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Product Description

Designed for larger child passengers, this forward-facing car seat holds up to 80 pounds and is chock full of comfort and safety features.


  • Four shoulder slots for a closer fit
  • Belt holders keep belts aside for boarding
  • Removable, washable fabric cover
  • Belly pad for comfort and protection
  • Mesh storage pouch/cup holder
  • Flexible Latch System
  • Patented Versa-Tether
  • Comfort foam and EPS protective foam
  • Tangle-free, polyester 5-point harness
  • Patented HUGS system
  • One-pull front harness adjustment
  • Forward-facing position
  • For children 1 year and 22 lbs. up to 80 lbs.

  • Designed for larger children, the forward-facing Regent from Britax is a sturdy and reliable restraint system with advanced safety and comfort features both parents and children will love. Made for children at least one year old and 22 pounds, up to 80 pounds, and with a standing height of up to 53 inches, the Regent offers the highest standards for forward-facing seats on the market today.

    The Britax Regent offers:
    • Highest standards for forward-facing seats on the market.
    • Secure, quickly-attached five-point harness.
    • Two mesh pouches and cup holders.
    • Versa-Tether anchor aid providing additional security.

    The Regent is designed for larger children, up to 80 pounds.
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    Quick and Easy Installation
    The Regent features a tangle-free, five-point harness made with rough and tough polyester that's designed to resist wear and tear. The push-button LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) connectors help secure your child on every trip. The harness also attaches quickly and easily so you won't have to worry about struggling with endless straps or complicated procedures, and convenient belt holders keep the harness to the side so you can place the child in the seat. Just one pull makes any necessary adjustments. Additionally, the harness fits snugly over the shoulders, collarbone, and hips, and the four shoulder slots allow a better fit as your child grows.

    HUGS for Optimum Safety and Support
    When it comes to safety, the Regent boasts an innovative protective design and loads of extras that give parents peace of mind on car trips. First, the patented floating HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard) system exceeds U.S. safety standards by reducing forward head movement as it gently cushions the neck and chest with soft padding--a feature that's particularly important both in the case of an accident and during nap time. Made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extra thick comfort foam, this system better distributes the webbing loads, reducing head movement and minimizing harness irritation on baby's neck in case of an impact. HUGS also reduces the chance of improperly positioning the chest clip.

    Versa-Tether for Additional Security
    The Regent also offers Britax's patented Versa-Tether, an anchor aid that provides additional security in the forward facing position for children weighing more than 50 pounds. The Versa-Tether fastens the top of the car seat to factory installed automobile anchor points, reducing the possibility of a head injury in the event of impact.

    Comfort Features for an Enjoyable Ride
    Riding in the car should be fun and enjoyable for your child, and the Regent offers comfort features that help make even long trips a pleasure. First, two mesh pouches and cup holders keep snacks, drinks and toys close at hand. Secondly, the cushioning and plush padding are made to be incredibly supportive, so your child can play, sleep or simply look out the window without strain or discomfort.

