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Graco Lovin' Hug Open Top Swing in Bancroft
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Product Description

Graco Lovin Hug Swing A Graco swing offers comfort and security for families, babies especially, which are always on the go. Whether it''s to the backyard, across town, or out-of-state, babies and parents will love the familiarity of having their Graco baby swing with them. This infant swing is a family favorite because of the curved frame design, which mimics a mother''s arms, securely holding and comforting the baby. Infant swings are extremely important to the family and this one is no different. One of the tremendous features on this Graco infant swing is the 30 lbs weight limit. It is a feature which distinguishes the Lovin Hug from other Graco swings. The mobile on the baby Graco swing rotates and doesn''t even require additional batteries! The child will have visual stimulation because of the three soft toys which are provided. The Graco swing features an easy entry tray so mom or dad will never get crossed up when placing baby into the swing. A Graco product is something which is extremely durable and will last a long time.

  • Curved seat design mimics the way Mom cradles Baby and one-hand, four-position recline lets you easily adjust Baby?s seating position and view
  • 10 classical melodies and nature sounds soothe and amuse Baby and fun mobile with plush toys for visual stimulation
  • 5-point harness helps keep Baby securely seated while soft, removable infant support and premium cushioned seat pad cuddle your baby for more comfort
  • Easy Entry Tray opens with one hand to easily get Baby in and out
  • Six speeds let you choose the pace that suits Baby?s mood and 30-minute timer with three settings automatically shuts off to conserve battery life

Customer Reviews:

  • Best swing I have used!
    This is by far the best full size swing I have ever used. I have even had a few friends borrow it. They were were apprehensive to spend so much money if their baby didn't like it and they all raved about it after trying it. ...more info
  • Pretty Good Value
    My only real issue with this is that the tray is very loud when you snap and unsnap it from the swinging carrier. The other issue was mobile placement - it clicked when the swing moved back and forth and when moved the baby was unable to see it clearly. Pretty good swing if your baby likes that kind of motion though - I just wouldn't snap the tray on....more info
  • Wonderful Swing!!
    My Grandson is 4 months old and he loves time in his swing. Sometimes he takes a nap in his swing. I love the feature of so many settings for speed. We usually only set it to about 3 right now. It looks so comfortable....I wish I had one for myself! The music is very old fashioned, but it seems to be soothing to him....more info
  • LOVE this swing
    I bought a second hand swing at a thrift store and used it every day for about a month before the motor died; our baby loves to swing for naps and when I'm showering, cooking or otherwise can't hold her. I immediately began researching for a new swing and ordered this one Sunday night. The swing arrived the following Friday afternoon. She and we LOVE this swing!

    Our baby is 12 lbs, 24 inches, 11 weeks old. The seat is deep so we have to put a little pillow in the bottom for her to sit on, otherwise she slides forward and is too slumped to be comfortable. I'm glad the swing is deep because she'll be able to use it as she grows. I've read reviews that said the tray is hard to open and makes a loud noise; I find the tray easy to open with one hand and it's very quiet if you're careful. If you're in a hurry it does make a snapping sound as it clicks into place. We ditched the mobile because it interferes with the swinging arm (as someone else noted in his review) and the toys are directly over the baby's head where she can't see them anyway. Will have to think of a solution when baby really starts noticing toys.

    The swing has 6 settings; we use the high setting to calm her and help her get to sleep as recommended by Dr.Karp in "Happiest Baby on the Block", then put the swing on a low setting while she sleeps. The swing has a timer option but if you don't use the timer, it DOESN'T automatically shut off as other swings do. We like that it works continuously since she sleeps in the swing at night (right beside my side of the bed where I hear her every sniff and sigh). She was sleeping five hours at a time in her co-sleeper but in the swing she sleeps up to 12 hours with one night-time feeding.

    I feel comfortable letting her sleep in the swing since we swaddle her tightly (also rec. by Karp) and the swing is deep as noted above. We don't use the complicated 5 point straps since we swaddle her and use the tray for restraint. Even when she isn't swaddled we feel safe leaving her unstrapped (with an adult monitoring in the same room) and she is very active--always kicking and flailing her arms while awake. She can't turn herself over yet though, so we may have to use the straps later. Another reason we feel safe letting her sleep in the swing is that even with poor neck strength at this age, her head doesn't flop forward even on the highest setting. I haven't had to adjust the swing back so can't comment on that; when we first put it together she reclined nicely in it.

    I'm thrilled so far with the battery life. We've been using the swing every day and night for nine days now; we frequently use the high setting and the batteries show no sign of slowing.

    Others have commented that the music is boring and "nature sounds" are horrible. They are. We don't use the music since she doesn't seem to care about it and we'd be better off turning on a CD of classical music instead. We don't use the nature sounds either since we use a floor fan for white noise that she likes, but in defense of Graco (whether they planned this or not) Karp points out that babies love white noise which is what the "nature sounds" sound like. White noise is similar to what baby hears in the womb--a loud shhhhhh as blood rushes through mother's circulatory system.

    The swing is very quiet even on the high setting; as I said she sleeps in it beside me and I'm a light sleeper.

