Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle
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Product Description

Your baby will jump for joy in this fun, sturdy doorway jumper. Just attach the adjustable, spring-loaded clamp to door frame and you've got an instant, anywhere activity that will delight your baby. A plastic dome keeps the Jumpste's straps separated, so you can easily get Baby in and out. The sturdy bounce spring has a hidden safety cord, and the clamp won't mark door moldings. Height adjustable, with a play tray adn 2 soft toys.


  • Plastic dome keeps straps apart to simplify getting Baby in and out
  • Sturdy bounce spring with hidden safety cord for nonstop jumping joy
  • Spring-loaded clamp won't mark door moldings
  • Attaches to doorframe for portable fun
  • Height Adjustable for child from 5.5 to 25 lbs.
  • Play tray for toys
  • 2 soft, removable, interactive toys attach to adjustable play rings
  • High-back nylon seat pad is removable and machine washable
  • Machine wash cloth seat pad in cold water on delicate cycle. Line dry.
  • Clean plastic or metal parts with household soap
  • Recommended Use: For children from 5.5 to 25 lbs. Child must be able to hold head upright unassisted
  • Minimum Height: 69.5"
  • Maximum Height: 80.5"
  • Tray Dimensions: 17.7"L x 17"W
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • High back nylon seat is removable and machine washable
  • Soft all around bumper protects wood work
  • 2 soft removable interactive toys attach to adjustable play tray
  • Plastic dome keeps straps spread apart for easy in and out
  • Spring loaded no mar clamp easily adjusts to door frame

Customer Reviews:

  • Bumper Jumper
    Baby girl loves this!!!! We chose this jumper b/c of the tray (not all jumpers have one) and it gave her a little more support in the beginning, as well as a place to put her favorite toys, in addition to the ones attached to the straps. I will definitely give this to friends as a shower's freeing me up right now to type this, lol!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I ordered this product for my grandson and I could not be more pleased. It is much easier to put him in and get him out than the other products we looked at. Also, the attached toys keep him very busy while he bounces. I would highly recommend this item....more info
  • Graco Bumper Jumper
    Great, but make sure you have an upper door frame ledge on both sides to hang the jumper....more info
  • love the jump-up!
    We bought this for our 5-month-old son a few weeks ago and started using it right away. He loves it! We don't leave him in it too long, just about 15-20 minutes at a time, but he bounces the house down and loves chewing on the little toys. It's a great way to keep him occupied for a short time before he can sit up and play on his own. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Life (Arm) Saver!
    I am in totally agreement with what most have posted here so I won't rehash details. Awesome product as he loved it from day one. And we loved it as it tires him out before bed time. Only negative is that the straps are not very adjustable and also we have tall doorways (9ft) through most of our home and a few that are the std (7ft). However, I still recommend this product highly....more info
  • Great baby gift
    We bought this for our granddaughter. She loves it. What a great way to get exercise....more info
  • MONEY WELL SPENT! Our son loves this!
    Our 6 month old has a blast each time he's in it which is just about daily. He jumps around laughing and giggling, and our 3 yr old daughter dances next to him. We love the bumpers on all sides so he can't hurt himself in the doorway, and it is very sturdy. It's great entertainment for all..highly recommended....more info
  • Graco Bumper Jumper
    My Son LOVED it!!! It cam in handy on a trip to visit family. It kept him busy when everyone else was busy. It is safe and has a wide leg opening, this product can be used well beyond 6 months old (if the child is interested) It can be used if you have a high or low ceiling. The only con is that the toys are kind of lame and they seem to hit my son in the face and come off easily. ...more info
  • Would have been perfect....
    ...except my daughter isn't a midget. She's 6 months old and 27 inches and this jumper was way too low for her. Even on the highest settings, she was still flat footed and knees bent in a relaxed position. I doubt she will be able to use it for more than a month and we got it yesterday. I'm returning it and looking for a doorway jumper/bouncer that will fit a tall (I guess!) baby. If this had fit her, it would have been wonderful. She immediatley loved it and started bouncing and spinning and giggling. Getting the seat on is a pain too, use needle nose will save your fingers. ...more info
  • absolutely the best!
    My daughter loves this bouncer! We take it everywhere we go...she loves it so much that she falls asleep in it & gets mad when you take her out! My nephew is one month younger than her (3 1/2 months) & weighs 6 pounds more than my daughter & he does not quite understand the concept yet of jumping--so he doesn't enjoy it as much, but my daughter jumps her little heart out & doesn't want to get out! We even take it from room to room for her!...more info
  • My baby loves it
    She's about 5 months old, and she loves to jump.
    The jumper gives me a nice break form holding my baby when she wants to jump until my arms are too tired....more info
    My 7 month old son is very active and loves to jump. We ordered the swing and he has the best time. He loves it and I believe it has strengthened his legs. He stands in his crib, pulls himself up and crawls much better. Maybe it is a coincidence but he has a great time and we enjoy watching him. ...more info
  • Pretty good
    Seems pretty good, except the strap in the back keeps bumping into my child's head - wish there were 4 corner straps instead. My child hasn't had much experience with it yet, so we'll see how it goes....more info
  • baby LOVES this thing.
    baby loves the jumping and laughing and is having a blast. i like the bumper that gives him some protection from the door frame when he swings sideways.

