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Rush Hour 3 (Widescreen and Full-Screen)
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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker head for the City of Lights in the somewhat threadbare but sporadically exciting Rush Hour 3, the second sequel to director Brett Ratner's 1998 cop-buddy hit. Chan's Inspector Lee and Tucker's Detective Carter hop from Los Angeles to Paris in pursuit of a Chinese triad only to find a mixed reception, including a brutal warning from a French cop (Roman Polanski) and anti-American sentiments from a cab driver (Yvan Attal) who eventually becomes an important and funny ally. Lee and Carter, when not fighting their way out of rooms full of martial arts gangsters and crazed assassins (Sun Ming Ming), follow a trail to a beautiful woman (Noemie Lenoird) who literally carries a vital clue on her person. Lee also holds secret meetings with a United Nations authority (Max Von Sydow), but his personal struggles with a criminal mastermind (Hiroyuki Sanada)--who happens to be an important figure in his life—are at the heart of this movie.

The aging Chan still seems to defy the laws of physics with some of his more spectacular stunts. But it's true those stunts take a little more time than they used to, and judicious editing makes Chan look spry as ever. He frets charmingly in Rush Hour 3, while Tucker revives his brash character's motormouth guile and whiny womanizing. There isn't a lot left to be discovered about Lee and Carter's compatibility, and even with a minor crisis over their loyalty to one another in Rush Hour 3, their all-important relationship is almost too easy to take for granted now. Fortunately, the film's biggest thrills come from several wild fight scenes, especially a climactic battle on the Eiffel Tower that is rich in imagination. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • I do not believe this to be a piece of American culture
    This is a far cry from the first successful opus, and further the previous success of Eddy Murphy. The story is bland, ultra-conventional and impossible to believe. The sub-zero degree of culture is achieved by the laudatory comments of the French popular papers "Journal du Dimanche" and "Parisien" that qualify this disaster, the back of the jacket of the DVD, "hilarious" and very funny".

    Furthermore, if this kind of American cinema had some finesse, he would have been able to make fun of French with intelligence. The criticism of France through the Atlanticist recurring themes of cowardice - our banned sacrifice in Iraq is still difficult to be understood the hawks bushists is vulgar and stupid.

    No-sense screenplay, actors alongside the game, total lack of humour, caricature of the American subculture: 0...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Pretty much the definition of a mediocre film, Rush Hour 3 accomplishes what it sets out to do with just enough humor to make it watchable; one of those movies that you'd be happy to sit through on an airplane, it's not worth spending money on but you could do worse....more info
  • Hang it Up Guys
    We really enjoyed Rush Hours 1&2 and with that in mind went into RH3 hoping for more of the same. Disappointment bigtime. Rehash, retread, boring, the series has worn out its welcome. The disk doesn't even contain an outake real, the staple (and often best part) of any Jackie Chan movie. Hang it up guys!...more info
  • Extremely Funny
    I love all of the rush hours but this one is the funniest out of all of them!...more info
  • Rush Hour 3
    The item was brand new just as described. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because I paid more to get 3-5 business day shipping and it took 11 business days to get to me.

    BH...more info
  • Revolting
    Here's hoping Chan retires & Tucker never works in movies or tv again. This is like a virus spreading moronism. Gaggghhh!...more info
  • Fans of the series may enjoy, but don't go out of your way for this one...
    Fans of the Rush Hour series may (will likely) enjoy this one, but for the most part this is just more of the same action and plot that was in the first two Rush Hour movies.

    All too predictable, all too easy to figure out who the good guys are (and who they aren't) long before the movie even really gets going, like the earlier Rush Hour movies the fun for this movie is in watching Jackie Chan's excellent action sequences and in snickering a bit at Chris Tucker's attempts to copy those or toss in a funny line here and there.

