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Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Card w/ MobileMate Reader (SDSDQR-8192-E11M, Retail Package)
List Price: $55.99

Our Price: $24.00

You Save: $31.99 (57%)


Product Description

SanDisk is proud to announce our newest format and capacity to the SD card family: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) 8GB flash card. Included as bonus is our new MobileMateTM Micro Reader (SDHC compatible) providing users with a complete and versatile solution for transferring music, video, photos and other files between their mobile devices and computers.

  • High storage capacity (8GB) for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
  • SanDisk microSDHC 8GB card ships with Bonus MobileMateTM Micro Reader
  • Speed performance rating: Class 2 (based on SD 2.00 Specification)
  • High Quality microSDHC card backed by 5 year limited warranty
  • Not all devices support microSDHC 8GB cards. Please contact your device manufacturer for details.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dont believe it
    This is NOT a class 4 card, despite the class 4 rating in technical details. It is marked with a 2 inside the "C" as shown in one photo. Check the photo of the MobileMate Reader, it shows a class 4 card with the 4 inside the "C". That is what I thought I was getting. (or hoped to get) I specifically wanted a class 4 or 6. Yes it will work fine, but I am hacked that Amazon (or JoWow)allows this deception. ...more info
  • Works in BlackJack II
    Card popped right into my BlackJack II and has worked great, no reformatting needed. I haven't tried the pc adapter as I have an older SD style fitting MicroSD adapter I prefer. Do be weary as many phones don't support the HD models of these memory cards like this one. I popped the memory into my Mother's Samsung phone (not a BlackJack II) and it wanted to reformat the card down to 2 gig. I've only had the card a month now. It is working great so far. I've managed to install several programs on it and am not even close to utilizing it's full capacity. Loading programs off of it seems snappy. I usually prefer not to order items not directly shipped from Amazon, but in this case the order shipped as fast as ever....more info
  • Simple, fast, capacity enough
    Write speed about 12-16 MBps (!)
    That's cool. And 8 GB is enough for N films, DVDs or music albums.
    Thats' all, there are no words need to say.
    It's just good quality memory card....more info
  • Great Price, Great Card
    The card works perfectly in my Nokia N95-3; recognized without incident. The N95-3 is significantly cheaper than the N95-8GB, and with this chip they are roughly equivalent. It also works in my N75 just fine.

    The card's access times are up to par, and decent enough. 700GB file transfer takes ~10mins. Read time is ever so slightly faster. Great card for the money.

    As a bonus, you can use it as a TINY thumb drive or as an SD card with the included adapters. It's not going to be as fast as a normal one, but it's sufficiently competitive for those that require that functionality....more info
  • Neat and extremely portable
    I use this as an emergency storage device. It's always attached to my keychain for access to any of the following during my daily activities:

    1-Computer data storage
    2-Digital Camera extra sampling
    3-HTC Touch Smartphone for emergency backups
    4-Nintendo Wii (when going to friends house to battle Smash Brothers!)
    5-Printer (Printing out digi pix from phone or camera)...more info
  • works great
    I bought this for my LG Dare. It works great and now I have pretty much every format of memory card.
    ...more info
  • Must have for your Tilt
    Found this very useful for my tilt, I was able to transfer all my image and video files to my tilt. Huge capacity for such a small device....more info
  • Works great in my AT&T 8525,
    Works great in my AT&T 8525 windows mobile 6. The card is a tight fit into the usb adapter, but it works fine....more info
  • Works great on the Sprint Mogul
    Works as you would expect. Stick it in, check memory available - there you are, 8gb less a little bit for formatting. Worked in my pc also with the included adapter for copying files onto it.
    ...more info
  • works with bell mobility canada HTC Touch
    the mobile mate reader works but is a little bit of a tight fit in the usb slot of my pc.

    the sd card works well with the HTC Touch !...more info
  • The guy in the $4000 suit says what else needs to be said? Come on!
    You can see by all of the previous reviews this is a rock solid product at a great price. The addition of the USB dongle makes it even better. I put it in my enV2, aka LG XV9100 and it worked flawlessy.