    BTW: i've read and been advised that research has shown these things to slightly retard motor development. so we don't use it much. but it's a BLAST!...more info
  • Great purchase
    Every child must have it! Reccomend with both hands.

    But be careful with hanger. I had a problem of hanging it, because we don't have standart door and we had to hang it over stairs.

    My baby has a grat time there!...more info
  • Used for two babies...invaluable
    We used one jumper for both kids-age now 5 year and 14 months. They both loved the thing. We are fortunate to have one wide opening leading from our den to kitchen and this was a great place to put them while cooking, they would just go to town jumping.

    great if you've got the space!...more info
  • Instant Enjoyment and Simple to Set Up
    We wanted a jumper for our little guy who is 10 months old and has been tiring our arms out trying to jump up and down with our help. We have other Graco products and are quite happy with their quality and value, so we bought this one and were not dissappointed. It's very easy to set up. The only concern we had was how to adjust it higher off the floor. The instruction manual was very easy to follow on this point. It took less than 5 minutes to take it out of the box, adjust and mount. It took about 5 milliseconds for our son to figure out that he could now jump all he wanted and he was squealing with delight!...more info
  • Strange length
    I have normal height doors and even on the shortest setting my 6 month old is squatting to low and can't really get a bounce going. Maybe it's just that I have a big boy. He is 19.25 lbs and is 27 inches long. So, I recommend if you have a child similar to my child's height/weight and don't have a place other than a door to hang it from, you get a stand alone bouncer. That's what I'm gonna try next. ...more info
  • Great Smile Maker For Baby
    My little one loves this toy. She loves to jump, what baby doesn't. But now my arms can rest & she gets great exercise too. The only thing I would mention is the product comes w/a few toys that are designed to attach to the jumper, they are better used as just toys to play w/alone. But over all great product....more info
  • every baby should have this!!!!
    It came quickly and was perfect. I had one 12 years ago with my second child and it has been passed around the family for that long. (Someone is still using it!) I needed a new one for my nephew. It does exactly what it should do. It bounces, is safe and develops strong leg muscles! We love it!...more info
  • Great spring, sturdy construction.
    We bought this jumper when my daughter was 4 months old and from the first moment in it, she has loved it! She entertains herself a little while each day and is building her strength very quickly.

    The spring is both quiet and supple making for a smooth, pleasant bounce. The seat is deep and safe, well secured and very easy to insert. It's also a nice fun color with cool blue seat and straps that don't scream, "Hey I'm a plastic baby toy!" (Which is nice for a change.) Getting baby in and out is the only hard part (around straps and into a seat baby can kick and move isn't the easiest thing). But after doing it a couple of times I figured out what worked and baby began to anticipate going into the seat so that now she sticks her legs down straight for me and slides right in.

    Since we installed the Jumper from a beam in the middle of our living room, we don't have any experience with the possibility of finger squishing against wood work. But based on watching my baby jump, she only really sways side to side when the seat is not positioned high enough, so perhaps that problem is resolvable. I also notice that her attention to the little toys that came with it (and any other toy we put on her tray) tends to keep her hands busy and out of danger.

    One note about the toys - there isn't enough Velcro on them to keep them secure when she tugs on them, so be prepared to have to pick up and reattach the things. On the other hand, I have found that those great MAM pacifier clips work beautifully to attach other toys to the straps very securely.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. The time it gives me for housework or homework or just to eat my lunch without little hands in my food, is invaluable....more info
  • Awesome
    I'm a new mom with a baby who only likes to be held. The first couple of times I put him in the bouncer, he didn't like it. But by about the third time, he began to get the hang of it and now he loves it! I would recommend this bouncer to any mom who needs the chance to rest her arms!...more info
  • too long!
    As other posters have noted, you can only shorten this jumper so much. My baby is 7 months old and is small (25 inches). We've shortened the jumper as much as it can go and even tied a knot in it, but it is still way too long. She loves it, but she can't do much jumping in it. Instead of "the jump-up," we call it the "stand around and look cute." We're going to get another one that we can shorten enough that she can actually jump in it. I wouldn't get this version, because even if you have a smaller baby, your baby will quickly grow out of this one. ...more info
  • great product
    My son loves his graco jumper. Bought this for my son at 4.5 months old and he has used it every day, he is now 6 months old. ...more info
  • Fun for baby, height adjustable?
    Our baby has been using this for a couple of months and she absolutely loves it, always makes her smile and gives us some time to get things done while she bounces in it. I cannot seem to adjust the height very much, she a little over 2 feet tall, but if she grows anymore, she will outgrow it, odd that it cannot adjust much more than that, its too bad because she will miss it when she outgrows it....more info