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She may be bald, and her parenting skills may be more backwoods than the celebrity-obsessed would prefer, but when it comes to her profession (singing pop songs, for those who have forgotten) you've got to give Brit a break. Not because her previous records have been flawless--for all its first-listen appeal, Oops! I Did It Again will drive even the most tolerant pop fiend bats after two repeats, and it's hard for long-term fans to overlook the unfortunate "I Love Rock N Roll" off 2001's Britney--but because, despite all the personal tumult, she's feeling the music like never before. Blackout is not a brilliant record for its vocals, though they're good in the cooing, sex-kittenish way we've come to expect (check first single "Gimme More," a monstrously catchy dance-pop number, for the requisite moans and sighs). But it is brilliant. And though the Neptunes, Bloodshy & Avant, and Nate "Danja" Hills do their trippy, thumpy, raved-up thing successfully enough to make you think so, the brilliance isn't in the production only. The crackling "Radar" gets under your skin not just because of its club-ready beat, a familiar element on this disc, but also from Britney's deliberate vocal haze; here she is interpreting how she ought to sound against the heat of this track, and pretty skillfully--she goes for pure vibe, and she gets it. And while the words to the seemingly autobiographical "Piece of Me" are enough to pull you in themselves--here we get to hear Britney refer to herself as "Miss Bad Media Karma"--they get a little something extra from our girl's newly awakened sense of what makes a song flow; she has the good sense to squeal. Is she a credible role model? Certainly not. Is her music worth hitting, as the old song goes, one more time? Absolutely. --Tammy La Gorce

Japanese pressing of the 2007 release from the outrageous Pop diva features four bonus tracks: 'Outta This World', 'Everybody', 'Get Back' and 'Gimme More' (Paul Oakenfold Remix). Britney has earned every global award possible, made every major TV appearance, appeared on every magazine cover and truly defines Pop stardom. After an absence of four years, she is back doing what she does best...making great Pop music. Oh, and she's pretty controversial, too! Features 16 new Britney boombastic bombshells including the first single 'Gimme More'. Jive.

Customer Reviews:

  • New Britney
    Ok, we all know about her problems, but despite all that Britney has managed to produce a very good album. Imagine how much better it could've been if everything had been o.k with her. Give her a break, listen to this cd - it's hard not to enjoy - and even Madonna says she dances to this. If it's good enough for Madonna, then it should be good enough for us. She should be able to judge what's a good record by now!! I hope we all get to see Britney further mature and blossum as an artist, not self-destruct. Haven't we all had enough of that yet already?...more info
  • Never bought a Britney album before but...
    I think this album has some of the best songs that I have heard from Britney. I have never purchased any of her albums before this one. It is like others have said a very light hearted and uplifting album. As to some of those that are complaining about her voice being modified or made to sound better, you are all idiots to think that any artist goes into a studio, sings their songs and doesn't have them "fixed" to sound better. As to the person that stated "Gay boys and teenage girls will love this", you are also an idiot to stereotype like that. I happen to be a 26 year old wife and mom to three children. Neither a gay boy or a teenage girl and I give it a great review. ...more info
    Regardless of what she does in her personal life (or any entertainer for that matter), I'm still mostly just interested in the music.

    Thankfully I did not pay full price for this cd and am only out 6 bucks. After listening to it, I have considered giving it away to a friend but I almost don't want someone else to have to listen to this trash! I like her previous music, think she is a decent performer but this cd is atrocious. Gimme More is catchy and Pieces of Me - not terrible - but now I see why these are the only two singles picked for radio play....more info
  • Have never been a fan...
    I have never been a Britney fan but I've got to give her 2 thumbs way up for Blackout! She has 6 really great songs on this CD and the others, while not great are still good.

    The music is fresh, upbeat, catchy and even the biggest Britney naysayer will find themselves movin' to Blackout!...more info
  • Best album of 2007 (in my opinion)
    I've been a huge fan of thy Britney since I was in the fourth grade, and have never given up hope on her. Her music is cute and enjoyable, and her movie and TV appearances are always entertaining. With that being said, I not only give Blackout a 5 star review because I'm simply a fan, but because it seriously deserves it!

    I think all of the tracks on the album are truly brilliant! When 'Gimme More' first leaked, and when the first words I heard were "It's Britney, b*tch.), I was like "=O!" Lol, I was so shocked at her new sound, and then the chorus came which was ridiculously catchy I could not stop singing (and attempting to dance) along! Then after taking a listen to the rest of the songs on her album, I knew I was not going to be disappointed. My favorites are ...

