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The entire city of Los Angeles is your playground as you speed through the streets, parking lots, and back alleys in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, all on your way to becoming the most notable racer in the city. As a new arrival on the racing scene, you're going to need to earn REP for others to take you seriously, and earn the right to upgrade your ride or purchase an even better one. Reputation Points can be earned by completing any task or race in MCLA, regardless of what position you finish. Midnight Club Los Angeles features over 40 vehicles from 4 different classes. Tuner, Luxury, Exotic and Muscle cars as well as Bikes are available to race throughout the game. All cars can be fully customized in one of two garages found in the game.

The fifth game in the Midnight Club series, Midnight Club: Los Angeles brings the popular simulation racer to next-generation consoles for the first time. Developed by Rockstar Games, developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, it is packed with an incredible selection of muscle cars, tuners, exotics, motorcycles, luxury cars and an incredible selection of after-market performance parts and custom kits. Enter the ultimate world of Illegal street racing with no track, no load times, no rules: Welcome back to the Midnight Club.

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Ready to roll at 245 mph?
A muscle car & an exotic car racing in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Roll in muscle cars, exotics or tuners.
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A motorcycle popping a wheelie in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Or dust them all aboard a rice rocket.
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Car beneath the Hollywwod sign in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles''
Race past accurate LA landmarks.
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Gear shift nob in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Reach out and touch startling detail.
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View through the windshield in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Check out multiple in-game angles.
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Mototcycle stoped by cops in 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles'
Remember to keep an eye open for cops.
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A Wide-open LA Like You've Never Imagined
Midnight Club Los Angeles drops players into a painstakingly recreated version of world-famous Tinseltown. Broken down into five distinct open-world gameplay areas, linked on the game map, cumulatively these areas comprise a massive area, much larger than anything ever seen in previous Midnight Club releases and possibly larger than any existing racer to date. Within these areas, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Mulholland Drive and Downtown LA, players are free to engage in mission play driving them to attain and customize a wide range of authentic world-class street racing vehicles, or to simply explore the city, taking on all comers in a variety of race types as they wish. Regardless, along the way they will experience not only the visual realism of the iconic boulevards, freeways, and landmarks made famous in TV and movies, but also the realism of the living breathing LA urban experience. Here traffic backs up then clears as people go to and leave work for the day, weather systems come and go and day turns to night, then back again. All the while the race goes on. It's all part of the living, breathing LA. It's all part of the Midnight Club.

The Cars
Midnight Club: Los Angeles will feature an astounding selection of vehicles in the Muscle Car, Exotics, Tuners, Motorcycle and Luxury car categories. At the time of publishing only a fraction of the total list has been announced, but a good sampling of what players can expect at launch can be seen below. Click the links in each category to see screen shots of the cars:

Muscle Cars
Saleen S302 Extreme
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Dodge Challenger Concept Car
Kawasaki Ninja ZX14
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
Ford GT
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Volkswagen R32
Pontiac Solstice
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Extreme Customization
Midnight Club Los Angeles continues the tradition of offering some of the deepest vehicle customization you will find in any video game. The hottest licensed cars and bikes in the world are at your disposal - kit them out, supe them up, and personalize them down to the last detail to make them all your own. Visit the Club's in-game garages located in Hollywood and Santa Monica and let your imagination run wild - tweaking and fine tuning through the following three different types of vehicle modifications:

Performance & Handling - To become a street legend, you're going to have to tune your vehicle for maximum performance. The garage offers three levels of upgrades for virtually every component on your vehicle, but it's up to you to craft the winning combination that will give you the edge on the competition.

Exterior - For the Midnight Club, stunting is a habit and its clandestine Los Angeles garages have all the toys needed to ensure heads turn in this jaded town. From making sure your car is dripping in candy paint, to adding unique body kits and jaw dropping extras, the garage offers practically limitless possibilities to personalize your vehicle with aftermarket accessories and customizable options.

Interior - Don't embarrass yourself by pulling up with an outrageously kitted-up car that has a 'me-too' factory interior. Not a good look! You're going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so renovate and make yourself feel comfortable.

