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Western Digital WDH1CS5000N 500GB My Book Home Edition External Hard Drive
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Product Description

Preserve your precious memories with this ideal combination of elegant, reliable storage and automatic backup features. Your baby's first step, your wedding in Bali, all your important milestones...all captured in digital photos and video. What could be more important? Store them safely and keep them backed up on My Book Home Edition external hard drives.

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Customer Reviews:

  • If you value your data do not bother!
    I bought this external HD and out of the box it did not work, does not mount on any Mac or PC that I have, even after running multiple tests. The HD spins up, but does not mount or can be found by any disk utility tool. I am also an IT professional and have used these in the past before at work, but even those are starting to give us flaky results! Mine just happened to not work out of the box (lucky me, huh) Anyway this thing is a total waste, stick with Seagate, LaCie or G Force....more info
  • Update The Driver When Using Vista !!
    Out of the box setup was very easy, however Vista locked up constantly until I installed the latest driver from the Western Digital support website for Vista. Since then I haven't had any lock up problems. Maybe my 3 star rating is a little low considering the value I see in this drive for the $, but at this point I'm kind of expecting new devices should work out of the box on a consistent basis with Vista, without having to go search a vendors website for driver upgrades....more info
  • Satisfied purchase
    Had this product for only a few days so can't offer any reliability comments.

    No issues with hooking this drive up. Plugged in the power supply and connected to the computer (Win XP) via FireWire/1394 interface. Drive was instantly recognized and could R/W to the drive.

    No supplied software installed automatically or manually by me. Since drive came formated to FAT, it was only a DOS command away from converting to NTFS. Couple min later and drive converted and all initial data still intact. First task was to make image of C: & D:, about 60G of data. Went with no hitch.

    Drive is quiet and runs cool for a device without a fan, 94F at the top of the case, about a 20-24 rise over amb. Drive turns ON/OFF with the computer and when sitting idle for a period it goes to sleep. Does take a few sec to turn back on and ready for data I/O but that is to be expected.

    I've had good luck with WD drive in the past and I'm not expecting anything different in this case.

    I never ceased to be amazed by reading the owner reviews. One thing that seems to be clear is a number of people want champaign at a beer price. eSATA is not that common of a interface but the Co. should have provided the cable and oh, not charge for it. Drive not working with Vista but what new about hardware issues with Vista. IMO when you are in a very small minority reporting a problem, why does the problem have to be because of the new piece of hardware and not something with your existing equipment or set-up? These kind of comments have little credibility with me.

    After purchase I found out my son has one of these attached to his work computer as does the rest in his work group. Had them for about 6 mo and no problems with any that he know of. That's not saying problems can't come up but isolated problem doesn't raise to the level of "piece of junk" comments.

    Oh, 4 stars, nothing is perfect and haven't had long enough to include reliability in the rating.

    I may come back later reporting my unit has failed but then again, it may run for a number of years like my other drives have. Only had one HD failure in more than 20 yrs of computer ownership. I'd have no hesitation to recommend to a friend....more info
  • Great with Apple AEBS
    I connected this drive to the USB port of my Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (i.e. as an AirDisk). It works great as a network drive in this configuration. The drive is a fast performer and over this network (802.11n) it is able to supply multiple video streams to different computers without performance degradation. The drive does go to sleep (which I consider a benefit), but if you are using AirDisk for Time Machine (not yet an officially supported option, but doable) then the delay from waking may cause hiccups for Time Machine. For Time Machine, you are better off with a drive that does not go to sleep (e.g., some of the later LaCie USB drives). Finally, I don't think the drive gauges (the capacity light on the side) work in the NAS setup but I don't care because the drive is sitting in a basement network box. Anyway, the drive provides a lot of capacity at a good price in a setup that works nicely with the AEBS....more info
  • Reliable and Fast
    I wrote the following about the first generation of "My Books."

    "Although the drive access is loud, this drive is a solid performer. As such, I have made this the standard external hard drive in my house. I will purchase several more for archive purposes."