    Weighing 25 pounds and measuring 21.5 x 30 x 25 inches (WxHxD), the Regent features a versatile, user-friendly design that will truly grow with your child. The Regent is also available in Onyx and Madison, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Comfort foam and EPS protective foam
  • Patented HUGS system, tangle-free 5 point harness with belly pad
  • Flexible buckle LATCH system and Versa-tether
  • Four shoulder slots for closer fit and one pull front harness adjustment
  • Forward facing: At least 1 year old and 22 to 80 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth Every Penny!
    This is a great seat! We bought our first seat when my 2 year old was 38 lbs and to tall for the 5pt harness in the Alpha Omega Elite seat he had. I did a lot of research and at the time (2007) this was the only seat on the market that had a 5 pt harness until 80lbs, so for me there was little choice. We purchased the seat and my son loves it. We ended up buying a second one for my husband's car (b/c still far to young for a booster seat). It fit great both in my mini van and my husband's 2002 Honda Civic. Since the original purchase we have had a second child and are currently looking to buy another for our 16 month old. This seat is VERY easy to install, i have never had any issues with it, it stands up well to the abuse my child puts it through. It is also one of the top seats safety wise (like all britax seats are). ...more info
  • Love it
    We just started using this seat & love it. It wasn't overly difficult to install, although it is a HUGE seat. I fit in it!! I wouldn't try to use it in a small vehicle, but in our Suburban it fits just fine. My son says its very comfy & loves it too! ...more info
  • We love this seat!
    We LOVE this seat, and so does our three year old. He weighs about 39 pounds and is 39 inches tall, and he has LOTS of room to grow in it still. It is a large seat and needs quite a bit of room in the van, but my husband had no trouble installing it in a short amount of time. We have a one and a half year old also and I'm already trying to figure out how we can fit two of them in the van when he gets older and needs a new seat...they would both fit but then the older kids would not! But for now I am happy knowing that my three year old is as safe and comfortable as he can possibly be in this seat!...more info
  • safe, easy to nap in
    My two 1/2 year old outgrew his last seat (too tall for shoulder harness points), and I wanted a really safe seat that would last the remainder of his car-seat/booster years. It fits quite well in a 2008 Toyota Rav-4. The set-up was easy. It's a heavy seat, but we're not moving it from vehicle to vehicle. It is apparently as comfortable as it looks. My son naps quite well in this seat. He recently set a personal record with a 3-hour nap on a cross-country trip to see family. He actually looks comfortable while sleeping as opposed to his last seat in which he looked like a chiropractic ad while snoozing. I'm quite pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Very large car seat, no leg room in Uplander 08 van for 3 YO
    I bought this car seat because the 5-point harness straps are higher than the Graco Nautilius. It is so huge, my son has very little leg room. Same issue in both my 04 Grand Prix and 08 Uplander van. I have no idea how he will be able to use this in a year or two. The other cons are it is hard to install and expensive. Even the car seat technicians had trouble installing it....more info
  • Worth every penny
    This is my second Regent. My children and I were in an accident earlier this year that left my son and I bruised and sore. We are both still under doctors care. My daughter, who was in her Regent, had her shoes knocked off her feet, but did not have a bruise on her. This car seat functioned wonderfully, and I immediately replaced the wrecked one with the same car seat....more info
  • A few thoughts on the complaints that I've been seeing...
    This is the perfect seat for older kids who have outgrown the convertible seats, but still are not ready for a booster-or parents who are not comfortable having their child only strapped in with the car seat belt. I have owned this for about 5 months now and really like the seat. My 4 year old daughter likes it too. A few thoughts on some complaints that I've seen...

    First is size. It's a big seat, but it's designed for bigger kids! it's not an infant/convertible seat. You can't have it both ways, a small seat for a large child! If people expect to have high weight and height limits, then they'll just have to deal with the size. I have a feeling most people are used to seeing the compact size of infant and convertible seats, once you adjust to the idea that this is really a 'big' kids seat, it's not that big. It fits just fine in my mini van. And as you read other reviews, parents who have smaller cars than mine are saying it fits fine too.

    Second is the fabric. I actually like the polyester fabric. It's not too hot in the summer and really not that cold in the winter, at least where we live. I think that if the whole seat was made out of the same kind of plushy, padded material that a lot of the convertible seats are made out of, then the kids would be hot and uncomfortable. Besides, it's been easy to wipe clean, and seems very durable so far. (Sometimes that plush fabric wears down faster)

    Third is the installation and movability of the seat. This seat is not meant to be moved in and out of cars-or traveled with. Use a cheap Cosco seat for that. Once this seat is installed, it's not going anywhere! If you have the mindset that this will be your main seat, and any other cars you travel in you'll just have to use another spare seat then you'll be fine. As for installation, most car seats install the same basic way. Some are more of a hassle than others but once you install one, you've really installed them all. So, that being said, this wasn't any worse than the other seats I've installed. Yes, there is the funky 'long/short' route depending on how much your child weighs, but that's really not a big deal. So, spend the extra 3 minutes it takes to figure it out, and be happy that your child is in a very safe seat!

    Fourth is the strap adjustment. With the exception of my Evenflo convertible seat I think this seat is very easy to adjust. The HUGS plastic things on the straps really do seem to help make the child more secure in the seat and when you pull on the lower strap to tighten, it's fairly easy. I've used several different seats and every one of them (except my older model Evenflo) I wasn't happy with how the straps tightened. I was never able to get them buckled in good enough for my taste, but this one passes the test.