Beware or Befriend the Local Competition
The street racing scene of Midnight Club is tough, but tight, meaning that everyone that you meet in expansive Los Angeles could just as easily be an ally as an enemy. One thing is for certain though, they are all willing to throw down at the drop of a hat. Just a few of the faces you'll encounter out on the streets are:
NPC Karol from 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Karol, Age 45 - A veteran of Moscow's underground street racing circuit, Karol moved to LA in the 1990's after the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you're looking for cars, he's your man. He owns two successful garages and claims to be able to get hold of any vehicle, no questions asked. He also sees himself as a philosopher and will bend your ear if you left him. He mostly races around Hollywood and the Beaches and his rides include a 1975 Datsun 280Z, 1969 Boss Mustang 302, 2006 Dodge Challenger and a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV.
NPC Annie from 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Annie, Age 31 - Annie has a rep as one of the fiercest drivers in the city. She detests posers and wannabes, is intelligent and sharp-tongued and pulls no punches when it comes to cutting the competition down to size. She has been spotted in everything from a 1983 VW Golf GTI, 2006 Pontiac Solstice, 2008 Chrysler 300C SRT-8, 2008 Audi RS4 and a 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept and can usually be found hanging out near Pink's Hotdog Stand in Hollywood along with her crew.
Rockstar Games Social Club: Join the Community
Being a Rockstar game Midnight Club: Los Angeles comes with a huge commitment to the gaming community. To take advantage of all the benefits that come with this players should ensure that they join the 'Rockstar Games Social Club' to extend their Midnight Club experience. Benefits will include, but are not limited to detailed player statistics, robust multiplayer leaderboards for all online games modes - plus a host of other special features, including in-game music download opportunities, to be announced at a later date. Simply create an account, link your PlayStation Network ID, set up your profile and you're in.

Game Modes
As of the time of publishing Rockstar Games has not confirmed the gameplay modes that will be available for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, but multiple multiplayer gameplay modes, in addition to a deep singleplayer mode, are expected to be available with the game. As the game's launch date creeps closer please check back for further details.

  • Progressive all star soundtrack with over 100 songs, including artist exclusives along with an online portal featuring Rate My Ride, shared photo galleries, leaderboards and monthly sponsored multiplayer races.
  • A truly seamless open-world featuring a continuous driving experience, minimal menus and load times and multiple organic race starts.
  • Incredible selection of licensed muscle cars, tuners, exotics, motorcycles and luxury cars with 100,000 polygon exteriors and interiors.
  • Extremely deep level of customization including licensed aftermarket parts, decal creation system, and complete custom interiors.
  • Most authentic and stunning recreation of Los Angeles ever created, larger than all of the previous Midnight Club maps to date.

Customer Reviews:

  • hot wheels meets barbie dolls
    This game looks really good. The racing is well done, but then it should be, because that's all there really is to this game. Aside from racing, you can play Barbie dolls with your cars, changing their little outfits and adding accessories.
    Those parts of the game are all well and good, but the save feature is easily the worst design element I've ever found in a post-Atari 2600 video game. The game auto-saves to the same data file after every event or change that occurs; you can turn off the auto-save, but you cannot manually save your game - you have to turn the auto-save back on, or you lose any progress you've made. If more than one person wants to play a game on the same PS3, each person must have or create a user file. If you want to start a new game, you have to either delete your current game's save file or you have to create a new user file and start the new game under that. If you want to save multiple games under your user ID, well you can't. Whoever is responsible for that design is a jackass.
    I guess one might have a pretty good time racing around a pretty, digital LA with one's online friends for a while, but that's all this simple-minded game has to offer. It's like dating a really hot, but incredibly stupid person, and there's no chance of ever having sex. What's the point?...more info
  • The King of Next-Gen Racing
    Midnight Club Los Angeles is alive with soul & character unlike other next-gen racers that are too arcade & generic. Rockstar proves once again they are the king of gaming with a racer that feels like your driving in a real world environment which they are still upgrading with new free downloadable maps. I've played Burnout Paradise (which was a bore) and Midnight Club drives laps around it. Well worth it!!!...more info
  • A great street racing game, but not much else...

    1) In full 1080p, the graphics really stand out!

    2) The handpicked soundtrack is superb and flows very well with the game. This game also allows you to play a custom soundtrack from your HDD.

    3) 43 cars and 3 motorcycles to choose from straight off the disc!

    4) In depth customizations give you as many car designs as you can imagination.

    5) The South Central add-on expands the map by about 1/3 the original map size, and it's free! The South Central Premium Upgrade ($9.99) contains nine new vehicles, 26 new races, 12 new battle maps, 10 new delivery missions, over 100 new red light races, new vinyl packs, new parts and new music. More add-on content should be available in the future.

    6) You never feel lonely. Not only are there hundreds of civilians running around LA, but you get calls all the time from racers looking for a challenge.

    7) With so many cops running around LA all the time, you may ask yourself how to not get in so many pursuits. The answer is simple, obey the law! If you drive the speed limit, stay on the road, and don't get into accidents, the cops will leave you alone. Just be sure to crank up the nitro as soon as they turn the corner.

