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H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State + e-file [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $1.54

You Save: $68.45 (98%)


Product Description

With TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State, you've got the tools you need to breeze through both your federal and your state taxes. With this package, you get the Federal and State tax programs, one free federal and state e-file, as well as a free tax advisor session and the DeductionPro program. The simple interview quickly walks you through the return process to automate your return.and you can quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, Turbo Tax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro, as applicable. This program automatically double-checks your return for errors. helps you maximize your deductions and offers multimedia video advice from seasoned H&R tax professionals. Maximize Itemized Deductions Schedule C Support - Extra deduction help for the self-employed Business Expense Assistant helps you make sure you're claiming all deductible business expenses Investor Guidance Quick access to IRS Publications for further explanation of specific tax situations Multimedia Video Advice - Our tax professionals explain how changing tax laws affect you

TaxCut Premium Federal+State+e-file includes everything you need to complete and e-file your federal and state taxes, plus guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C. A step-by-step interview guides users through a customized process and includes advice on how to find every deduction your customers deserve and get the maximum refund--guaranteed. In the event of an audit, Worry-free Audit Support is included to provide your customers with representation of an H&R Block tax professional to manage the claim. Personal Tax Advice provides one free session with an H&R Block tax professional to help answer your customers' question.

Includes everything you need to complete your federal and state taxes.

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Guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C.

Includes free Federal and State E-file--get your refund in as little to 8-15 days.

The Basics:

Step-by-Step Interview
Our simple interview quickly walks you through the return process to automate your return.

Seamless Imports
Quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, Turbo Tax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro, as applicable.

Error Check
Our program automatically double-checks your return for errors.

Get Your Refund Fast
E-file your return, and get your refund in as little to 8-15 days.(additional fees apply)

Extra Help to Maximize Deductions:

Customized Tax Advice
Receive tax guidance on changing tax situations, like getting married, having a baby, buying a home and more.

Charitable Donation Help
H&R Block DeductionPro is included for FREE to help you get the most out of your charitable donations.

Maximize Itemized Deductions
Get the tax savings you're entitled to, including deductions related to home ownership, education and more.

Schedule C Support
Extra deduction help for the self-employed, including home office, rental property and depreciation assistance.

Business Expense Assistant
The program provides extra guidance to make sure you're claiming all deductible business expense, including advertising costs, meals and travel expenses, and office supplies.

Investor Guidance
Additional help figuring cost basis for investment income.

IRS Publications
Quick access to IRS Publications for further explanation of specific tax situations.

Multimedia Video Advice
Our tax professionals explain how changing tax laws affect you.


Worry-free Audit Support
You can rest easy knowing H&R Block is there to help in the rare event of an audit. Included when you e-file your federal return with us.

Accurate Calculations Guaranteed
If TaxCut makes a calculation mistake, we'll pay resulting IRS penalties plus interest. See the license agreement for details.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
If you are dissatisfied with the software for any reason, H&R Block will refund the full license fee you paid H&R Block or its authorized reseller for the software, exclusive of shipping and handling charges, taxes, and less any rebate you receive on the software.

  • Includes everything you need to complete and e-file your federal and state taxes
  • Guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C
  • Step-by-step interview guides you through a customized process
  • Includes advice on how to find every deduction you deserve and get the maximum refund
  • Includes advanced tools for investors and business owners

Customer Reviews:

  • Beware this progam is not calculating the savers credit right
    I almost was ready to efile my tax return and read an article about the savers credit.This program lists the savers credit under the credits section but it never adds it on to the tax return. I called support and the first person told me there was a bug and it would be fixed in four more days. I called back after that and it was still not working so they told me they are not qualified to give that advice and I would have to spend 19.95 for a tax advisor. I think that this also happened last year but I never noticed but now that I know what to look for I will never buy this again. This was a waste of money for me and I will probably just file my taxes the old way. I wonder how many more bugs are there I dont know about. ...more info
  • bug in the software
    I got this software at a discount($35) instead of paying $70. The federal tax seems to be calculating correctly, but the state software is kinda out of wh*ck. My state refund is a lot bigger than my federal. I checked the form and it put my property tax in eligible veterans and surviving spouse section - and I am not even married!!! I have to do state tax manually now.

