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Midnight Club: Los Angeles
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Product Description

The entire city of Los Angeles is your playground as you speed through the streets, parking lots, and back alleys in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, all on your way to becoming the most notable racer in the city. As a new arrival on the racing scene, you're going to need to earn REP for others to take you seriously, and earn the right to upgrade your ride or purchase an even better one. Reputation Points can be earned by completing any task or race in MCLA, regardless of what position you finish. Midnight Club Los Angeles features over 40 vehicles from 4 different classes. Tuner, Luxury, Exotic and Muscle cars as well as Bikes are available to race throughout the game. All cars can be fully customized in one of two garages found in the game.

The fifth game in the Midnight Club series, Midnight Club: Los Angeles brings the popular simulation racer to next-generation consoles for the first time. Developed by Rockstar Games, developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, it is packed with an incredible selection of muscle cars, tuners, exotics, motorcycles, luxury cars and an incredible selection of after-market performance parts and custom kits. Enter the ultimate world of Illegal street racing with no track, no load times, no rules: Welcome back to the Midnight Club.

'Midnight Club: Los Angeles' game logo
Ready to roll at 245 mph?
A muscle car & an exotic car racing in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Roll in muscle cars, exotics or tuners.
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A motorcycle popping a wheelie in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Or dust them all aboard a rice rocket.
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Car beneath the Hollywwod sign in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles''
Race past accurate LA landmarks.
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Gear shift nob in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Reach out and touch startling detail.
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View through the windshield in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Check out multiple in-game angles.
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Mototcycle stoped by cops in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Remember to keep an eye open for cops.
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A Wide-open LA Like You've Never Imagined
Midnight Club Los Angeles drops players into a painstakingly recreated version of world-famous Tinseltown. Broken down into five distinct open-world gameplay areas, linked on the game map, cumulatively these areas comprise a massive area, much larger than anything ever seen in previous Midnight Club releases and possibly larger than any existing racer to date. Within these areas, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Mulholland Drive and Downtown LA, players are free to engage in mission play driving them to attain and customize a wide range of authentic world-class street racing vehicles, or to simply explore the city, taking on all comers in a variety of race types as they wish. Regardless, along the way they will experience not only the visual realism of the iconic boulevards, freeways, and landmarks made famous in TV and movies, but also the realism of the living breathing LA urban experience. Here traffic backs up then clears as people go to and leave work for the day, weather systems come and go and day turns to night, then back again. All the while the race goes on. It's all part of the living, breathing LA. It's all part of the Midnight Club.

The Cars
Midnight Club: Los Angeles will feature an astounding selection of vehicles in the Muscle Car, Exotics, Tuners, Motorcycle and Luxury car categories. At the time of publishing only a fraction of the total list has been announced, but a good sampling of what players can expect at launch can be seen below. Click the links in each category to see screen shots of the cars:

Muscle Cars
Saleen S302 Extreme
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Dodge Challenger Concept Car
Kawasaki Ninja ZX14
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
Ford GT
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Volkswagen R32
Pontiac Solstice
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Extreme Customization
Midnight Club Los Angeles continues the tradition of offering some of the deepest vehicle customization you will find in any video game. The hottest licensed cars and bikes in the world are at your disposal - kit them out, supe them up, and personalize them down to the last detail to make them all your own. Visit the Club's in-game garages located in Hollywood and Santa Monica and let your imagination run wild - tweaking and fine tuning through the following three different types of vehicle modifications:

Performance & Handling - To become a street legend, you're going to have to tune your vehicle for maximum performance. The garage offers three levels of upgrades for virtually every component on your vehicle, but it's up to you to craft the winning combination that will give you the edge on the competition.

Exterior - For the Midnight Club, stunting is a habit and its clandestine Los Angeles garages have all the toys needed to ensure heads turn in this jaded town. From making sure your car is dripping in candy paint, to adding unique body kits and jaw dropping extras, the garage offers practically limitless possibilities to personalize your vehicle with aftermarket accessories and customizable options.