    8) This open world racing game has a very long loading screen when you first put the disc in, but after that any loading is almost unnoticeable.

    9) The GPS is actually a smaller 3D world you can zoom in and out. It can even help you find hidden shortcuts if you look close enough.


    These are ALL of the cons I could think of, which is not too many for such a huge game!

    1) The cop chases are not all they hyped them up to be. You will usually have no more than three cop cars chasing you at a time. The chases themselves seem to be uneventful, no road blocks, helicopters, and the cop cars never get better as you progress through the game. You rarely see your pursuers while in a chase. Unlike most of the racing games I've played with police, there seems to be no way to physically destroy the police. To loose the cops, all you can do is get out of their line of sight for a few seconds and hide.

    2) Although the game is in 1080p, anything outside the playing world (menus, saving icon, button controls, etc.) look very pixilated.

    3) In races, often times you will be far ahead of your opponents, or due to a single error on your part, your opponents will be so far to ahead of you the it is impossible for you to catch up to them. Realistic, but not the most fun...

    4) When you crash on a motorcycle, the rag doll system your character goes through is not very realistic. No matter how brutal the crash is, the end result will almost always look the same; Al (the main character) will be lying either face up or down in the middle of the road with arms and legs sticking straight out.

    5) With so many side missions, it's hard to follow the main storyline.

    6) A few times, you'll be asking yourself, "How did I crash? Nothing was even there!" This is because the game generates traffic as you drive, so sometimes, a car will pop out of nowhere right in front of you and hit you head on.

    All in All:

    I would say if you're looking for a great open world street racing game, this is a very good choice. There's always someone to race and if you get bored of beating the computer so much, you can always play online. ...more info
  • This game rocks!
    Although the reviews by the critics are bad, they really have no right to say thoes things. this game is a mix of racing, police pursuits,upgrading your cars to be the best of the best, betting your cars in pinkslip wagers, burinig up the freeway just to veer onto the wrong side and get into a 250mph head on crash(but that just might be me) and so much more. with only a small part of the storyline actually sequenced, you can race through the whole game with as little as 10 cut scenes! this game is one that opens a door into the future of racing and NOTHING i have played even comes close to being as good as this. It is money very well spent and i would recomend this to people who like suping up their lambroghinis and taking them out for a 200mph cruise down the 101 freeway just to end up with a cop pointing a shotgun at your head yelling for you to put your hands up and step out of the car!...more info
  • Better than some people give it.
    First off, this is probably the best Midnight Club they have made so far. The city is open semi-realistic, but they have cut down the size of L.A. Also, the gameplay (car movements, crashes, etc.) is realistic for the most part. The game can get kind of challenging when you first start out and join the races. Secondly, getting away for cops can be challenging. For the people that gave it one star, the police and other races do make mistakes and crash. There not perfect....more info
    I rented Midnight Club: Los Angeles this morning because I was not sure whether it was worth buying and I must say I'm most disappointed with this game for one simple reason: It's not fun! Why you ask? It's way too hard. Most of the time, even starting out at the beginning, it's almost impossible to place first. If you wipe out in a race with a few minutes remains or even more you might as well forget about any chance of getting first. The A.I. is ridiculously unfair!

    Now, I know what a lot of people are going to say: You're just a big sissy and need to stick to the less challenging kiddie games. Not True! I've beaten just about every game I've ever played all the way from Gears Of War to Metroid over the past 20 years of video gaming. No matter how much of a video game master you think you are this game will test your patience and your will power at not throwing the controller into the tv. I love a challenging game that is fair. I grew up in the 80's back when Nintendo had games that offered a real challenge, but were fair and I thrived on those. Anybody remember Battletoads? Now that was a challenging and frustrating game, but you could make progress with memorization. This game you can't do that.

    You probably wonder how you make any progess in the game, such as unlock cars and such, with it being this difficult. Well, you're rewarded even if you place last, if only a little, which in my opinion dulls the experience. It's not fun to keep finishing in a low place or last most of the time and constantly be rewarded minutely. Eventually, you build up enough credits to unlock cool stuff that is unfun to use because it's difficult.

    I've played it approximately 6 hours since renting it at 8 a.m. this morning and I'm already ready to return it. Sure it's got killer graphics. The cars look awesome and there is a big selection to choose from. Some of the cars are super fast(the high end ones), probably the fastest I've seen in a racer before. The city is very large and very well detailed. If you're familiar with L.A. you will see places you recognize. Think Grand Theft Auto 4 and you'll have an idea as to scale and detail of Midnight Club:L.A. The music tracks are good, but not quite as good as past Midnight Club titles.

