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HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld (210 Series)
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Product Description

Whether you're an IT manager or a mobile professional, you can maximize your business results with an organizer that makes the most of your on-the-go style. The powerful iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld will run your work applications and a broad range of third-party solutions. The large 4" touch screen means excellent viewing in a variety of light conditions. It has robust SDIO expansion and it lets you connect to the Internet and get e-mail, at the office and in Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, cafes, and hotels. Integrated WiFi - 802.11 b/g with WPA2 security Integrated Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR Marvell PXA310, 624MHz Processor 4 transflective TFT 260K color Display, 480 x 640 pixel (VGA) touch panel with LED backlight 128MB SDRAM main memory for running applications, 256MB flash ROM 2200-mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable, user changeable battery 24-pin docking connector, mini USB, Micro SD card slot Integrated microphone, receiver, two speakers, and 3.5mm 4 pin headphone jack Operating system - Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic Dimensions - 4.96 x 2.99 x 0.63 Weight - 114.6 grams (3.68 ounces) with battery

  • Compact mobile handheld device with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • Large 4-inch touch-screen TFT display
  • 624 MHz Marvell PXA310 processor, 128 MB SDRAM, and 256 MB flash ROM
  • Runs popular Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic operating system

Customer Reviews:

  • PDA
    This is my first PDA purchase. I love this product.
    - It's extremely easy to use.
    - I love the wi-fi capability. I love using it at airports when I'm usually so bored.
    - The sound isn't that loud but I don't really use this PDA for it's music.
    - The screen is huge! Crystal clear, with pictures or movies/clips showing beautifully.

    - The only downfall is it's really big. I expected it to be big ... but not this big. If I wanted to take notes discretely I'm not able to do that with this.
    - Also I would purchase my own case, since the one provided leaves glue on the iPAQ everytime I remove it (but this may only be mine).

    - Overall I really enjoy this product....more info
  • HP iPAQ 211
    Very handy for taking notes and has useful spreadsheets; has Word and Excel. Handy for scheduling meetings & appointments. Internet capabilities extremely limited. No hardcopy manual which I'd gladly pay for. I bought refurb unit to save over $100; new unit too expensive. Device fragile, hard to grasp, slippery. Hard to open back. No camera. Main advantage is no cell phone and no monthly bill; otherwise don't buy it if you want good internet capabilities. Most of the issues are with the poor quality of the software. Search function finds documents with specific word in title if in main folder but doesn't support levels of folders. No local support at Fry's Electronics. Sync software with Vista very poor. Won't download large photos even with both 2GB CF and 2GB SD cards installed; messages are "file is too large". I am a photographer. Potentially a good device but this product is below average. ...more info
  • By far not bad.
    I've had it for several months. The only rediculous flaw is the speakers. They are very silent. Otherwise this pocket PC is very good including the screen and battery life. And it doesn't freeze like some others write. I would've given 5 stars had it not been the speakers....more info
  • Two thumbs high up! Man I love this baby!
    It is a shame that anyone would rate this product less than 5 stars. Really, I don't know what some users are looking for. This product is much more than adequate. I got one just a few days ago. I loved it so much I have decided to purchase 3 more for my friends and colleagues as Christmas present. They are that good.
    My job requires that I have almost instant access to volumes of information, and this pocket PC has not disappointed. I have installed my most commonly used books without any problems. Instead of carrying numerous pocket books, I carry only this small and slick handheld without losing anything.
    Moreover, the clarity of the music remains incredible. The battery life is more than adequate. I just finished a 5-day assignment with the PPC after only one charge. The storage space is relatively small, so I bought a 16G expansion SD card for less than $25. And, unlike Dell's buggy and annoyingly slow Axim II, this baby is much faster.
    Indeed, what is not to like? At less than $400, you have a true digital assistant that promises to last a long time.
    As far as I am concerned, this product deserves 5 stars and more....more info
  • HP 211 IPAQ
    This is my 4th IPAQ. The last one was an HP2400 (I think). The HP 211 is a real joy to use compared to my last one. The screen is really excellent - very easy on the eyes and a little larger which I like and 640 x 480 resolution.

    Cons - This IPAQ has a small delay when you press the ON button. Not a big deal but sometimes I think I didn't turn it on - so I turn it OFF by mistake! The touch screen takes a slightly harder touch to work correctly. I am getting used to it and this is not a big deal. The screen seems to be very scratch resistant. Wireless and bluetooth function very reliably are are easy to implement from the Today Screen.