Interior - Don't embarrass yourself by pulling up with an outrageously kitted-up car that has a 'me-too' factory interior. Not a good look! You're going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so renovate and make yourself feel comfortable.

Beware or Befriend the Local Competition
The street racing scene of Midnight Club is tough, but tight, meaning that everyone that you meet in expansive Los Angeles could just as easily be an ally as an enemy. One thing is for certain though, they are all willing to throw down at the drop of a hat. Just a few of the faces you'll encounter out on the streets are:
NPC Karol from 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Karol, Age 45 - A veteran of Moscow's underground street racing circuit, Karol moved to LA in the 1990's after the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you're looking for cars, he's your man. He owns two successful garages and claims to be able to get hold of any vehicle, no questions asked. He also sees himself as a philosopher and will bend your ear if you left him. He mostly races around Hollywood and the Beaches and his rides include a 1975 Datsun 280Z, 1969 Boss Mustang 302, 2006 Dodge Challenger and a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV.
NPC Annie from 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Annie, Age 31 - Annie has a rep as one of the fiercest drivers in the city. She detests posers and wannabes, is intelligent and sharp-tongued and pulls no punches when it comes to cutting the competition down to size. She has been spotted in everything from a 1983 VW Golf GTI, 2006 Pontiac Solstice, 2008 Chrysler 300C SRT-8, 2008 Audi RS4 and a 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept and can usually be found hanging out near Pink's Hotdog Stand in Hollywood along with her crew.
Rockstar Games Social Club: Join the Community
Being a Rockstar game Midnight Club: Los Angeles comes with a huge commitment to the gaming community. To take advantage of all the benefits that come with this players should ensure that they join the 'Rockstar Games Social Club' to extend their Midnight Club experience. Benefits will include, but are not limited to detailed player statistics, robust multiplayer leaderboards for all online games modes - plus a host of other special features, including in-game music download opportunities, to be announced at a later date. Simply create an account, link your Xbox 360 Gamertag, set up your profile and you're in.

Game Modes
As of the time of publishing Rockstar Games has not confirmed the gameplay modes that will be available for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, but multiple multiplayer gameplay modes, in addition to a deep singleplayer mode, are expected to be available with the game. As the game's launch date creeps closer please check back for further details.

  • Progressive all star soundtrack with over 100 songs, including artist exclusives along with an online portal featuring Rate My Ride, shared photo galleries, leaderboards and monthly sponsored multiplayer races.
  • A truly seamless open-world featuring a continuous driving experience, minimal menus and load times and multiple organic race starts.
  • Incredible selection of licensed muscle cars, tuners, exotics, motorcycles and luxury cars with 100,000 polygon exteriors and interiors.
  • Extremely deep level of customization including licensed aftermarket parts, decal creation system, and complete custom interiors.
  • Most authentic and stunning recreation of Los Angeles ever created, larger than all of the previous Midnight Club maps to date.

Customer Reviews:

  • midnight club LA
    this product did not work. it would load, run for a few minutes and then freeze every time. it was a kinda disappointing Christmas gift...more info
  • This Isn't L.A.
    I am not good at racing games, but like them-I have played the PGR games, Forza, and the old midnight club and need for speed series. I was interested in this game, because the cars would be licensed (i.e. real cars, with their right names), and that the map would be Los Angeles. Well, 2 things disappointed--the cars look nice, but so far handling is not that good, and most disappointing, this isn't L.A. I was thinking, well, I could cruise around for awhile, run a couple races, then cruise out to Venice but, no-should have known this insn't a coumplete map of L.A. You start out in a fairly well represented area of the Sunset Strip, but go south on La Brea...where's willoughby? fountain? melrose? You dont go from Sunset to 3rd st. . Oh well.

