Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock in Assorted Colors, 1-Pack
List Price: $8.73

Our Price: $6.99

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Product Description

1-1/8" Metal Body / Set your own combination / Flexible cable resists abuse from luggage handling equipment / Bright colors simplify baggage ID

  • 1-1/8 inch Metal Body
  • Set your own combination convenience
  • Flexible cable resists abuse from luggage handling equipment
  • Bright colors simplify baggage identification
  • 1 color randomly selected - blue, silver, red or black at time of shipment

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    The lock arrived within the time posted to my account. It was what I expected for security standards. The red color is bright and easy to identify....more info
  • Colours scratch off
    I bought two; one was black and one was red. I loved the red, it's a nice bright colour and goes perfectly with my red suitcase. However, I used it once and some of the colour on the lock has started to scratch/chip off. I haven't used the black on check in luggage yet.

    Other than that, they are sturdy locks. The loop is made out of thick wire so the malleability is nice. ...more info
  • Great price and worked on a trip to Italy thru several TSA checkpoints
    Great price thru Amazon. We used a few of these on a recent trip. I don't know if the TSA guys used their master key to unlock them but they came thru trouble free. It's an attractive lock and the flexibility of the little cable makes it great for gym bag locks where you have to snake thru a variety of locker setups....more info
  • Complete Ripoff
    I have had great success with MasterLocks in the past, but for $6 the tiny lock should work.

    Lock dials do not move well. Button to change combination hard to reach and difficult to use. In the process of trying to change the lock to my standard number, the lock became unusable. Let's face it, it should not take anyone an hour to try to change the combination.

    I am rethinking my loyalty to MasterLock....more info
  • Great value in a Cable Lock
    At this low price (66% less than Tumi) these are better than the Tumi locks they give you with a Tumi bag purchase. The cable has the ability to swivel/rotate so it doesn't get all bound up like one where the cable is firmly fixed on one end....This greatly improves the life of the locking cable...Of course they are TSA certified, so no worries when traveling in the USA...more info
  • Master Cable Lock
    I have an application for an airline travel lock where a standard long shank padlock is not practical to use, but this cable lock works fine. I actually have two of these locks and have used both of them twice for air travel and thus far they have worked as advertised. My only suggestion would be that I would like the cable be just a bit heavier....more info
  • Good but doesn't look very strong.
    The best use for this lock is luggage. If you want to use it for a fence or locker, you should look for something else. The cable on this lock seems very thin and weak but it is kind of big compared to any other baggage lock I've used. Overall, it is a nice lock and the combination is resetable so you can choose your own 3 digit combination. ...more info
  • a little flimsy but does the job
    I bought this lock to carry with my gym bag and to use as a locker lock. It feels a little flimsy so I wouldn't trust it anywhere I was really worried about people trying to break it but its fine for the gym. Its small and light and the cable loop will definitely fit for a gym locker....more info
  • Works well
    Grreat price, tough little lock. Seemed to pass through airport security w/o any problems on our trip to Alaska, so the TSA part must work for them....more info