SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player
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Product Description

portable SIRIUS satellite radio/MP3 player * slim rechargeable battery * headphones with built-in antenna included * earbuds * built-in antenna allows portable reception of live SIRIUS signal * portable playback of MP3s, WMAs, and stored SIRIUS content * WiFi capability for streaming channels from the SIRIUS website *

With the release of the Stiletto 2, Sirius ushers in the next personal music player revolution. With a slim and sleek profile smaller than a video iPod, the ultra-portable Sirius Stiletto 2 satellite radio receiver features a built-in antenna that allows reception of the Sirius signal without the need for an external car or home docking station. This handheld receiver offers users up to 100 hours of internal storage of live satellite program and music feeds. It also can handle MP3 and WMA files, enabling you to mix Sirius content with your own personal music collection. When coupled with an optional vehicle or home docking kit, you can broadcast both Sirius radio and digital audio files over any FM stereo via the built-in transmitter (adapter required).

The sleek and stylish Stiletto 2 can play both Sirius broadcasts and MP3s. View larger.

With its compact design, the Stiletto 2 lets you experience Sirius internet radio on the go.
The compact Stiletto 2 MP3 player is a 4.3-ounce portable radio that is capable of receiving live Sirius broadcasts via both satellite and Wi-Fi signals. Internal flash memory is used to store Sirius content as well as MP3/WMA files for non-live playback. Listeners can easily bookmark songs and tag favorite songs for later purchase using any Windows-based online music service. Additionally, the Stiletto 2 supports removable microSD flash memory cards to enable users to conveniently expand usable memory space. MP3 and WMA files also can be stored on the Stiletto 2 and managed with the included My Sirius Studio software. The Stiletto 2 is compatible with most music download and subscription services.

The enhanced Wi-Fi capability of the Stiletto 2 permits access to standard Sirius Internet Radio (SIR) or, for an additional subscription charge, SIR's premium audio quality offering. SIR gives subscribers access to more than 80 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio content on the Internet, including Howard Stern's two channels, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius OutQ, and commercial-free music programming. Sirius also selected Altec Lansing to develop the new antenna headphones for the Stiletto 2. Featuring large 30-mm drivers for full-spectrum acoustics and an adjustable headband for increased user comfort, the new Altec Lansing antenna headphones can deliver hours of listening enjoyment in absolute comfort and crystal clear audio clarity.

Other features of the Stiletto 2 include a brilliant 2.2-inch color display, a handy media dial, and a six-way navigation control that provides easy one-handed access to all features and content. Thrown in for added convenience are Sirius Replay, which allows users to pause, rewind, and replay up to 60 minutes of live radio programming; Game Alert, which allows listeners to track favorite sports team and drive broadcasts and alerts when scores change; and Game Zone, which provides a listing of the user's favorite teams in one virtual category. Parents also have control over usable channels with the parental channel lockout feature. Measuring 1.9 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches, the Stiletto 2 weighs in at a scant 4.3 ounces.

About Sirius
Sirius Satellite Radio delivers more than 130 channels of music and programming via crystal clear direct satellite feed. In addition to 69 channels of commercial-free music listening, Sirius also delivers 65 channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, and weather forecasts. Sirius--the official satellite radio partner of the NFL, NASCAR, and NBA--broadcasts live play-by-play games of the NFL and NBA, as well as live NASCAR races. All Sirius programming is available for a monthly subscription fee.

What's in the Box
Stiletto 2 receiver/MP3 player, battery, AC power adaptor, Altec Lansing headphones, ear buds, PC cable, and My Sirius Studio software.

Listen to more than 130 channels of music and programming on the go--in the car, at home, or in the office.