    This is the first year I am giving this software a two star. Before this year; it was always 5 starts. Go figure, they have more bugs when the software price is more expensive......more info
  • Gets better every year...
    I've been using TaxCut since 2002 and it gets better every year: easier to use, cleaner interfaces, more printing options (you can print to PDF!). The pricing is right because eFile, usually $18 a pop, is included as well as a state program. I don't hook this into my Microsoft Money program because I really don't see a need to. This works just fine on its own.

    Outside of the small improvements, I like the running tally of what you owe/are owed at the top of the screen, the reporting and error checking. I don't see myself defecting from TaxCut any time soon. ...more info
  • Beware! Tax Cut installs adware on your computer.
    Tax cut installs adware on your computer when you do the update. The adware is pdfedit995 and software 995. When I pay for a piece of software I don't expect to be bombarded with ads or have third party software installed in my computer asking me for more money. The adware is installed without any notice to you or option not to install it.

    I will not be buying Tax Cut next year. I recommend choosing something else. ...more info
  • Good for Taxes
    No problems, worked fine for me, a little more basic and less snazzy than turbo tax....more info
  • taxcut does the math wrong
    Taxcut calculates the final refund incorrectly and is lower than turbotax. this is because taxcute prematurely rounds up all the "paid tax" numbers after the decimal point which results in lower refund value by $1.00. Every year, this is what is the difference in math between taxcut and turbotax. turbotax always gets you a $1 more in refund for exactly the same information you input into both the software programs.

    They acknowledged the mistake last year and gave my money back when i sent them printouts of the calculations of taxcut vs turbotax for exactly the same data input....more info
  • Poor Design Of TaxCut '07
    I've had the same issues described by others with access to TaxCut '07 from a non-admin account. Most significantly was the issue with security settings for my c:\program files directory being changed by the installation of TaxCut, resulting in the inability to run certain applications from non-admin accounts. Thankfully I have enough "geek" in me to go in and undo that damage, but pity the poor, average user who does not. Even with the security accesses restored, TaxCut will still not run from a non-admin login.

    I've used TaxCut for several seasons prior and have been very satisfied, but with the '07 version ... not so much. ...more info
  • Price increase??! What the Heck!
    What is with the price increase? ... I paid $49.95 for this same item at this same time last year and now it is selling for $12+ more?? Unless the price comes down, I will be using another software for my tax returns. Thanks H&R!...more info
    Unless I can find this on sale close to the price I paid last year $40 + $3.49 (S/H), I will be using another competitors tax preparation software. The price for e-filing both federal and state returns is $25 higher this year than last year. This is a "crying shame"!!! Thanks H&R Block - it's not like your product meets or exceeds "Turbo Tax Deluxe" in quality, ease of use, and reliable.

