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NeatReceipts Professional Mobile Receipt and Document Scanner and Software Combination Version 3.0
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Product Description

NeatReceipts helps you get rid of paper by scanning and organizing everything in a database on your computer. NeatReceipts is committed to helping you stay organized without the paper mess at work, at home and on the go. From receipts and expense reports to business documents and business cards, you can now manage your paperwork with ease. Keep organized, digital files in a database on your PC by simply sending documents through the scanner and the software will automatically handle the rest, ensuring you have ideal image scans. The lightweight, portable scanner weighs less than one pound, measures only 10.8 x 1.6 x 1.3 and powered by a single USB cord. It conveniently fits into your briefcase or laptop carrying case. Using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, NEAT Receipts extracts key information from your receipts and business cards and inserts it into corresponding fields on a spreadsheet, filling in the information so you don't have to. Your receipts will be easy to find because NEAT Receipts keeps track of purchases by vendor, date, expense category and even recognizes the last 4 digits of credit cards. Simplifies tax preparation for home with digital images of all your receipts, organized by their appropriate tax form and schedules. Streamline tax prep with NEAT Receipts Professional. You can scan your tax-related receipts into your computer and organize them by their appropriate IRS categories. Perfect for the road warrior to quickly prepare expense reports that include copies of your receipts. Clear off your desk and electronically manage documents such as meeting notes, invoices, contracts, and faxes. Now you scan and organize contracts, medical forms, financial statements, warranties, letters, articles, and recipes. NEAT Receipts helps you organize information with customizable fields - expense category, vendor, client, date range, and payment type Designed for Microsoft Vista, Windows XP and 2

NeatReceipts Version 3.0 is the easiest way for individuals and small businesses to manage expenses, prepare for taxes, create expense reports, and scan business cards. But it not all just for business--you can also use Neat Receipts for scrapbooking, archiving family recipes, and other family activities. NEAT Receipts is a portable scanner and software solution that accurately scans receipts, documents and business cards. Patented technology scans items and captures data from the printed documents, then automatically organizes into a database.

Use NeatReceipts 3.0 to manage expenses, prepare for taxes, create expense reports, and scan business cards.

Sync contact information into Outlook, Plaxo or vCard from your business cards. View example.

Organize expenses by IRS form and category. View example.

Scan documents, recipes, and more and then convert them to PDF and organize in one central location. View example.
Organize Your Paper, Simplify Your Life

Maintain accurate records of all your expenses. Analyze your spending by vendor, date, project, client and more.

Take Pain Out of Tax Prep - IRS-accepted!
Because your NEAT Receipts scans are IRS-accepted digital copies, you'll be incredibly organized for taxes. You can even export to TurboTax.

Create A Document Database
Easily manage documents for your business, home or both. Quickly find information with keyword search. Create PDF files or convert printed documents to editable text.

Digitize Your Business Cards
Getting business cards into Outlook?, your PDA, or other contact management solution id a breeze. NEAT Receipts automatically extracts key data with stunning accuracy.

Automate Your Expense Reports
With all your receipts in crisp, digital format, creating professional expense reports is fast and easy. The perfect tool for business travelers!

Exports data to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Money, Quickbooks, Quicken, TurboTax, TaxCut, csv, vCard, Plaxo, ACT!, HTML and more.

How NeatReciepts Works

NeatScan Technology Using advanced Optical Character Recognition, NeatScan technology (patent pending) extracts key information from your receipts, such as date, amount, payment method, expense category and vendor. If you scan in business cards, NeatScan automatically pulls out information like name, company, address, phone numbers, email address etc.

NeatScan actually learns to associate an expense category (such as meals or lodging) to a particular vendor (brands such as Starbucks or Hilton) so you don't have to type in the information each time. This ensures that your financial records are filed consistently and with minimal effort.

Each user of NeatReceipts Professional 3.0 receives the NeatReceipts scanner--a lightweight, portable, durable color scanner. Our software was designed with this scanner in mind and offers the following unmatched functionality:

  • Auto-sizes any scanned receipt or document.
  • Auto-crops and auto-rotates any scanned receipt or document.
  • Scan widthwise or lengthwise -- the image will appear upright in image viewer.
  • Powered by USB port, so no plug needed (it's truly portable!).
  • Scans quickly and easily without opening and closing scanner lid (flatbed).
  • Small, portable and lightweight. Perfect for the office, the home and the road!
What's New with NeatReceipts 3.0

Scan to PDF - In just a few easy steps, you can convert paper documents into PDF format.