    However, you can take all of these positives and throw them together and it still doesn't make it a fun game because it's way too challenging, to the point of being frustrating. Actually challenging isn't the right word, really. How about broken gameplay. The cars handle fine, the physics are down pat, cornering is great with most cars, but those you race against will be very unfair and negate all the positives. You may like games this frustratingly difficult; I do not! Give it a rent and you may agree with me or you may love it. I'd bet that you won't though. A game can't be fun if for 19th time you're trying to get in 1st place only to realize that on that 19th time you've only managed to get 5th.

    I know this review sounds really critical, and it is. It's not a terrible game, but its also far from a great game. If you can get around the difficulty then you'll think this is the best racer ever. Just know what you're getting into before you go there. This game is difficult for me to score because there are a lot of really good things about it. Unfortunately, the one major fault: unfair challenge really detracts the score. I give it 3.0 stars or a 6 out of 10.

    As a side note: I've always wondered why some games aren't reviewed until the game is official released by Amazon, even though the game has been officially released nationwide and is available practically everywhere. Hint: You don't have to buy from amazon to review one of their products. They have this game shipping Oct. 23rd, but yet it's readily available at my local Wal-Mart, video stores etc. Go figure!? ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    This game is absolutely amazing! Graphics, handling, sound all of the above! I still can not find anything wrong with it. Its best feature is the way all the cars handle and drive. The graphics are superb! There are a lot of different cars to choose from. Not easy, not hard. If you bought the originals or just a fan of racing, you gotta check it out!...more info
  • Superb Racing Game
    This game is really really good, a must have game for any racing game fans, from graphics to gameplay. Midnight Club is a very accurate representation of what breakneck,-high-speed street racing is really all about. Its an adrenaline rush. This is all about fast, moddable cars throwing down in dangerous street racing. Unlike other racing games, it also included motorcycles, which is as fun if not even more fun to drive than some of the cars. This is a game from the award winning makers of Grand Theft Auto IV, so you know its going to be up there with the best racing games of all time....more info
  • First Time Racer For Me
    As someone who never has purchased a driving game, this game is amazing. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay are well done. There has been some discussion on the high level of difficulty in the races, But for someone who has never played this series, this is just not true. ...more info
  • Rent first and see if you like it or not
    I'm not a hardcore fan of racing games, but I like street-racing game. I played NFS Underground years ago and I was interesting in this game because it takes place in LA, where I live. So, I decided to pre-order this one after seeing some trailers. But it's not what I expected.

    Pros: Nice graphics. The environment looks great even though they cut down the size and details of the city quite a bit. Physics of driving and collision are decent. Plenty of cars to choose and customizations to play with. Many race modes and gameplay mechanisms such as Nitrous, Cold-air intake keep the race interesting. There are more abilities that I haven't gotten to yet, like EMP, Roar, Zoom. And even though you're not a great racer, you can still earn points and upgrades.

    Cons: The hard-core racers may find the game quite challenging. But this game could be too unforgiving for a not-so-great racer, considering the amount of the obstacles on the road. Just hit something to a stop more than once and you're done for, while the AIs rarely made a mistake. Sometimes I think they even hit the traffic cars on purpose to make you crash.

    Traffic AIs act like they hate you specifically. They could pop up in a distance that is really hard to swerve. Many times even though I managed to make a pretty nice drift at a sharp corner, AI cars came out of nowhere, crash into me, and that almost certainly cost me that race. Collision detection of the traffic cars could be a little elusive, so it's hard to make a tight swerve while running in high speed.

    You could get lost quite easily because of the open routes. It's realistic, but quite distracting having to glance at the GPS every now and then, while you have to race the opponents and avoid the traffic at the same time. Free-roaming could be tedious because of the traffic and cops. It's almost impossible to lose the LAPD cars during the early hours of the game with your mediocre car and they take away too much of your hard-earned cash.

    Cockpit camera looks okay, but the Chase-camera looks stiff. And many times you couldn't see an opponent coming from behind. It could hit you and send you crashing into a wall, right before the finish line, after you take the lead for almost the entire race.

    Inconclusion: This game could be one of those 'Hate It or Love It' games.
    The game has a lot of potentials, but I'm not patient enough to stay and find out.

    You might agree or disagree, the safest way to find out is renting it first. So you don't have to get frustrated and lose your money for a game that does not suit you.