  • Robust and versatile 2 GB MP3 player with Sirius satellite radio reception
  • Schedule recordings to capture up to 100 hours of favorite Sirius shows or programs; brilliant 2.2-inch full-color display
  • Enhanced WiFi 802.11 and direct satellite connectivity; MicroSD media slot to augment internal memory
  • Press single button to store favorite individual songs heard live on any Sirius music channel
  • 90-day warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Sirius stilletto II
    So far so good. seems to work well inside the home and outside in vehicle - added outside antenna for better home reception - really like the record option recorded 10+ hours and took it out of country where I had no signal and was able to listen to my music...more info
  • Move over Ipod
    I got this for my husband as a gift and we both love it! I was weary about signal strength from reading online reviews but it has worked great!! We have had no problems at all. i would give it five stars but it is not compatible with itunes and I had to convert all the songs to MP3 to play them in it....more info
  • Dead after 3 hours
    If it were possible to downgrade my original rating of 2 stars to zero stars, I would do it. I got about 30 minutes of enjoyable listening to this while on the street (that's about $8 per minute) before the radio showed it's infamous "error" message. It's seems like it's hit or miss with these things, but this is way too expensive to have to take such a gamble. I think I will wait a few years until this technology is improved. I'm not throwing my money & time away on this - I don't plan to spend hours on the phone with Sirius tech 'Support'. Shouldn't this be plug & play right out of the box!!

    ...more info
  • Sirius disappointment
    Recently bought this radio with a boom box accessory. The boom box came with an antenna that supposedly allowed usage in the home. While the radio itself was impressive, the boom box antenna failed miserably to pick up the satellite signal. I previously owned an XM portable with a radio dock, and it worked much better. The worst problem was that it was impossible to get Sirius to send a new antenna without me first boxing up the radio and boom box and returning them to Sirius. Their employees were "just following policy" as though this was a national security issue. After three separate phone calls and much time get switched between departments, I finally landed with an employee who had some sense and worked out the problem. Poor product support!...more info
  • The best of the Sirius family of radio's
    The Siruis Stiletto 2 is a far cry from my previous Siruis S50 portable radio. It is an attractive multi-functional device that makes me smile when I hold in my hand or wake up next to it on my pillow. I will however replace it the moment Sirius comes out with the Stiletto 3. Out with the old and in with the new. Similiar philosophy for my relationships....more info
  • Nice radio but has its draw backs
    Easy to set up. Easy to navigate and understand. With the SD slot you can store a great percentage of most music libraries. Nice size and has a sharp clean look to it. The WIFI feature works great and was easy to set up. Although don't expect CD quality when listening to that feature.

    Drawbacks are:

    Biggest drawback is the internal radio receiver. Very bad reception even out doors. I spend a lot of time outside biking and hiking and was disappointed by the reception fading in and out no matter where I am outside. I have to wear the bulky and ugly headphones. The headphones improve the reception but are not comfortable. I was hoping to use it in the gym also but nothing keeps the signal strong enough to hear live radio when working out indoors.

    Software to transfer music is primitive and a little slow but does its basic job well.

    Overall I would recommend the Stiletto 2 because there no better choices out there and the drawbacks don't detract enough from the appeal or functionality of the product
    ...more info
  • Love it
    Now I can walk around and listen to Sirius and if i'm on the train with no service, I can listen to my downloaded mp3's. It's a great product. I've had a few problems with it freezing up. ...more info
  • The great Stiletto 2
    Liked it when I first got it. like new out of the box. Hey you can even record shows/music on your Stiletto 2. I enjoyed it....more info
  • Given a choice, I would leave my iPod at home at take this instead every time!
    I am a frequent business and pleasure traveler and I am always looking for things that will improve my quality of life while on the road (driving, waiting in airports, on long flights, etc.). This is it for me! Along with my Kindle I can now relax and feel that I am not just wasting time. Instead of giving this receiver a technical review (which others have already done here and much better than I could) I will explain how I use it and what I like about it:

    * Home Docking: I have been a Sirius subscriber for over seven years. I replaced an older "Plug and Play" receiver with the Stiletto 2. During those rare times when I am actually at home I listen to Sirius (and now the Best of XM) through my home stereo. I run the antenna through the window and onto the roof. If you follow the directions most people should get at least 2 bars of signal strength. I have used it like this in both St. Louis and now in San Antonio and even get a pretty strong terrestrial signal as well. This is where I record my programs for travel.