    Your start with a hoopti 240 sx or something meh. I did two races, they were easy. As an older gamer, I don't like the music. I don't know if this game lets you do custom sound tracks or not, if it does, I'm putting in my Mills Brothers and Dean Martin if not, the radio will be off I guess.

    Like previous games, as you win races, you move up to better cars, tune your cars etc. I like the game, I think it would be better if you start out and can choose any car, but maybe have to earn the better equipment or something. Just my opinion. When I get enought money I will probably try the "autotune" because I don't know about cars that much.

    Damage modeling isn't that good. You can't hit pedestrians, at least I haven't been able to :P

    If you like the previous "Midnight Clubs" you will probably like this. It's a good game....more info
    This game is really,really fun right now i have three cars.I recommend this game for everybody...more info
  • ehh...
    i was an avid fan of Midnight club 2 and 3...and this game is pretty much the Same game. the city of LA is Graphically Beautiful, youll spend alot of time just exploring it. it is Reasonably Large ie: Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed Carbon, Most Wanted ect. the driving feels realisticly tuned and the sense of speed is captured nicely. the music completely feel free to play those audio files on your computer during gameplay (trust me, its Terrible). i was dissapointed to see they took Capture The Flag mode off the single player arcade mode. the Arcade Mode in general is Very Limited in and of youll probably be stuck doing race after race in the single player mode..some may enjoy that...after about 10 races, i did Not. the Online is rather slim as well...and just not very Captivating for an extended period of time. overall, if you already have a racer at home that you LOVE, you can RENT this one..but there are better titles out there..including LA Rush for the Original Xbox :)

    iLL . ...more info
  • The Best Way To Play Street Racing is at 250 miles per hour
    Well, it had to happen sooner or later. After all, today's high end technology had to, at some time, spark the idea to drive virtual cars in a excellent recreation of Los Angeles where racing by the Saddle Club, a rip-off of UCLA, and the Beverly Hills Hotel is only a click away via a green button, where weaving through traffic via bullet time and nitrous boost can be done in striking detail, and where you can customize your rear bumper with a golden touch to accent the Blue body. Oh yes, next generation street racing games are here, and MIdnight Club Los Angeles is leading the way for even more beautiful, action packed racing in the rainy, urban streets (with dynamic weather and time of day!).

    Alright, truth, to be told, I don't exactly see the street racing trend in video games to ever be that strong again, but that doesn't mean MIdnight club cannot be as healthy as ever. In the wake of a Grand Theft Auto inspired racing trend-where there are no rules on the road and you have an open area to explore, MIdnight Club Los Angeles is doing an excellent job . And the next generation Midnight Club doesn't disappoint, adding the benefit of next generation with the trademarks the series has always boasted. The insane customization, the presentation, the graphics, and the sheer fun that many cheap knock offs lack. This is 100 percent Midnight Club, and nothing else.

    This game just looks great. Los Angeles, being such a large, landmark-laden city, is certainly a hard city to replicate. But this game does a damn good job doing that, adding the feel and the familiar landmarks that just make the city it's own unique one. It definitely is the most impressive representation of the landmark city, beating out the LA Rush version (sadly underrated) and the laughable Tony Hawks' American Wasteland (which, by the way, was pathetic and didnt feel like it at all).

    About that difficulty level. This game is very challenging, albeit sometimes cheap, but I think that the extremely unforgiving AI is somewhat a virtue. It kind of represents a more realistic aspect. It forces you to think and pay the hard price if you crash just once, adding a more thrilling aspect to it. And of course, if you wreck, there is no second chances. And personally, coming from someone who logged 70+ hours in Burnout Paradise, I welcome the harder difficulty level. That game was way too forgiving and the AI wasn't as challenging as It could have been. If you are still concerned if you don't have the time to perfect your skills if you have tons of stuff to do in the real world (in other words, Have a life), you can change the difficulty of a race, and there is even a downloadable you can get to balance out the difficulty level.