    I can carry around the entire SERIES of Arrested Development around on my phone with plenty of room to spare.

    This thing rocks!

    Come on!...more info
  • Great buy
    Bought this MicroSD for my HTC Touch, 8GB is plenty for all my mp3, photos and videos. * MobileMate USB reader is mostly why I bought this specific because instead of putting the microSD into an adapter to SD then into SD slot or other... the MobileMate is MicoSD to USB, which is great. ...more info
  • 8GB MicroSD
    When I bought my new phone, the vendor suggested a 4GB MicroSD card for $80. I knew I could do better, but I was amazed at the 8GB price for half what the vendor wanted for the 4GB, and the same fine brand. And then it came in a few days and I popped it in with no problem, and now I have hundreds of tunes and pictures on it and still have almost the whole card available. Wow....more info
  • My PDA is expanded with this card
    I'm always on the lookout for expandability for my pda (HTC Advantange x7501) and camera. This card works for both.
    I will probably buy several more. I use a card to back up my pda and store the card in my wallet. In the event of a crash or my pda is stolen, I'm back up and running in moments. I also use a card to store my excess music. With a small card wallet, I don't need to drag my laptop around all the time....more info
  • Smallest USB drive ever
    I use it as a USB drive, and also have other cards for my smartphone. Data easilly transferred anywhere! The reader is TINY and I havn't had any problems. ...more info
  • Works Great in PocketPC Phone
    Great price for the product and worked in windows mobile without a problem in HTC Tytan....more info
  • Love the product, shipping was fast, great!
    So far I've not had any compatibility issues with the card, it works in my Windows Mobile phone, my PC AND my car's USB input with ease.

    Plus I love that it has such a tiny, mobile reader that just plugs into any USB port, really the best design I've seen from any manufacturer so far....more info
  • Happy
    I use this SDHC in a Blackberry Pearl. It recognizes all 8 GB and has worked flawlessly. The speed is slightly slower than the device, but it is fast enough for both music and ebooks to function smoothly. I have had no interface issues between my MacBook pro and the card after instillation into my Pearl. I did not use a card reader with this particular card--no need....more info
  • Works with CENTRO
    Works great with a GSM centro although Palm's site says centros max is 4gb. The card info app sees only 4gb. However if you load up at least 4gb of stuff (video, music,docs etc) it will then address memory correctly. Even if you load less you are still fine but the card info app gives you a deceptively low reading....more info
  • Must have.
    Very good product it work very well on my PDA. Performance is excellent and the tinny usb reader is a cherry topping on the cake. For this kind of storage space the price is unbeatable at least for now. Get it....more info
  • Hugh capacity, tiny size
    This SD chip works great and is truly tiny. I got this for my new Canon SD1100 IS camera. Looking at the jpg file sizes and doing the math, the chip will hold about 4000 8 megapixel pictures. I can't conceive taking that many pictures. Downside is that some devices that were designed before 8GB SD chips were available may not recognize it. My Verizon smart phone won't use anything larger than 4GB. Make sure that your device will use 8GB first. It fits Micro SD and comes with a full size SD adapter. This particular one does not have a Mini SD adapter....more info
  • Fine add-on storage for 8525 phone
    I was looking to extend the storage capacity of my ATT 8525 phone following an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. The Sandisk card arrived on-time and was immediately recognized. The performance and reliability relative to my previous 2GB card has not yet suffered. The USB adapter makes it extremely easy to transfer data at home and on the road. The extra capacity has been very helpful and looks to be sufficient for my needs.
    ...more info
  • Ideal para el BB Curve 8310
    Todo bien, esta memoria la estoy utilizando en un Blackberry Curve 8310 con el Sistema Operativo v4.5.0.55 (Plataforma, ojo, cuidado con cual sistema operativo tiene instalado en su BB, para que pueda soportar los 8GB tiene que tener el sistema operativo que les indique, si tiene un sistema operativo menor, no les funcionara la tarjeta microSDHC de 8GB. Tengo copiado en esta tarjeta: videos, musicas, fotos, y hasta los momentos no tengo quejas....more info
  • great product
    If the price is right for you go fot it. I'm totaly satisfied 100% Product as described in spec's. To BAD for me cause I can't use it with my NOKIA E65 my phone read's only up to 2GB....more info
  • Ignore the "its a fake" - its not.
    Pros: Dang, 8GB in this tiny thing! Great speed. Comes with USB adapter.