    * Air Travel: Although an iPod (I have the Touch model) is nice for music and video, I like to listen to NPR, comedy and some of the other talk and entertainment stations on Sirius. I simply record the ones that I want and listen to them while on a plane, waiting in line, etc. I have several 8+ hour flights coming up and I can have as many as 100 hours of recorded programs to chose from (I love Terry Gross' interviews on NPR). Plus, I can listen to music, recorded books, blogs, etc. all on this little device.

    * Car travel: When driving rental cars in cities that you are not familiar with, finding a radio station that you enjoy might be a problem (I should mention that many of the better rental cars have satellite radios already installed). With this radio and can listen to broadcast sat-radio and recorded programs at will. I usually don't bother to set the whole thing up (car mount, antenna, FM transmitter, etc.) if I am on a short trip but some of them require quite a bit of driving and I am always glad that I have my favorite stations with me.

    * Hotels and Airports: Most hotels and just all airport clubs have Wi-Fi. Here I can catch up on the latest news with NPR, BBC, CNN, what have you. It connects very easily as long as you have the proper log-in code. I have the premium "internet" service from Sirius so the sound quality is great.

    * Distant Travel: Both my business and my hobbies take me to areas where satellite radio is not available (Alaska, Hawaii, South America, etc.). With my Stiletto 2 I can feel at home while I relax to hours of recorded jazz and classical music (my favorites) and, unlike an iPod, I can hear things that I didn't know about simply by recording whole blocks of programs from my favorite Sirius channels. Since I have to pay for each song from iTunes I only download the things that I know I will like. Not so with Sirius and the Stiletto.

    I don't pretend to think that this is the best receiver for everyone. I can get broadcast satellite through the included headset (which I don't like) when I am on walks or at the pool and the reception and sound quality are just O-K, but that isn't what I bought it for. For me, someone who has always traveled a lot, this is a must have device....more info
  • Not Good For the Gym (or inside)...
    It's a great product and service - everything you read about it, it dose and makes it a pretty cool set up. BUT the bottom line is - if your looking for a Portable wear on your arm device, like to go to the gym with (in my opinion) DON'T BOTHER. Even with the proprietary headphones (because of the built in antenna) reception was HORRIBLE. Let alone the (included) regular "jax" for regular headphones (which it dose have) absolutely DEAD IN THE WATER in that case.... So in closing - only using it strictly outside does it get good reception - but then again, that's with it's proprietary headphones... So hopefully developments in the future will have prospects but for me now it gets a thumbs down. ...more info
  • New Store - Outstanding Service
    You always hesitate with a new store. Outstanding communication and beat their estimated shipping with a NIB product. Couldn't be happier with service and price....more info
  • Jilted Stiletto 2 Lover
    I've had it almost a year now. It kept shutting down on it's own, and they sent me a replacement under warranty. I think the on/off switch just wore out, I used the unit nearly every day. So hooray for the warranty. Problem is, the unit and it's firmware (the embedded, onboard operating software) just have so many little tricks and bugs and shortfalls. Over the year, I've learned how to deal with these things, how to reinstall the firmware, how to avoid crashes and how to increase the odds that my planned recordings will work. It's all so damn frustrating. I love what the unit is trying to do, and I love the sirius content, so I NEED this little gadget for my daily life. But, simply put, it is alot of work to live with. I still love it though, but there are times I'ev wanted to whip it under a steamroller. Word to the wise: This is not something that your grandma can operate, it takes a tech saavy youth to maintain and keep this puppy operating. ...more info
  • Great Item
    This item is a homerun. I had the first Sirius Stiletto and that, while a nice item, was a little limited with it's WIFI connection and also it was a little large.

    Sirius hit a homerun with this, the much improved SL2. To start off, the WIFI capability has been expanded to support 802.11b/g and also will work with most wireless hotspots. Plus, you can now enter a username and password to connect where you could NOT do this on the first Stiletto.

