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Angel Dear 14" x 14" Blankie in Pink Lamb
List Price: $12.00

Our Price: $8.99

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Product Description

Pink Lamb Snuggle Friend Blanket. Naptime is always nicer with a friend. Snuggle soft. Each one arrives in a net gift bag. Machine washable. Imported.

  • Naptime buddy
  • Cashmere soft
  • Machine washable
  • Monogrammable
  • Perfect newborn gift

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't do without it!!
    My grandson, now 16 months old, received this Angel Dear Giraffe Blankie as part of a newborn gift basket. He slept with it almost since birth. He has not been without it for even 1 single day. It is durable, totally washable and stays soft as the day he received it. I decided that I better order more since he does sleep at my house at times and I don't want to even think what he would be like without his "wooby". He hugs it close to him at naptime and bedtime. During the day if he gets cranky we reach for his blankie and he holds it ever so close. An amazing product for the money....more info
  • Great blanket
    I got this as a gift at my baby shower, along with a couple other security type blankets. My son has taken to this blanket over all the other's. You know when you see him carrying George (That is what we call him) that he is ready for a nap or night-night. I have been searching for another one for a couple months now, so I can wash one and have other ready for nap time. So glad to have found this item I'm going to get 2!!!...more info
  • My daughter's most prized possession...
    I don't know what we would do without this lamb blanket. It is by far, my one-year-old daughter's most favorite thing in the whole wide world. She sucks on the ears until they are sopping wet, and I will peek in on her at night and see it clutched firmly in her hand. We wash it often because, as you can imagine, it gets pretty yucky. I recently purchased two more to have on hand in case her beloved blankie ever gets lost. I can only speculate as to why it is her favorite, but it probably has something to do with the softness, the small size, the ears and little knubs on the corners and down the middle that she likes to chew on, and how the lamb's head fits perfectly in her hand. ...more info
  • Baby duck blanket
    My son lost his blanket at Sea World in San Antonio, and I was so excited to find the replacement...he can't live without it....more info
  • Can't live without this!
    Our 8 mos daughter received this from a friend and it has been her cherished item every since. This replaced the other blankie she had been carrying around. She uses this when she is tired and needs to go to sleep. it is the perfect size too so that you don't have to worry about her smothering herself since it's only 12 x 12. She loves the lamb the best, but the flower and snowman will do when the lamb is in the washer. this item also goes through the washer and dryer without a problem and comes out looking new and just as soft. Highly recommend this item....more info
  • Cutest Snuggly
    We received an Angel Dear Snuggly at my baby shower. Everyone at the shower raved that their kids loved theirs and had numerous ones. Well it is true- out little girl loves hers! She actually now has 3 and we always buy one as a new baby gift for friends. When they are just born, they are great to throw over them in the car seat-- just the right size. At a few months they become a little like security blankets. My daughter is now 7 months old and takes her elephant snuggly to nap with her. It is the cutest. Oh and I have washed it sooooo many times and it is still looks like new. I'd buy on Amazon since the trendy stores in town easily charge $5-10 more than on-line. ...more info
  • Son's favorite - giraffe blankie
    My son LOVES this blankie. He is almost 3 now...and he has lost a couple over the years...I bought some recently for backups. These are perfect security blankets...he can take them in the car, traveling to new places...and especially helpful for bedtime!...more info
  • Grandma's review
    Product looks great, delivery was great and hopefully this will become a favorite crib toy....more info
  • Best baby item ever
    We received two of these as baby gifts when my oldest daughter was born. She loves them so much and can't sleep without "Bob." When my second daughter was born my oldest insisted that the baby have a Bob too. We looked high and low and couldn't find any (the brand had worn off the tag). Finally my mother-in-law found one for us. The Baby (4.5 months) has already fallen in love with her "Bob". I'm going to buy a second one for back-up....more info
  • best blankie ever
    I got these at my baby shower. Now over 2 years later my daughter still sleeps with and loves these blankets. I am buying more to keep up with the washing wear and tear on the others. ...more info
  • The Lovey Duck
    I got one of these lovey ducks as a shower gift. My daughter absolutely loves her duck and we've had to buy two more of them to leave at her grandparents houses. That was because we kept leaving the original duck at their houses and she just CANNOT go to sleep without her duck. I've also ordered them as shower gifts hoping that other babies will love this duck as much as my little one does. I wouldn't change a thing about it. ...more info
  • Perfect texture, size and shape: My baby only wants this!
    My baby only wants this as his lovey. It's silky soft and has 2 nubby corners that he loves to chew and suck on. It needs to be soaked in baking soda/water at least once a month because it starts to get stinky from all the "loving". I've tried to use other loveys, but he only wants this one! I'll need to get a few back-ups. It really helps comfort him and he adores his "jaff jaff", clutching it to his face as he falls asleep. Buy a pair or three....more info
  • A Must-Have for Baby!
    Love this product!

    Four years ago, we received an Angel Dear Blankie as a gift, and they have been an irreplaceable part of our family since. We call them "Lulu Lambs" and my daughters cannot live without them! We currently have 4 Angel Dear Blankies in the Pink Lamb, recently replacing a lost one. My other daughter has 3 Angel Dear Blankets including the yellow duck, blue bunny, and brown monkey. My daughters are 4 and 2 years old now.

    These blankies hold up very well through countless washings and remain super soft. They are the best "lovey" blankies on the market, if you ask me. I give them out to EVERY mother-to-be as a baby shower gift, without exception, and months later, the mom's will tell me how much their child adores their Angel Dear Blankie. ...more info
  • Thank goodness for ducky backups!
    My daughter grew attached to this blanket several months ago. I had purchased an extra duck, after we left one at a friend's house in another state. Since my replacement was $20 I only bought 2. Then we lost another one out running errands. I couldn't bring myself to go back to the baby boutique in our neighborhood and spend $20/blanket. I'm so happy I found this company, I paid half the price and now we have 4 ducks. That means I don't have to do laundry every other day. Phew! The blankets are perfect and I will certainly order more if our backup stash gets low again! ...more info
  • Indispensible!!
    This is my daughter's most prized possession - "yuh-dee" she calls it. She received several different loveys as gifts when she was born, but this ducky has become the favorite by far. No longer will the other two do, it must be THIS lovey! So glad I found a spare!

    It's very soft, easy to wash, and perfect for little hands to snuggle and hold. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I love this produce. My granddaughter sleeps with it and has lost it once. So I looked all over to find it. She loves Monkeys, but some she is scared of. She is 18 months old and has loved it since about 6 months. It has been washed alot and still looks like new!...more info
  • Mom of two
    This is a great product. My son loves it. It is so soft and durable - our first "lovey" is almost two years old and still looks great for all of the washing and snuggling. I bought a second one just in case we lost the first one and to rotate while laundering. ...more info