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WinCleaner One-Click (Up to 3 Users)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $25.00

You Save: $4.99 (17%)


Product Description

Ensures that your Windows runs optimally / Removes Internet Clutter to speed up surfing and protect your privacy WinSmart Mover relocates applications and folders from one drive to another without having to uninstall/reinstall. UNDO safely restores all or any part of a cleanup, in case you change your mind. AutoUpdate keeps your version of WinCleaner One-Click CleanUp up-to-date, automatically checking for system upgrades.

End PC slowdown with just one click. Browse faster, start smoother, improve your privacy and free up disk space... by taking out your digital garbage. Clear away the clutter and get more from your PC.

Your computer is more than just a tool--it's a part of your life.
Your computer holds a lot of your life. Your music, your photos, your business records and your various social networks. That's why you can't trust just any PC maintenance product on the Internet. After nearly a decade of research and millions of PCs cleaned, WinCleaner is the most trusted name in PC maintenance software. WinCleaner OneClick will help keep your PC working optimally so you can experience that "as good as new" feeling every time you use your PC.

Keep Your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free.

Protect your privacy and improve overall PC performance.

Optimize your Windows registry.

Your PC needs to be cleaned. WinCleaner does it for you in just One-Click.
It happens every time you visit a Web page. Your computer picks up an image here, a cookie there. In no time at all you've got thousands of files cluttering your hard drive, making your PC sluggish and slow to perform. More importantly, this clutter threatens your privacy by leaving a record of the websites you've visited. It's a big risk to take when WinCleaner OneClick can put your mind at ease with just a simple click!

Did you know that as you use your computer, the heart of Windows--the Registry--gets cluttered and interferes with your PC's performance? WinCleaner OneClick's market leading Registry Cleaner safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry to remove errors and improve your PC's performace so you can get back to doing what matters to you most! All of this--automatically--with the click of a button.

WinCleaner OneClick digs out and deletes all of those unwanted, unseen records.
Here are the benefits of a WinCleaner tuned PC:

  • Restored Power and Stability
  • Accelerated System Startup times
  • Valuable hard drive space is recovered
  • Your privacy is protected
  • Improved overall PC performance

Best value for your time and money
You don't need to buy, learn and use separate programs to do the dozen or more PC maintenance chores that WinCleaner OneClick does automatically!

  • Keep Your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free
  • Registry Cleaner safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry
  • Accelerate System Startup times
  • Recover valuable hard drive space
  • Protect your privacy when visiting Web pages

Customer Reviews:

  • Wincleaner OK
    Used Wincleaner on Dell laptop several yrs old that was running very slow. Cleaned up hundreds of items, but laptop certainly doesn't run as fast as original. Might be a little faster than before running Wincleaner. Had no problems installing and running Wincleaner, just cannot tell how effective it is....more info
  • Did not think it would do much
    My wife's computer is 6 years old and was so slow she
    wanted a new one. No problem there but she only uses it
    for E-Mail and I know that 6 year old computer should be fine. Sooo

    I bought a spyware program for her and it helped some. I then got a better virus protection program, uninstalled the old one installed the new. It helped some.

    I was giving up when I saw this window cleaner. I said to myself I clean her computer and defrag it so what is this a one step cleaner and defragger? But everyone was up on the product, so I bought it.

    After entering the password it told me I had to turn of the firewall, so if you buy this product you need to know how to do that. Then I entered the password again and it said the password was no good. Well uppercase lower case numbers, what was wrong. After an hour of that I went to the website and asked for help, I thought Id have to wait 3 weeks but they sent me an E-mail the next day saying I had to install a newer version. They gave me a 5 day pass to download for free and I did.

    OK here it comes, my wife's computer is as fast as it was new. She is happy happy and I saved $600....more info
  • Best ever? Might be/I was messaged that it does damage 64bit Vista.
    Hello, Says it can make my laptop run faster. I tried it and it did.It claims it is easy to use. Yes, it is easy to use. It claims it won't make a mess of my laptop. Right again. I used the easy button and believe the claims the developer made are accurate. UPDATE I installed this on my 64bit OS and soon received a message from the developer informing me that I need to discontinue Win cleaner on the 64bit OS. Due to reports of inflicting damage to the OS. I've been attributing the 64bit OS problems to MS updater loading the AMD 64 drivers on to my desktop w/Intel processor.Side Note...MS is really getting to be pain in my butt!UPDATE Wincleaner is a type of software that gets well...stolen. My KAV burned me and I in the end nuke the drive. I asked the software developer if I could have another shot at loading the software because unlike modern software that has the ability to recognize that it is back on the same computer (FAIR USE CLAWS) this software will not recognize the fact the it's reinstalled on the same computer. I call that stealing back the product....more info
  • WinCleaner On Click
    I was not able to register the item on line. Contacted the manufacturer and problem resolved after 3 hours of back and forth email messages. Account was reset and was able to register through email message with update patch. Now it is working and it really helps to make my computer (intel celeron and 1gb of memory) run more efficient. Despite initial issue, I recommend this product....more info
  • WinCleaner
    Seems to be a good product and does what it says it will do. My complaint is that I had a terrible time installing it. Customer servce did try to help but for some reason it would not activate. After many emails back and forth I finally got it installed....more info
  • Win Cleaner One Click
    A pretty good product with a word of caution. It finds a lot of what it calls unused registry items, I am not sure whether it references the line item or how often it is used but, it removed some part of my network printer driver. I re-installed the driver and ran the cleaner utilities separately and I have not had any trouble since. Good product but pay attention to what it is doing. ...more info
  • I Brought It
    After running the trail version for awhile, I could see a hugh difference in the speed of my computer and the internet. Everything was running silky smooth, like when I reinstalled Windows. I have brought numerous tune up utilities that have a clean up programs , downloaded freeware cleaners, and didn't see much of a difference. That is until I got Wincleaner. Even my wife and daughter mentioned it. So I brought Wincleaner. It is the first time in a long time that I felt like I got a great bargain. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This is a plain and simple right to the point type of program that really complete every task without fail, without having to look all over the program to find what you really want to do, just one click and let it go....more info
  • The Best....
    This is one of the best and the simplist utilities I've ever used. It's was very easy to load-not a big program to install. I bought it to clean the registry(getting too many registry errors) it cleared it all out. I highly recommend this program!...more info
  • Confidence
    I had been having trouble which bordered on a crash of my hard drive, and I used the computer with anxiety that I might lose everything on it! First I bought an external hard drive to back up my data regularly, and then I bought Win Cleaner. The problems I was experiencing seem to have been resolved, and I now have more confidence as I use my computer. However, I have not seen any appreciable improvement in the speed of operation, which others have claimed. Perhaps that's because I have a very fast machine to begin with.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    Wincleaner gets rid of register problems and useless files. It cleans out cache memory. It will speed up your computer. I've used it for years. It's easy to use and doesn't crash your system....more info
  • WinCleaner oneclick
    WinCleaner arrived a short time after ordering. I installed it and ran a scan right away. It found over 2000 fixes for my computer. After fixing these problems my computer is running faster than it has in quite a while....more info
  • Good Customer Service - Good Product
    The program installed normally, but would not communicate with Wincleaners home to activate the product. I emailed customer service, and Steve researched the problem solved the problem in just a few hours (and that is email time).

