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Apple iMac MB324LL/A 20-inch Desktop PC (2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive)
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Product Description

The all-in-one iMac packs a complete, high-performance computer?including the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors?into a beautifully thin, anodized aluminum and glass design. The latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor runs at 2.6GHz with advanced 45-nm process technology and 6MB of shared L2 cache, allowing you to run your applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. iMac features a glossy 20-inch widescreen display and ATI Radeon HD graphics that gives a blow-you-away level of detail and realism in games, three-dimensional graphics, high-resolution photos, and high-definition video that comes alive with rich, vivid color. Built into the top of iMac is an iSight camera. You'll hardly notice it's there until you want to launch iChat, Photo Booth, or iMovie. iSight is easy to use and highly advanced. The remarkable picture quality and color accuracy make this tiny feature huge. With iLife '08, Mac OS X Leopard, built-in wireless, speakers, and ultrathin anodized aluminum Apple Keyboard, you'll be creating, sharing, surfing, and playing within minutes of opening the box. 20 Glossy Widescreen TFT Active-Matrix (1680 x 1050, 290 cd/m2, 800 - 1 contrast ratio, 160°„H/V viewing angle) Liquid Crystal Display Built-in iSight Camera with Microphone ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB GDDR3 Dedicated Video Memory Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive with 4x Double-Layer burning (DVD+-RW/CD-RW) Stereo speakers with 24-watt Digital Amplifier AirPort Extreme (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit) 3 x USB 2.0 (2 x USB ports on keyboard), FireWire 800, FireWire 400, Optical Digital Audio Output/Headphone out, Optical Digital Audio input/audio line in, mini-DVI with support for DVI, VGA, S-Video, and Composite Video connections via Optional Adapter, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 18.5? (H) x 19.1? (W) x 7.4? (D) Approximate Unit Weight - 20 Pounds

Speedier than ever with the latest Intel dual-core processor, the Apple iMac all-in-one desktop PC sports a sleek, professional aluminum enclosure that's joined precisely to a 20-inch glass cover to create a virtually seamless front surface. It's powered by a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which includess an amazingly fast 1066 MHz front-side bus speed and super-sized 6 MB L2 cache. Part of Intel's 45-nanometer (nm) Penryn series, this processor boosts both speed and efficiency while helping to reduce power consumption. This dual-core processor also provides an optimized, multithreaded architecture for improved multitasking, video, and gaming performance.

The iMac also features an ultra-thin aluminum Apple Keyboard--with an extended layout and dedicated keys for Mac features such as brightness, volume, eject, play/pause, and Expos®¶--as well as the wired Mighty Mouse. It's pre-loaded with Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, which enables easy backup of your most important data via Time Machine, a redesigned desktop that helps eliminate clutter. It also comes with the iLife '08 suite of applications--including iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, and iTunes--and the newest version of the fast-loading Safari web browser.

Hardware features include a 320 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM (with a 4 GB maximum capacity), 8x SuperDrive for burning movies to DVD and music mixes to CD, integrated 802.11n wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet wired networking, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connectivity, and ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO video card with 256 MB dedicated memory.

Power on a Pedestal

Designed with a recyclable anodized aluminum frame and glass cover, the iMac is friendlier to the environment..

The new keyboard's ultrathin anodized aluminum enclosure features low-profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel.
With its anodized aluminum frame set upon a sleek pedestal, the new iMac instantly transforms your workspace from cluttered desktop to brilliant display podium. Because the iMac's housing is made from a single sheet of aluminum, you won't see any seams or screws except for a single compartment on the bottom that provides easy access to the memory slots. The glossy widescreen 20-inch glass display makes photos and movies come alive with rich color. And the built-in iSight camera and microphone are integrated so neatly you barely notice they're there. Aside from the design details, the iMac is also friendlier to the environment with highly recyclable and durable materials including scratch-resistant glass and professional grade aluminum. The power-efficient iMac also meets the stringent new Energy Star 4.0 requirements.