    The other potential weaknesses is the crappy soundtrack, stupid "street" characters, and deduction of cars (not as many in this one as there is in the previous one), but that;s a minor problem. Besides, cars are already coming through downloads.

    Online is going to be great. Being able to race anybody anywhere is a factor, and you won't just race, as the game will include many different games, including classics like capture the flag and a unordered race. Downloadable content is shaping up to be really promising (albeit it takes money!) Heck, there is already plans to expand the city limits with a free download of South Central (complete with U$C!!!!!!) adding the one thing that is lacking with the current city, no ghetto (yeah, the ghetto isn't a good place, but what's Los Angeles without one?)

    This game is shpaing up to be a top contender in the racing genre. Buy this game to be immersed yet again....more info
  • Must Have Great Racing Game
    This game is really really good, a must have game for any racing game fans, from graphics to gameplay. Midnight Club is a very accurate representation of what breakneck,-high-speed street racing is really all about. Its an adrenaline rush. This is all about fast, moddable cars throwing down in dangerous street racing. Unlike other racing games, it also included motorcycles, which is as fun if not even more fun to drive than some of the cars. This is a game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto IV, so you know its going to be up there with the best racing games of all time....more info
  • Great game thats worth the money......
    I am a fan of racing games that don't require a lot of tweaking the cars. This game offers a lot of customization but nothing that tweaks the performance of the car so much that it makes it hard to control. This is my first Midnight Club game and I can't seem to walk away from it for long periods. The graphics are great and so are the selection of cars.

    Why didn't I give it 5 stars? There is always room to improve and nothing deserves a perfect rating in my opinion.

    ...more info
  • L.A. to the fullest, with great cars
    This game is my second midnight club i played so I'm not the most experienced person, but i must say this game is great. The game graphics are great, the cars are great, the customization is deep, and the map is super DEEP! Its actually L.A. in the flesh. Now the gameplay, I would have to say its much more difficult than the Need for Speed series but in the long run i think its hella better because its more challenging and is more game for your buck. That's the only thing that would be a backside if you look at it that way besides that you need to get the game. Great to any racing collection. Highly recommend it, sorry it's actually five stars for fun but yeah you get the point...more info
  • This Is By Far the WORST Game I Have Ever Played..!!
    Midnight Club Los Angeles is a huge disappointment. I kind of liked the old DUB edition except for the graphics. It was too dark and I had trouble seeing where I was going. I thought this game, with it's improved graphics would be a joy. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! The game is ridiculously hard right from the start. It doesn't even give you a chance to earn enough money to do upgrades to your car or to unlock more upgrades. The money you earn in the beginning for beating races is far inferior to the old DUB edition and the races are WAY harder!! The AI's cars are always faster and handle better than yours; doesn't matter what you're driving. I had a Dodge Challenger and was getting smoked by a VW Golf. How's that for unrealistic? Also; the navigation is inferior to that of the DUB edition and the local races (good for earning money for car upgrades) are not on the map like they used to be. (I am referring to the big red towers of smoke that you could go to on MC DUB ED and there would be a little race there where you could earn $8-1200 to get money to upgrade/buy vehicles) It simply is non-existent on MC-La. Rockstar; you need to do a serious revision on this one. I would never purchase this game and I would advise all my friends not to either. ...more info
  • Great Game!
    This is probably the best racing game I have ever played/owned. The graphics are very well done and the cars actually handle like the real thing. The only reason the game is rated T is because of lyrics in background songs and unless you have the volume up very high, your not really going to hear more than the beat.