    This is a well designed, safe car seat that is perfect for your older children. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Love it!
    We love this carseat so much that we have one for both of our children! Last year I was in a car wreck with my 3 year old we T-boned another car going about 40mph. My daughter didn't have a scratch on her and she never even cried! Our '07 Odyssey's frame was so crunched we couldn't get the sliding doors open, but she never knew! I cannot say enough good things about this carseat. Most people that see them in their car seats call it the recliner because of it is so comfy looking. I recommend this carseat to all of my friends. It is super easy to adjust and cleaning the cover is just as easy! If you are looking for a safe carseat you cannot go wrong with this one!...more info
    We are a Britax family. It is the ONLY car seat brand we have used for our two boys. We just purchased the Britax Regent for our oldest son who is just about to turn 6. I would consider him above average height and he fits in this car seat perfectly with plenty of room to grow. He loves the extra room and it sits more flush with the seat and therefore his legs are more comfortable behind the front seat. We have a Honda Odyssey van and the seat fits on the seat with no problem. It is so important to us that our sons be restrained with a five point harness and we are so thankful that Britax makes a seat for children that need a little extra room to grow from the Britax Marathon. This will give us many more months of safety for our oldest and we will be buying another for our youngest son very soon.
    Don't settle for anything less!! Your children deserve the best when it comes to safety. Young children need more than an adult seat belt and booster seat to keep them safe in case of an unfortunate wreck. Ask any trauma unit doctor or nurse and I'm certain they could tell you first hand what happens when young children are not properly restrained. Some may say that these seats are very expensive but safety is paramount and we have gotten years out of our Marathon and over such a long period of time, they really aren't that much more expensive than having to keep replacing something cheap and inadequate. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Seat
    This seat is big, but it fits in my Subaru Outback. My son wasn't big enough for a booster, but he was too tall for his other Britax. I feel safe having him in the 5 point harness and he loves his seat. It was easy to put in, but it is heavy so I wouldn't want to keep moving it from car to car. ...more info
  • Worth every penny! Young children can fly out of seatbelts used with normal booster seats during rollovers!
    I am a nurse and at the time I purchased this, my son was 4 yrs old. Many people I know are so quick to get their kids into normal booster seats when they outgrow the normal 5 point harness. They buy these cute boosters and use the normal seatbelts that come in the car. They are easier and more portable. It freaks me out! Two winters ago I was working when a report of a rollover came in where a young girl was thrown through a windshield 150 feet and died. She was 7 years old. Your first thought is "Was she in a carseat?". She was. It was a normal booster with the standard seatbelt. She was too small for that and flew right out. It was sad. I heard the mom yelling for her daughter whom she knew had died...all because of the carseat. There were other children in the car that were fine....they were older and big enough for the normal seatbelt or younger and in the 5 point restaint still. That 7 yr old girl was at the unlucky age were most parents feel a normal seatbelt is fine. Many just don't know better. My son was still under 40lbs so he still fit in his 5 point carseat (Evenflow Triumph which I really like still), but I knew he wouldn't always. My son is thin, so I knew he was way too small for a normal booster! As soon as I got home, I researched carseats and ordered this one online from amazon. It was worth every penney. My family thinks it is crazy I would spend that money on a carseat. They didn't see what I saw. It is good up to 80 pounds!! He will use it forever!! I have it installed in a Mitsubishi Endeavor (midsize SUV). The carseat is bigger and bulkier, but it is worth it. I have a 4 month old baby now and will also buy one for her when she outgrows her infant carseat. It is annoying that the belt doesn't click..only on 1 side. After he is buckled, I do the "pull test" where I just grab above the buckle and yank hard. If they stay latched, we're good. The straps have managed to tangle which isn't a big deal, more of a nuisance. My son seems comfortable in it. I bought those "toddler" pillows (Amazon) for the sides that easily fling to the back when not used or you can use just one side or both for head support when he is sleeping. He is 5 1/2 yrs old now and only about 45 lbs. We have many many more years of use with this carseat. Most people go through life never being involved in a serious crash and that is good, but if you are, you would have wished your child was in this.