    I have to ask the studio if they really felt it was necessary to waste a second disc on this, and have to wonder about the idea that Blu-ray has so much room per disc and yet this movie was released on two discs and not one? I suppose it was just a choice by the studio, but I know that Blu-ray discs can easily hold much more content than just the movie, or just the movie and a commentary track and original theatrical trailer.

    There are a good many extras available with this release, but those extras aren't on the disc with the movie. In some ways that could be considered a good thing as you might be tempted to watch the movie again instead of simply putting the extras disc in the player and not having to worry about it. It just seems a bit strange that the extras do come on another disc rather than having a single disc with movies, extras and everything on it.

    Further confusion comes from the fact that the main feature itself only runs approximately 90 minutes. (In many ways that can be considered a good thing about this movie). At that relatively short length, one would expect there was plenty of left over space on the main disc to have included a lot of the content that was instead put on the second disc. I suppose the trade off would have been that a bunch of content that is on the second disc might have been left out entirely in the name of saving the plastic used for make the second disc. If that was truly the case, then in the words of Emily Latela, "never mind."

    Is it worth the purchase? If you can find it discounted go for it. If not, try Unbox and watch it that way (and leave room in your cabinet for sets that are better than this middle of the road quality movie)....more info
  • Watching this movie was like sitting in rush hour traffic...
    ...tedious and not fun. I liked the first 2. This one was just seriously boring. It seems they lost their chemistry. The novelty wore off pretty much in the second one. Chris Tucker's character is just as annoying as before, although, he was bearable in the first two. This one was a whole new level of annoyance. Jackie Chan seemed tired. He really should quit making these movies. Don't get me wrong, I like Jackie Chan. I think he is extremely talented and really brings alot to action movies. But, when paired with someone who doesn't support him on screen, he loses that appeal.

    My suggestion is to pass on this one and remember the Rush Hours for what they were. New, entertaining....more info
  • Disappointed
    VERY Disappointed! really stupid, such a shame! is it the third time curse??...more info
  • Not that much of a RUSH
    This movie wasn't all that. Jackie himself says he "didn't like" the movie. So there you go. Anyways here are some reasons it wasn't as good as rush hour 2...

    1 not any great fight scenes... the best parts of it are verbal comedy when chris and jackie are questioning the asian who only speaks french
    and when chris makes the cab driver sing the american anthem.
    2. no story. there was no story . so the black girl has the names of the triad leaders tatooed on her bald head.. so what?? how many chinese people have the same damn name? it could be anyone.
    3. jackie looks damn tired throughout the whole movie. I was reading his diaries on his website . he slept like at irregular hours throughout filming and that showed on screen
    4 . chris doesn't look cool anymore. he's a fat face now. not the cool slim guy.
    5. where's zhang zi yi when you need her. We are settled with a girl who looks nothing like soo yung and can't speak english who plays soo yung. And youki kudoh. Damn you spent 140 million and all you can get is her to play the female villain? sorry youki, but you're old. next time get some hot chick from asia....more info
  • Rush hour 3
    Wonderful movie, relax and enjoyed the movie after a hard day.I saw this movie before but it still good to see again. (Comedy style)...more info
  • Rush Hour 3 - Blu-ray Info
    Version: U.S.A / Region A
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    VC-1 BD-50 / BD-25 [2 disc set]
    Running time: 1:30:47
    Disc size: 28,07 GB
    Subtitles: English SDH / Spanish

    Main video
    Movie size: 15,47 GB
    Average video bit rate: 15.86 Mbps
    DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 24-bit / 48Khz English

    Picture-in-Picture Secondary Encode
    Content size: 11,54 GB
    Average video bit rate: 15.90 Mbps
    DTS 2.0 255Kbps 24-bit