    I use Pocket Informant 8.1 - This program offers a lot more view flexibility than normal Windows Mobile screens. For instance, you can look at your contacts by city or country. USeful for me. The month view is excellent also.

    If this thing had a phone in it as well I would buy several....more info
  • Buy the armor case with it!
    Three stars - not because it is a mediocre product, exactly, but because HP screwed up one important aspect of the design: the screen is WAY TOO FRAGILE. This is the second one I have owned. The first has a broken screen and HP won't support it. It's understandable, in a way - they have to assume you mishandled the silly thing because, how can you prove otherwise?

    I'm here to tell you unequivocally that it is delicate. It is possible to break it while exercising reasonable care. I didn't drop it, I didn't hit it, I kept it in the little protective sleeve that comes with it.

    Didn't do any good. I stuck it in my pants pocket, had it there about 15 minutes. Took it out to use it - broken screen. This, while it was IN THE PROTECTIVE SLEEVE. The lesson? Buy the armor's well worth the investment to keep your iPAQ from turning into an expensive paperweight.

    Aside from its fragility, I love it. It has become an essential accessory in my life for time management. I work at a busy company, and this thing syncs with my to-do list, calendar, documents, etc. to keep me on track. The Wi-Fi is outstanding - I can connect to the office network while on campus and never have to worry about not being able to access my stuff, or having to carry around a full laptop to do so.

    It's bigger and more user-friendly than a smart phone, and as such does not tie me to a service provider. It has plenty of memory expansion capability and some really useful features, like voice recording and bluetooth. I only wish it had a built-in camera. For that, I use my cell phone. Can't have everything, I guess.

    But, buyer beware: get the armor case! ...more info
  • Handheld PDA
    I purchased this product, and it doesnt seem to do what I wanted it to do. It is not compatible with my program on my computer, so I can not copy what I wanted. I am very dissappointed, and also disappointed in the customer service from the company. I wish I had never ordered this, or could get my money back....more info
  • Almost Perfect Pocket PC
    I am not a huge fan of mobile devices that lack a physical keypad but when i saw the specs of the 211 i bought it anyway.The raw power,responsive touchscreen and amazingly vivid display more than make up for the lack of a physical qwerty keypad.The first thing i noticed was how much pressure (or lack of it) i needed to put on the screen to get a response,just a gentle tap with your finger or stylus gets the job done.This is the case most of the time,once in a while i might have to double tap or put a little more pressure on the screen but for the most part it works very well.The second thing i noticed was how fast apps start up and how well they run even while multitasking with other programs.That's thanks to the very powerful cpu and the nice amount of ram available.No matter what program i use,Skype,Opera Mobile,Core Player,Instant Messenger,the 211 runs everything with no slowdown,no problems.The only time you will notice things slowing down is if you have A LOT of apps running at the same time in the background,but this really isn't a huge issue.Windows Mobile 6 is the OS and it makes it very easy to keep track of all the apps your running.Even if you have never used Windows Mobile before,you will find it very easy to navigate around,finding folders,setting up WiFi & Bluetooth connections,there is really nothing to it.The thing that really made me fall in love with the 211 is the amount of memory it can hold,how much you ask?...over 64GB!!!Yes,you can have a 32GB Compact Flash Card in one slot and also a 32GB SD Card in the other!That is what makes the 211 a must have for any on the go business person,you can put all your files on this thing and still have plenty of room to spare.You will no longer need to carry that heavy laptop around everywhere,put everything you need on the 211 and have your entire office in the palm of your hand.This is one of those mobile devices that really delivers,it is simply amazing.HP also did a great job of adding little things like a standard 3.5mm Headphone jack,Built in Mic and Speaker,mini USB and also putting the power button on the top of the device so you can't turn it off by accident.The only thing that really keeps the 211 from being perfect is the battery it comes with,it's not that great.If you use Wifi a lot you will see the battery draining VERY quickly,make sure to turn the WiFi off when not using it.Other than this the battery life is So/So,play it safe and have some fully charged back ups with you at all times on the road.If the 211 came with a better battery it would get 5 stars,other than that it's simply amazing.Buy it,enjoy.