    Cons: Maybe too small? Lol. The USB adapter is also very small. Card does not fit great in the USB adapter. USB adapter chain is cheap. Your device may not support this - RESEARCH first.

    Well, I sure went off on the USB adapter huh? However, it does its job and its not really the product in question. Normally I don't give things 5 stars unless they "wow" me, but this one got close (SO small, yet so BIG!) and that horrible 1 star rating is just lame. So, 5 Star love for this great product!...more info
  • The "DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM" review is inacurate
    The key to this review is:

    "I then formatted the memory card just as I do to all new memory cards, and the memory went down to 3.6 GBs."

    The poster must have reformatted the card to FAT16 from the factory format of FAT32. FAT16 only supports a maximum of 4GB, which is why the card seems to have lost half of its capacity. If the reviewer had left the formatting alone, or reformatted as FAT32, he/she would still have the approximately 8GB of capacity....more info
  • Works with HTC Titan Mogul 6800
    I bought this for my HTC Mogul and it worked great (with WM 6.1) the little reader is very handy, what's there to say, great price...more info
  • Awesome
    I have had no issues with this memory card, nice to have 8gb of music on the ole blackberry. Real fast and exactly as advertised....more info
  • Card works great, shipped without reader until problem resolved
    The card works great, no memory loss or anything. Only problem was that it was originally shipped without the card reader. I called the seller who immediately picked up, and he resent me an SD card reader, immediately, for free. I must have had that in my hands within a couple of days...more info
  • Perfect fit!
    The memory card, was a perfect fit. My At&t Tilt recognizes all of the available memory....more info
  • Zen is perfect size, and comes with perfect accessory
    Fast 8gb of storage for modern devices, that comes with the MobileMate Reader. I attach the reader to my key chain and have used it a number of times when I need to transport data back and forth....more info
  • Works with the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet
    I bought this along with a Sandisk MicroSD-to-MiniSD Adapter (Bulk Static Package) for use with my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. It was detected fine after insertion, not requiring any further installation or OS updates to detect and use all 7.44GB (see below). Make sure your device specifically supports SDHC (different from regular SD) type memory cards before you buy or else you might be limited to using only 2GB or 4GB of space (if it works at all). Also, this card should function perfectly in any devices that accept full-size SDHC cards, simply insert the MicroSDHC card into a MicroSD-to-MiniSD adapter, and insert that into a MiniSD-to-SD adapter.

    This is a Class 4 card meaning that it gets real-world performance of about 4MB (1 MB = 2^20 bytes) sustained write speed, which is about what I've experienced with it. It feels quite acceptably fast for most applications. For example, playing back WVGA resolution 1.5mbps H.264/AVC video plays back smoothly at full 24 fps. This card can hold approximately 8-9 feature-length movies at these settings.

    In the Box
    This package includes the 8GB MicroSDHC card and an extremely small USB 2.0 MicroSDHC reader which can, for example, be plugged directly into a Mac/Windows system to function as a sizable USB thumb drive. There are no moving parts on the reader. An optional mini-lanyard is also included for use with the reader. This does not come with a MiniSD adapter, a full SD adapter, cables, or any other accessories. The MicroSDHC card is *very* small, in case you haven't seen them in real life, they are much smaller than they appear in the pictures. In my case, it's actually smaller than my thumbnail. Be advised that if you don't have a safe storage place for it, it will, no doubt, get lost very quickly.

