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VideoSecu LCD Monitor Wall Mount Flat Panel Bracket Plasma TV Screen ML10 1EC
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $20.09

You Save: $59.90 (75%)


Product Description

The ML10 LCD wall support for LCD/TFT screens up to 26", allowing it to move freely from the wall. Thanks to the 2 pivoting system with orientation and inclination functions, the wall mount for LCD screens ML10 assures the optimal visual comfort. The ML10 wall support offers an optimal viewing position thanks to 3 pivot points and the turn and tilt possibility, suitable for corner mounting. Mount your LCD/TFT to the wall to free up space and give your interior a stylish look. Will It Fit my LCD? If your LCD Monitor or TV has 4 holes on the back of the screen that are either 75 (3 in) or 100mm (4 in) apart from each other vertically and horizontally this bracket will fit. If you currently have a stand attached to your LCD TV this is usually removed prior to fitting the wall mount and 4 holes should be revealed. Please note the LCD monitor is for reference only. This mount is VideoSecu brand. Please report to if you recieve a mount without VideoSecu logo

  • 2 pivot points plus swivel point
  • Maximum extension: 14-3/8" ; Minimum extension: 2-1/4"
  • Upwards and downwards up to 70 degrees
  • Swivels left and right up to 180 degrees
  • Compatible with all VESA 75 & VESA 100 LCD monitors

Customer Reviews:

  • Honest Review to Fellow Consumers
    Forewarning: I am a perfectionist, little things bug me. So, I must say that this mount deserves 4 of 5 stars for all good things that it has to offer...

    - The box was well organized, everything, including screws were easy to find
    - The installation was quick and painless. I found the stud and screwed it in.
    - I screwed the mount to the back of my monitor, also painless and easy to do.
    - It looks good

    One Problem:
    - There is a slight slouch to the monitor once I got it all hooked up. This is due to a one or two reasons (I think)

    - I believe I mounted it upside down, which causes the allen-screws not to be able to be tighened fully... however, I have not flipped the mount around to test this theory to confirm.

    - If I did mount the monitor upside down, the directions did not say that there was a 'proper' way to mount it... the picture on the box showed that the allen screw was facing up and mine was on the bottom.

    - If the mount can't truly tighten anymore, then they should have manufactured it with thicker washers so one could get it as tight as possible and eliminate the slouch.

    When all is said and done, you can't really notice the slouche and its only slouching when the arm is at certain angles. (extended all the way and a few other positions)

    I still love the mount and one day when I feel like not being lazy, I will flip the mount around on the wall in hopes that I can tighen the screws more.

    If that doesnt work Ill look for a washer to jam into the space between the two arms and see if that helps. (I am a perfectionist)

    Hope you find this useful :)
    I love my mount, I am just critical about things... its probably only a few degrees off.
    ...more info
  • Good Product at a Good Price
    This is an excellent wall mount for an lcd/flat panel monitor or flat panel TV. It easily attached to the back of my Samsung 2433 monitor VESA mount and to the wall stud behind my computer desk using the screws/bolts that were inlcuded with the mount with no problems. It was completly painless. It is very well made and holds the monitor very solidly. It is not height adjustable, so make sure you attach it to the wall at the height you want it to be. It does tilt up and down which allows for fine tuning your vertical viewing angle, and pivots left and right as well. While not necessary, adding a bit of lube to the pivot points makes it move even smoother. For the price, it would be hard to do better. I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Great value, strong mount
    For $30 it's REALLY hard to beat this mount. I have a $250 dual monitor stand at the office and these are more flexible and have better angles. I bought two and wall mounted dual 22" widescreen monitors. They seem sturdy enough to mount a much larger monitor. Easy, simple set-up. Drill two holes into a stud, attach monitors and you're done. I used velcro wrap to tie up the cables and it looks very smooth. Highly recommended....more info
  • great mount for the price.
    I was suprised how fast I got my mount. Installed it myself in no time at all. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.
    ...more info
  • Great mount, not epensive, no frills, just a really simple great mount
    I picked up to of these on E B A Y. They were a lot cheaper than here on Amazon. Check it out if you want to save twenty two bucks.

    I picked up two of them, one for both of my 22 inchers. Matches my MacPro, which is a big plus for me. I got them out of the box, got everything measured up and mounted. I would give them an A-. They are tension customizable, pivot headed, and extend far enough that my 22" monitors will go perpendicular to the wall. A monitor maybe 24", will also go perpendicular.

    The only complaint you could have is that it doesn't go up and down. But you could spend more than ten times what I paid, and still not get that feature.

    thanks for reading....more info
  • Great Mount for the Price
    So far this mount has been great. Wish it were a bit longer though. It will work for most people, but we are trying to get our tv to turn perpendicular to the wall and it is just a bit short....more info
  • Nice product!
    This is a good solidly-built product that's a whole lot cheaper than most similar items. Good assortment of hardware included....more info
  • AAA+ wall mount
    My 20 in TV looks great on the wall. It took only 15 minutes to install it. All good....more info
  • A Snap to Use
    This product comes with various size screws to fit virtually any TV. Just make sure to measure the distance of the mounting holes on the back of your TV prior to ordering it. I mounted our TV in a bedroom wall stud. I reccommend that after locating your wall stud you predrill a hole and then put a bit of bar soap on the threads of the mounting screws. This makes installation way easier. I very much like the articulating arm and adjustment screws on the mount that allow one to position the TV at virtually any angle for easy viewing. I am 100% satisfied with this sturdy product. When not viewing the TV can be "folded in" so that it is close to the wall and not an obstacle for any other activity in the room....more info