    NOTE: Windows Media Player is horrible,if you want to get the most out of this device when it comes to music,pictures and videos you should download COREPLAYER FOR POCKET PC.It does everything WMP does and a lot more....more info
  • The IPAQ 210 is Superb!
    HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld

    HP hit a homerun! The IPAQ 210 is an outstanding handheld laddened with enough features to serve admirably as a laptop replacement. Its brilliant screen displays photographs, Adobe pdf attachments and spreadsheets with ease and is large enough to accommodate your favorite movie. Typical PDA functions - calendar, contacts, notes, voice recordings etc. are a snap with Windows Mobile 6.1. WiFi and Bluetooth are easy to use and well integrated. This little trooper runs for hours on a single charge. If you are serious about using the IPAQ as a laptop replacement, you will need to purchase the Bluetooth keyboard accessory. Excellence is expensive, but the IPAQ 210 well worth it -- think of it for less than $500 bucks you can stop lugging that laptop!

    Pros: Outstanding PDA and Microsoft Office Mobile, Gorgeous Screen, Laptop Replacement

    Cons: Weak Speaker, Bluetooth Bonding for external keyboard can be finicky ...more info
  • HP IPAQ Enterprise 211
    Product works really well. Just what I needed and wanted. Works a lot better than my old Pocket PC and requires very few soft resets....more info
  • Great PDA!
    My Dell Axim X50v died unexpectedly and I had to get another PDA. After using a VGA screen I could not go back to QVGA. Since there aren't too many units to select from I decided on the IPAQ 211.
    Already there are some good reviews out there so just a couple of comments based on what's already been said.
    1. It is big, but then the screen is incredible.
    2. I didn't have any devices that already used the connector so the new configuration was no big deal. The large connector accommodates sync and charging and the mini USB does both as well.
    3. As for screen tapping it is a bit stiffer than the Dell, but I've already adjusted.
    4. Connecting via WiFi is a breeze compared to the Dell. It just connects quickly without a big hassle.
    5. It may be a touch slower, but I'm assuming that's a result of the persistent memory.
    6. I have quite a wide variety of software that I've installed with no problems whatsoever.
    Overall, I'm very pleased with this unit....more info
  • Used primarily for business
    I purchased this for business use. I am a regional manager and travel alot. I had an ipaq 4155 before. Here are my thoughts. Pros: great screen and super clarity, fast processor, alot of memory, buttons easy to use, menus very easy to customize, and contains all the accessories you will need standard from the factory. Cons: it is big (much bigger than the specs) and is not something you can slip in your pocket, syncs very slowly (esp the first sync), and the up botton on the pad is difficult to use. Unless you need the larger screen, the ipaq 111 would probably do the job. I do like this product and would purchase it again. It does everything and more my old ipaq did....more info
  • large but insensitive screen; battery life issues
    I owned previously a Dell Axim 50 (produced in 2005). The ipaq 211 has larger and better screen. However, it is quite insensitive and annoying, it takes time to get used to it. It does not feel significantly faster. The worst part was that the battery was being drained overnight. Online customer service was useless. I installed the updates from hp site with no benefit. I searched the net and I found the solution of the problem which was to disable the automatic sync feature. It worked:

    1. Launch ActiveSync from the Programs folder (on the Pocket PC).
    2. Tap "Menu" and then tap "Add Server Source"
    3. Type in a fake server address, such as Tap Next.
    4. Put anything in "User name:", "Password", and "Domain" and tap Next.
    5. Tap Finish.
    6. Tap "Menu" and then tap "Schedule..."
    7. Select "Manually" for "Peak times:" and for "Off-peak times:"
    8. Tap "OK"
    9. Tap "Menu", then tap "Options"
    10. Select the fake "Exchange Server" you created and tap "Delete".
    11. Tap "Yes" when the message box appears. Tap Ok and exit from program.
    12. Do a software reset.

    I do not recommend this device....more info
  • HP iPAQ 211 Pocket PC
    I don't have a need for Smartphone as I have a corporate Blackberry, just a Pocket PC to handle primarily my fitness tools. It needed to run Windows Mobile 6 (to support the newly released versions of the fitness apps) and I need a VGA screen (readability) to replace my Dell Axim x50v (only way to get to Mobile 6 on the Axim is with a convoluted hack).