    In addition to it's upgrade, it is also almost 30% smaller that the first Stiletto yet this item does not feel cheap. It is very solid, yet very small. It is slightly larger than a Motorola Razor phone. The feel of the device is also very nice with the all black look and the rubberized plastic covering on the back that will prvent scratches when set down.

    Overall, the performance of the device has been 100% perfect with no lockups, freezes or issues. Plus, the exandable memory is GREAT. You can add up to an 8gb micro sd card making this a 10 gig MP3 player (2 GB internal memory).

    Sirius has also updated the channel logos and wallpaper screens for each individual channel. Plus, the sports alerts are much improved and when listening to on NFL game, the screen displays a graphic of each team's helmet, ie. if the Raiders are playing the Cheifs there will be a Radier Helmet and a Chief helmet on the screen. This doesn't enhance your listening of course, but does make for a nice touch.

    There are a few other added features but most importantly, they have included a bass boost with four settings (off, low, med, high) and also SRS Focus, also with four settings. The sound is much improved over it's predecessor when using as an mp3 player and, in my opinion, far better sounding than any IPOD.

    The antenna headphones are probalby the BIGGEST improvement as the original ones were god awful. The improved headphones are extremely comfortable and are made by Altec Lansing. Portable reception has also improved with this device but if you do not live near a terrestrial signal repeater, you are probably going to be forced to either use the Antenna Headphones or try to connect over a wireless network because the built in antenna on the device is just not that strong and probably never will be---this is just a shortcoming of satelitte radio, not of the SL2 or Sirius.

    Overall, I am loving life with this device as it is now my Satellite Radio for use in my home, car and in portable modes and also my primary MP3 player. I ditched my Ipod since I am now able to squeeze 10gb onto this player. Also, I can record any Sirius program on a daily basis and listen back when I have the time.

    If you have been considering Sirius, or your are a current subscriber looking to upgrade to a better radio, your 100% best choice would be the Stiletto 2. A great device without a lot of cool features and capabilities....more info
  • Awesome
    Bought this for wife for last XMas. Took her a little while to really get into it but she really loves it now. Installed car kit which really makes it handy, it's never low on charge since she uses it almost daily on 45 minute drives to work and back. I use it sometimes also, as do the kids, we all like it a lot. The wifi comes in handy, quite a few places (like some gyms, coffee shops, etc) where we'd have to listed to pre-recorded stuff because sat-reception isn't possible but can still get Sirius via internet. Wife also uses recording features a lot, she really likes that aspect as well. I haven't even used the memory yet, doesn't seem like that much of a point. I have thousands of MP3's but there is just SO much available on Sirius that it just doesn't seem necessary. I would like it if the player was compatible with but hopefully it's just a matter of time. The headphone/antenna is fine with me though I think most people wouldn't like wearing them, but if you're in wi-fi range you can just connect that way anyway and stick with the earphones. Bottom line is that it's a bit of work to get the car kit (or whatever accessories) installed and figured out, along with figuring out all of the players features, but once that's out of the way life is much better! ...more info
  • So far, just problems
    Within one hour of receiving the product, while I was on the phone with Sirius to get it activated, the volume button broke off while I was having to take out and re-insert the battery. I should have known that if one hour into my experience I was having to do a battery removal, this was not going to be a good product.