With its elegant anodized aluminum enclosure, the new Apple Keyboard looks equally at home in your living room or on your desk. Just connect it to the USB port on your iMac and start enjoying the crisp, responsive feel of its low-profile keys. The extended layout has a full complement of keys, including document navigation controls, a numeric keypad, and special function keys for Mac features such as brightness, volume, eject, play/pause, Expos®¶, and more. Two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Experience faster, more nimble application performance and improved energy efficiency with this 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor from Intel's 45nm Penryn lineup. The new hafnium-infused circuitry--which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors--helps to reduce power consumption while delivering. powerful processing speeds. This 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor is aided by a 1066 front-side bus speed and a super-sized 6 MB L2 cache--both top-of-the-line for Intel's Penryn processors. (An L2, or secondary, cache temporarily stores data; and a larger L2 cache can help speed up your system's performance. The FSB carries data between the CPU and RAM, and a faster front-side bus will deliver better overall performance.)

The Intel Core 2 Duo's 128-bit SSE3 vector engine handles 128-bit computations in a single clock cycle, accelerating data manipulation by simultaneously applying a single instruction to multiple data. And its two execution cores are designed to share resources and conserve power, helping it to achieve higher levels of performance since it uses fewer watts.

Hard Drive and Memory
The 320 GB Serial-ATA (SATA) hard drive (7200 RPM) quickens the pace with a higher speed transfer of data--akin to FireWire and USB 2.0. The 2 GB of PC6400 DDR2 RAM (two 1 GB SO-DIMMs) has an industry-leading 800 MHz speed, and the RAM capacity can be increased to 4 GB.

Graphics and Video
The 20-inch widescreen TFT active-matrix LCD offers a resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels. It has a brightness rating of 290 cd/m2 (candela per square meter), a contrast ratio of 800:1, and a viewing angle of 160 degrees (both horizontal and vertical). An ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO graphics processor powers the iMac with 256 MB of dedicated GDDR3 memory. It features some of the most advanced graphics technology available and delivers new levels of visual realism and a huge texture fill rate for smooth surfaces and complex character details. GDDR3 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 3) is a graphics card-specific memory technology that's better able to deliver fluid frame rates for even the most advanced games and applications.

This iMac also enables you to connect a second display in either extended desktop mode or video mirroring mode. The mini-DVI port connects to DVI displays, VGA monitors and projectors, and S-video and composite devices using the appropriate adapter (sold separately).

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

You get a full complement of ports on the back of the iMac, including three USB 2.0 and two flavors of Firewire--400 and 800.
The iMac gives you plenty of room to grow, accommodating as many as five peripherals at a time thanks to its three USB 2.0 ports and the two USB 2.0 ports on the Apple Keyboard. It also includes two powered FireWire ports--one FireWire 400 and one FireWire 800 (one of the fastest peripheral standards available)--enabling you to quickly transfer content from digital video cameras, hard drives, and other high-speed devices.

Share files around your house with built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet as well as the next-generation high-speed wireless 802.11n technology, which is integrated into the latest Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. The iMac is also Wi-Fi Certified to work with base stations and routers that use industry-standard 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g wireless technologies.

The integrated Bluetooth wireless connectivity--version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)--allows you to use a wireless keyboard or mouse, and synchronize peripherals such as cell phones and PDAs. Enjoy high-quality sound on almost any speaker system with double-duty analog/digital audio. Record digital and analog sources through audio line in, perfect for your latest podcast in GarageBand.

Integrated neatly into the iMac is a slot-loading SuperDrive that lets you play and burn your own CDs and DVDs--including double-layer DVDs. And there's no disc tray--just slide the disc right in. It offers the following speeds:

  • Writes DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs at up to 4x speed
  • Writes DVD-R and DVD+R discs at up to 8x speed
  • Writes DVD-RW at up to 6x speed and DVD+RW discs at up to 8x speed
  • Reads DVDs at up to 8x speed
  • Writes CD-R discs at up to 24x speed
  • Writes CD-RW discs at up to 16x speed
  • Reads CDs at up to 24x speed

Other Features

  • Two SO-DIMM slots support up to 4 GB of RAM
  • Built-in stereo speakers with internal 24-watt digital amplifier
  • Support for external display in extended desktop mode: 1920 by 1200 pixels for digital and 2048 by 1536 pixels for analog
  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements with maximum continuous power rating of 200 watts
  • Dimensions: 19.1 x 18.5 x 7.4 inches (WxHxD)

Preloaded with Leopard, you'll enjoy enhanced productivity and a clutter-free desktop (thanks to the the redesigned 3D Dock with Stacks).

