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eBay For Dummies
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Product Description

Thinking about buying or selling items on eBay? Whether you want to use eBay to make smart bids and win auctions or turn household clutter into cash, eBay for Dummies, Fifth Edition is your passport to the most successful trading community on the planet. Beginning with an overview of what eBay is and how to become a registered user, eBay for Dummies helps you discover how you can:

  • Search for items to buy and list items to sell on eBay
  • Place a bid-and determine how much you should spend
  • Use pictures and basic HTML to make your eBay listings more appealing
  • Communicate well and close deals without a problem
  • Identify auction terms (reserve price, starting bid, Buy It Now, etc.)
  • Organize your transactions and interactions using the My eBay page
  • Resolve buying and selling issues with eBay-s Trust & Safety program
  • And much more!

Registering at eBay makes you part of a really unique community of people who like to collect, buy, and sell items of just about every kind! So if you-re ready to join the millions of people who use their home computers to make great deals, buy cool stuff, and turn a profit, eBay for Dummies does all the legwork so you can sit back and let the bidding begin!

Customer Reviews:

  • Made it easy to use eBay
    Reading this book and using eBay at the same time helped me to be able to appreciate how many different things eBay can do for me and how easy it is to actually use eBay. The English was in layman's terms and easy to understand; the presentation was logical and started from a logical start, proceeding to a logical finish. I recommend this book as a must to anyone who is even thinking of using eBay. Ed...more info
  • You need this book, dummie or not!
    A step by step look into the world of Ebay. Honest and easy-to-read chapters will send any future Ebayer on their way to successful auction bliss. Full of useful advice, which is written with humerous intent, guides the reader through the jungle of online auction landmines. An absolute necessity whether you are buying or selling via the internet highway!...more info
  • Great resource!
    I was a complete novice at selling on eBay, but thanks to this book I have completed three transactions! I did not have a single question that was not answered in this book. I highly recommend this as a resource for new (and not so new) eBayers!...more info
  • Buy Only if You Want Success selling and buying on eBay!
    I heard about this book and decided to give it a try. As a sixty eight year old woman just learning the ramifications of selling and buying on eBay, it has certainly proved itself. My knowlege and income have definitely increased since using this excellent teaching tool. My suggestion to one of the anonymous negative reviewers would be, perhaps you should consult a dictionary to learn the correct spelling of "tying", instead of wasting time insulting people who might need this research.

    My thank you to the authors for helping me to develop my skills....more info

  • EBay for Dummies, Fourth Edition
    This book has a lot of info which frankily is just a bunch of common sense that one can figure out for one's self. It really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.That's why I returned it for a refund....more info
  • Not just for Dummies - a fun reference
    Ebay is great for buying things and I have been selling a few items. This book covers all the little details that are easy to forget. I find myself jumping around from chapter to chapter, looking up things I need to clarify. The answers are all there, and I keep the book next to my computer. I'm selling more on ebay now, and the tips I got from the book are helping me get higher prices for my items then I did before. Even though ebay is constantly changing - this edition is updated with all the new features....more info
  • Handy Guide for Ebayers
    Do you need this book to be successful on eBay? Obviously not, since it was just published. But, if you want answers for everything you could ever think to ask in one convenient location, tips for the neophyte and the seasoned pro alike, this book is for you. Keep this handy, refer to it often, and, as the authors preach, check the feedback....more info
  • Provides the Basics of What to Do on E-Bay for Newbie Sellers and Buyers
    It's important to note that this book is released in different countries as specific country editions. The triangle headed guy on the front cover is holding the flag from of the country each edition is from. Each country has its own laws and taxes, postal system you'll be using for domestic and international sales and so forth. Although most of the info (the general stuff) is the same if you're going to the effort of buying it I'd get one applicable to where you live. Even though Amazon is a global website, it is based in the US so you'll no doubt get the US version ordering it here.

    There's heaps of books out there on ebay. Let's be honest none of them are really needed at all as all the info you could even need is on ebay's FAQ, help pages and discussion boards. If however your online internet time is very expensive or you don't have much time or opportunity to access the internet and want to be completely prepared for buying or selling an item on ebay before the expense of going online, then I guess you are going to buy a book to help you. Although if this is the case odds are you're not online and not reading reviews on Amazon about books anyway. But if you are after a book containing the basic information you need to buy or sell eBay for Dummies is one of the better ones out there.