    The product itself works easily and intuitively. It has decreased my boot time, though it is not as quick as I had hoped, but is does seem to have made my very old computer somewhat more stable and faster.

    All-in-all it seems to have been worth the purchase price....more info
  • great
    This product is great. It was easy to install, after installation I cleaned my files, gave me so much more space and you would not believe how many junk files it cleaned. Great product for those who surf the net alot....more info
  • Seems simple and effective.
    Seems to do what is supposed to do, and not anything else, which is a plus.

    Sometimes, bloated apps. (like the Norton line of products, Microsoft line, etc.) just add unnecessary complexity that make them fragile and unstable.

    In this area, I'm a former Norton devotee, but since they started development and support overseas a few years ago, I have been extremely unhappy. Today's Norton products should be ashamed to carry the Norton name, because they're abysmal now.

    Thus, I started looking for an alternative, and found Wincleaner.

    I'm happy with it. Go ahead and buy it -- it's cost is reasonable, and helpful; and much better quality than Norton.

    I'm still happy with it and paid to renew it for another year. It's quick and easy, and cleans out at least 14 MB every time I use it. Plus, occasionally, things 'seem' to speed up after use (but hard to quantify). ...more info
  • Wincleaner One-click corrupted my computer/problem!?
    I am a software tech-
    UPDATE!- I'd now have to give this a 1!-

    I read all the rave reviews on Amazon, and decided to give it a try?

    LUCKILY I first made a full image system backup with #1Acronis True Image 11!
    Acronis True Image 11 Home

    Awhile after I cleaned my computer... (Individually- I did not use one-click)!-
    My Microsoft Office/Outlook Express... became corrupted!- One-click Restore did not work!

    I have tried MANY registry cleaners, most ALL with similar BAD results!- The only safe file/registry cleaner that I can recommend is freeware CCleaner, and Eusing!
    Always clean old files first (empty Recycle Bin... too/FIRST, as one-click does not do this!), before running ANY Reg cleaner!

    Another tip!- Log off internet, and do "TWO" slow restarts (wait 3min!) , BEFORE doing ANY file maintenance/installs/uninstalls!-
    This allows the system to first repair itself...!
    My Original review (GOOD LUCK!?)-
    I regularly test/use MANY registry/file cleaners. "All" but free CCleaner & free Eusing Registry Cleaner, caused BAD problems...!
    -WOC (Wincleaner One-Click) was also safe for me!- It found 176 Registry errors, that the others missed (you might want to uncheck anything to do with your net printer...?)
    Several of my applications/internet are now opening/running 25%+ faster!- Especially my free Sandboxie web/email... program (100% secure from malware!- read only, so you can "safely" open any email attachment/surf the net/...)! :o)

    NOTE!- ALWAYS log off internet, do a fresh Restart, & wait 3min, before running ANY cleaner... (wait 3min between ALL Restarts...! It takes 2 Restarts to "fully" complete most any Windows cleaning/install/uninstall/defrag/...!)!

    1. CAUTION!- NEVER run ANY Registry cleaner without "first" emptying your Recycle Bin/Restart twice, or they WILL cause errors!
    a. WOC's WinJunk cleaner DOES NOT empty the Recycle Bin (might cause HUGE restore points...!)!-
    b. I first run safe freeware CCleaner..., followed by TWO Restarts, and then WOC... followed by 2 more Restarts.
    c. NOW that you've done all this cleaning...!- It's a VERY GOOD time to Defrag your HD!

    2. As other reviewers STRONGLY suggested!-
    I DID NOT run OneClick!- I run each individually/Restore Points, and stayed away from WOC's iffy WinPrivacy & NetCleaner (I use safe CCleaner)!

    3. Click WOC, UNDO, & delete their old Restore Points every 30 days! (Restoring any "old" Registry Restore Point, HAS caused me problems!)

    ...more info
  • Wincleaner one click
    I purchased this product after reading some reviews on it, I like the fact that you can use it on more than one computer. I can't say how much this particular product helped because I was running other software in trying to fix the problem. The only reccomendation I would make if you purchase this software is to NOT do the one click but rather use each tool individually and create a restore point for each one. The privacy tool seemed to wipe out some of my information on sites I regularly use....more info