Preloaded with Leopard and iLife '08
The biggest Mac OS X upgrade ever, the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system features over 300 new features, including:

  • Time Machine, an effortless way to automatically back up everything on a Mac
  • A redesigned Finder that lets users quickly browse and share files between multiple Macs
  • Quick Look, a new way to instantly see files without opening an application
  • Spaces, an intuitive new feature used to create groups of applications and instantly switch between them
  • A brand new desktop with Stacks, a new way to easily access files from the Dock
  • Major enhancements to Mail and iChat
Leopard's new desktop includes the redesigned 3D Dock with Stacks, a new way to organize files for quick and easy access with just one click. Leopard automatically places web, email and other downloads in a Downloads stack to maintain a clutter-free desktop, and you can instantly fan the contents of this and other Stacks into an elegant arc right from the Dock. The updated Finder includes Cover Flow and a new sidebar with a dramatically simplified way to search for, browse and copy content from any PC or Mac on a local network.

Time Machine lets you easily back up all of the data on your Mac, find lost files and even restore all of the software on their Mac. With just a one-click setup, Time Machine automatically keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on the Mac. In the event a file is lost, you can search back through time to find deleted files, applications, photos and other digital media and then instantly restore the file.

The iMac also comes with the iLife '08 suite of applications that make it easy to live the digital life. Use iPhoto to share entire high-res photo albums with anyone who's got an email address. Break into indie filmmaking with iMovie and iDVD. Then take all the stuff you made on your iMac and share it on the web in one click with iWeb.

iLife '08 also features iWeb '08, with live web widgets such as Google Maps that let you create even more dynamic websites, and GarageBand '08, with its new Magic GarageBand feature that makes it fun and easy for both musicians and non-musicians to create great sounding songs.

Included Software
Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard (includes Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, Xcode Developer Tools); iLife °Į08 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand)

What's in the Box
iMac, Apple Keyboard, Mighty Mouse, Apple Remote, cleaning cloth, power cord, install/restore DVDs, printed and electronic documentation

  • All-in-one Mac desktop with 20-inch glossy screen and sleek anodized aluminum enclosure
  • 2.66 GHz "Penryn" Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320 GB hard drive, 2 GB RAM (4 GB max), 8x multi-format/dual-layer SuperDrive
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi (as well as 802.11a/b/g); Gigabit Ethernet; ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO video card (256 MB memory)
  • Three USB 2.0, one FireWire 400, one FireWire 800, Mini-DVI output, audio line in/optical digital audio input (minijack)
  • Pre-loaded with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and iLife '08; includes wired keyboard and wired mouse

Customer Reviews:

  • My first foray into Apple
    I just bought this IMac last week because my old PC crashed. I would have bought another PC loaded up with 8 gigs ram, 1+terra hard drive, super 22" LG monitor and more, for less than I paid for this IMac if it wasn't for security concerns. The IMac monitor is subpar, there is only the one slot dvd/cd drive so you won't be able to run a mini. I do like the keyboard. But running the darn thing is a simple pleasure, and I guess that's what Mac is all about. So, three stars and the jury's still out....more info
  • wonderful computer
    This is my second mac computer. I am so happy with the first one, that I bought this newer version that allows me to work with the most recent software there is. It's a very fast, silent, beautiful, relaible computer.

    Almost three years ago I bought another Imac, the Power PC 5 (a G5). It works very well. That time I made the trasnsition from pc to mac, and I never went back!! The use of a mac is so more logical. Yes, they are usually much more expensive, but they're worth every dollar you spent on them. It's very unusual that a Mac computer would crash, there are virtually no viruses that may attact them, they are easy to set-up....more info
  • Fantastic Machine
    The Apple iMac (24" screen) is a fantastic just works. I bought this machine one month ago and it has not crashed one time. It is stable, easy-to-use and runs fast and smoothly.

    For users accustomed to other operating systems/machines, it is easy to learn this iMac. Apple offers free (and useful) Mac training videos/walkthroughs for many Mac-related topics...these videos were quite helpful for me as I came up to speed on the Mac OS X platform.