    #Audio Commentary
    #Documentary: Making Rush Hour 3 (HD - 94 minutes)
    #Production Diary: Le Rush Hour Trois (HD - 62 minutes)
    #Deleted Scenes (HD - 8 minutes)
    #Outtakes Reel (HD - 3 minutes)
    #Visual Effects Reel (HD - 3 minutes)
    #Visual Commentary (PiP)...more info
  • they should stop it at the 2
    well, first i must say that i am a big jackie chan fan, but after watching this movie i just feel so dissappointed about the lack of originality in this least tucker was pretty hilarious as usual and the mixture of action and comedy is relly awesome.comparing with the first two they were very good even the second one.but maybe jackie is began to be old and he can,t fighting the way he usually do.i didn,t say that the fighting scene in the third is bad but it,s just unoriginal.without tucker in his hilarious habit this movie will became a total flop.the third is not quite as good but still entertaining.all i can say is that you can watch it if you are a martial art and comedy fan but don,t waste your time and spend your money for nothing by buying it.this movie is just good but not and out to be good as the other 2.i think it,s time for jackie to settled down and stop making movies....more info
  • Not nice - in several ways
    First, I agree with the critics who say there's an element of nastiness in this film. Racism, for example. I'm kinda surprised Chris Tucker let himself be cast this way. He starts out as a traffic cop instead of a detective, against Chan's now being an ambassador's bodyguard. Throughout most of the film, it seems he's the one who makes most of the blunders, and Chan is the one who does most of the bailing out and serious work.

    Second, I think the film crosses the line into indecency. It should be R-rated, not PG-13.

    This may as well be the last Rush Hour film. I enjoyed 1 and 2, but after seeing this, I'll probably not buy any more, unless I have reason to think there's been a big improvement....more info
  • loved ,loved, loved this movie
    loved, loved, loved this movie very funny from begining to the end,i love chris tucker and jackie chan a great combonation...more info
    Well, I think this movie got a lot of bad reviews somewhat unfairly. There was a lot of anticipation building for YEARS for Rush Hour 3. Contract disputes, etc.. I think those years built up a lot of unrealistic expectations from fans. So when it finally arrived - folks were expecting a miracle. No such luck here. It's basically the same formula/premise that made the first two movies successful. I think the third made for a nice trilogy. Nothing earth shattering, nothing groundbreaking. Just the same silly, funny, buddy comedy we would expect. Some great stunts/action sequences, an interesting setting, and some really funny moments. I very much liked the french cabbie and his "warming up" to American culture! There were a couple of low lights... a "who is on first?" comedy routine fell flat, Elton John's "sorry" love song plays during a fight, and a scene with Lee (Chan) singing while being lowered on a swing was just too gay. That aside, a good movie, and worth renting/owning. Enjoy it for what it is... Rush Hour 3. More of the same silly fun. No Oscars to be won here. Just good fun....more info
  • An "international" comedy by some really ugly Americans
    That's about all I have to say about this piece of garbage. Oh, one more thing: Chris Tucker is awful; he is so lucky that the Rush Hour movies exist, since he does nothing else. ...more info
  • Hooray for Blu-Ray
    Rush Hour 3 I felt was not as good as the previous two movies, but still very enjoyable for Rush Hour Fans!
    The quality of the Blu-Ray is fantastic. Super-Clear sound and picture. I have no complaints. Lots of extra features on disc #2 as well! ...more info
  • 2.5--Sometimes this is what we get to what we ask for.............
    I remember 2007 has been the year of the three-quel's, and at long last--after the ambitious excess of "Spiderman 3," the lackluster of "Shrek the Third," the love-it-or-hate-it logic to the "Pirates" finale, the return to glossy form of "Ocean's 13," and the tense, engaging "Bourne Ultimatum" (which gave a great ultimatum to its own franchise)--we come to its end with the fun, campy adrenaline-rush of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker re-teaming for "Rush Hour 3." At the end of watching this I though it was okay but I felt a bit sad that it had to come to an end like this because I enjoy the first two very much.