    H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State + e-file (Win/Mac)...more info
  • Easy To Use But not good for State Taxes (in Vermont at least).
    I like this program - in general - much more than Turbo Tax because it installs fully the first time without "problems" and it is very easy to use!
    However - for Vermont, where there is a property tax "prebate" that residents must know to apply for...TaxCut does not have the forms one needs AND they do not tell you you need the forms. SO - I would never get the $550 "prebate" that I was entitled to this year, except that I knew about it from previous tax filings.
    Also, it bothers me that in order to get my "prebate" I had to fill out downloaded forms by hand after searching for needed information in my files and using a calculator to get some needed totals. To me, this is NOT what I should have to do after spending over $65 for a Fed./State/e-filing program!!!
    Besides, if Turbo Tax can fill out these forms automatically and have these same forms in its State of Vermont Tax Program - what is wrong with TaxCut doing the same thing??? (I chatted online with TaxCut's customer support about this problem and they told me (a week ago) that there would be no updates to their Vermont program and that they "do not include all needed forms" in their program.)
    NOW, wouldn't you think it is important to know about and be able to file forms HS-122 and HS-144 when you might get $500 or more back for submitting them?
    What does this say about TaxCut and their completeness of tax preparation software?
    What does this say about TaxCut's concern for their customers????
    It tells ME that I need to go back to Turbo Tax next year - even with its installation problems - and save myself the hassle of handwriting information on self-downloaded and self-printed forms and not have to print an envelope and stamp it -- from now on!!
    I was very disappointed with TaxCut and it's "help."
    On-Line filing was easy and quick....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I have used Tax Cut for many years now. It is so user friendly and takes the chore out of doing our taxes. ...more info
  • Tax Cut is easy!!!
    TaxCut is a very east program to use to complete your taxes. It walks you through every step and even double checks to make sure you didn't make any mistakes. It is supported by H&R Block and you have access to support from them as well. I have been using this program for years and would recommend it to anyone!!...more info
  • E-Filing "Free" or not???
    Ok...I'm one of those "last minute" guys with taxes, so, I need to use "E-Filing"....where the taxes are submitted to both the Federal Gov't. and your State Gov't.. Having said that, I've used TaxCut for about 10 years...maybe longer. I always get the "Camry" cd in the mail months before filing time. Yes..."Explore" the cd...the program is called, "Camry."

    Anyway...I've always remembered the software being REASONABLY priced at around $35 or so for both Federal & State with "FREE" E-filing; this was $69.95!

    I had put the "Camry" cd in and and it says the program for both Fed. & State is $39.95...I can deal with that, I thought. THEN, it says if you want to E-File, you'll need to add a charge of $30.00! VERY unreasonable considering the fees charged in the past. However, I needed to forge ahead seeing as I'm down to the wire.

    Fast-forward: I'm about to E-File and this notice comes up in the software which says I can use a code to get the "E-Filing" for free...What?!?!? Didn't I just get charged $30 for E-Filing?

    I used the "free" code it gave me and filed both Fed. & State problem. I thought, "Maybe they won't charge me for the extra $30 then..." Nope...I saw a charge of $69.95 on my credit card. When the "Free" code was mentioned in the software, it said each E-Filing fee was/is $19.95 (?). Let's see: $30 charge for E-filing, then Free E-Filing totaling almost $40....doesn't make any sense. Double-talk??

    I contacted customer support; I looked all over the site for an email-contact, but they don't have one; it's either phone or real-time chat. Anyway...I did the chat and we stayed on for about an hour. I Just wanted to know why I was being charged $30 extra this year if I got a code in the software for "Free" E-filing. It wasn't really explained why the weird wording ("$30 for E-Filing," then later, "use this code to get E-Filing for free"). They shouldn't be charging for E-Filing at all and I don't recall them having charged for it in the past. Last year, I believe there was a little notice in the cd jacket which gave the code for "free" E-filing.

    I will continue to use these I'm familiar with the software and all of my information is carried forward, etc.. It's good software and is easy to use...details explained, terms, etc.. However....

    I gave 3 stars for the "double-talk" on the E-filing fees ($30 for E-filing, then later, "It's free")...and the lack of being able to EMAIL the company, have them research and answer on their own opposed to me having to sit on the pc for an extra hour going back and forth about it.

    Who knows? Maybe a new tax-software contender will step into the ring and "keep it honest." ...more info
  • Price gouging?
    Unless I can find this on sale closer to last years price, I will be using another competitors tax preparation software. Th price for e-filing both federal and state returns is $20 higher this year than last year. Shame on you!!...more info
  • TaxCut Software 'Rocks'
    My 3rd year using TaxCut and it hasn't disappointed me yet. It's fast & very efficient...takes me an hour to complete and e-file (your refund is faster with Direct Deposit.) When a CPA charges an average of $500 to $600 to complete a federal/state return, TaxCut is a bargain at $70.00 which includes the fed/state e-file fees. Next year will be my 4th year using TaxCut. ...more info
  • Package missing key code for e-file
    After ordering this in February (so it's past the return period) we discovered this evening that this item is missing the keycode required to e-file. The instructions say the keycode is printed on the CD sleeve, but nothing is printed on the CD sleeve.