    Like many other Apple products, this iMac works well right out of the box. Highly recommended....more info
  • Not quite as good as I expected
    I am a new mac user and have had this machine for 1 week now. I was hoping for a 'silent' computer, my last dell pc being an extremely noisy beast. Well it isn't silent, the fan has a low vibrating hum which can become annoying. In fact I find that the more I turn the brightness down (which you really need to do) the louder the noise gets. Point 2. The screen is very very glossy and reflective and can give you quite a headache after a while. Point 3. The screen is also extremely bright and the setting option to dim the screen doesn't make a huge amount of difference and exacerbates the fan noise for some reason. Point 4. Software - It would have been nice to have had one or two more games as standard on the machine and why oh why is software for the Mac so much more expensive?

    On the other hand I have found the machine quite intuitive and easy to use. I back up using time machine which is quick and easy. Clutter free - no more jungle of wires hanging under my desk which is great. No antivirus running in the background slowing things down and no need to be quite so paranoid about malware (although I am aware that something could be lurking)

    Would I buy another IMac - depends on what PCs are available and how they compare when time comes to change. All in all I guess the Mac is OK - just not quite as OK as I hoped it would be....more info
  • This is all you need to know about this iMac
    Apple was named in a federal class-action lawsuit that claims the computer maker deceptively marketed its new 20-inch iMac by grossly inflating the capabilities of its monitor. Don't even go there!...more info
  • Great!
    I started out as a Mac User, and switched to a PC about 5 years ago. It was the worst mistake I ever made. I didn't realize how much I missed my Mac until I bought this one. I love it. I am still learning a lot, since there have been so many improvements. I saved $100.00 plus the tax, and got free shipping through Amazon.I received my shipment in less than the quoted time. I am very happy with my purchase and with Amazon. My only regret (and it's not Amazon's fault) is that a new model came out about 2 weeks after I bought mine, and it is $200.00 cheaper...Just my luck.....more info
  • Very Happy
    I ordered this product on Monday and they said it would be at my house within 24 hours. They were right I would use them again in a heart beat. I did just that I ordered one more item one month later and I got the same response time they are a great company....more info
  • Great Computer lousy support
    Been a Mac guy for 8 years, love the computers hate the Apple Support.
    Spent two hours on the phone with incredibly snooty techs. In the end I was told "it's not designed to share it's ethernet connection over it's Airport card". Uh- been doing it for 4 years with the old imac and emac. His analogy- Just because you can drive your Lamborghini on a dirt road doesn't mean it was designed to do it". That's great.... Got hung up too by Apple Support
    Unfortunately for Mr. Techie what I'm trying to accomplish is documented exactly on Apples own web support. Basically I've got a bad Airport card or a software conflict and Apple Support is of no help. If you've got an issue, you're on your own.
    Spending 10 years in IT support for windows I know it's not an easy job, but their attitudes along with their lack of knowledge about their own products disgust me.
    Great computer, terrible support....more info
  • imac computer
    I love my apple computers they are easy to use and they never have any problems....more info
  • AOI and glossy, but I still bought it.
    Note: This review is for the 24-inch iMac, 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 500 MB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphics card and 4 GB of RAM (upgraded from 2 GB). I placed my review here because I do not see the exact same machine I purchased from Apple here on Amazon (and I'm not sure where in the heck they came up with some of those prices).

    I've owned Macintosh computers since the first one that came out in '84 (an AIO or all-in-one). Since that time, I've shied away from AIO's and have purchased separate units or towers. I have been waiting years for that elusive xMac (reasonably priced tower), but have finally given up (I own a 22-inch Cinema Display and had no need for another display, so this was frustrating). So I closed my eyes, and against better judgment, I purchased the 24-inch iMac.

    How do I like it? Even for an old Mac-head like me, I must admit that it is pretty impressive. Like most Macs, it's aesthetically pleasing and solidly built. The monitor is clear and very bright (had to turn this down) with a nice, wide viewing angle, but it is reflective (not a matt finish). In normal use, there isn't a problem (my light source is behind and to the left of my Mac), however, when working (or playing) with a very dark screen background (such as one might see in certain games -- space games for example), it can indeed be distracting. It picks up the light reflecting off my walls behind me. Now, if one looks for it, it easily stands out, but to tell you the truth, and after many months of use, it doesn't bother me like it did when I first used it. One sort of tunes it out. Of course, YMMV.