    Jackie Chan (Lee) acts well as usual (have some problem for pronouncing things but I didn't mind that) and Chris Tucker is still hilarious and he's still loud as ever. The jokes are decent and I had my shares of laughs here and there, the only problem I have with the comedy is that sometime they try to stretch it far to much and you're ending up saying "We get it already", The chemistry between the two leads is still there which makes these movies fun in the first place.
    This was an unneeded yet entertaining entry into the series, but it is basically the love child of the first two. The outtakes as usual are the best part of the film.

    Rumors of filming a fourth Rush Hour film immediately after this third installment were apparently scrapped due to unknown reasons, but one could easily venture that failing interest in the series hamstrung such a project (but who knows ...maybe there will be a fourth). Plenty of eye-candy awaits those guys who like to see marvelously curvaceous women whom you normally would only see air-brushed on magazine covers. Most notably is French actress No¨¦mie Lenoir who plays Genevieve, a dancer with a very special head on her shoulders.

    But beyond that, you're not going to see much that'll intrigue you. The story has been done ad nauseam, as have all the jokes. Let 'er rest in peace, guys.
    ...more info
  • FUNNY!
    I love this movie. It is the best Rush Hour movie made. It is so funny. My husband and I could not wait for it to be released on DVD. The ending is suprising also. You could find it cheaper somewhere else, but worth it....more info
  • I love Jackie Chan
    This is another good movie in the series. I watch it many times. Jackie is so cute and funny. Chris Tucker is too. But my heart is with Jackie as I have many of his movies and like them all.
    Faith M....more info
  • Wow
    Wow i love this this movie. the movie came on time and was in great condtion. ...more info
  • Same Old Same Old

    I am sorry folks, but after waiting over 6 years for the sequel to Rush Hour 2, I found this film to be disappointing. I was underwhelmed by The stale gags that were very entertaining in Rush Hour 1&2 but were just stale in this one. Jackie Chan was actually Cris Tucker's sidekick here. I would have liked a different plot that after such a time lag might have stood alone without the references to bits and pieces of the first 2 movies.
    The film opens with Chris Tucker directing traffic in a street cop uniform only to pick up a couple of girls. Once again we see the Triad as a weak plot theme that brings us back to the Chinese ambassador and his now teen aged daughter with their lives in danger that the good Inspector Lee has to protect again.

    The friendly banter is not as funny between Chan and Tucker and although Jackie Chan can still do his own stunts, but he is obviously not as young as he was when he was still doing his karate action stuff so the action sequences are more shoot em up and swinging from flying flags off the side of the Eifel Tower with a long lost "brother" from his past who we never heard about. The Max Von Snydow character as the villain is underutilized as the French ambassador. And there is no plot tie up of loose ends.

    If you like the Rush Hour films, the film is watchable not as entertaining as the previous films. Paying full price for it would be frustrating. I think Rush Hour 4 would be superfluous.

    ...more info
  • always good for a laugh
    I started off thinking rush hour 3 is going to be the same old "shtick" from chan/tucker. In the end i really enjoyed viewing the movie. Chris tucker never ceases to make me laugh with his delivery, antics and facial expressions. This rush hour lives up to the previous ones, good story line with the usual craziness that puts a smile on your face. This is a movie to just sit back and enjoy the fun, no need to get your brain involved in this one. There are a few stupid scenes, however overall i found this motion picture very pleasing to watch....more info
  • A fun ride
    I am a Rush Hour fan. I have seen them all. I really loved the first movie but this one was exceptionally funny and the action was non-stop. Tucker & Chan play well off each other and their comedic timing is perfect. This movie takes them to Paris where they are looking for the Triad. Needless to say, they come across some interesting characters. A must-see movie. Bought this movie for myself but I gave it to my son for Christmas....more info
  • Pretty good movie.
    This movie is not to good but not to bad and is kinda funny. But if you like Jackie Chan and Cris Tucker you'll like this movie. ...more info
  • Rush Hour3 disk 1 is not playing in PS3
    I still not had found european version- so for everyone- check what u buy! Movie itself was great- Ihave seen it in cinema....more info