    Summary- Does what I want, good looking screen, slow and pricey. Probably last of the standalone pocket PC's.

    What's good:
    - Screen is bright and readable.
    - Supports SD and CF cards (at the same time).
    - USB charging
    - Good documentation and easy to get up and running. Easy wireless setup.
    - Good battery life as pocket PC's go.
    - Has enough RAM to support having multiple key applications open.

    What's not good:
    - Slow screen response. You can watch the screen try to compose itself when switching applications.
    - Doesn't seem to manage RAM very well. I needed a third party tool to help.
    - Didn't come with basic applications like a task switcher.
    - Doesn't come with a docking cradle.
    - I wish it had the Biometric fingerprint reader like older iPAQ models.
    - It's pricey; even after shopping for and getting about the best deal around from a reputable supplier.

    I suspect this is the last Pocket PC I will buy. Looks like they are going the way of the dodo since so many people are using smartphones. The applications I use it for look like they will be available on the iPhone/iTouch either now or in the near future. I will probably look at the iTouch and see if that will be the route I take next....more info
  • iPAQ 211 Review
    All in all I'm pleased with the product. It has the best "video/screen" resolution I've seen, battery life is pretty good when you aren't running a boatload of wireless connections, and synching with Exchange is improved over my Palm T|X. All in all the online experience (browsing, mail, synching) is superior to Palm.

    Nits and irritants:

    1. When connected via USB, I cannot seem to find a way to configure the device to not come on every few minutes (maybe with every change in schedule/mail/contacts, etc.) and it is almost impossible to survive without saving your password as a result. You can't just turn it off it seems, it will pop back on within minutes. Half the time my goal is not to have it sync, simply to let it charge, so this is a major annoyance. If there's a better way, it isn't obvious and that leads to irritant number 2.
    2. Documentation, especially configuration assistance is abysmal. What's new about that anymore? The art of good technical writing simply seems lost on us as a society anymore.
    3. On occasion you have to wait on some update in the device to finish, just like on PCs. One of the main reasons I spent more on this than I would have on a micro-PC is I wanted instant on for schedule purposes and a usable web interface. It's truly annoying to be delayed. Easiest way to avoid delays seems to be to leave the wireless off as might be expected. The concept of throttling down background tasks seems less advanced.
    4. Like a lot of folks I dislike the "up" position on the directional rocker - too small for my fat fingers to use accurately.
    5. Text recognition is far inferior to early Palm Graffiti in my estimation. I could really input almost as fast as I could stroke characters on early Palm. None of the input methods on this device are as trustworthy, accurate, or fast, in fact I tend to hunt and peck the keyboard.
    6. Oh yeah, really stupid thing - you can adjust the backlight down to 0, that is can't see a thing. Pretty hard to find the slider to adjust it back once you do if you happen to take your stylus off the screen. I don't know what they were thinking.
    7. App interface is a bit vertical, that is seems to stack a little too much. Don't like all the drill downs, Palm was quite a bit simpler, and for general purpose more usable in my mind. It can be difficult to figure out why something is "grayed" out or why some button isn't working on iPAQ, and drilling down often requires too many levels in book. Hides/Obfuscates functionality meaninglessly.

    Value/Cost: Give the price of micro PCs, 2*s.
    Interface/Visuals: 4*s. Font scalability is remarkable.

    Browsing: 4*s. Nice to be able to see a whole page when you need to. Not all pages reproduce accurately tho.

    Wireless: 3*s: Somehow it's just more difficult to configure correctly than it should be.

    Synching: 3*s: Especially bad with the auto turn on/alert features. No amount of work seems to get that configured in a likable way. Otherwise pretty good. Blame ActiveSync and the Device here.

    Apps: Powerpoint I like, does what I'd want it to in this format. Word seems to not manage graphical content well at all. Haven't tried Excel much or the Media Tools yet.