    One thing I have to say that is positive about an AIO is that there doesn't need to be a rat's nest of cables under your desk. Oh, I still have a rat's nest, but that's because my G4 is still hooked up (with a lot of peripherals), not because of the iMac. In it's simplest form, all one has to do is plug in the keyboard and mouse via USB cables (unless you want wireless, which the iMac supports via bluetooth) and plug the thing in. And I did purchase the airport extreme router, but my old Mac plugs into that (so no additional cable on my iMac).

    Of course I did take the stereo speakers and bass box that I had plugged into my G4 and plugged it into the iMac (so it's not cable free). Let's face it, the sound from an iMac may be adequate, but it is hardly pleasing. Get a decent set of speakers and hook them up. It opens up a new world (that's the case for any computer, not just the iMac).

    I'm not going into the Mac vs PC thing. It's been hashed to death for the past 24 years, and nothing new has been said for the past 23. The good thing about Intel Macs is the ability to run Windows if you so choose (either through Boot Camp or through emulation software -- VMWare Fusion or Parallels), with varying degrees of success.

    What do I rate it? Well, a Mac is a Mac and it runs the OS of my choice, the Mac OS (but as I said, it can also run Windows should the need arise -- a big plus in my book). And I must say that I really, REALLY like the aluminum keyboard. That was perhaps my biggest surprise of all. It has a much better feel and I can type quite a bit faster than on a standard keyboard, and with a lot less mistakes. However, and in standard Apple fashion, this is a pretty darn expensive computer (what Mac isn't?). But the lifetime of Macs have always been outstanding (my G4, which is now about 9 years old, still runs just fine ... slow by today's standards, but fine nonetheless, plus it runs Mac OS 9/8 software -- which this iMac can't do -- as well as OS X software). Heck, I have older Macs than that, and yes, they still work (even the original Mac I bought in '84 may still work -- I had given it to my son many years ago, and he said it worked the day he boxed it up and packed it away). Anyway, the iMac has been fun to use and it's surprisingly quick and powerful, so between 1 and 10, I give this "shiny" new toy (it's hardly a toy) a solid 8 (or 4 stars).

    Why not 5 stars? It's an AIO, which can make it a bit limiting, and if anything happens, the whole unit needs to be sent in. And there is always the burning question of what happens to it when it becomes obsolete or dies (yes, things can and do happen) and you have that nice, big monitor that is now totally useless? That's part and parcel of any AIO, thus the 4 stars....more info
  • Changed Our Lives
    Switching to Apple is totally a lifestyle change for the better. My work PC crashes all the time and takes forever to startup, even from hibernate...everyday reminders of how smart we were to switch to Apple.

    For anyone who is scared, don't be. Sure, there's plenty of different things to learn, but the majority of things you're worried about can be resolved by sitting down with an Apple "Genious" at any store at any time in about 15 minutes...

    Honestly, I know that's pretty generic, but the details aren't important. It's simply so much easier to use a computer with Apple...I get 3x more stuff accomplished and I spend probably 1/3 time on my computer vs. pre-Apple days.

    Will NEVER go back...and delving even further into the abyss (iPhones just purchased by switching from verizon to AT&T)...surely we'll have a macbook before the year is out......more info
  • Had to sell it because of NO INTERNET connection.
    If you are planning to buy a new iMac you NEED to be AWARE of a known issue of constantly losing your wireless internet connection. Use google or any mac forum and type iMac internet lose connection drops and READ. Apple is not giving any solution yet even tough there are thousands of customers with the same problem. After a "battle" of more than six months trying to find a solution for my iMac I finally sold my iMac yesterday. I bought a new PC and my internet connection is flying and always ready. Apple WILL lose other customers like me. ...more info
  • imac
    Fantastic product, been away from Apple for a while. Set up was easy and monitor is terrific....more info
  • A lovely product
    All computers should be this easy to use. It is quick and the programs are quick and intuative. I am now a iMAC fan....more info
  • imac 24" 2.8GHZ intel processor 2008 model
    I also chose the imac 2008 instead of the 2009 base model. I do not like computers with integrated graphics, this was the main reason I got this one, but at a lower price. The higher end imac with discrete graphics it too expensive for me, almost $2,000.00 with taxes!