    While the swing is bulky, I'm still able to pick it up and move it daily from bedroom to living room to kitchen without too much trouble. It's bulky but not heavy. The legs do fold for storage.

    So the CONS for us---mobile is useless, have to push "off" button up to six times to get the swing to stop swinging, straps are laughably complicated---maybe to prevent older children from removing baby before mom has a chance to notice?? maybe to prevent lawsuits??

    PROS for us---deep, large, comfy seat; weight limit 30lbs instead of more common 25 lbs; removable head immobilizer; quiet, easy to open tray; quiet motor; great speed settings; sturdy frame; fairly easy to move around house; no automatic shut off; long battery life with frequent swing use; removable, washable swing cover; easy to put together (30 minutes tops); reliable name brand; price is great esp. with Free Super Saver Shipping; and of course the baby LOVES this swing!

    If the swing ends up having a short lifetime, I'll update my review....more info
  • Well...
    The assembly instructions could have been better. The nails provided to support the base are of no use as they are not long enough to make sufficient strong contact. I used my own for that purpose. Otherwise the product is good - swings on its own - no timer though. Plays music....more info
  • Loved it
    Our granddaughter loved the swing, even more
    the older she got!!! Folds comparatively compact
    for a swing....more info
  • excellent product
    very happy with this product. Another plus is baby weight can be up to 30 lb that other swing cannot. I always like to buy from Amazon because Amazon carries good products...more info
  • Good swing
    I love it, and my baby girl seems like it too. Sometimes she falls asleep in it....more info
  • A life saver!!
    This swing was truly a blessing! Our daughter had servere reflux and could only find good sleep sitting up, and this swing did the trick. It has a great five point harness which is easy to unbuckle. The swing has different speeds, sounds and volumes. It reclines and is very durable. We also have a Fisher Price Rain Forest swing, which goes side to side, but the sides weren't tall enough and I always worried she would fall out. (plus it only had a three point harness) This swing clocked well over 1000 hours without any problems!
    (I do not recommend using a swing as a replacement for a crib)...more info
  • better than the rest

    This is the third swing my great granddaughter has had. The others almost stopped rocking as she gained weight(she just turned 5 months)but this swing is still going. It's good looking, sturdy, and we love it....more info
  • Perfect!
    I bought this for my sister for her first baby and she loves it! I was looking for something with a little of pink in it, as she had a girl, and also something for her small space. She says it fits perfectly into her tiny apartment, and she loves the colors. But most of all, she loves that her baby loves to sleep in it - and she should know, her baby was coliky!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this for my daughter who is expecting my first grandchild. The reviews I had read were just what I was looking for. I gave it to my daughter for Christmas. Her husband but it together easily...and then called me. They said that it did not swing after the first push. (It is supposed to be a automated swing). The music sounded more like errie music in a bad movie -- not at all what you want a new born baby to listen to!!! It was supposed to be 'classical' but it was just BAD!! I don't know if the mechanical parts were broken or what the problem was, but we were very disappointed in the product. It was returned and they are waiting to see if they can find another swing that will better fit their needs....more info
  • I can't complain...
    As a father, I'd never thought I'd be one to review a baby swing. My wife spent a great deal of time researching and determining this was the swing for our new baby daughter. I had the wonderful task of putting it together.

    While I've read countless times about people complaining about Graco's instructions, I don't know how they could get them any better. I did have a hard time putting together some of the pieces, and even found myself putting parts in the wrong spots. Still, despite it all, I don't know how I would've changed the descriptions. Graco offers both photos and text on each step.

    The swing, itself, is a good baby swing. My daughter needs to get used to it still, but, when she does stand swinging in it she does seem to like it. It offers several different "white noise" sounds she can listen, as well as some music selections. There are also different swinging speeds the swing offers.

    Again, for a baby swing, I don't have any complaints. It does the job it was made for well. Price isn't bad either, especially when Amazon ships it to you for free....more info
  • OMG I love this swing!
    I really really love this swing. It's got 6 speed settings, 2 different types of "noise" (music, nature) with a timer and volume control, can sit up or recline in 4 different positions. I've used expensive swings like a Disney one while we were on Vacation (which only had hi or low, which both were too fast! only music which you could hardly hear and DIDN"T RECLINE!!) My son is soo happy in his swing and often gets rocker to sleep in it! A must have!...more info
  • Doesn't swing
    We just got this swing a couple of days ago. It looks like it would be really great if it worked properly. The motor just makes grinding noises for awhile and then stops even that after a couple of minutes. (yes, I have pushed the swing to help the motor get started, didn't work). I've been desperate enough for a swing that I have been just swinging it by hand and coming back to swing it again every-once-in-while. At least the swinging bars are balanced so that it will continue to swing for a little while. I think it might just be a bad motor so I'm going to contact Graco to see if they will replace it.
    I will try to update this review if anything comes of my contact with Graco....more info
  • Bad product! Does not swing!!!!
    I'd have loved the swing if it worked! The buttons light up, the nature button produces some ghost sounds and the music is ok, however, the darn thing doesn't swing at any speed! I switched it off, started again to no avail....more info