    Palm vs. iPAQ? For usability, simple schedule/contact management I prefer my Palm T|X, cept it's dead. For Web/Browsing and Exchange Integration the iPAQ get's my vote. For input, the old Palm Graffiti with all its proprietary quirks remains the most functional in my estimation....more info
  • A Good iPAQ to Upgrade To.
    I upgraded to htis iPAQ from a hx2755. The first thing that I noticed was the resolution of the display, and the amount of memory that it had. One problem that I have had is, becouse of the increased length, it is harder o find cases that will fit, but the performance of the unit outways he drawbacks....more info
  • HP iPAQ 211
    I have had my HP iPAQ 211 now for a little under a month and I use it constantly. For those who are highly attached to their computers but find laptops somewhat cumbersome to take all places - this little machine, while not a laptop, fits the bill. It's built for mobility and has many powerful features that equip it for that purpose. HP has put together an endearing and intuitive handheld that pushes the envelope of the pda. Frankly, I consider it a computer in it's own right - only ounces in weight and conveniently palm-sized with an excellent battery. What is more, it boots instantly and has a comparatively large screen with great resolution and graphic capacity. I liked the the software that is bundled with the machine. This includes MS Office - mobile version. I found its ability to connect to wireless access points exceptional. Mind you it's not meant to be a telephone so I won't recommend it for this purpose! Once you have a need to miniaturize your computing habit, you'll be pleased with this little companion. It is expensive but I think you get what you pay for.
    ...more info
  • HUGE leap from HX2495 and Dell X51v
    got this "monster" this week
    the first feeling is "HUGE", my hand can hold it because I have big palm
    the screen is eye candy, 4" VGA can make a quite difference, the color is very good, not "yellowish" like other HP products, the screen looks dark when the backlight is off, however, it's pretty viewable under sunlight
    the buttons and d-pad are pretty comfortable to press, but up direction of d-pad is a little bit difficult to press because the bottom of screen frame, the arragement is
    calendar/contacts (I changed to IE/File Explorer)
    Start button (cannot to be changed)
    OK and minimize/? (I changed ? to Bluetooth Manager
    messaging (not changed)
    the application is typical WM, but HP signature application "iTask" is no longer exist, which I can shut down an application with ease, it doesn't have ipaq backup
    Monster Chinese users must read, you must use version 5.3, ver 6.0 will mess up the machine, cause it unable to boot, requires factory reset
    all jacks are located on the bottom, even headphones jack, that you may want to use wireless headphones instead, luckily, the updated bt is alot more stable, almost no skip/interruption on a2dp; you can almost forget the new data port, the miniUSB can do both async and charging (1A or higher USB charger is highly recommended, the included AC adaptor has supplied charging adaptor to the data port)
    the unit speed is OK, slow down a bit when a2dp is active, video is decent, with TCPMP, no slowdown on mpeg (ripped directly from VCD), Divx is fine (VGA @30fps), wmv has some hiccup
    the battery is OK, VGA can use good amount of power, it is recommended to setup screeen auto-off to save power, I tested with Pocket Player, play 160-192kbps ogg vorbis, got around 7 hours when bt a2dp is active
    this unit has 2 memory card slots, I put 16GB CF (A-Data) and 16GB SD-HC (A-Data), both work 100%
    RF on wifi and bt is pretty impressive, can get signal easily, and give wireless headphones more range (though it's not good as class 1 bt)
    this unit is a big leap from HX2495 and X51v, HX4705 users will find similar pleasure with this unit
    I give 95%
    HUGE VGA screen, buttons are comfortable to press, 2200mA/h battery (you can use HX4705 battery), miniUSB port, stable bt, good RF
    weak speaker, headphones jack is located on the bottom, no cradle included, kinda bulky...more info
  • Best PDA ever
    I really like this iPaq 211. My old 1945 died unexpectedly so I went in search of a replacement and selected the 211.

    The screen is very large, and extremely clear. The 640 x 480 can be used in landscape or portait mode, and high or low resolution can be selected. It's amazing how much you can get on the screen. I've used it for several hours of browsing the internet, and it's very easy to use most sites. My old iPaq's screen was just too small to be usefull for any serious writing, but this thing is so easy to see.

    The processors speed is very good. A fast processor and lots of memory means that it doesn't bog down when I've got lots of apps in memory. Also the battery life very good, I've surfed the web on WIFI for several hours, and had plenty of juice to spare. MS Mobile office has some nice improvements,too. I really like the way that it handles multiple mail servers - it keeps the email boxes separate, and allows you to specify which one you want to work with. I have my google, msn live, comcast, and corporate mailboxes available.

    Before you put an ounce of faith in any less than favorable reviews, go see what Mobile Tech said about this beauty:

    The only negative is the Activesync program that is used to synchronize the iPaq with my PC. It can be very slow at times.