    My computer was delivered by UPs on schedule, in a brown box. Inside the cardboard box was the white box with the image of the imac. The imac appears to be new, it had all the sealed plastic etc. with no damages.

    The screen is beautiful and huge.Saves a lot of space compared to my old Power Mac G4 + 17inch Apple CRT studio display.It is like I just have an LCD on my desk! The 2 complaints I have is that around the very edges of the screen it looks like a shadow, and it is very SHARP.

    I changed the desktop image to a solid color and i noticed a slightly darker color around the edges, but only a minor issue. I think Apple knows of this, because the top bar on the desktop image has a shadow effect. I think this is to mask the problem that the LCD has.

    Also, the screen is bright but not as bright as some have complained about. It is VERY sharp though, when viewing black text against a white background, it does bother my eyes a bit. Putting on a light or lowering the brightness helps.

    It is not as glossy and I thought either. I thought I would see my face in the screen all the time. I see myself only when there is a pure black background in images and movies, and when the computer is off. Turning off the light gets rid of my reflection.

    Inside the box is the Apple iMac, power cord, keyboard, mouse, remote, Installation CDs, the NEW iLife 2009, cleaning cloth, and the everything Mac booklet.

    I like the keyboard, it is nice and compact even though this is the not the newer smaller one.

    The mouse is ok, It looks just like my old Apple pro mouse, but white, and clicks like it too. When you press it the whole top of the mouse goes down. I like the scroll button on it. Looks like a little dot and you just move your finger over it with ease, but I am having problems left and right clicking with the Apple mighty mouse, it is supposed to be touch sensitive? No left and right buttons on top, just scroll button.There are sort of buttons on the sides, they work.

    I still like my optical kensington mouse better, it has faster tracking and is more responsive than the Mighty mouse.
    edit: I found out that in system preferences, that is where you set the left click on the mighty mouse now I can left click.

    Overall the computer seems good and It is so quiet, I do hear the fans but they are so low compared to the G4 fan monster. I can actually hear myself think! ...more info
  • Come from Ecuador to get It
    A month ago i read about that lovely Imac, so i thought in get it at Ecuador( I have offices over there) so i came from here that moday (order it the last saturday) and wow today i got it at Miami, i been so impressive, is like when i met to my wife ...Love to First see...My Imac 24 will replace to my Gateway Computer, current i use a 22 screen...the Imac have a good screen, its a dream come truth now i will start to save to get my Macbook pro 15.4.....All is perfect with my Imac 24....too Amazon Prime shipping works fine... it arrive to the office at 2 30 Pm.....more info
  • This Amazing Machine
    I bought this computer after I saw my friend get it. It is an amazing computer. If you think it is too expensive, you are wrong. When you think about it, it comes with every thing you need. Also, it is an all-in-one, so no need to buy a monitor AND computer. The price makes sense....more info
  • Aluminum exterior limits wireless range
    On December 24, 2008 we purchased a iMac20/2.4/1GB/250/SD

    We purchased the iMac because of excellent results with two new iphones in the family and the general "buzz" about the Mac. We currently have three Windows laptops and 2 Windows desk computers in the family and have purchased approximately 15 Windows based computers in the last 15 years.

    We were disappointed to learn that because of the iMac metal exterior, the modem cannot keep a signal in our wireless setup, and NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT BECAUSE THE METAL EXTERIOR PREVENTS ADDITIONAL ANTENNAS OR ANY EXTERNAL MODEMS BEING ADDED TO THE SETUP. Each of our Windows laptops keeps the wireless signal anywhere in our house; the iMac drops it about every 4 minutes.

    This seems like such a serious design flaw that Apple would develop additional hardware that could be added to the iMac to make it more comparable to the service levels achieved by Windows computers. The inconvenience of Windows' periodic "freezing" that Apple refers to in commercials pales in comparison to the inconvenience of dropping a wireless signal every 4 minutes.

    In short, we have found that the iMac does not live up to its hype and certainly would not purchase another Mac computer.

