4 IR Day Night Outdoor Camera DVR System Sony CCD DVS403IR 1G5
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Product Description

This 4 camera video security system kit delivers cost effective performance and all-weather capability. Built a professional CCTV DVR with your PC, You get constant video surveillance and instant access to up recorded footage, and also built in video motion detection that triggers recording and also sends an alarm signal for integration to alarm systems. Other features include playback search, digital zoom, time/date stamp, video loss detection.... Powered by Sony Super Had CCD technology, the rugged weatherproof cameras deliver a stunning 420 lines of resolution at 0 lux (IR illuminated). Each camera comes with a fully regulated power supply that gives the camera just the exact power needed which keeps the cameras running cool and makes for long camera life. The IR cameras output a sub-visible light to the cameras, leaving no cover of darkness for burglars or vandals. Illuminator range is up to 50 feet. 100 foot integrated power/video cables make installation easy. Kit Includes: 4 IR Color CCD Cameras with lens 1 4 Port Video PCI Capture Card 1 Windows 98/2000/XP Compatible Application Software and manual CD One 4-Camera Power Supply 4 Adjustable Mounting Brackets 4 50 Foot Integrated Video/Power Cables with BNC coupler Benefits: Remote or local security monitoring from any PC via the internet or modem dial up Digital recording of live video to your PC s hard disk drive View up to 4 camera locations simultaneously Scalable to 16 channels with addition of optional PCI card Individual selection of security alarm features Password security protection Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP compatible Note: This camera not made by SONY, it using SONY Super HAD CCD image sensor and SONY DSP technology, made by one of the world largest OEM manufacture.

  • Professional Grade hardware and software; IR camera powered by SONY SuperHad CCD Technology
  • Including power supply, cable and all the parts to install the video surveillance system; Easier to use The Cleanest, Clearest Video - STUNNING QUALITY!
  • Records more images per second for extended periods; Smaller file size (Mpeg4 compression); Records Higher Quality Images (640 x 480 Resolution NTSC, 768 X 576 PAL)
  • Advanced Search Features including graphed recording chart; Program can be minimized to allow DVR to be used for multi tasking; AVI File Back up
  • Full Remote capabilities, PSTN, LAN, DSL; Cards are Stackable; Multi Station Monitoring - Monitor Multiple DVR's from one location