    This remains true and I will be purchasing more....more info
  • Great drive - don't install the crapware
    Drive is quiet and has a great auto shutdown to standby feature. Be careful during installation not to install the extra (and unneeded software)....more info
  • Firewire seems buggy - Where my ESATA CORD!???
    Honestly I love this HD, and the design is spectacular for space saving. However, I am a bit disappointed with the Firewire being fickle. For two days it worked fantastic, then all of a sudden (without a reboot or software install) the Firewire simply stopped being recognized.

    After using the USB port I was able to use the unit again, but at a sacrifice to speed stability.

    Also, it sure woulda been nice to have an Esata cable in the box since it was the reason for my purchase. NOOOOooo I didn't read specs, bra brah brah brahhhhhhh. But still, a $[...] cable, c'mon. ...more info
  • Absolute Rubbish.
    I bought this hard drive mainly to back-up all the music files I recently had to re-rip to my new computer (about 70GB of mp3's were lost when my old computer got infected with a really nasty bit of malware and had to be re-formatted to insure its removal). Needless to say, I didn't want to lose all those files a second time, hence the external hard drive.

    On with the review... Build quality appears to be good. The drive is very compact and looked good at my work station. Connections are simple; Just connect the power cord from the drive to the wall and the USB (or Firewire) cable from the drive to your computer. The drive powers up and down automatically with your computer.

    Once powered up, the fun starts. The device drivers seemed to load OK, but the drive also loaded a diagnostic tool with the driver and without my permission. Then the set-up auto run kicks in and wants you to install a bunch of junk software. I de-selected all of the various pieces of software that set-up wants to force upon me and click continue several times to effect. Finally I click cancel, and Windows (running Vista Home Premium 64bit) gives me a warning that some software may not have installed correctly, which I ignore for the time being since I chose not to install any. I then try to access the drive via My Computer so I can delete all the junk that's been pre-loaded. It shows up as a hard drive (about the only thing that works), but when I double click on the icon, it just takes me back to the set up screen and once again tries to force its junk software on me. Same thing as above, I refuse and cancel and get the same windows warning (changing auto run in the control panel to "take no action" makes no difference). A right click will give me some options, properties, etc., but I still can't get into the drive to delete those pre-loaded files. Finally give up and just try to reformat it completely, but had no success with that either. I closed all my windows and tried to eject the drive using the "safely remove hardware" button in the task bar, but windows says it can't eject the drive because it's in use (even though it's not). I give up and shut down my computer and disconnect everything once its all off.

    Now things get really interesting. When I tried to re-start my computer, I got a blue screen warning me of certain doom and destruction, and windows can't start properly. I had to do a system restore in order to get my machine running properly again! Whatever Western Digital loaded on to my machine really messed it up bad! This computer is a month old and was running fine prior to hooking up this WD external drive, so there is no other probable explanation.

    I don't see why its necessary to try and force this garbage software on people by linking it to a setup.exe when you try to access the STORAGE device you just spent your hard earned money on. I bought this to store data on, not play with cheap, and obviously corrupt, software. Sure, put it in a folder on the drive and let me install it IF I WANT TO. And whats with it loading its diagnostic program with the driver package? Why let cheap marketing tactics get in the way of what could have been a OK product.

    So, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A WESTERN DIGITAL EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!! Perhaps WD and Norton should team up...together they could dominate the "Trash Your Computer" market.