    Teri Brooks

    ...more info
  • What a computer should be!
    In my attempt to stimulate the economy during these times of woe's and want's I decided it was time to upgrade my computer. A novice at best, just a user for sure, I took the advice of a buddy and decided an Imac was for me. Absolutely the best purchase I have ever made! My job dictates that I work on a PC. I can't wait to get home and get on my Mac! The O.S. is flawless, atleast as far as I can determine. Keep in mind I'm a user, not a software designer. Iphoto 09 is incredible! A simpleton as myself was able to create a slideshow of a raucous gig I went to (Dropkick Murphy's) some time ago and then export to Itunes to share with the ones I went with. It brought tears to her eyes based on the memories alone. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    For all the reviews that I read the major complaint is the monitor. Too much glare.......Blah! Blah! Blah! Yeah, it has a glare when all the windows are open, and lights are on, and you really want to look for it. For all the professionals that need a matte screen this might not be for you. For all of us others this is it! Trust me. You will not regret it. All it took was the simple purchase of a Nano and some sound advice from a friend and I was sold. Just wait till it is delivered. Impressive how it is boxed! Quality down to the packaging! The keyboard even rocks............I could go on and on.............

    Thank you Apple! Thank you Amazon! ...more info
  • Nice item, but next time I won't buy a computer from Amazon
    While I'm dazzled with this Imac, I'm not happy with the way Amazon presented this item in the search as the latest model. Granted I should have researched on my part, but when you buying something as a gift you really don't think about it.

    Make sure you buy an office suite when purchasing this product. Text Edit is really weak and nearly useless for word processing. ...more info
  • Another Great product from apple
    although I didn't expect the new 20 inc imac would be as great as the 24" one ,but to my surprise the screen is really great and performance is wonderful.
    I recommend the imac to powerful users as well as normal users , the mac experience is brilliant ....more info
  • iMac 24
    This was my first foray into the Mac world. After over 20 years of using PCs, I am so glad I switched. The transition was so easy. Just plug in your external devices and start working. Its super fast and the screen is huge and sharp. Now I wonder why I waited so long to switch to Mac. I'm totally sold on Macs....more info
  • Fantastic computer for visual and/or hearing impaired...
    Bought one of these for my Dad, 82, who is visually and hearing impaired. He loves this thing. I'm a huge Mac fan anyway because of the reliability and quality of these computers but whats nice for Dad is he's able to enlarge the screen to where he can read now whereas before, he couldn't. The audio is crisp and clear so he has no trouble understanding the audio.

    The minimal real estate this takes up is fantastic and while the screen is large, it takes very little room on his desk. This is the third iMac we've bought over the years and I have to say that Apple never ceases to amaze me with their quality and design. Highly recommend this computer.

    One comment and this really applies to all computers; be sure to max out the RAM. I do this as a rule of thumb for all computers and we put 4Gb on Dad's computer and it just screams!...more info
  • Apple I Mac
    Being an Apple user for years I already knew this product will be an excellent choice. My only complaint is that had I known that the price will be discounted a few weeks later, I would have waited to purchase it and save a couple of hundred dollars....more info
  • Best Computer Ever
    I'm a recent switcher from XP for fear of Vista. This computer is blazing fast and amazing. I have the iWork Suite, which far beats Microsoft Office. Best home computer available: Apple iMac.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Macchine - Best!
    I purchased mine after the newer model (2.66 GHz) became available - this "older model" has a faster processor, better graphics card, better keyboard (has the numeric pad), but less RAM and smaller hard drive compared to the latest one. In the comparative tests around the net, it's either close to, or faster than the latest - but we're splitting hairs here.

    A long-time Mac user, I find this machine, and its included software, to be a significant upgrade from my "older models" - still in use. The 24-inch display is wonderful, and the primary reason for my purchase. Overall, it is wicked fast - in every operation that I've done so far (a couple of weeks) - and reasonably quiet (in a dead quiet room).

    Highly recommended to all Mac lovers. Windows folks - take a good look (it will run Windows as well as a PC, in addition to the Unix-based Mac operating system)....more info
  • pleasantly surprised
    I got my iMac in a matter of days after ordering it, and have loved it upon first opening it. It came brand new, impeccable condition. I have loved amazon for quite some time, but never thought I'd go as so far as buying a computer on it. Now, amazon will be the first place I check when looking for any item - even large electronics like this....more info