    Gimme More: 9/10. Classic dance track, sexy lyrics, and a great choice for a lead single.
    Piece Of Me: 10/10. I'm glad she did this song. It just had to be done.
    Break The Ice: 12/10. This song is simply amazing! Great dance track with a technoish vibe! One of my favorites off of the album.
    Radar: 11/10. LOVE IT! Very electropop, and it's quite addictive!

    If you have an open mind about music, even if you didn't like any of her previous stuff, I'm sure you will enjoy this album. Overall, it's just a fun album with awesome songs that you can either dance or bop your head to! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
    ...more info
  • blackout music
    This cd is good for adults not for kids. This cd has some sexual content to it. Other than that it is brits best album for adults. I am a britney fan, But I also believe that there are things that children below the age of 16 should hear....more info
  • Great CD
    I am not a fan of Britney Spears but I truly enjoy this CD. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Blackout Bummed
    Having been a huge fan of Britney's earlier album releases, and hearing Gimme More on the radio and falling in love with it, I immediately went and bought her new album Blackout. I've only listened to it a few times, if not once, because I didn't like it much aside from the song Gimme More. I'd say the album bummed. It is not one of Britney's best efforts. She has done much better that this. I much prefer the earlier Britney, and others might agree with me on this. She tried to get back into the game and failed in my opinion when she released this album. Perhaps she rushed it and didn't think it through...Either way it doesn't put Britney in the high light and it is a bit disappointing cause I know she can do better. ...more info
  • Britney at her best
    Yes, this cd has been out for well over a year and still hasn't gone platinum. Yes, it's been overshadowed my Brit's personal life and her "comeback" disk Circus. But this album is epic. Every song is great, which is probably one of the reasons why her Circus tour is almost exclusively material from Blackout.

    The only thing this cd lacks is a ballad, which is fine by me. Britney excels at club bangers and pop/dance. Leave the ballads to singers with bigger voices, Brit just wants to have fun. And that's why we love her....more info
  • Give credit where credit is due!!!
    This album is BRILLIANT!!!! When listening to this album throw away all the perceptions you have of her personal life and listen to the album for what it is...MUSIC!!! It's obvious that she's no Whitney, Mariah or Christina so for all the people who were looking for powerhouse vocals came looking in the wrong direction. Britney has the perfect voice for the cute catchy pop songs that launched her career. These songs still have her signature pop sound but they're catchier, edgier, and dangerously addictive (I'm no Britney fan but the music is so alluring...almost like a guilty pleasure) No one wants to hear deep subconcious meaningful songs with powerful messages ALL the time. Sometimes you just want to dance and have fun...and if you're looking for that then Blackout is the album for you. I only gave it 4 stars because the energy slips a bit in the middle but it's still Surprisingly and exceptionally good. ...more info
  • I Don't Know Anymore
    Britney Spears is a talented entertainer. But for the last 2 or 3 years. She has been more media attention than anything else. Her first two albums "Baby One More Time..." and "Oops I Did It Again" were catchy. Following that, things went wrong! I happened to borrow this album from a friend, to give a good listen. I gave it right back the next day. Every song sounds the same after every other. The only catchy track on this album is "Gimmie More". I believe she is a talent entertainer when it comes to her concerts, but as for making new music for albums. I can pretty much bet, that she will not make anymore catchy music. Hopefully her life does get back together of what it was before. ...more info
  • Some Good Moments
    Giving you a brief rundown of where I stand, I thought "Baby One More time" and "Oops I Did It Again" both had some great moments. I thought "Britney" was her best. And I did enjoy parts of "In the Zone." I also enjoyed her "Greatest Hits" record.

    This record sounds like it is more for dancing to than listening to. 'Gimme More' was a decent opener. I found 'Piece of Me' annoying. 'Radar' has an interesting 'Bombastic Love' sound. 'Break the Ice' may bring back memories of 'Toxic.' I didn't much care for 'Heaven On Earth' or 'Get Naked.' 'Freak Show' was strange, but it had its charm. I did not care much for 'Toy Soldier.' 'Hot As Ice' had some strange effects, but it was alright. 'Ooh Ooh Baby' may bring back memories of her great song 'Crazy.' 'Perfect Love' also has a 'Toxic' sound. 'Why Should I Be Bad' lacked something.

    While I would rather listen to "Baby One More Time," "Oops I Did It Again," "Britney," or "In the Zone," the truth is even a mediocre record by Ms. Spears is better than none at all.