    - Countless hours of gameplay
    - Tons of cars to unlock and upgrade
    - Realistic handling
    - Many different modes, such as: racing, delivering cars, time trials, "payback cars" (destroying cars), escaping cops and many more
    - Online play with many people
    - Many great achievements, some easy but some that will last you a long time
    - Very in-depth vehicle customization (Vanity plates are one of my favorites)
    - Plus many more (barely scratched the surface)

    - No split screen (local) racing
    - Layout isn't accurate to LA
    - Can't really think of any more right now

    Over all, a great game for almost any age, highly recommended!!...more info
  • Fun, but not LA.
    I'm not sure who came up with the map, but nothing is where it should be. I can understand having to cut some things out, because the game would be way too large otherwise. They went a step beyond, though, and just moved stuff all around. Century city, for example, is completely wrong.

    Beyond the trouble with the map, it's a pretty fun game. The camera has a great little shake when you're going fast that really makes you feel the speed. Navigating at normal speeds can be a bit annoying, but once you get moving it gets a lot easier.

    The best part of the game, imho, is running from the cops. It's not easy to lose them, but it's a lot of fun....more info
  • Baddest Street racing game ever hands down!!!
    This game is not what expected.. it way better.. I love it and i play almost everday... the only thing i dont like is that there are no trucks... in midnight club 3 there were trucks... but other than that it perfect and you can customize sportbikes too....!!!...more info
  • Better than NFS Undercover!
    I have to say this game is very entertaining, I found myself having the fun that I was expecting from undercover. I think one of the main options that stood out in this game for me was that the customization was player friendly. You have a vast majority of cars to choose from, and a fun kicker for me was that you could test drive cars before you had to buy them! The graphics in this game a very smooth; when I found out that rockstar used the same engine that they used from GTA, I realize why I was enjoying it so much. This game has a way better story line than undercover, and the cop chases feel more realistic than that of undercover. I enjoyed the inside the car camera view, and the ablility to customize the interior of your ride.

    Many people have posed complaints of the AI racers in the game of having supernatural driving abilities, i.e. being too hard. But it just adds the intensity of the game, it's a blast riding at high speeds, dodging in and out of traffic, and driving through lawns and so on. This game definitely does not dissapoint; also the way the camera zooms out to view the whole map whenever you start a race was a very nice touch by rockstar.

    If you were dissapointed by undercover as I was, pick up midnight club, for rockstar stood true to what gamers really expect from next gen video games. ...more info
  • Best Arcade Racer I've Ever Played
    If you're looking for a racing simulator do not buy this game. But if you're looking for a fun arcade style racer that is ridiculously deep and has tons of replay value then this is your game. Midnight Club LA is awesome. It's easy to learn and fun to play from the get go. What makes it so much fun? The game captures the sensation of speed better than any game I've ever played and it has second to none, spot-on driving physics. Tuners handle turns and drift stupendously, rear-wheel drive muscle cars handle as they should, and the exotics scream down the streets and freeways while turning on dimes. You don't have the frustration of losing control of your car too easily like in racing simulators, what you have is a pure, speed focused, nimble driving system that lets you hug corners, weave in and out of city traffic like it's nobody's business, and reek havoc on the streets of LA. The game itself is deep. Long, varied career mode that forces you to master every car class, and the multiplayer only adds to the long list of things to do with this game. To give you an idea of how much there is to do in this open environment driving masterpiece, after 50 hours of playing, I'm only about 45% through the game. Midnight Club LA is a no-brainer. Pick it up today....more info
  • A Cool Game!
    I happen to like this game. The graphics are sickk & the cars are beyond amazing!...more info
  • Cheating AI makes for an impossible game
    I've never been quite so frustrated with a game as I have with Midnight Club: Los Angeles. It includes without doubt the most obvious "rubber banding" I've ever seen in a racing game. What is rubber banding? It's when, even though you're driving PERFECTLY and you're way in the lead, your NPC opponents will be given an artificial speed boost so that they overtake you with ease.

    About to overtake the leader, the finishing line in sight? You boost yourself with Nitros to give yourself the advantage... but it doesn't matter, as soon as you get neck and neck with him he'll receive an artificial boost so that you cannot overtake him -- even though you're using a Nitros and he's clearly not!