    Cars don't roll as easily, but SUVS especially do, so buy this for your child. Buy any 5 point restraint carseat. Even a cheaper one is 1000% better than a normal booster and car seatbelt!!!!!!!!!
    **************************************************************************...more info
  • Very comfortable!!!!!!!!!
    This is the best car seat for bigger kids out there; it goes up to 80 lbs and, if your are looking for a quality, secured, and comfortable ride for your kid this is the one you need!!!!!!! you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • EXCELLENT CAR SEAT at a good price
    Best car seat available. Good price, easy to install. We feel safe and secure. Plenty of room to grow for my 4 year old, and also a comfortable and safe seat for my 7 year old. Better than the average booster that is held only by an adult seat belt. Tether anchor gives added security. Would NOT buy any other car seat. We have a small SUV and the seat is very large, so we had to give up the "third" middle seat between the two Regents but SO WORTH it for the saftey. Please check out this video about a five point harness.
    Cut and paste in your browser if direct link does not work.
    ...more info
  • Great Big Seat!
    I bought this product after using a Graco booster with 5 point harness six months ago. The Graco seat, which wasn't cheap, was difficult to use and had a bunch of extra useless padding that tore. This Britax seat, while incredibly large, is great and my 3 year old son loves it. He has a small build so I know this will last him a while and it is so easy to use and I feel that he is safer in it. Staying in a 5 point harness is much safer than a normal car seat belt and he's worth it. I plan to buy another when my baby girl is old enough....more info
  • Importance of a five point harness car seat. 7 year old still in
    Best car seat available. Good price, easy to install. We feel safe and secure. Plenty of room to grow for my 4 year old, and also a comfortable and safe seat for my 7 year old. Better than the average booster that is held only by an adult seat belt. Tether anchor gives added security. Would NOT buy any other car seat. We have a small SUV and the seat is very large, so we had to give up the "third" middle seat between the two Regents but SO WORTH it for the saftey. Please check out this video about a five point harness.
    Cut and paste in your browser if direct link does not work.