    I'll trade this game for Dead Space or Bioshock. I might get about $30 credit and I'd lose another $30 on a game that I could stand to play for only less than a week. That's my lesson....more info
  • Great game, but experiencing Technical problems
    I bought my very first playstation (ps3 80gb) about 3 weeks ago and i got this game yesterday (during those 3 weeks, I was watching blu-rays). So i started playing it and i notice there's a little video error on the bottom right corner of my screen. i'm not sure how to explain it. there's bunch of small little boxes over there. Its like the cd (or blu-ray) been scratched or something, but the cd is in perfect condition since its new. i don't know what it is.

    The next error i got was when i used nitro in one of the races and my game froze! It only happened once... hopefully there's no more problems in the future. I don't know if its the PS3 or the game that is causing these minor problems. Both are brand new and I bought both of them from Amazon. So I'm going to send this game back to Amazon to get a new one and hopefully there's no more of those boxes on my screen.

    As for the game itself, I wish they make it with more realistic crashes and the ability to run people over. If I'm driving over 100mph and I crash into a wall or into another car, I expect my car to be totaled. I also wish I can turn the music off (*edit 11/12/08 I realize you can turn music and other sounds off by pushing start while you are on the road to get to the menu. One of the options will say "Go to garage." (or something like that) On this menu, push right to see the other game options.)

    On the plus side, the graphics are amazing and if you like street racing and driving different cars, this is the game for you. I haven't try the online feature yet, but I heard that is pretty fun....more info
  • Join the Midnight Club.
    I spent the first couple of hours just cruising around and get familarize to the L.A city. The city appearences and environments really give you the West Coast feel. The characters and elements in the game resembles the city well.

    The default controls are different from the previous installments. The car steering feel a little off balance and rough, you may find yourself jerking the car left and right in the race due to unbalance steering sensitivity. These are just things you can adjust in Options to your desire

    Last but not least, the gameplay is very challenging toward the beginning of the game. However, it get easier as you unlock more cars, performance parts and increse your reputation. This game offered less cars and customization options than previous installments. In conclusion, my scores are as followed:

    Fun 5/5
    Controls 3/5
    Graphics 4/5
    Music 4.5/5
    Extra features 4/5...more info
  • L.A. Never Looked SO Good
    I am a fan of just about every game that involves racing. From track racing games like Gran Turismo to more open racing games like Need for Speed and Burnout. I was excited at the thought of being able to play an open world recreation of Los Angeles. From everything I heard the graphics and environments would be based off of GTA IV. After giving this game a try I must actually say it exceeds my expectations.

    There is a fine line in racing games. Having races that are not too complicated to traverse and then having competition that won't blow over you. Games like Burnout can generally be easy if you learn the dynamics of that game. With Midnight Club it can be a bit more challenging. Although I say that in a good way. The overall challenge in this game is excellent and keeps opponents close all the time. Learning how to drive is simple and the controls are tight. With Midnight Club you will find yourself getting frustrated a little at the close loses, that just makes winning all the better. Most of the races are based on checkpoints and you may have a single competitor or several. Everything in this game is dynamic. Meaning weather can change abruptly just as it may in L.A. and time of day is always changing. That creates added challenges to the game. The game will give you the opportunity to choose the difficulty of many races. I find it good to start off slow and learn your car while challenging lesser opponents.

    Now let me talk about the graphics which are simply amazing. I found myself crossing many familiar landmarks which were neat to see. The game seems to have improved graphics over GTA. And for PS3 owners there is no install which makes getting into the game that much quicker. The game moves very smooth with no hiccups. I was quite impressed at the realistic environments they did create. Don't expect L.A. point for point. You will get a shrunk down version of the big city.

    Customization is one of the biggest selling points of the Midnight Club series. This version won't let you down. You have the opportunity to skillfully upgrade your ride. From non discrete to an obvious racer. As you further progress in the game you will get more upgrades unlocked. Also you can customize your cars paint job. Once you think you have a great looking ride you can show it off online. This is really a nice bonus since it lets others rate your ride.

    The extra goodies Midnight Club Los Angeles has are police chases. Thankfully your car has a radar which can keep you out of too many pursuits. If you pull over in a pursuit you can once again take off leaving the police to chase. Although you better be good or they will get you. The PS3 version also has added trophy support which is a nice addition for those who like extra challenges.

    Overall Midnight Club Los Angeles is a top notch game. From the races to the customization. It's all here. I would not advise this game for everyone. If you like a challenge and consider yourself a race pro then give it a try. Just try not to enjoy the scenery too much. This game is the perfect package....more info