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Graco imonitor Vibe 2 Parent
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $59.99

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Product Description

Monitors have come a long way and the iMonitor Vibe Digital Monitor is so advanced, to hear and feel your Baby's call. Graco's exclusive vibration technology frees you up to do housework, listen to music or work out with the peace of mind that that you?ll always know when your baby wants you.

The iMonitor Vibe Digital Monitor with 100% digital technology gives you crystal clear clarity, an extended range of up 2000 ft., and complete privacy, so you can hear the tiniest whimper without interference from your microwave or a neighbor's phone calls.

With sound lights, a belt clip, rechargeable batteries, plus low battery and out-of range alarms, so you can stay in clear, constant contact with the little person you want to hear from most.


  • Exclusive vibe technology ? adjustable vibration so you can feel your Baby's call
  • 100% digital technology guarantees no interference from home wireless networks, microwave ovens or cordless 2.4GHz or 5.8 GHz phones
  • Hear even the tiniest whimper with crystal clear clarity
  • Complete privacy so you can't hear your neighbors and they can't hear you
  • Extended Range up to 2000 ft. to hear your baby all around your home
  • Rechargeable batteries and docking station make it easy and inexpensive to recharge parent unit
  • Compact parent unit with belt clip lets you monitor Baby while moving throughout your home
  • Sound lights on parent unit let you "see" when your baby wants you
  • Out-of-range alarm on parent unit alerts you when you're too far to monitor your baby
  • Includes 2 parent units, 1 nursery unit and 3 a/c adaptors
  • Low battery and charging indicator lights alert you when it's time to recharge
  • Child unit battery back-up for peace of mind
  • Wipe the iMonitor Vibe parent unit and nursery unit with a dry cloth
  • Do not immerse in water, place near water or moisture
  • Do not
  • Digital technology provides crystal clear clarity and privacy
  • Exclusive Vibe Technology with adjustable sensitivity vibration
  • Rechargeable batteries and docking station and ac adapters
  • Includes 2 parent units and one childs unit
  • Extended range up to 2000 feet

Customer Reviews:

  • Stopped working
    This monitor worked fine for the first several months and then started having trouble holding on to a signal. The base quite working completely so I know plug the monitor directly into the wall. It doesn't hold a charge so I have to carry the plug around the house with me. Recently (after 14 months of use) it doesn't seem to want to work even if plugged in and put in a location that I know it can get a signal. A total waste of money....more info
  • Poor battery life - expensive to replace
    I liked this monitor while it worked. After one year, however, the battery packs fail to hold their charge for more than 5 minutes. You can buy replacement battery packs for $10, plus shipping. After replacing both batteries, I might as well buy a whole new monitor. The other issue I have is the lights. There are so many lights on the parent unit that my husband put tape over them because he found them annoying to sleep with. ...more info
  • Not Impressed
    I bought this moniter to replace a Fisher Price cheapy that we were using for our second child. It was a little expensive, but I thought the digital cound would be good and wanted something reliable. I have to say I am not impressed. The battery seems to die often, even after hours on the charger. The signal is also often lost, even when I am fairly close to my sons room. It also does not have a "voice activated" feature, so you have to listen to buzz all night. I wouldn't buy this moniter again. I think the Sony moniter is far batter....more info
  • Okay product, but a disapointment...returned after only a few months
    This monitor seemed to have good ratings on other websites so I bought it for our firstborn son. The vibe option was great at first once I got used to it. The vibration is unmistakable and simetimes startling. I started turning it off after being jarred out of sleep constantly. It pickes up the slightest noise excellently. It vibrated just from hiccups! (which my son had constantly). The monitor itself was wonderful and worked really well for about a month and a half. Shortly after the first month the battery would die quickly when taken off of the charger. I didn't sleep well due to the glow it produced so I would put it under my pillow and charge it the next day. Now, not only does the battery die easily, the monitor is also making awful crackling noises and ahs static often. I also noticed that the light on one monitor would blink red and beep at me even when the battery was supposed to be fully charged. Now both of them are doing it and are staticky all the time. I had to return the monitor after only 3 months! I do not recommend this monitor if you are looking for something with longevity. It's only good for short term!...more info
  • Worked great for about three months, then got progressively worse
    We have had two sets of these (returned the first one after a few months). Each performed beautifully for about three months. We kept the monitors in the base for recharging the vast majority of the time. Slowly, each set began getting worse and worse reception until neither would make a connection unless you held it at a certain angle, in a certain direction, without anyone moving in the room! Too bad, because it really did work well initially. ...more info
  • short range- an intercom is better
    I bought this, and wish I hadn't. Regardless of what the box says, its' range is limited to about 19 feet (at 35 feet it is completely dead).
    I switched channels multiple times (as it allows you to select a few different transmission channels for optimum signal quality)- and the range did not improve (this is in a simple one story home, mind you). Wish I would have bought an old school intercom from radio shack instead. Would have been less expensive.. and more robust....more info
  • Great Monitor!
    I tried several monitors before finding this one and none were as clear. This one works perfectly even in our 3 story home. We also have wireless internet which does not seem to affect it at all. The battery life is long and the connection is clear. These are great!...more info
  • Frustrating Product
    This is the first review I have ever written and it's because I feel so strongly about how BAD this monitor is. Another review complained about the same issue where it blinks red and beeps for no apparent reason even though it is fully charged AND/OR plugged into the wall. It's one thing to be up all night because the baby isn't sleeping and another to be up all night because you are moving the monitor around the room trying to get it to work in a different spot! Oh and don't get me started on the static.....more info
  • Product No Good
    This monitor was awful. All I got was static, no matter how high or low the volume was. I couldn't hear my baby over the static, and I couldn't even use this for 1 night because it was so annoying. ...more info
  • terrible!!!!!!!!
    The reason I am here is because i need to buy another one. my 10 dollar monitor works a 1000 times better...more info
  • I was really hoping this monitor would work for me
    After doing my research and reading reviews online I decided to give this monitor a try. Two of my neighbors have the non vibrating ones, one of them loves it the other one said it was ok.
    I let the monitor charge for over 24 hours. Then I took one of the parent units downstairs with me to check it out. The reception was perfectly clear and I could hear every sound my baby made with no interfering noises. The battery lasted several hours, all was well.
    When the battery died, I tried to use the other parent unit, which after being charged for over 24 hours did not have any charge. So I let the previously working unit charge again and it did not work. At his point both of my parent units were not holding any charge. So I took the base with me to see if it would work on the base while it was charging. It didn't. It kept beeping and the red light kept coming on.
    I am very disappointed, I am taking it back to the store. The clarity of reception was amazing but very short lived. ...more info