    Now, less than a month after receiving it, it's just flat not working. It apparently has a signal (shows 2 bars) but will not play Sirius radio nor items from my recorded library. This has been a terrible experience....more info
  • Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio
    This is a great device and I just love it the headset or earphones needs some work they are very large and hard to place on head comfortably. Basically the head phone SUCK!!!...more info
  • Looks pretty, but doesn't deliver where it counts.
    I've been reading all the reviews and I'm surprised no one has complained about what a shotty product this really is. Now granted, I abuse my electronics; however at a cost of $350 I expect something at least somewhat decent. The SL2 is a total ripoff. I like the old school headphones, so I'm not complaining about their comfort or bulkiness; I'm complaining that they STOPPED WORKING AFTER 3 WEEKS OF USE. I still use them as an antenna, but both speakers no longer work, so I'm forced to plug in a pair of earbuds, which only sometimes work. Now on to the battery issue. A full charge gets just about 4 hours of satellite play, not nearly enough. With my current job I spend 12-20 hours a day outdoors, and often can't get to an outlet to charge batteries for days at a time. This wouldn't bother me, except for the fact YOU CAN NOT BUY ADDITIONAL BATTERIES ANYWHERE (not even e-bay). Frankly, that sucks the big one. Bottom line -- the SL2 looks pretty and has lots of features, but it's too fragile for full on portable use, and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE. Even though I bought the service plan, I'm going to return it ASAP and get my money back. Hopefully they can perfect the technology sooner rather than later, because I love satellite radio. If anyone from sirius is reading this, PLEASE make a unit that uses less power or accepts standard battery sizes. I don't care if looks sleek and weighs four ounces, if I wanted an IPOD I would have bought one....more info
  • Very buggy software limits, ruins the experience.
    I received my Stiletto II about two weeks ago, and I've enjoyed the convenience of listening to Sirius programming on-the-go after recording it in my office during the day. The headphones it comes with are quite nice (metallic wiring). Most of the joy I get out of the device, however, is dashed by the very buggy software that's installed - and that I find myself having to reinstall over and over again - on it. In the last two weeks, I've had to perform an approximately 15-minute "device recovery" using a PC and the provided software to erase everything I've recorded and then reformat the Stiletto II. Thus far I've had to recover because: 1) the device had some kind of issue with an inability to delete recorded programs I no longer needed, freezing and then giving me an "error, plug into computer to recover" message; 2) for no apparent reason other than waking up the device after it had been recording during the afternoon; and 3) the software crashed the first time I attempted to upload mp3's onto it because I foolishly downloaded updated device software when prompted to by the "My Sirius Studio" program (the software you use to upload music and manage the files already on the Stiletto II, provided on a CD-ROM). In fact, I'm typing this as my Stiletto II is recovering after incident #3 ("Recovering / Please wait..." it says).

    I regret buying this; I had a Sportster 4 that worked just fine. I haven't had to reboot the Stiletto 2 in the last few days (the time between incidents 2 and 3 because, I suspect, I'd been limiting my use to very simple things, like recording and listening to just one station, rather than attempting to upload mp3's or manage what files I had on the device after successive recordings. That means, however, it seems that to avoid future crashes I'll have to avoid enjoying the Stiletto 2 to its fullest advertised capability. I hope in the future other device makers than Sirius/Directed Electronics offer Sirius reception. The Stiletto 2 is just a mess.

    It's been about 15 minutes already and my Stiletto 2 is now in the "Receiving Software" stage of the software recovery. I'll have to reselect my favorite stations and will have lost all my recordings. Sigh....more info
  • On my forth Stiletto 2 with no end in sight
    Between the quality of the product and their misinformed technical support, I am sorry I spent my money on this product. Constant signal strength issues, CMOS battery issues, requires rebooting (is this a Windows product?) and to top it all off. This is my 4th unit in about 8 months. I only just received the 4th one, which was sent without a necessary firmware upgrade. I think their staff is better trained at feeding angry customers with lies than with actually addressing issues with their product. ...more info
  • Sirius Stiletto 2
    The Sirius Stiletto 2 is portable like a cell phone and it brings satellite radio beyond the automobile and table radio. It keeps me abreast with live news programmes otherwise only available on cable television. I also get live NPR programmes that may not be carried by my local NPR-affiliate or is time delayed.