    Fortunately, there's still time to print and mail a paper return, but we PAID FOR a package that included e-file, and we're not very happy about not getting it. If H&R Block can't do any better than this, we'll be looking for a new tax preparation program next year. If you bought this and are planning on e-filing tomorrow night, you'd better check and make sure there's a key code in your package, or you might be making a mad dash to the post office....more info
  • Better choice than Turbo Tax
    I have used TaxCut several years. I decided to give Turbo Tax a try this year and went through their online option. Thank goodness I didn't have to pay until I actually filed. I think Taxcut is more accurate than Turbo Tax, and the tax I owe is much lower. I'll stick with TaxCut....more info
  • Super Tax Prep Software
    TaxCut has always been a great product for doing taxes. As good or better than Turbo Tax....more info
  • Buy from this site
    Awesome product....Amazon had the best price......I have used this product for the last 10 years? ...more info
  • Tried and true consistency, always.
    Best price I could find anywhere this year. Easy online purchase and fast Free Super-Saver shipment. Arrived early. Installed cleanly with fast update downloads. Although, I have yet to put the software to use. I'm sure it will not be any different than the last ten years I've been saving money using this tax prep application....more info
  • Very poor software if you're self-employed
    This is my second year of using Tax Cut, and I faced with the same problem, which I think it is from a poor setup of this software. We can finish e-filing smoothly but you can't be guided for the estimate tax withheld. I had to go 1040-ES and State-ES to find how much I should pay and manually find the form. My wife asked why I changed from Turbo Tax, and I could answer, "It's cheaper." She just laughed. Yes I was cheap and have to pay for being so.

    Don't be like me, use Turbo Tax......more info
  • Tax Cut reveiw for 2008
    I purchased this product.

    I used this product. It is good for someone with Knowledge of the tax code or someone who knows his way around the forms.

    I purchased this product for two reasons:
    1. It was less than turbo tax.
    2. I had previously used it.

    It was very straightforward and efficient. It came close to what I wanted to accomplish.

    But, in the end I needed additional aid with my multiple and rollover Stock transactions. I was not able to locate my paperwork for these. Therefor I was in a jam. I also ended up getting turbotax.

    The Turbo tax is has an automated feature in it that allows you to get the research history and do the computations for all the mulitple entries.


    1. Good Product.
    2. Well Priced.
    3. Does what it says.
    4. Stable.

    1. It is for the experienced user and the one that does not have significant detailed transactions(or for the one who is not organized enough with his papwerwork.)
    2. Requires deeper understanding of the forms and there true functionalities.
    3. Lacking some additional "features"/"widgets" for the normal/inexperienced user.


    I ended up giving this copy to my Dad and Mum. They proceeded to use it. But they had the same comment. They liked Turbotax. It was more GUI....

    ...more info
  • Glitch Requires Re-Purchase of State Program!
    This software supposedly comes with one free state program, however, at least on my mac, it is requiring purchase of a state program without downloading the one that's supposed to come on the disk. You guessed it, after wasting an entire day re-installing, re-starting, re-everything to fix this, this crappy program gives you no way around the problem.