    ...more info
  • iPaq 211 vs iPaq 2755
    I have been using the iPaq 211 now for a couple of weeks after upgrading from the iPaq 2755 that I purchased when it first hit the American market - 3+ years ago. I haven't had a chance to really test the multimedia capability but am willing to bet the 211 will be better for MP3 and movies. Overall, it is a good devise, but not as much of an improvement over the 2755 as I was hoping for. Below is a comparison between the two devises.

    2755 - Bright and easy to read but type gets more difficult as it gets smaller. Web pages are really difficult to view making Internet Explorer nearly pointless.
    211- Even brighter in comparison to the 2755. It also has automatic brightness adjustment that actually works well. But the biggest difference is the VGA resolution on a comparatively BIG screen. Web pages, books and everything is much easier to read on this devise. I have been using my iPaqs for reading books for several years and this devise is really a pleasure for that! The on screen keyboard is also a lot easier to use, almost good enough to use with just a finger.

    Processing power
    2755 - HP's second unit with the 624 MHz processor blew away the previous units for speed of applications and handwriting recognition. It made the unit much more useful that previous with slower processors.
    211- It has the same processor which is a mixed blessing. Since the 211 lacks a high powered graphics processor, it is actually slower on some tasks than the 2755 due to having a screen with 4 times the resolution. That said, it is only a little slower and only in certain aspects like initially opening a document. Handwriting recognition is actually slightly better for some reason; possibly the increased memory.

    Internal Memory
    2755 - More than adequate for several documents and programs to be stored. Bogged down or crashed if several apps were loaded at the same time, but that was easily solved by the task manager that allowed you to close individual apps or all of them at the same time.
    211 - Even more memory, making easy to store loads of applications and files without issue. It does still slow down if you keep the Internet Explorer, Word and other large apps running. I couldn't find a task manager that worked like the 2755's included so installed a freeware program TMAN that works even better.

    Touch screen
    2755 - Good but sometimes difficult near the edges of the screen. It was often hard to hand write anything due to the size of the screen and my writing style (or lack there of.) Taps and gestures were very responsive, but it was nearly impossible to use a bare finder or even a man's fingernail.
    211 - The screen is only about 95% as responsive in comparison which isn't that bad though occasionally annoying. But due to the screen size you can actually use your finger tip for many applications including the contact list making the 211 slightly better than the 2755 overall.

    Included programs
    2755- HP included the standard office mobile, image viewers, media players and a backup program. You also got Outlook on the disk for your desktop computer just in case you didn't have Office.
    211- Actually has less than the 2755, no Outlook and no backup software. As it comes with Windows Mobile 6, the Office apps are better than the 2755. Still, plan on purchasing Sprite Backup and Outlook if you don't already have it.

    2755 - sync cable, power cable and cradle. Options include SD and CF card slots for LOTS of storage space. I have an extra battery and charger that makes it even more flexible.
    211 - No cradle included. Same optional card slots except that the SD can reads SDHC cards which are a lot more versatile. There is also an optional host cable that allows you to use USB mice, keyboards and external hard drives. There is also an extended battery available that can double the amount of time before charging or exchanging batteries.

    Looks and build quality
    2755 - Looks are OK, though I never really liked the color tan/gray. Great build considering that I have been using it daily for more 3 years without any issue. Buttons are easy to use and can be programmed. NOTE; the first thing I do when I get a new electronic devise is put a screen saver on it.
    211- It looks great in black! Same or better build quality than the 2755. Despite being lager, it is still very easy to hold and use.

    2755 - Uses Activesync 4.5 in XP which is still my operating system of choice; sorry Microsoft but Vista totally sucks! Slow and buggy, but can be used with the included Bluetooth as well as cable.
    211 - Exactly the same accept that does include a standard USB mini port for sync and charging. Charging on the USB is slower but is a welcome addition.

    2755 - Comes standard with password security and a biometric finger print reader that really works!
    211 - No finger print reader which is a real disappointment, but does still have the password security.

    Portability factor
    2755 - Easily fits in a pocket and there lots of great cases available.
    211 - Slightly bigger to allow the great new screen, but still pretty easy to pocket. The included case is OK, but I will be looking for a nice leather one instead.