    This product is highly recommended....more info
  • Greatly Versatile Receiver/player
    This Sirius receiver is great because it is so versatile. Put your own music on an SD card and you have your favorite tunes when you don't have Sirius reception. Want to listen to Sirius music when you don't have reception? No problem. This thing automatically records whenever it is on. I leave mine on in the car at night so I have fresh music the next day in the office. You can schedule recordings too but unfortunately the receiver does not turn itself on to catch your schedule. Add in the facts that it is mobile, you can listen to Sirius anywhere you have wifi access, and of course, in your car with the car kit, and you have awesome versatility. The battery life is also great. I've never even gotten close to a low battery and I listen to it all day. And I haven't experienced any bugs....more info
  • Great Item
    This was purchased as a Gift for my Husband. He loves the Stiletto 2 and Thanks Me nearly every day for buying it. He can listen to his favorite stations and record music to the stiletto at will. He also likes that with the memory expantion he can download music from his computer files right to the radio! The sound quality is excellent and the reception better than expected!! There are dead spots but the radio recovers well. All around nice product....more info
  • Great Way to Access and Record CNBC, Bloomberg and Howard Stern on the Go
    As a person who owns an iPhone, Blackberry, and iPod, I have no shortage of gadgets or portable entertainment options. While I am personally not a sufficiently enthusiastic fan of Howard Stern to purchase a satellite radio in order to listen to his show, I do enjoy listening to CNBC financial news during my brief commute to my job in the financial sector. Much like I would record a TV show on my PVR (personal video recorder), I record a four hour block of CNBC every morning and then begin listening to the recording an hour after it started. If I have a free hand, I fast forward through the commercials. Oddly, the commercials on CNBC radio are quite a bit worse than on the television channel. The TV version of CNBC pounds users with repetitive commercials for a variety of investment products and services, generally from legitimate companies such as Scottrade and Ameritrade. The radio version has even more annoying ads with questionable services such as back tax negotiation services, debt relief, and small business marketing services - most from obscure enterprises.

    The music selection on Sirius XM is great, even if one already has a significant iTunes collection. Personally, I listen to so much music on my iPod, I often run out of music that I still enjoy. So, I really like Sirius stations such as Alternative Nation, The Spectrum and Lithium with fairly large track lists. For some hard-to-describe reason, I enjoy having a live DJ make a few comments occasionally. These comments are far less frequent than on traditional terrestrial radio and there are no commercial messages. While iTunes and Internet radio have their advantages, listening to Sirius makes you feel somewhat connected to the outside world especially when working late or when on long bicycle rides. In addition to using the Stiletto 2, I enjoy logging on Sirius Internet radio when at home or work even though I have access to a number of Internet radio options.

    As anyone considering the purchase of satellite radio should already know, there are certain limitations in obtaining a satellite signal. Specifically, it can't be received more than a few feet from a window. Fortunately, those of us living in metropolitan areas can receive the terrestrial broadcast signals. Getting a signal even in an urban canyon is not a problem when on a street or in the bus. Moving far into the interior a commercial building can be problematic, however. Recently, I purchased the Stiletto 2 home kit, which has a small antenna the user can put close to a window and then run an included 25 foot cable to the cradle that holds the radio. I would highly recommend the home kit if you want to listen to the radio indoors. Incidentally, Sirius provides a rather large set of headphones with an integrated antenna, in addition to a smaller set. I have never needed to use them as I pick up the terrestrial broadcast.

    While I have been quite happy with my purchase, I did find the screen extremely easy to scratch. By accident, I placed the radio in an inside pocket with my keys, which led to several scratches on the screen. While I should have known better, this situation never caused such severe scratches on my BlackBerry or iPod. Other oddities with the Stiletto 2 include what appears to be its significant power consumption. The device gets warm when recharging and even gets slightly warm when listening to and recording a station.

    The user interface is quite a bit more colorful than your typical mp3 player. With bright blue, white and orange colors clearly outlining a collection of icons for selecting Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Recording, etc, it is rather easy to navigate where you want to go. On occasion, it seems to slow down much like a computer that has too many programs running simultaneously. On one occasion, it has crashed. Even with such limitations, the UI is a nice alternative to my iPod UI. All pros and cons considered, the Stiletto 2 is excellent addition to my gadget collection that allows access to important news and appealing music selections like no other device.