Searchable PDF - Easily turns paper into searchable PDF files and allows you to edit text via copy / paste function.

Smart SortingTM - Allows users to scan multiple document types using batch-type processing and automatically organizes each document type.

Keyword Search - Search through receipts, business cards and documents for specific keywords that appear in scanned text.

Convert to Editable Text - Convert printed documents to text that you can edit.

Windows Vista Compatible - We are now fully compatible with Windows Vista.

Technical Specifications - Scanner

  • Portable Color / Grayscale / BW CIS
  • No external power supply needed; runs off USB power
  • Maximum Resolution 600 dpi
  • Speed: approximately 3-4 receipts per minute
  • Interface: USB 1.0 & 2.0 compatible
  • Scan Area: 1" x 1" to 8.5" x 14 (up to 30" long)
  • Scanner Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.8" x 1.6" x 1.3"
  • Scanner Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Bit Depth: Color: 48-bit input, 24/48-bit output;
  • Grayscale: 16-bit input, 8/16-bit output; B/W: 1-bit

Technical Specifications - Software

  • Images can be saved in JPEG and PDF formats
  • Export to: XLS (Microsoft Excel), .RTF (Microsoft Word), .OFX (Quicken, Microsoft Money), .IIF (Quickbooks), .QIF (Quicken), .CSV, .HTML, .PDF, Microsoft Outlook
  • Direct to Quickbooks export (No separate export file required)
  • Supports sending emails using third party MAPI clients (e.g. Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, etc.)
  • NEAT Receipts scans in grayscale to minimize image size (scanner supports color)
  • Reads U.S. and Canadian receipts and business cards
  • Uses Microsoft .Net 2.0 & MS SQL Express
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (64 bit is not currently supported)

What's in the Box
Scanner, carrying case, stand

  • Portable scanner can scan receipts, documents, and business cards
  • Automatically extracts key information from scanned receipts; can export to Excel, Quickbooks, TaxCut, and more
  • Scans are IRS-accepted digital copies, making tax preparation a snap
  • USB interface also provides power so no AC adapter needed
  • Device measures 10.8 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Saves time, in the long run
    I'm still getting the hang of it, but I'm really hoping that this saves me the hours of adding up receipts come tax time. It's taking a while to scan in the previous months receipts, but hopefully it will all be worth it....more info
  • Used it for years; can't live without it.
    I really can't understand the real negative reviews some have given -- makes me wonder about their depth of computer acumen. I've used this product for years and have recommended it to fellow road warriors who also love it. It saves my neck being able to find receipts that I might need to get a refund or print up to get expenses reimbursed. Its OCR is as good as any -- especially considering the state of some of my receipts. I often have to adjust the image and have it reanalyze for some of the receipts that have faded too much. But it does a good job of this.

    But there are some reasons I can't give it 5 stars. They need to improve the reporting engine so you can ask it to find all receipts with multiple criteria and have it search through the whole database instead of just selected folders. This functionality shouldn't be too hard.

    But you have to give the company credit. They are currently (as of July 2008) have a beta project running to scan directly in to MS-Office applicaitons. And they often ask for you to send receipts that didn't scan well to them so they can improve their OCR (at least once / year). So this is a company continually improving their product.