    Be aware that even though this is advertised as 8GB, it is notated as 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes or 10^9 bytes (decimal definition) while most all computer systems will interpret it as the binary definition: 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes or 2^30 bytes. This means that the actual usable capacity is actually approximately 8*0.93 = 7.44GB (i.e. about 7.44GB of actual space, not the full 8GB). This isn't a con, just saying don't be surprised when you get it installed and it's not the full 8GB.

    File systems
    This card comes pre-formatted with FAT32 which is compatible with most operating systems and mobile devices. You can, of course, format it yourself to whatever other file system you want such as NTFS, HFS+, ext3, and so forth. If you don't know which file system you need, chances are you won't have to change it at all as FAT32 is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. Check your device's documentation for file system compatibility information specific to your device. Be aware that if you format this using the FAT16 file system (might be required for some legacy hardware) you will only be able to use 4GB of the card's total capacity (minus the additional decimal-to-binary conversion loss as explained above).

    I bought this for around 140 USD just a week ago, and in that short amount of time the price has already dropped to only about 90 USD, this is certainly a great deal, and I would definitely expect it to fall more as time goes on, especially once the expected 12GB and 16GB capacity cards are available.

    Just as you would expect from (and partners), this is, without a doubt, a genuine SanDisk memory card. I have specifically verified the security hologram on the packaging to have the following authentication features: 1) Large sparkling 'star' sign in the top right hand corner of the rectangular block with embedded SanDisk logo. 2) Unique, ten-digit SanDisk Serial Number along the bottom. 3) Embedded logo block has a unique amount of virtual dots on the left, right, top and bottom when viewed at the appropriate angles. 4) Dots are white on black (new feature introduced in 2007). 5) Secondary SanDisk logo visible *underneath* the first holographic logo.

    The Future
    According to Engadget, SanDisk has announced at CES 2008 a 16GB MicroSDHC card which will be available in June 2008, so if you want more capacity than this 8GB version, I'd recommend waiting to get the future 16GB version which is said to be compatible with all current compliant MicroSDHC devices (including the N810). The SDHC specification allows for cards all the way up to 2048GB (that's two terabytes!), so expect bigger and cheaper cards to be released regularly....more info
  • Great Little Card and Reader
    I had no idea how really tiny these little "micro" SD cards are. I bought two of them for a pair of Blackberry Curve's that my partner and I use. The addition of 8GB adds tremendous capability to our devices and was worth every penny.

    The MicroSD card reader is equally as tiny. Don't be fooled by the pictures, these are two very small items. The reader comes with a leash which makes it easy to retrieve. The reader and card seem fragile to me (but I suppose any memory card of this tiny size would) but they work like a charm. Installation on our Blackberry Curve's went without a hitch and usage of the MicroSD Reader has gone well too.

    For the money, you can't beat it. Sandisk is a great brand name, that's one of the main reasons I chose this card over others. The final decision came though when I saw that it included the reader as well.

    I would highly recommend this memory card if you have a device that supports it. Marvelous!...more info
  • Awesome Product
    Using it in my Nokia N82 cameraphone.

    Detects it perfectly and provides ample space for taking pictures, carrying music and also having tons of GPS maps!

    Most excellent product from an excellent company!...more info
  • Great
    Great product, very handy for PC transters and pretty quick for transfers
    to card then cards alone....more info
  • Great product!
    The Sandisk 8gb micro sdhc with the MobileMate reader is perfect for me. With the micro card in the reader I can use it as a tiny and convenient flash drive or, without reader, I can use the micro sdhc card as memory for my Nikon D40 (with an adapter) or for my LG cellphone. At around $5 a gb it is a great value....more info
  • MicroSD cards are tiny!
    Every time I get a new one, or take this out of my phone I'm amazed at how small it is. I got this for my AT&T Tilt (aka HTC Tytn). Despite the complications I've heard about newer high-capacity SDHC cards being tricky, some devices not recognizing them, etc - this one works great in my phone!

    Would have got 5 stars, but the reader is so small, when you insert the card it's a pain trying to get it out again. Not a major problem, as card readers are like 5 bucks nowadays....more info