    Portable access to content unavailable elsewhere (CNBC, Bloomberg)
    Allows recording of radio, allowing the user to skip commercials
    Commercial-free music
    Compact, fully portable
    Significant amount memory for recording radio or loading mp3's
    Excellent sound quality
    Two pairs of headphones - one with integrated satellite antenna and one regular compact model

    Screen scratches easily
    Power hungry
    Optional satellite headset a bit bulky

    ...more info
  • Would be great if it continued to work
    I won't go into all the features and limitations of the Stiletto 2 because that's been done in other reviews. I will say that this is my second Stiletto (had the Stiletto 100 previously) that has started to fail in less than 1 year. My recordings now regularly get deleted - sometimes while I'm in the middle of listening to them. I put it in the home dock every night to record the Howard Stern show, and never know if it will just decide not to record, only record a portion of it, or mysteriously delete all previous days' recordings that I haven't listened to yet. It's become so unreliable that I've decided to cancel my service - I just can't see spending money on another piece of hardware.

    Sadly, when I called Sirius technical support about this, they claimed to have no reports of the problems I'm having. But all you need to do is search on the internet for "Sirius stiletto deletes recordings" and you can find plenty of people complaining about the same problem.

    Shame on you, Sirius. My predicition is that this company will eventually be gone, not because of the quality of the stations (that part is great) but because of all the problems with the hardware....more info
  • Quite happy with it.
    After regular use of my Stiletto 2 for the past month, I have to say I'm quite happy with its performance. I am located in North Dakota, nowhere near a terrestrial repeater, so I have to rely solely on satellite signal.

    Outdoors with the antenna headphones in use, I get good strong signal any time I've got a clear view of the sky directly above. In cases of heavy cloud cover, signal will sometimes get spotty if I'm under a tree. Concrete or metal overhangs (like at a gas station) will usually kill the signal until I get clear, regardless of sky condition.

    Using the unit outdoors with just the earbuds is hit and miss. With clear skies, I need to hold the unit upright to maintain signal, and it's more sensitive to obstructions as well. For portable outdoor use, your best bet is to use the antenna headphones, which sound ok as far as I'm concerned and are fairly comfortable.

    Indoors, I can sometimes get signal if I point the antenna phones out a window, but it's hit and miss. I utilize the wifi feature when indoors, and get great signal and sound quality. Setting up the wifi connection was not difficult.

    On the down side, the channel selection is reduced when using a wifi connection. I've not done a comprehensive survey, but I believe all the music channels are available. Most (maybe all) of the sports channels, however, are not available over an internet connection and require satellite signal to receive. Additionally, the ability to pause, rewind, and save songs is also unavailable when using the wifi.

    I have not picked up the home or car kits yet, but intend to do so in the near future. For the time being, I hang the antenna headphones from my rear view mirror and get good signal in the car. I then plug my cassette adapter (yeah, my car is old) into the phone jack and listen through my car stereo. However, I do need to turn the volume on the Stiletto 2 rather high, which means I've got the rather expensive antenna headphones blasted, which concerns me.

    Battery life estimates seem to be pretty accurate. I get almost right at 5 hours of satellite reception on a full battery charge, right around 10 (I've actually only done 8, but had 20% charge left) when using a wifi, and significantly lower power consumption when playing stored music. Unfortunately, the way the unit is built it is not possible to plug the power adapter and the antenna headphones into the unit at the same time, although you can use the power and the other phone jack at the same time. I'm not entirely sure why the power jack wasn't moved over just a fraction of an inch further left to allow all three jacks to be used simultaneously.

    The only other minor issue I've seen is the rare time I turn the unit on from "sleep" mode, and it seems to get a bit confused as to how much battery charge it's got. I'll get a "low battery" message, even though it's over 75% charged. Waking it up a second time takes care of the problem. I've only experienced this two or three times thus far, and hope it's not indicative of a future power issue.