    This book is laid out in easy to follow chapters with headings on the various actions you'll be looking to do. It also has a pretty good index to search for particular things that way as well. There's not a great deal of pages devoted to buying, it's more for sellers (probably about 4 fifths of the book) but the basics are covered.

    A much better book I have subsequently come across since writing this review is The eBay Myth-Bu$ter: Turn 199 Misconceptions Into Money! by David Busch. It debunks a lot of myths sellers tell buyers (and other sellers on the discussion boards) such as buyers are responsible for lost items (nope sellers are), feedback is important (nope but how you respond to it is), you can't have multiple accounts (yes you can, in fact you're stupid not to), buyers or sellers must respond within 3 days of auction ending (no they don't have to). It's a much better book to learn stuff than this Dummies or any other e-bay book I've come across. ...more info
  • Friendly teaching about eBay.
    The author did show readers how to be a good ebayer step by step. But as for me, I found some of information were too unnecessary as if we were toddlers who barely know how to use the Internet and eBay. A lot of what she says can be found from the original eBay website. tells you mostly what you should do and what not. The author seems to have elaborated these pedantic words to more friendly and entertaining manner to us with rich experience of hers and others....more info
  • A good starter for newbies
    I bought this book for my grandpa who is 67 years old and he loves the darn thing. This book taught his how to sell and bid on very quickly!

    I would ONLY recommened this book for newbies!!...more info

  • Excellent Resource for Beginners and Pros Alike
    As an eBay beginner I found this book extremely useful. It's written by three eBay experts, and has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner like me, or a pro. It's full of tips that teach you how to spot the really good stuff, bid to win, and complete smooth sales transactions. You'll learn how to time an auction for maximum exposure, create persuasive sale pages, spot trends, and research buying and selling advice. I am a fan of all the Dummies books I have purchased and this is no exception....more info
  • Thorough new edition of the fact filled Ebay classic
    Ebay for Dummies was the first book out about ebay, and has been updated so as to keep up with all the changes on the site. The author is a power seller and has quite a good sense of humor. If you want a book to keep on your desk to take you step by step through the beginning of ebay. This is the book for you!...more info
  • eBay for Dummies, Fourth Edition
    This is an excellent resource for anyone who considering doing buisness on eBay. The seller was very prompt in sending this material....more info
  • Embarrassing...
    If you'd like a 15-minute summary of every single tip in this book, give me a call:

    (847) 475-0676

    I can't even believe a book this obvious exists!

    Thanks, Patrick...more info

  • Warning about ebay!!!!!
    Warning about ebay!!! I try to avoid credit cards so I can prevent massive debt, so I tried using ebay and paying everything with personal checks. The sellers grew very impatient or didn't report having received my payment and soon I had too many nonpayment strikes and my account was blocked within a month or two. To fix it, I had to mail my proof of payments into ebay, but that is way too much hassle and no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again next time! I wouldn't trust a company that can't tell the difference between a fake J.K. Rowling autograph and a real one!...more info
  • I'm not a dummy, but it still helped!

    I have always considered myself a fairly proficient eBay-er, but this book has helped me fine tune my habits. It may not be as helpful to more experienced user, but is definitely great for the beginner to intermediate user.

    This book breaks down buying and selling point by point, everything from how to find exactly what you are looking for to a bidding practice called 'sniping' (which I use A LOT!). It also has lots of eBay's rules and is incredibly easy to read. There is really not much more I can say about it than that....more info