    Beautiful to look at, but so outrageously unbalanced, you'd have to sadistic to enjoy this game....more info
  • Great.........
    Midnight Club: Los Angeles was in fact brand new.. I recieved this game way faster than expected and I choose standard shipping.I highly recomend this sender in the future..Not one complaint...:-) ...more info
  • My man is crazy about the game
    I bought this game for my man last October for his Birthday and he loves the game so much. :) ...more info
  • Satisfied customer
    I bought this game for my nephew for Christmas, and he really loves it. He is always telling me how great the races are, and about the "garage" he has created. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • Huge game for racing fans
    Midnight Club LA is a very good racing title for Xbox 360. It is an open world racing game in which there are an overwhelming amount of races to take part in. You probably will never run out of things to do in this game, offline or online. The game is a stunner graphically, including some stellar car models and the overall city can be breathtaking. There are several positives to go with some negatives, but if you're a racing fan (esp street/arcade racing fan) then you owe it to yourself to buy this game!


    Graphics - As I stated before, the game looks absolutely amazing at times. There is very, very little loading in between races, and during a race you can drive through the entire city with no loading and no frame rate issues. Since this is an open world game there is a bit of drawn in and slow texture loading, but it is very rare and is almost completely removed if you install the game to the hard drive. The interface looks slick (esp the GPS system) and the presentation is pretty well done.

    Sound - The car sounds all sound OK at best, and the music (like any game soundtrack) can get repetitive, but it is overall well done. Nothing spectacular though.

    Online and Offline modes - several different race types, it is hard to get bored with this game

    Customization - From an appearance standpoint, there is an abundance of customization available. Performance wise, not so much.


    Controls/Gameplay - The controls feel a bit loose, so if feels as if you don't have as much control over the car as you should have, even with a very good handling rating. The difficulty could be an issue for more casual players, as the hardest races are brutally unforgiving. As a solution to this, you are never stuck racing only difficult races if you are not up to the challenge.

    Car Selection - Over 40 cars may sound like a lot, but not only have all of the cars in the game been used by several other games, it really isn't an impressive list at all. Progression through the game can seem less rewarding as there are not that many cars to purchase/customize.

    Can't warp to races - Being an open world game means that you have to drive to a location to where the person who wants to race is, then it gives you the option to race to the starting line. While you can skip this, it would have been nice to be able to select a race from the GPS and warp to the starting line, instead of just setting a marker to drive to. A small annoyance, but it is worth noting.

    Overall, I recommend this game to fans of racing games, but no one else. While the game has a lot to do in it, some of it can be frustrating and difficult by today's standards (although I like a challenge). If you are unsure how much you like racing games, rent it, but if you can't get enough street racing, then buy this game!
    ...more info
  • Realistic....NO.....Best Racing Game Thus Far?? YES!!!!

    I have only invested a small amount of time in the game so far, I have no more then one car; (1998 Nissan 240SX), but in this short time invested, I can tell you that the handling far exceeded my expectations. The cars have a serious weight to them, and its an excellent balance between an arcade and simulation feel. There are some interesting features within the game as well that really stand out. For starters, you have the ability to purchase "special abilities," these are things like "electro magnetic pulse, or EMP," that allow you to temporarily take down the oppositions cars. Its really quite a neat idea I believe, and even thou I'm far from attaining those abilities, I think it will add a certain element of strategy to the game that we've yet to see in a racing game.

    Is the game difficult you ask? I've been reading a lot about people complaining that they find this game a lil difficult... Well I gotta say, it certainly isn't easy by an means. But it sure as heck ain't terribly hard or impossible like some people would have you believe either. Yes you have to know how to drive, if you can't drive in the real world, don't expect to ace this game, its a challenge, you must make sure you pay attention to where your traveling, and also watch for traffic, it's quite the intense experience I must say.


