Earthwise 60020 20-Inch 24 Volt Cordless Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Grass Bag
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Product Description

Earthwise, 20", Cordless Electric Lawn Mower, Powerful 24V System, 3 N 1, Side Discharge, Rear Bagger Or Mulch, Single Lever Height Control From 1-3/4" To 3-3/4", Comfort "V" Handle With Cushion Foam Grip, Soft Touch Operation, Easy Fold Handle, Handle Mounted Safety Blade Control, 7" Front & 8" Rear Ball Bearing Wheels, 2 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Single Lever Height Control 1-3/4-inch to 3-3/4-inch
  • Easy On & Off Mulch Plug - Grass Catcher - Discharge Chute
  • Handle Mounted Safety Blade Control and Safety Key
  • Comfort "V" Handle, with Cushion Grip, Soft Touch Operation - with Easy Fold Handle
  • Ball Bearing Wheels - Rolls Easy - Last Longer - 7-Inch Front and 8 Inch Rear

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Mower!
    I love this mower! No cord, and no gas smell. I have mowed my yard twice on the initial charge, and still have charge left!! Amazon had the best price on this mower, even beat Walmart!!...more info
  • OK. Nothing outstanding
    I bought this since the Black and Decker CMM1000 I own will not hold a large enough charge to completely mow my yard. This mower will run about as long as the B&D on a charge.

    Plus - Steel deck instead of plastic. Easy to assemble. Multiple discharge options.

    Minus - Battery status indicator lights are not bright enough to see in bright sunlight - unable to monitor charge status. Safety lever is only on one side. You must always hold on with your right hand to keep it running.

    All in all, I find it comparable with the B&D mower I own. I prefer the B&W since it has a battery status meter and the safety power bar goes across the width of the handle....more info
  • Excellent Mower
    For the past few years I have had a lawn service mowing my yard. Since I am retiring soon I decided to once again start doing it myself. However, I did not want to but a gas powered mower. I researched the three cordless electrics that received the highest praise in online reviews. As a designer I really appreciate the aesthetic of the Neuton but it comes with a price. The Black and Decker was a possibility but it DOES NOT have a detachable battery. This was important to me as the mower will be stored in a garden shed that does not have electricity. The Earthwise got very good marks for mowing and battery life. They sell two models - with and without detachable battery. I saved over $100 by purchasing the Earthwise over the Neuton and so far (two lawn cuttings) I'm extremely satisfied. I have about 1/4 of an acre of grass and I've mowed it twice on one charge and am still showing at least a half charge. I've read complaints about its weight but it does not really seem any different from pushing a gas mower around. I LOVE the instant on - no shoulder wrenching yanks to get it started. I use the mulching plug when I mow and it does an excellent job even with damp grass mowing to about a 2 1/2inch height. Don't know how it would do wading through 6 or 7 inch high grass because I usually mow at about 4 inches.
    The build quality is very good- very little plastic on this mower. All in all a great cordless electric mower....more info
  • Great purchase!
    This is a great product! I have been wanting an electric mower for a while but didn't want to have to worry about cords. This product charged much faster for me than the 12 hours indicated in the materials. I am able to mow my entire medium sized yard with one charge and it mulches great. It is so nice to be able to turn the mower off and on quickly without pull cords/throwing out your back. I love the quieter operation and the lack of exhaust, plus I love helping out the planet in my small way. I would definitely buy it again. ...more info
  • it's a damn piece of freakin junk!!!
    Worked fine the first day. Now it won't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes!!!!! GARBAGE!!! GARBAGE!!! $315.00 RIP-0FF!!!!!...more info
  • Great electric mower
    Bought this 2 months ago when grass was very tall and high setting it cut it right down (with some muscle). Now that the grass is more normal size I can cut the yard 3 times on a charge. Normal size lawn...front and back yards (about 2,000 sq feet). Mower is powerful due to heavy battery which makes it heavier that my old electric mower, but still easy to push....take the battery out if you want to lift it.
    Raising and lowering is done with one lever....machine seems very solid.
    Charging is easy but must not be overcharged (24 hours max). That's the only trickle charge. My old mower had trickle changer
    which is much better idea. I haven't looked to see if a trickle chargers is available for this mower.
    Controls are easy....and I like the 20" cut.
    I only use mulcher function...which works very well....more info
  • Beauty is as beauty does
    I have the differently-branded Homelite UT-13122; basically the same mower. Works great for my small, standard city plot. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars: living in Chicago, I wish the batteries were more easily removeable for winter storage. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty darn easy! But they could've made it even easier.

    And speaking of batteries...

    They're *very* easily user-replacable. Undo 4 screws that secure the black cover to the base to access the battery compartment. Undo the leads from the battery terminals using a screwdriver and wrench. Loosen the straps that hold the batteries in place. Pull out old batteries. Drop in new batteries. Re-secure straps, leads, and cover. Done!

    Don't bother with the Homelite / Earthwise battery replacements. Last I checked, they ran ~$94 (!) each + shipping. This battery is a drop-in replacement at almost 1/3 the price: You can probably even find a local store that carries a comparable battery and save on shipping.