  • Very Helpful But Could Have Been More Visual
    I will admit that anytime I have to learn anything new with computers, I just cringe, since my talents are not in that direction. But setting up auctions for the sale of items on ebay mandated that I plunge into yet another round of reference books allied to computer use. The "Dummies" books seemed well titled for me and this was the first of them I've tried. I did glean a lot of information from reading this book. I ended up improving my listings on ebay so that they look better, for one. I'm still not as far along as I'd like though because I do even better with computer and allied computer books which are very heavily illustrated. So I still want to buy an ebay book which has profuse illustrations on every page, many in color, to further my ability with the ebay auctions. For example, showing a sample of a gallery page, alongside a page that is items with gallery previews, would have told me instantly what ebay was trying to accomplish with that distinction. Without seeing that illustrated, however, I just had to stumble around ebay and figure it out for myself. Reading about something that visual in this book didn't bring the concept home to me. Now I want to learn FrontPage 2000 for computers. This time, however, I ordered one of those visual books instead to see if I can learn how-to-do FP 2000 in one go....more info
  • Useful for the novice, useless for the expert
    I'm a big fan of the "dummies" line of books. Generally, they offer both an extremly rapid and comprehensive introduction to a subject and a handy reference that you can use to look up things as you become more experienced. This one seems to be the exception, at least for the experienced user.
    You should buy this book if you have never sold anything on ebay, but are fairly internet savvy, and are looking to try auctioning something(s) off. For you there is a brief look at many many concepts that you will have to understand before you can sell something successfully. You'll find hints, pitfalls, and a step-by-step explanation not only of the process of selling, but also of the rest of the sale: taking pictures of your product, describing it, pricing it, shipping it, and how to ensure you have a happy customer.
    You should not buy this book if you have successfully sold something on ebay. Better than 80% of the book you will already know, the rest you can learn standing in the aisle of the local bookstore, skimming.
    I'm a little suprised, since the "dummies" books almost always seem to have a lot to offer, even when you understand a subject fairly well. I guess this was just a painful exception....more info
  • *THE* manual for eBay buyers and sellers
    If you use eBay for buying or selling (or, more likely, for both), then you need a copy of "eBay For Dummies". Marsha Collier covers the basics for beginners, includes cool tips for intermediate users, and shares her incredible selling skills with the advanced eBayers out there. In short, if you eBay, you need "eBay For Dummies"!...more info
  • eBay book vs. the tutorial on eBay
    The book does exactly what I expected it to do. Had I reviewed the tutorial already on eBay having to do with selling, I might have tried to work with it rather than buying a book.
    Since some of the items I expect to offer on eBay are expensive (over $100) I wanted to be sure they were presented properly in order to draw a decent group of bidders. For me the book was a worthwhile investment....more info
  • Ebay for Dummies
    I love the book it was so help full Chapter 12 helped me get my pictures on Ebay in a snap. I would recomend this book to any one just starting out on Ebay or any one that has used Ebay because you can always find out new and helpful things. Roland Woerner, Stephanie Becker, and Marsha Collier did a great job in putting it together with a since of hummor....more info
  • Strictly for beginners
    A good starter for newbies, and hopefully one that will help fill the gap between the baffled new user and the huge, daunting and badly-indexed eBay Help section. Half the problems on eBay happen because of lack of understanding of the basic system, and this book will be a useful tool if you're learning. It also covers a few helpful areas such as simple HTML for auction listings in addition to being a primer for eBay's system. There is nothing much here for the more advanced eBayer; still, this book is "for Dummies" so that's to be expected. It will help you learn the basics and elevate you from "dummy" to at least "advanced beginner", though there is no substitute for experience - don't forget those message boards....more info
  • EAsy EBAY Guide
    I never realized trading on Ebay is so easy - This book is WONDERFUL!!!...more info
  • Great Summary
    This is a great summary of how Ebay works. The book has many helpful hints and explains things simply. Some good strategies for bidding are mentioned. Of all the Dummies Books I have read this one is the best so far....more info
  • absolutely wonderful book
    It is filled with helpful information and links. I was so scared to start using ebay, but this book has set my mind at ease. Thank you so much......more info
  • Truly a beginner's book
    I've been selling on Ebay for a while and I picked up this book hoping to find some help with making my selling work better. That is really not the focus of this book so I can't fault it for not finding what I wanted. However, if you're a newbie to Ebay and want to find out what's going on without actually logging on and clicking all of the buttons, then this is a good starting place. Like all "Dummies" books it covers the basics but doesn't go very deeply into anything. And truthfully, you can learn 98% of what's in this book just by logging onto Ebay and clicking around. Ebay really is pretty easy to use. Oh yes, like most Dummies books they load it down with lame jokes. I just wish they'd leave that ... out. In summary, not an outstanding book but good at what it's designed to do....more info
  • The only guide any eBay user needs!
    eBay for Dummies is what really got me hooked on the company. I have had the privilege of buying from and selling to many people I don't even know so I can enhance my coin/sports/whatever collection or just make a few extra bucks. Marsha Collier writes this book with everything you need to know about being an eBay loyalist without the technical jargon. I'll be able to enhance my buying and selling skills as time goes by, and all the info I need is here in this book. Well written!...more info