    Excellent in this department. I was surprised to find out that the developers used the "RAGE" engine that GTAIV is based off of. It runs very smoothly so far, and everything looks excellent. There's also a great sense of speed in this game, which is a must for any racing game, but especially a street racing game. Each of the games 45 or so cars and bikes are excellently detailed, and they all include INTERIOR VIEWS!!! Heck yes, I expect nothing less anymore, and I really hope the next installment of FORZA Motorsport will include dashboards for EVERY car as well. The interior view is great and it's the view I use the most. I must also point out that its a nicer seating position in the car then the latest installment of Project Gotham Racing. PGR3 had a great seating position in the car where you could clearly see the gauges, as well as where you were heading. But PGR4's quite frankly sucked, at least in my opinion.

    The city of Angels looks absolutely incredible in this game, and its; almost like being there. There's a great amount of detail included in the city, and it's just a joy to look at while driving around or racing by at 180MPH! Another interesting feature is the awesome way you transition between the full city map and the game. It's very much like Test Drive Unlimited, and those that have played TDU will know exactly what I mean. Its extreamly smooth in it's transitions between the map of the city and the game, and you get wisked from a real time birds-eye view of LA right back into your car at the touch of a button, magnificent!


    I gave this area of the game its own heading, because there is simply so much of it that you can do and its generally a huge aspect of the game. Everything and anything on your car can be customized, from the body panels, to the doors, to the headlights and taillights, interior features etc, and of course performance mods. Here is a quick list of what can be done:


    - Body panels, front and rear, as well as side skirts
    - Wide body kits
    - Headlights
    - Taillights
    - Exhaust tip
    - Rims
    - Tires (branding and tread pattern, or tire model)
    - Neon
    - Ride Height
    - Paint (Pearl, Metallic, Sparkle, Gloss, Matte)
    - Roof and hood
    - Carbon fibre panels
    - VINYLS


    - Colour scheme
    - Seats
    - Neons
    - Gauges
    - Steering wheel
    - Floor mats

    PERFORMANCE: all categories have three stages, and you may choose the brands of the parts you install..

    - Intake
    - Exhaust
    - Suspension
    - Boosted / NA (Turbocharge or Supercharge)
    - Engine Internals strengthened
    - Roll bars
    - Brakes
    - Tires
    - Nitrous

    (there are more, I can't remember them all at the moment)

    Another nice touch is that if you aren't terribly in to tuning cars, then you may choose to have the game "auto tune" your car for you. It will select the best parts for you automatically if you choose, to take the guess work out of it for you.


    No problem here, like I mentioned in the gameplay section, the cars handle very nicely. You are afforded a modest amount of drift control around corners via the e-brake, or just turning in hard and asjusting the accelerator appropriately. I have remapped the right joystick to allow me freedom of head movement in the cabin, so I can look left, right, up, or down. Thats something else that deserves a mention, we've come to the point in console gaming it seems, after so many years that developers are starting to allow us to customize the control scheme are selves, which is EXCELLENT!


    Another well done department here. The tires sound just right biting the pavement, and the engines pur at idle or scream under hard acceleration. My 240SX sounds bang on to my buddies real 240, and screams and pops like the real deal at all the right times. The music is a nice selection of songs, but I prefer to have the in game race music off so i can hear my car. Sound effects are well don, I can hear the gear changes when I'm in the interior view, little details like that really bring the game alive.


    I really have no input here, as I have yet to try it, but it seems like it might be awesome, you should be able to go online with some buddies and just drive around LA or race, which ever you choose. You can also race for PINKS!


    I'd say its probably fairly high, as you ca go back and re-run each race for another attempt at besting your score, and earn more money. Although there may be slightly less incentive to re try the whole career again once completed, which is usually a tend with racing games anyway, so no loss there.



    BUY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN RACING AT ALL! Its really well done in my opinion, with subtle touched like interiors in every car, and damage, as well as the amazing selection of car customization options, and just generally good amount of racing, its worth every penny of the asking price....more info