...more info
  • Indespensible for carrying stuff on bike
    Great product .., I use my bike alot more these days not only as a mode of transportation but also as a utility vehicle as well.If you are like me always lugging stuff around on the bike; running to the store to pick up groceries or whatever; use this little, well-made 'netty thing'to secure the stuff inside the front or rear basket/rack.
    It's elastic bungee netting & hooks will you give you peace of mind and a feeling of security that nothing is going to fall out on your journey.. ...more info