    ...more info
  • Third regent I have purchased
    We have big boys and went through cars seats rather quickly. I discovered the regent and fell in love! I feel like my boys are safe and they are able to be in this seat for many more years. my boys are 3 and 6 and love how comfortable these seats are. I think like all Britax products I have purchased they are well worth the money....more info
  • Nice Carseat, Too BIG
    This is a great car seat, but installing it was very difficult. It required me calling Britax. They were helpful, but it still takes 2 adults to install and I still cannot get it completely tight like the Marathon. My daughter loves the seat and it is very comfortable for her. I have a Honda Accord and I would not put it in anything smaller. ...more info
  • Great Safe seat!
    Amazon has the great price on this seat. My son who is almost 4 yrs old (30 pounds, 38" tall) fits well in this seat and can get many years of use in this seat. It is roomy and it installs great in my 2004 Nissan Altima on the rear passenger side. It wasn't as big and bulky like I was expecting (I was afraid it might be too big for my car). He has plenty of leg room and the seat DOESN'T take up all the seat in the back. I am still able to put the cup holder in the middle down like when we had his Graco SafeSeat2 installed. It is not as heavy as the Sunshine Kids Radian. Overall, this seat is worth the price for knowing that my son will be secured and in 5 point harness for years! ...more info
  • Great for special needs kids!
    The Regent is a big seat, and a little heavy when you are lifting it to install, but once you get it in your car, it is good and sturdy! The seat cover is fairly easy to remove and wash, and the whole seat is pretty simple to take apart if you have to clean it thoroughly, which is a huge plus if you have a vomiting kid or one prone to diaper blowouts! The biggest plus of all is the fact that the 5 point harness can be used all the way up to 80 lbs (!) so if you have a special needs child, like I do, that needs the harness a lot longer than usual, the Regent is for you! I think my petite daughter will be able to fit in this seat until she is 18! Also, I can fit two of these in my Toyota Prius back seat just fine, although I try not to take them out very often since they are so big and a little cumbersome to move around. I just leave them where they are and they do a terrific job! This seat is worth every penny!...more info
  • Do little kids really deserve this much luxury..... OH YEAH!
    Do little kids really deserve this much luxury..... OH YEAH they do, if you spend as much time in the vehicle as we do. Our son only complains when he has to ride in the "other seat", in our secondary vehicle. This seat is built to last and well worth the extra $$$. Its rated to 80lbs, and you should actually be able to get an 80lbs kid into this seat(if you have one). Also the seat back is plenty high, for those under 80lbs kids who are in the 99th percentile for height! The seat cover is made of sturdy material that washes(wipes up) well. Latch system makes it a breeze to get in and out of the car when needed. ...more info
  • My son loves this seat!
    We have a large 2 1/2 year old son and my younger son is about to turn one and it was time to purchse a front facing car seat. We are a Britax family based on their superb reputation for safety and we have been very happy with our Britax marathon car seat. We decided to stick with britax and go for the Regent as we knew this was the last seat we would ever have to buy for my older son. With all of the safety reports recommending 5 point harness instead of booster seats as they get older, I was especially pleased that this seat would take us all the way up to 80 pounds. So we passed the Marathon along to my younger son and purchased the Regent as our secnd seat. Truth be told it is not that much bigger than the marathon and fits perfectly in my Honda Odyssey and Volvo XC90. Installation sounded a lot harder in the manual than it actually was and we had it installed in 10 minutes with the LATCH system.Best of all, my son loves his new "big boy chair" and loves the pockets for storing his toys, blankie, etc. I would definitely recommend this seat....more info
  • great seat
    I bought this for my 4 year old because I wanted him in a 5 point harness that he could use as he continues to grow. It is very comfortable for him and I feel very secure having him in it....more info
  • Britax Regent
    We love Britax products and really like this car seat. It is really big as other customers have said. It fits perfectly in our car with the back seat - seat back reclined a little. We also have the Britax Decathalon which we will continue to use for our younger child. You can't go wrong with Britax products. My only wish is that the Regent could be airline approved, but it is way to big to fit on an airplane....more info
  • Peace of Mind
    I have had this seat now for several months. My son is almost 3 and is tall for his age. I refused to move him to a booster because I feel that he needs to be in a 5 pt harness as long as possible. True, it is a large seat, and I would recommend that you try it out at a local store first to see if it fits in your car. However, it is solid. Between the LATCH and the top tether, it is not going anywhere. My son is very comfortable in it. I plan to buy the same one for my 9 month old once she meets the minimum requirements for it. I have owned Gracos and Evenflos. Nothing compares to this Britax as far as quality is concerned. Plus, I have peace of mind knowing that my son is safely in a 5 pt harness for many years now. It is more expensive than some others, but think of it this can you question spending $250 on a carseat that will potentially save our most precious cargo in the event of a car accident when you pay tens of thousands of dollars on a car? ...more info
  • Best car seat around
    We have 2 of these car seats, one for each child (ages 2 and 4). My 4 year old daughter is VERY tall for her age, and quickly grew out of her previous car seat, even though she was no where near the weight limit. I highly recommend this car seat because it can easily serve as your booster seat as your child gets older. It's so well made, and so comfortable! Also, using this as a booster seat for older children makes it more comfortable for them for long trips, and frankly, I think much safer. We used these in our CRV and now our Pilot and have no complaints about size. They fit easily and we have a big oversized box of toys in between both seats. Well worth the money....more info
  • So comfy!
    I needed a new car seat for my 3 and a half year old and I started looking at the reviews for the Britax Regent. I wanted him to be comfortable and get something that would last. Well, he loves it and he just looks SO comfortable in it all the time. We just tested it out on our first rode trip and give it a big thumbs up! It is definately large though. We have a sienna minivan and it takes up the whole seat so be cautious if you have a smaller suv, it just may be too large....more info
  • Great product
    My daughter has been using this for a year and she likes it a lot. Big, comfort and safe. I am buying another one for my 16-month old next month in the big Britaz annual sale....more info
  • Disappointed it doesn't work with older cars
    I am very diappointed that the Britax Regent or Frontier does not work with older vechicles. I have a 98 Grand Prix and my car is not equipped with the top tether. I was told by Britax that this seat would not work in my vechicle and you HAD to use the top tether. So there went my two options for a 5point harness up to 80 pounds...