    --Summery of the 211--

    Very readable screen, probably the current leader for any Windows Mobile devise that can still fit in a pocket.
    Very powerful with more storage options that most people will know what to do with.
    Mobile Office apps are way better under Mobile 6 and very usable. I can really create a full Word document on the devise without too much effort
    Battery is sufficient for the devise, allowing several hours of use before charging is necessary.
    Quite stable, very few resets and nearly all the programs that I wanted to use work great including a couple designed for WinCE 3.0.
    Optional USB host adapter.
    SDHC comparable.
    Finger touch usable in some applications.
    Opera Mobile web browser 9.5 works like a charm!
    Plenty of internal memory.
    Easy to carry and use.

    A little slower than I would have expected.
    No cradle.
    No Outlook or backup software.
    No biometric fingerprint reader.
    No independent graphic processor for the VGA screen slows it down at times.
    The speaker is a little weak.
    Touch screen takes a little more pressure.
    ...more info
  • A big disapointment
    I have always owned Pocket PCs made by HP, and their quality hands down has always been superior for me. These include the 3800, 5555, 4155 and 2755. When the Ipaq 211 came out, I bought it because it was the first PPC to include 128MB of Ram, 256MB of ROM **AND** have a VGA screen. It's something I wanted for years and have always criticized companies like Dell for always sacrificing one strength for another when releasing a new design...such as creating PPCs with more storage and a VGA screen, but intentionally limiting the ram to 64MB so running multiple robust applications became next to impossible.

    The Good: Beautiful design, terrific screen size and color...and superior wireless connectivity. Loaded with a good complement of software, and includes both compact flash and secure digital slots. It also has a decent battery life, even when running Bluetooth or Wireless (I used it for almost 5 hours straight.) Windows Mobile 6 is feature rich and is ready for business right out of the box. On the outside, it appears to have it all.

    The Bad: HP changed their universal 22pin serial cable connection to a larger 24pin version for no reason, so none of the external docking peripherals, cables or anything that previously interfaced directly with the HP series will work. The new interface offers no new benefit and renders your PPC incompatible with a lot of hardware. If you own a GPS with a serial connection, get ready to buy another one with a wireless Bluetooth interface or pray that your GPS company decides to offer a converter cable. Unlike every other PPC I have ever bought, there is no docking cradle included, and instead of giving you a USB serial cable that syncs and charges through the USB port, the cable given also requires a separate power connection, making carrying the included power supply more of an unnecessary burden. In addition, the amount of force necessary for the stylus to interact with the screen is greater than what I was ever used to, and different parts of the screen were more sensitive than others.

    The Ugly: Despite the 624Mhz processor, this PPC is SLOWER and demonstrates more inconsistent and laggy performance than any other PPC I have ever owned, period. The Marvell PXA310 processor...being a member of the XScale family, has broken compatibility enough so that even applications like Pocket Hack Master, which ran on every other Pocket PC I ever owned, cannot recognize or make full use of it. TCPMP, probably the most efficient video player in the PPC world, would crash after attempting to end the playing of video. No other PPC ever had that issue. Every application I installed exhibited enough of a delay to the point where I was certain that the machine was clocked to run at on 1/4th the speed it was advertised to do. The difference was so obvious that I even installed the same applications an another friend's Ipaq just to do a side by side comparison. Both hard and soft resets yielded no benefit, and since I bought this direct from HP, it already had the latest drivers and firmware.

    The performance and compatibility issues...both on the software and hardware side...make upgrading to this unit a very risky proposition for people who have come to expect more from their PPCs. I was so profoundly disappointed that I promptly returned it to HP for a full refund. Aside from the drawback of only having a 320x240 screen, my hx2755 outperforms this unit in every measurable way. As such, I have come to the conclusion that no PPC manufacturer has any intention of actually giving people what they want without *intentionally* introducing drawbacks or flaws into the design or functionality. HP has no valid excuse whatsoever for releasing what I have no choice but to deem a sub-standard product that is easily outmatched by units that have been discontinued for years. If you are someone that expects more for your hard-earned money, this is not the unit to get....more info
  • Great PDA
    I really like iPaq 211, my old Toshiba e740 battery died so it was time for a new one. I decided purchase an HP and glad I did. I'm very impress with performance of the unit. Also the 4 in. screen is very impressive. Setting up the wifi was a breeze. The only bad thing is the adapter when charging the unit, it always in the way. But overall the iPaq 211 is great...more info