    Thank you Ms. Spears for fighting the media's harsh treatment of you, and giving us another record! ...more info
  • Same old britney
    When I heard all the glowing reviews over this album I thought "Gee, maybe she finally released a good album" and then I got online and listened to it and all I can say is: what album were you people listening to? All the songs sound the same and it's all generic dance music that any other artist could have put out to stay relevant and that's what she did. "Piece of me" is supposed to be her middle finger to the media...but she didn't write it. Some other people wrote it! Why is it so hard for her to create music, isn't she supposed to be an artist? "Gimme more" is probably the best song on the album. Other than that one, the rest of it is all generic. Her voice sounds digitally enhanced as usual and she takes a back seat to excellent production. Instead of rehearsing new dance steps, why doesn't she go get singing lessons to improve the quality of her voice? Cause it's gotten crappier over the years. I will never understand the hype over her, what made her famous were image makers, excellent producers and her ability to roll around half-naked in videos and on stage, cause as an actual musical artist she has no talent! She's no Madonna or Janet. Those two woman actually had control over their images and had creative imput in their music despite the fact they didn't have phenomenal vocals. ...more info
  • Amazing- Brit's Best DANCE album yet!
    This album is great. It's definitely not Brit's mainstream Max Martin style, but it's perfect for dancing and hanging out. It's a true club album! Freak Show and OOh OOh Baby are Hot!...more info
  • D I O S A =P
    Realmente Grandiosa, Britney es lo Mejor de lo Mejor... Compren sus Discos y sus Singles. I LOVE BRITNEY!!!!! ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    All I have to say is, this cd is pretty good. Although I think there is a hidden message. (lol)...more info
  • banger
    I'm a 21 year old male who is a hip hop disciple. I fukcing love this album. it's everything pop should be. almost as good as timbaland's shock value. just as good as the best stuff from timberlake and furtado. don't buy it because other artists need your money more. but download it or bootleg it or something because it's a banger end to end....more info
  • Britney Spears's Official Blackout Review
    Heyy!!! It's me again!!! 9 hours ago I rated Circus (CD). So check that out too!!! Here is my review for Blackout:

    Gimme More- This is the lead single on the CD and probably one of the best. She was supposed to comeback at the 2007 VMA's with this song, but she ended up running crying off stage. 10/10

    Piece Of Me- This is my and my father's favorite on the CD. That's right even my father likes this one. It's electrified, although you can't help liking it. I pplay this track over nad over... 11/10

    Radar- Like I said in my Circus review, I LUV THIS SONG!!! It's about her spying on a dude. JAMMIN!!! And her new single!!! 2,000,000/10

    Break The Ice- This one has a very catchy beat. This is the one my mom likes. Especially in the breakdown. Very technological. 10/10

    Heaven On Earth- I'm the only on who likes this one. It's kinda like "Break The Ice" it gets stuck in your head, and that's what a good song does. 10/10

    Get Naked (I Got A Plan)- I give this song very little confidence. It has too much adultness in it for her making her comeback. The most innapropriate song on Earth. 8/10

    Freakshow- This is the only song on the CD that I don't like. It's got this beginning intro that sounds like she is farting. And then she raps the whole time. Glad it's only like 2 minutes. 2/10

    Toy Soldier- I like the beginning when the dude is talking. This is very danceable and fun. One of her only electrified ones that I Like. 10/10

    Hot As Ice- I remember when this came out as "Cold As Fire". LOL. This one is not danceable, just listenable. Yet, awesome. 10/10

    Ooh Ooh Baby- This is my favorite one on the CD. It sounds like Spanish guitar in the beginning!!! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000/10

    Perfect Lover- This song is kinda innapropriate. Although this one is able to dance to. I like it. 9/10

    Why Should I Be Sad- It's a ballad/hip hop song that's electrified, about how good she did on the album. It's kinda ego. In all her songs she sings about how everyone loves her when they don't. 7/10

    Get Naked
    Why Should I Be Sad
    ...more info
  • Love love love it!
    I admit it, I have all of Britney's albums. I have to say by far this is her best. It is so upbeat, it makes me dance and I hate dancing. Break the Ice is definately my favorite track on the album, it's got a great beat. If you loved the earlier old school Britney, I think you will definately like this album. She has made her comeback, I can't wait for the next album!...more info
  • Autobiographical CD?
    This cd number 2 track makes one wonder if it is her own autobiographical pleas of us wanting a "piece" of her. It goes on to have a track dedicated to K-fed that really explains it all. Her music is not the quality of the Britney we know from the past .If you are a fan add it to your collection. If you are just curious this is not one of her best to buy. It is her best for an anthem to her life as of now. ...more info
  • Loving the cd, great beats!!
    No matter what britney is having go on in her personal life, this cd is great. The beats are great, the music is amazing. It's one of those cd's you listen to over and over. I'd highly recommend it if you enjoyed her previous cd. ...more info
  • still luv Britney
    very good album of songs........wish her personal life did not over shadow the record. i pray Brit gets it together......she's a good artist....more info
  • Great Album!!! (4.5 stars)
    It's really unfortunate that her life turned for the worse before she had time to promote the album. It really is good.