    Does anyone use this seat without the top tether?...more info
  • Huge and a pain to install, but safe and comfy so who cares?
    What else is there to say? The benefits FAR outweigh the negatives. It fits fine in my backseat of my Honda Pilot, but there is not enough room for an adult to sit in the middle seat when there is one of these installed on either side. It is difficult to install, only because you need to REALLY pull on those Latch belts. My husband has to put one knee in the seat to get enough leverage to pull them tight, and I just pretty much avoid ever taking it out of my car myself. Once those straps are tight though, that things doesn't move a millimeter, even on my leather seats. It feels so secure and it gives me such peace of was worth every penny....more info
  • Great seat but massive
    We bought this seat for our 2-year old daughter. We needed an extra seat for a second vehicle but didn't want to forgo the 5-point harness so soon. We already had a Britax Marathon but it was obvious we'd need a larger seat soon so the Regent got the nod. The regent has ample padding and a lush cover, is built solid, and is sturdy.

    That being said, the seat is wide, tall, and heavy. It has a metal "recline bar" that wraps around the back and gets in the way of easily using the latch system. The anchor for the rear has the adjustment buckle too far away from the top of the seat and is difficult to get tight before it runs out of adjustment. The seat barely fits in my wife's Acura TSX (the front almost touches the back of the front seats, mostly due to my height and the need to have the seat all the way back). It fits better in my Chevy Avalanche but it still has issues with the anchor strap buckle position and the "recline bar" interfering with the latch system. I'm also surprised to see that the latch system is only rated up to 40lbs but the seat is rated up to 80lbs. This means that after your child reaches the 40lb mark, you'll need to fasten the seat to the car using the seat belts--although it might be easier do to the recline bar/latch issue.

    Bottom line: I feel my daughter is comfortable and well protected in this seat. Once you have it in your car and secured, leave it there, it's a hassle to move, the Marathon is much, much easier....more info
  • Very secure and looks super comfortable
    Loved it. After reading every review on forward facing car seats and watching every horrific video out there on the benefits of the 5 pt harness, we bought this for our little girl. Well worth the money. It seems so much more secure than the rear facing infant seat we had her in (even though it was the top rated one per Consumer Reports).
    She likes it too. She doesn't scream as much as she used to (she's always had an aversion to car seats), but that may be because she enjoys facing forward.
    I was concerned about the size, but we have a mid siz SUV and although it is a tight squeeze, we can still fit in 2 adults in the back seat with her.
    We were lucky enough to have snagged the car seat at a super low price with free S&H, so the cost issue wasn't an issue at all....more info
  • great car seat!
    This is a fantactic car seat. My family owns two of them. The car seat is built like a tank and is super comfortable for the kids....more info
  • Excellent, as expected from Britax
    Heavy to handle, so don't plan on moving this seat from one car to another. Provides the peace of mind my wife and I were looking for to keep our children safe while traveling. Wider than average car seat; may not fit adjacent to another car seat. We have a 98 4-Runner, so there's room for two with a little space in between them. We will purchase for the younger daughter soon. Best price ($216) through Amazon vs. direct from Amazon partner. Shipping extra, but reasonable....more info
  • OUTSTANDING Car seat!
    Britax Regent Youth Car Seat Onyx I bought this car seat for my son when my daughter outgrew her baby seat and moved into his convertible car seat. It is quite heavy, but easy to install and adjust! My son is so comfortable in it, he often complains when riding in my husbands car that he misses his other seat in Mommy's car!!! Not just for bigger children. My son is on the small side and he will be able to use this seat until he's ready for a seatbelt. It's much safer than a booster!...more info
  • Safer alternative to the "boosters"
    After exhaustive research, we purchased two Britax Regents for our almost four year-old daughter to use in the family cars. We have always been a Britax family and have found the Britax seats to be the most effortless on the market. There is no struggling with the straps to get a good fit... basically, it just "works." She loves her new seat and says it is comfy. The safety stats are great for these seats too. We really wanted to keep her in a five point harness rather than a booster because of the extra safety that the harness and real seat provide. I love that the Regent can be used up to 85 pounds....more info