    I found a wiring diagram online earlier, but now I can't find it. At any rate, if you're worried about screwing up re-attaching the leads, take a digital picture before swapping batteries. I'm all thumbs, and I replaced the batteries just fine....more info
  • Cordless mower
    Mower performs as expected. and recharges rather quickly. It takes me 20 minutes to cut my lawn and that barely dents the available charge. I replaced a self propelled gas mower and this mower takes about as much effort to push as the other one did to guide it around turns etc. Am happy with the purchase. ...more info
  • Love this lawn mower!
    We have a very small yard and get 3 to 4 mows off of one charge! I absolutely love this lawn mower. It is very easy to adjust the wheel height. It has a very solid, well-built feel to it. I can switch from bagging to mulching in a second. I don't understand what the person's problem was who wrote a review saying how difficult it was to get out of the box. I rolled it right out and began mowing. I cuts beautifully! Our yard looks great and actually looks better now with this mower than with our old one. Super simple! Love it! I'm very happy I bought it and would highly recommend it to everyone!
    ...more info
  • Great mower, but some problems
    This mower is pretty good. The obvious pros are that it doesn't use gas, it doesn't emit nasty fumes, and it's easy to start. It's not good in very tall or wet grass, but it works fine for dry grass that isn't terribly long.
    The cons: The rubber handle grip thing tore to shreds after only a couple of uses. Also, the rubber cover you put on the back to mulch the grass got caught in the blade and got shredded. The cover shouldn't be long enough to catch in the blades, because you have to back up sometimes and you shouldn't have to shut off the mower every time you back up.
    All in all it's a good mower.
    ...more info
  • I love it!
    I never thought I'd get excited about a lawn mower but this thing is great. It doesn't smell or vibrate like a gas mower. Maintenance should be very minimal. And it mows just as well as my old gas mower. I always hated the noise and smog of a gas mower and reel mowers just aren't worth the time and effort for my situation. The initial cost is steep but I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Mower
    Only problem is mower is pretty heavy for hills. Otherwise I like it's performance....more info
  • Electric Fun - It works as advertised!
    My Gas mower was having some issues this spring and I decided I did not want to hassle with piecemeal fixing the unit. While shopping I decided to explore a cordless electric mower. As another reviewer noted this mower branded as Earthwise is the same essential mower as the Homelite Cordless Mower (model# UT13122) sold exclusively at Home Depot. The only difference is the color scheme and branding.

    I finally decided to go with this particular model and I have not been disappointed. This unit fits my needs perfectly. The power is adequate, the charge is enough and the weight is nice. With this all said it is important to note that a cordless mower is not for everyone. It has limited range until it needs to be charged and the charging process is really about 15 hours for a complete charge. I waited a full 2 months after buying before writing this review to ensure that I was fully capturing my experience thus far.

    Here are the pros and cons.

    1. Extremely light. Very easy to push due to the sub 100 pound weight of the device.
    2. 20 inch cutting path is as wide and in most cases wider then competing cordless mower models.
    3. Very clean cut of grass.
    4. Mulch plug works excellent. I have yet to have to use the bag.
    5. Instant on. You can stop and start the engine with s single pull of a lever. (There is a safety key so you can make this inoperable while away). Awesome! Great for maneuvering around obstacles.
    6. One lever height control. I use 2" height. My lawn looks great!
    7. The battery seems to hold the charge well for at least a week or two between charges.
    8. Mulching plug is a quick and easy process. No headache here!
    9. Easy fold down of handle for storage. Handy in winter areas for indoor storage to save life of battery.

    1. Charge lasts about 60 minutes before recharge is needed. It is also notable that the last 20 minutes or so of the charge is not as powerful as the first 40 minutes. There is a noticeable degradation of the power although it is still usable.
    2. Noise is lower then a standard mower but not as much as you might think with a pure electric mower.
    3. Rattles a bit. I am not sure how to describe this one except it gets more pronounced the faster I push the unit while mowing.
    4. There is no powered propulsion but with the unit as light as it is this is not a big deal. Also I ma not willing to give up more power to a propulsion system anyway.
    5. It can bog down in very heavy grass versus a heavy duty gas mower. This isn't a big deal as you just back up again but you don't want to clean up foot long grass with this unit.
    6. Battery is not user replaceable. I would really like to see the battery either hot swappable or at least user replaceable. The biggest con in my view.
    7. The 15 hour time frame for fully charging the battery means there is some planning needed to mow the lawn.

    1. 24 Volt Battery
    2. Push (Not powered)
    3. 20" cut width
    4. Steel Deck
    5. 3 in 1 design (Side discharge, Bagger and Mulcher)
    6. Height Adjust from 1.5" to 3.75"
    7. Front Wheel Diameter 7"
    8. Rear Wheel Diameter 8"
    9. Charge time (4 hours for 70% charge) 10-15 hours for full charge
    10. Single lever height adjustment.
    11. Fold down handle for storage.
    12. Safety key for start.

    This is really a great mower for the price. It is clean and efficient. I no longer smell like a refinery every time I mow the grass. I can mow on Ozone action days and it does get some stares from the neighborhood. This is a very useful piece of equipment if you do not have a lawn that would take more then 60 minutes to mow. Only the somewhat limited battery charge and the fact that the battery is not user changeable keep this at 4 rather then 5 stars for me....more info
  • Hard to push
    This mower runs and cuts fine. But it is hard to push. It is much harder to push than my 6hp gasoline mower. I think that if it had larger diameter wheels maybe three inches larger and perhaps a 1/2 inch wider wheel, it would be much easier to push!

    If you want to get exercise while you mow, than this mower is for you!!...more info
  • Fabulous!!!!
    I cannot believe how easy it is to use this lawnmower. I live in the city and have a very small yard and it only takes about 1/2 hour to do the front and back. The fact that this lawnmower does not have a pull starter is what attracted me to it in the first place and I have to say that the easy start mechanism on the handle is the best. If you want to stop during the cut you simply release it and then put it back in place again when you're ready to start. No oil, no gas, no electric cord to hassle with, just a simple cordless electric mower....more info