    Oh, after wasting time all day, missed their service hours by two minutes. This is the biggest waste of money ever, especially after they jacked the price this year. Will go to another software next year no matter what the cost....more info
  • Watch out for adware/malware and whatever else
    I was angry to find out, after an update/file, that taxCut installed a piece of software called pdf995 on my machine without my permission. If you've installed TaxCut, do yourself a favor and do not launch pdf995. It's adware at a minimum and it could be malware. TaxCut, since they installed it, has to be considered adware/malware by association. As a user of TaxCut, I have to ask: What else did you install on my system w/o my consent? What files are you transmitting that I don't know about?...more info
  • H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State + e-file [OLD VERSION]
    Love taxcut. You have to understand finances a bit to do your own taxes no matter how simple the software is......more info
  • Taxcut '07 - Really poor software & no support
    Really poor design and the updates do not install properly. Every time I open the program it says there is an update required, downloads it, but fails to install. It then opens the software and says it has been updated. After I use the program save my work, close the program, and then reopen the program it says it needs to do an update and I go through the same process again, and again, and again. Don't try to talk to someone at tech support because they don't exist. The only thing this program is concerned about is selling you additional H&R Products. That part works fine. I hope my return is correct, but have concerns. DO NOT BUY or USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!...more info
  • ITIN efile validation bug
    In Taxcut website customer surport page, they claim the valid range for an ITIN is ***-70_*** to ***-80-***. However, the IRS website publishes the range as ***-70-*** to ***-88-***. This out-of-date info in Taxcut software is preventing people (with ITIN range between ***-81-*** and ***-88-***) from e-filing the tax returns. I called Taxcut twice, and pointed out this problem, but the support people were either too ignorant of the ITIN number and software update routines, or just gave me some wierd unhelpful solutions, such as delete the number, close the software, wait for 5 minutes, then try again. I am having little hope that Taxcut will fix this problem this year, and I can only do a paper-filing now even though I paid for the version with e-file included. Also, thinking of all the trouble I have to go through to get a refund, I don't even want to bother....more info
  • Didn't get no people!
    This is the first time I tried HnR Block software. I had trouble using the software and tried using their online help. I was told that the software had a problem and my best option was to use an online service to file my taxes. So I paid twice for 1 return! I am still waiting for them to refund one of those charges.

    OH, BTW, this template might be useful when you wait for HnR `People' to contact you-

    Promise (time) = Actual (time)
    1 hr for response (help/ask a tax advisor) = 1+ days
    48 hr for Level 2 critical response = 5 days (and counting)

    If you get this product, I hope you have better luck then I.
    ...more info
  • As Good as Going to the Professionals
    I have been using Tax Cut for the past 4 or 5 years. The program is very easy to use and guides you step by step thru the complicated maze of the tax filing system.
    You pop the disk into your computer and answer the questions as they come up on the screen. There are always tips and explanations provided and you can log on to the Help screen at any time for even more clarification.
    As I have used this program in the past, the new disk recognizes my previous program and automatically populates my basic information.
    As I am an active stock trader I could never have filled out a paper version of my return, and yet Tax Cut makes even that part so easy.
    I honestly feel that I got the greatest amount of Tax Refund that was owed to me and I am very happy with the product.
    PS> Be sure to choose the "electronic filing included" option. I got both my State and Federal refund in about a WEEK!! Amazing!!
    Two Thumbs Up for Tax Cut....more info
  • Gets the job done
    Used this year to do some very simple returns, as well as my own which is relatively complex. Was able to handle them all, including multiple depreciation schedules for real property, and fixtures installed in said real property. Like many others I find it bizarre that there is such a substantial charge for e-filing, when it actually saves the IRS considerable money to receive the returns via electronic transmission rather than as hard copy via snail mail....more info
  • Great as long as you don't have a problem
    I've been using TaxCut for about 10 years, so I'm mostly used to its quirks. It works well - but woe unto you if you have a problem/question. In particular, the state-level Help is nearly useless - it's sometimes worse than useless. For example, Virginia has two different ways to deal with long-term care premiums - a credit and a deduction. The help system only knows about the credit, which I can't use - I had to dig through the raw forms to find the deduction information. And calling the 800# is no better - the customer service person assured me it would be corrected in the March update (which doesn't exist, according to the web site), and suggested I buy a new CD with all of the updated forms!

    So while I'd buy it again, don't follow it blindly....more info
  • Very reliable product
    I have been using Tax Cut for many years and I am very satisfied with it. ...more info