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Oxo Candela Orange and Fuchsia Tooli Rechargeable Lights, Set of 2
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Product Description

These fun, charismatic lamps make perfect portable nightlights for kids. They can be taken along for a quick trip down the hall in the middle of the night or provide a friendly bedside glow. Low voltage and rechargeable for safe, frequent use. Aliens should look so friendly. Set of two. Please specify blue-green or orange-fuchsia color set.

Guests will certainly do a double-take--and both kids and adults will be thoroughly charmed--when they spy these little Tooli creatures from OXO's Candela series casting their inviting glow. Bursting with personality, the two long-eared (or are those eyes?), round-bellied figures turn ordinary illumination into an adventure in imagination. Inside their pink and fuchsia bodies sit clean, bright LED lights that go on as soon as the Tooli are lifted from the included charger, and stay on for up to eight hours of cool, no-hassle, indoor- and outdoor-friendly light. To recharge, simply set the lights back on the charger and plug the set into any standard outlet. Another plus: LED lights never need to be changed, so there's no work involved to keep these little imps in use for years. Also available in blue and green. --Kara Karll

  • Set of 2 lights features cool, bright LED technology and fun orange and fuchsia silhouettes
  • Cordless and portable for maximum flexibility
  • 8 hours of run time after full charge
  • Auto-illuminates when removed from the charger base and charges automatically when replaced
  • Reliable and safe for indoor and outdoor use

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these little guys!
    I just had my first baby back in January and I would get so frustrated with late night diaper changes because the nightlight I had in the nursery was too dim to see anything but the table light was too bright. After reading many reviews I purchased the green/blue Tooli combo and was thrilled by the amount of light it put out. Just a soft diffused light that wasn't too bright to keep the baby up. I loved how portable they were and I now keep one by her changing table and one by the recliner for nursing. Best product ever and will be buying them as baby shower gifts for all of my friends in the future....more info
  • Not for kids only!
    I have a total of 12 of these little buggers. I use them for outdoor entertaining at night. After carefully following the "break in" procedure of two 12-14hour burn in and drain sequences; mine consistantly burn for about 10 hours at a time!
    Each is about the brightness of one candle.
    I have also gone to the OXO website and purchased the plain white covers (which are interchangable) for more formal occasions. I love these things!...more info
  • Candel-oo
    These are pretty great - sort of mesmerizing, and tough enough to withstand a 4 year-old and a few drops on a tile floor. Mine last 8 - 10 hours constantly on after a full charge. If you'd prefer more versatility, check out the OXO website- the candela bases are interchangeable, so you can buy one set of 2 or 4 of either kind of bases on Amazon, and complement them with different tops for a few dollars....more info
  • Excellent
    Man these things are great for all you new moms and dads having to get up in the middle of the night and so tired - they're the best night lights - just pick them up off the base and they light up - and they stay lit all night - just set them wherever, much better than having to turn on the lights at night. Also great for when guests come you just hand them one for their night stand or whatever. They have an off switch on the bottom so that if you stay the night somewhere - take em with. I've decided I'm going to make this my standard gift at baby showers - they're great. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This One
    I purchased this night light set Oxo Candela Blue and Green Tooli Rechargeable Lights, Set of 2for my (then) seven month old son. One of the lights in the set NEVER worked right. It would go out in the middle of the night. I emailed the company for help. I got the usual run-around. So I am returning it and buying another brand.

    YOU'VE BEEN WARNED......more info
  • A great gift for children
    But not for children only! Just as groovy, and a lot more useful, not to mention safe, than a lava lamp. Every dorm needs these. I gave the green and blue set to my kindergarten age nephews, and bought the orange and pink set for myself. You can switch them on and off with a button. The charge lasts about ten hours. Great for lighting a bathroom at night. Perfect blanket-fort or under-the-covers lights. I only wish they came in more colors....more info
  • defective--and oxo would not honor warranty
    I read the reviews here with the warnings about the batteries, but thought these lights were so cute and so perfect for late night feedings that I ordered them anyway. Bad choice. I followed the instructions exactly but from the very beginning the green lantern was faulty--wouldn't hold a charge at first, and then once it did charge it would shut itself off automatically (the blue one charged nicely and stays lit so I know how they're supposed to work--the green definitely has something wrong with it, but I had no luck convincing Oxo of that fact). I contacted Oxo to ask for a replacement. In return I got an email with a Word document attachment that was vaguely insulting. It contained a preface obviously intended only for customer service reps that implies that customers are stupid. (Not sure why they sent this out to me). Their "troubleshooting" advice included such valuable tips as make sure the unit is plugged in, etc. I contacted them again asking for a new battery for the green lantern (since the vaguely hostile "troubleshooting" "manual" made it clear they would not replace an entire unit) and never heard from them again. I'm shipping it back to amazon tomorrow for a refund. I give the lanterns 2 stars instead of just 1 since they really are cute, and the light would be perfect for a nursery if the things worked properly. Maybe you'll be lucky. Other caveats: they're only 6 inches high and require a little bit more maintenance (regular draining/charging/draining of the battery) than a nightlight really should....more info