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Chicco DJ Baby Walker in Splash
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $59.88

You Save: $10.11 (14%)


Product Description


  • Promotes development - DJ tray allows child to experiment with music and rhythm
  • DJ tray conveniently mounts on Chicco stollers with included straps
  • Features keyboard, drum button, lights, sounds and rattle
  • Six brake pads help prevent falls on stairs
  • Padded seat and rounded lines promote a comfortable ride
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Seat liner removes for machine washing
  • Three adjustable height settings allow you to pick the right one for your baby
  • Reccommended for children 6 months and up to 26.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 31.5" x 26" x 17.5"
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Removable electronic play tray develops senses
  • Three seat height adjustments for customized ride
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Six brake pads help prevent falls
  • Removable, washable seat pad keeps baby clean

Customer Reviews:

  • baby dj
    my son loves this walker! he gets so excited when he hits a key and the music starts, especially when i sing the words to him as it plays! and it cleans up easy too!...more info
  • fantastic
    Since my granddaughter received the walker, she has better strength in her legs and now is trying to walk. She in now 7 months old and has been using the walker since she was 4 months old....more info
  • The Baby Loves it!
    Our Baby loves the Chicco DJ Baby Walker. We actually have several Chicco products and are very happy with all of them. I highly recommend Chicco Products if you need something for your Child. This little walker has lots of fun little things and sounds to entertain them....more info
  • Chicco DJ Safari Baby Walker
    Chicco DJ Baby Walker Safari
    My 5 month old grandson loves his walker. The walker easily folds up for storing away. And the seat cover is removable was washing (hard to put back on though). The only downfall is my grandson is teething and his drool is shorting out the lights and sounds. My daughter in-law has to remove the top of the tray periodically to dry things out. ...more info
  • Son LOVED it, but tray insert went bad.
    We bought this walker for our son when he was about 4+ months old. He wasn't quite tall enough yet, but my "handyman" of a husband put some stops in the track to lower it a little. Please understand that our son was holding his head up at birth, which is the only reason we felt comfortable enough putting him in this so early on. Otherwise I would recommend waiting until your child is stable enough before putting him / her into this. Our son spent everyday in his walker sometimes for hours at a time. He loved the electronic tray insert, but after about 2 months of spit up, it shorted out and does not work anymore. We are currently trying to get a replacement from Chicco, but no word yet. Our son is now 9 months old, is pulling himself up onto EVERYTHING and is on the verge of walking. I've read all the information on how walkers are bad for babies and how they do not teach them to walk, etc., but I can't help to think that all the mobilization of the walker has helped build up the muscles in his little legs & given him confidence. Besides if he's happy chasing the dogs in a walker all day, who am I to judge. :-)...more info
  • Not easy to manuever around in but still fun
    We decided to get my son this walker when he was 7 months old as he displayed an urge to try and walk around everywhere but was limited to areas in which he could hold on to furniture. So, we thought a walker would help him get around and follow mommy and daddy through the house. Unfortunately, this item is incredibly difficult for him to walk with. The clunky wide base along with only two of the four wheels being 360 make him extremely frustrated as he constantly finds himself only being able to go back and forth and bumping into everything. Would have loved to see this product be a little more helpful with regard to ease of use -- it's even hard for me to wheel around when I want to put it away.

    Other than frustration over movement, my son does have a BLAST with the features on the tray, which is the coolest feature about this walker. The different musical instruments have him playing non-stop with Mommy taking some Advil in the corner... lol :) He gets to play the piano, flip a page back and forth, spin a knob and play with a joystick. He squeals in delight when the tray is in the song mode with each key of the piano playing a different song. Provides some great entertainment for our little one despite not being as mobile as I would have liked....more info
  • Great Walker
    This is a great product. Our grandson loves the buttons and moves easily around the house....more info
  • Tons of entertainment!
    Great product - entertains my 6 month old for at least an hour. I chose to have it on carpet - so we did not put the brakes on it since it would never move if we did (we have no stairs or pools for the safety people). Great brakes system though for tile floors - keeps your child from changing surfaces....more info
  • not the products fault
    I bought this thinking my son would love to be able to move around, my mistake. He hates being in it, since he can't crawl around or reach anything. He is very mobile and crawls everywhere. He uses tables and anything he can to walk arund as well so now it's just collecting dust. I'll be selling it soon. Great product though...more info
  • AWESOME - bought 2
    We bought a Chicco DJ for our twins and both loved it so much I needed another so I got a used Safety 1st walker, but neither can use the Safety 1st as well. Chicco sits a little lower for shorter legs, has smooth rolling and easy turning front wheels, they love the toy tray and a replacement is cheap $8 from ChiccoUSA. (they threw up a lot on the 1st one and keys/toys got ruined) They both want the Chicco and get fussy in the other I just bought a 2nd Chicco. I love these. Life saver for mobile twins.
    ...more info
  • Be aware
    I recently purchased this product, it arrived very quickly, but the product looked dirty, with scratches in a couple of places. Especially, the packaging was very bad. The outside box was almost broken. One end of the box was already opened when I received it and the plastic bag wrapping the product was almost off....more info
  • No complaint at all!
    This walker works beautifully and I don't have a single complaint about it. The quality of the sound pannel is actually the best among all the products I bought for my child that has a simily equipment built-in....more info
  • Awesome
    This walker is the shiznite. My son loves this thing! I don't care about the colors and all that jazz. I mean, it isn't like my son looked at it and was like - that red looks pink, I ain't getting into this thing....
    anyway, the bumper is awesome, and keeps him from smashing his little hands on everything. The activity center is like the love of his life. It has so many sounds/effects that it is hard to keep up with. Since you can remove it and use the tray, he can play with other toys on it as well.
    The grips make it hard for him to go from our hardwood floors to carpet, so it stops him in his tracks.
    Although you must monitor him in it for every moment, it has really brought this boy a sense of independence. He chases us, walks to us, follows us, it is pretty sweet.
    What an awesome product....more info
  • Great Walker!
    I got this walker for my son when he was 10 months old and beginning to walk holding onto things. It is such a great toy, he loves the mobility he gets from it. I should have gotten it for him sooner!
    I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
    This walker is simply the best. I'm taking the time to make my FIRST comment ever - that's truly how special this product is. Looks nice, maneuvers like no other, and allows more growth for baby than any other I have seen in the market (I have an extremely big/tall baby). A bit spendy, yes - but you get what you pay for. It has three music type settings, (think) piano and drum set up, and two volume controls. My little boy loves roaming around the house in this. *Does not work on carpet....more info
  • Great product
    Excellent product, easy to put together and ergonomically designed for the babies. I would highly recommand this product....more info
  • great walker
    My daughter loves this walker. She learnt fast how to use the walker and after one month, she was a pro with it. It gives her a lot of independence to explore the living room (because we have hardwood floor there) and lets me do my own stuff for quite a while. Like another reviewer mentioned, it just doesn't work well on carpet because of the brake pads. She had never had an accident or fall in the walker though.

    Another thing I want to mention is that my daughter is almost 29 inches tall and will outgrow it soon since her legs are already a little bent when in the walker. But she'd been using it for 3 months now and it was definately a very useful item since she used it a few times EVERYDAY.

    The seat was kind of hard to put together and it is a little expensive, but I'd say for me it was worth the money since we got a lot out of it. Too bad there's no fourth height(comes with 3 height adjustment), so we could use it a little longer.

    ...more info