    ...more info
  • Dreaded click of dying
    Worked great for about 14 months; Then the drive started to disappear on my PC. After doing many things. New Firmware update, different cable, tweaked, updated, and rolled back drivers to no success; even put in a new PCI USB 2.0 adapter. I began noticing a clicking. click.. click.. click.. trying to spin up. over and over. This is evidently not a good sign. I was able to recover the data or at least see it before I resigned it as a hardware problem (This I did buy continually flashing - unplugging and replugging the power and usb cord in until it was recognized). I just decided to send it back to wd. The 3 year warranty is still in affect so I'm waiting on the drive to come back. This is not at all what I would expect for something I buy. I would at least expect it to last 3 years. Mabey I'll get lucky on the replacement before Its death. I would not recomed this drive as it seems to be very unreliable! I'm definitely buying something else next time....more info
  • Too unreliable
    I have 3 Western Digital My Books attached to my PC and this 500Gb Home Edition is inferior to the others (which are Studio and Essential editions). This drive will randomly un-mount or go to sleep while in use. I have lost data when this drive just randomly "disappears". It's just too unreliable to trust your data to. I really cannot recommend it - buy something else....more info
  • If you value your data dont buy this drive.
    This was a real waste of money. I usually like western digital drives so I bought this one. One problem is that the drive will just power down for no reason in the middle of transfering or backing up data So this means that you will corrupt usually the data or the drive itself POOF data gone. The only way to successfully use this drive is for moving small amounts of data over a long time which is time consuming. PLUS if the drive does fail (and it will in a short time) if you want to get customer support you have to pay 14.95 to someone to tell you to send the drive back for a replacement if its still under warrenty(dont worry you will be under warrenty becuase the drive fails within a few months). Then they will send you another one.. WHY? Why do I need you to send me another drive so that I can put MORE data on that one only to have IT FAIL? Do your research if you dont believe me go online and look at all the people who complain about how bad this drive is. Dont buy one unless you dont have alot of important information to back up....more info
  • Plug in and forget
    Beautiful! Set up is very easy, thereafter, it's there when you
    want it, otherwise, it "sleeps" and wakes when you need files from
    it. No muss, no fuss!...more info
  • On the basis of its internal hard drives, giving a WD external another try...
    This was a replacement for an earlier model Western Digital external hard disk drive (HDD) that inexplicably bricked after 17 months. The details of that drive are presented in an earlier review by me.

    So why chose WD again? Mostly for the solid reputation of their internal HDDs and reasonable pricing. This particular model added an eSATA interface option that allows faster (than USB) data rates.

    Installation was problem-free. It powers on and off with my Vista machine, it's styling is subdued, and it is very quiet (at least it's quieter than the PC it sits next too)....more info
  • Power Hog
    I've just done some testing of some of my computer gear with a small power meter and was surprised to find that this drive draws at least 5 watts all the time when it is plugged in. Powered up and idle, it uses about 7 watts, but when it is spun down and turned off, it is still sucking 5 watts. 24 hours a day! That is way too much! I will start unplugging it when it's not in use....more info
  • Beware the memeo virus
    When an older WD HD crashed after about 3 years service, I elected to replace it with a WD My Book 500. When the WD install occurred, it brought along a trial Memeo AutoSync version when I was unable to stop it from being downloaded (no option given and cancel did not work). Now it has taken over my c drive with persistent and repetitive pop up windows and slowed the computer down. There is no uninstall for memeo, only the "buy" popups. I unstalled the WD files and the memeo folder but the memeo remains on the computer and keeps taking over. I did a system restore and it did not help. It is even difficult to shut down properly since the memeo window will not close. WD forum is no help and neither is memeo.. Beware! Do not buy this product and you will have saved yourself much aggrevation....more info
  • worked great, died after 18 months
    This unit installed and worked perfectly, a real delight. Looked just like a drive (F:) on my PC and I backed up to it successfully for about a year and a half. One day, it just turned up stone dead. My opinion is that disk-drive based hardware should last about 5 years....more info
  • Installation has me baffled
    I tried to install this on my PC (XP system) yesterday and have been totally put off by the un-intuitive software. It's my first external HD, which I expected would work like the internal ones. I wanted it to copy the current files all at once, then update them automatically as I changed or added to them on the desktop. The installation via usb2 was a mess. It asked me to install all this extra software but I don't know what the device itself will do without it. There was no helpful information about actually putting the device into service once installed. The website had an additional set of downloads. Some installation failed, some spun endlessly and seemed to have loaded but who knows? I updated my service pack, clicked my heels together, everything it told me to do. Very frustrating. I am ready to pack it back up and send it back....more info