    Setting up service was a bit of a challenge, as I had a difficult time getting the voice recognition software on their phone service to understand me. This surprised me, as I have a very neutral accent. I was using a cell phone, so that may have been a factor. Once I got a living human on the line, setup was a snap.

    All in all, I'm happy with my Stiletto 2, as well as the Sirius programming with it. I do recommend the product even with its limitations. ...more info
  • S10/100 design flaws ignored
    The S10/100 was a very flawed item. The main problem, for me: I DO NOT WANT A COMBINATION ANTENNA AND HEADPHONES. That means I have to use "special" headphone, and when (not if: WHEN) they break, I'll have to pay an arm and a leg for new ones rather than the perfectly fine $5 ones from the local gas station. So the S2 made the headphones more comfortable - who cares? Is that worth the extra $100? How about the ability to log into wifi using a username and password - what, you couldn't correctly implement an ancient protocol like 802.11 the first time around? You can't at least provide a firmware upgrade to fix that, instead you're gonna try to hose us for another $350? Oh, and now we can insert a microSD card (not even included) - worth the extra $100. I say "no." I say that unless Sirius' engineers get their act together bailing as soon as Howard is gone....more info
  • I knew I'd like this thing...
    I knew I'd like this thing, but I didn't know how much! I use it all the time in the car, mow the lawn connected to wi-fi, listen to the library all the's great. The Altec Lansing antenna headphones sound and work quite well, and the home and vehicle kits are a must. The "patch" antenna on the unit itself doesn't receive satellite well at all. If you're in a city, the terrestrial repeaters are received by the portable very well. Sirius programming is excellent- you just need to get past their customer service first. I highly recommend the Stiletto 2....more info
  • Satisfaction with Product Depends on Receiption Quality
    I live in the Atlanta metro area and purchased this product as a music source for my office located in a typlical 4 story 1990's office plaza. Forget the built-in receiver. Forget the home/outdoor receiver if you can't locate the receiving antenna outside - even using the signal repeater and placing the home/outdoor antenna in a window, I still can only get an intermittent satellite and/or terristeral signal. I can understand to some degree the satellite signal issue - if you don't have a window which allows the orientation of the antenna in the recommended direction for the part of the USA in which you reside - HOWEVER, I unfortunately believed a city the size of Atlanta would have sufficient terristeral transmission that I would have no issues with reception. Wrong!...more info
  • Whatever you do, don't give them your credit card number!
    I purchased an XM subscription 2.5 years ago. Late in 2008, I attempted to cancel the subscription. First of all, they make it very easy to sign up via the Web, but they make it almost impossible to cancel the subscription. They give you an amazing phone-run around (yes you have to call), then they simply place you on hold and wait for you to give up and go away. Really.

    Secondly, once you sign up, they will continue to renew your subscription (charging your card) until you somehow manage to cancel.

    Finally, my credit card company tried to help and we set up a three-way call. The lady promised to stop my service and said I would get a credit
    for the unused portion of my annual charge. Yeah, right. This was 3 months ago and no credit has appeared.

    Whatever you do, please don't give these guys your credit card number. This goes for both Sirius and XM now that they have merged. They run a dishonest business....more info
  • The Best in Music
    The Stiletto 2 continues to bring me joy. Daily, I am impressed with its capabilities. Not sure what happened to the other reviewers with negative comments - I have had no incidents with the unit. WiFi is incredible. Recording assets are on par with most MP3 players. Only cons: Slightly buggy at times (exercise patience and you are listening again in 1 minute). Sirius needs to update software for Mac usage. Buy this and your music listening experience will never be the same! This is my third Sirius radio (2 Sportsters, now the Stiletto - not sure how Sirius can top this)....more info
  • sirius stiletto
    great I love this thing I can listen to Howard Stern whenever I want

    ...more info
  • The best of both worlds
    This is a great portable satellite radio as well as an MP3 player.
    I love the one button record option and the ability to rewind if listening to a talk show.
    I waited for quite a while to buy it and read all of the reviews. Some people complained about poor reception but mine works great. I use it while roller blading and driving in the car. ...more info