    It's a little overproduced, but it does well for teh album mostly because the album has that nightclub/red light district feel to it. The songs are expertly written and are reminiscent of Britney's last album "In the Zone". Where that album was scared, this album let loose.

    The high points on the albuym include: "Hot As Fire," "Toy Soldier," and "Radar." While there are most good songs, these stand out to me for production and entertainment value. Another gem on the album is the last track, specifically written to and for her ex. I feel that the song is a great expression of her feelings for the relationship.

    Overall, the album is really great, and should've put her back on top. However, we know what happened, os no use crying over spilled milk.

    And for those who are bashing her album based on her current state of affairs, GROW UP!!! This album is no different than her music early in her career, and if we could take the blinders off for a sec, you'd see that she's actually a good pop star, and had a pretty meritable career.

    ...more info
  • honestly?
    who the hell was ever a fan of this trailer trash bimbo? I was suprized to see that she was still alive yet alone another crappy record. Proves that the people who buy this have no taste in real music....more info
  • GIMME MORE!!!!!!!
    Britney Spears?
    Great Dance Pop CD. Unique sounds. New Dance Techno whateva U wanna call it. Don't judge the CD because it says Britney Spears...judge it for the music.
    I like music videos but just imagine back in time when videos weren't as fluent as they are now. We mostly only heard the music and didn't see the performer or even knew much about them except that they produced good music. Just my opinion. Be your own judge. I love the CD!!!!!!!
    Laurence from Red Bay, AL....more info
  • Britney's best
    This is an awesome, fun, up-beat, "dancey" cd. It's perfect to listen to in the morning on the way to work and to get your afternoon workout up and going. This is Britney's best work to date. I highly recommend it for all Britney fans and fans of good, dance music. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • ++Britney should stay crazy if this is the result++
    Do your self a favor and get this album before Britney is committed or follows in Anna Nicole's footsteps (God forbid)...
    If you can remember the feeling that you had when you heard Madonna's very first album....then you will love Blackout..
    It is a constant ride of fun and all out song sexier than the song making you want to make love and the next making you hate your significant other...
    Piece of Me is a really significant release for Britney in that you can really see where it's the truth and how the Paparazzi and everyone around her are leading to her ultimate demise...
    So sad....
    Can't quite say that I love this more than the Toxic album.....but it's catching up quickly the more that I listen to it...
    Buy won't be disappointed.......more info
  • Gimme More!!
    Even if you're not a Britney fan, if you have an open mind and enjoy music, you're bound to enjoy this album. By far, it's one of her best. In fact, I'd even say this album beats out all other albums released by other artists within the last couple years or more....more info
  • Yes It Is A Blackout
    yes i like this cd but i really can't stand it because it's not good enough for me i like all of her other albums besides this one i think this is her worst album to date there is only three songs i like on this cd i don't think you should spend more than five dollars on this cd ...more info
  • A defiant release
    There may be plenty of tabloid stories out there about Miss Spears. There may be many theories as to her mental state, to her devotion as a parent, to her capability as a functioning member of society. And, in the past, there have been plenty of objections to her capabilities as an artist. Any negative opinion towards Britney is encouraged to exist, if not flourish; especially currently. But despite the current movement against pop music, and against Britney, there is no denying that "Blackout" is a stellar record.

    It doesn't matter who is in control. If the public image of Miss Spears is to be believed, she is completely and utterly out of control; the general public is only left to conclude that the multitude of producers and writers steered the direction of this album. Whatever the general public believes, "Blackout" is a defiant release, an album that crackles with verve from opening to close.

    The production on "Blackout" is impeccable. Even when Britney was composing the majority of her own records, her songs were never this personal or this current. Whether Britney is partying, conquering men, or controlling the parties and the men, the songs are a clear indication of her mentality and her direction as an artist. The beats are sharp, her singing is simultaneously anonymous enough to conquer pop radio, and specific enough to impart her personality upon each of these twelve tracks. Whether it's the inebriated haze of first single "Gimme More," the aggravated crackle of "Piece of Me," or the sheer audacity of the rap/spoken-word "Freakshow," Britney is clearly at the top of her game. And whether she were the driving force behind the album is moot -- she was most certainly cognizant enough to hire the correct producers and writers, because "Blackout" has a rhythm that Miss Spears, or "Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," if you're nasty, could have only dreamed of....more info