    In fact, I've just about stopped using Scansoft Paperport from Nuance because this program is more convenient. Just make sure to schedule database backups to happen automatically....more info
  • It Does What It Says It Will Do!
    Neat Receipts is amazing. It actually does as it is advertised to do. It has saved us many hours of hand entering receipts, and we have an electronic copy. NeatReceipts also sells a business card scanner program. I thought you needed both, but Neat Receipts does it all. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Takes Time
    This is a little more complicated and time-consuming that we thought it would be. However, we have not used it a lot and will have a better idea near the end of the year when we do our taxes....more info
  • Operating system warning
    This product will not work with the Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit operating system. No part of the software will load. There is no patch available and two attempts to reach tech support by phone failed to reach a live person and an email inquiry was unanswered. This limitation waqs not disclosed before I purchased the product....more info
  • Keeping me honest about expenses
    Recently retired; NeatReceipts forces me to take a close look at spending on a "fixed" income....a bit of a shock at how revealing this device assists me in seeing where the money is going. The unit is fairly intuitive. Am having difficulty inputing receipts using blue ink on yellow paper. Otherwise I am pleased....more info
  • Neat Receipts
    I love this thing! One of the best inventions ever. No need to keep receipts all over the place. Scan them and file them by category.
    Can sort your stuff for you as well. No more excuses to be disorganized....more info
  • Amazing
    Ok..I was as skeptical as the rest of you regarding horrible reviews. However, I chose to try it anyway, and I'm so glad I did. I received the items yesterday. Read the instructions and downloaded the software. I have Windows XP and the company website states there is a new upgrade (3.1) that handles service packs with XP and their related problems. I was careful and did everything as the instructions stated. I had to calibrate the scanner twice, but low and behold, this thing is AWESOME. I did over 60 receipts in less than an hour, with my kid feeding them through the scanner. Highly recommend....more info
  • good Idea, Overall Product below Expectations
    If you are a road warrior as I am, (180 days of the year out of the country), the thought of simplifying handling of receipts is fantastic. I kept walking by the Kiosk at the airport and finally purchased the PC version as they did not have the MAC version out yet. My excitement became utter disappointment in the overall lack of functionality the product has, program errors/ bugs, and constant locking up. I finally got the mac version, and the only decent thing is that it is faster than the PC, but has even less functionality.
    I finally had to accept that all I can do is just scan my receipts and attach to an email with my company expense report- it's like having a mobile file cabinet, with out carrying all those receipts.
    If you are considering this, do not expect allot, and their customer support - whilst nice, are great in providing work-arounds for the lack of functionality the product has - but then, that is not the intent of customer support.

    My organization was looking at purchasing one for every consultant - 210 of us, and we decided against it, when I let our finance and colleagues use mine for a bit.
    I would recommend that if you are considering this, review the comments, and consider how you really want to use it.
    Lastly, the sales people at the airport Kiosk are not well informed, lots of the responses to my questions where "I do not really know", or "I think it can do that"...that should of been a warning sign.......more info
  • Almost Perfect
    This is a good scanner. Clear directions, doesn't need an electrical socket, gives a good clear image.
    But if I have a full page receipt, the machine stubbornly refuses to recognize it as a receipt. So I have to add full page receipts manually to tax and other financial docs which is a pain. Perhaps there is a way to do this? If anyone out there knows, please let me know....more info
  • Neat receipt and document scanner
    I ordered this for my daughter who said she needed it for her realty business in Las Vegas so far she really likes it and is very happy with it's performance....more info
  • When it works, it's great...
    The scanner I ordered worked great for small receipts, but full pages only scanned half the page. I went back and forth with the e-mail customer service, them having me recalibrate and switch cords on and on for a week and a half. Finally I called them and they told me they were going to send me another scanner, but it hasn't arrived yet....more info
  • I travel for business 45 out of 52 weeks of the year
    It works as advertised and has easy set-up. It is able to identify 99.5% of my travel receipts. Easily fits into my laptop bag. Cuts down on the amount of paper that I have to bring home and the amount of work that I have to do at home.
    The only drawback is that the program (software)takes a little time to load. Once the software is running it is efficient and truely does create neat receipts....more info
  • Financial software with no security!
    This software is a nice idea, scanning & OCR'ing your receipts, business cards & documents. But it offers not even a tiny bit of security, such as a password. It also took me three hours on the phone with Neat Receipts staff to get it installed.

    This software uses a SQL server database to store the data which means the data is on your C drive, regardless what drive you install the software on and cannot be moved to another drive. (Unless you are a SQL wizard & can move the database yourself.) That means anyone you let use your computer can get into this program. It also means unless your C drive is encrypted (IE Truecrypt), anyone who steals your computer will have access to the information in the database. As of this writing (7/22/08), per the message board on their website, the issue of security is not something the Neat Receipts staff addresses. Several users have repeatedly brought the issue of security to their attention over the past several months. The Neat Receipts response is either ("yes, that's a concern") or ignoring the posts.

    So if security is something you're not concerned with, you should be. If it is something you're concerned with, I'd suggest other scanning software (IE Paperport) that allow you to store your electronic documents on encrypted drives or folders (IE Axcrypt).

    Here's the review I posted back in January for the original version of this software: info
  • Not what I expected
    I was very excited about the prospect of this product and then just as disappointed when I tried it. First, the scanner itself is very slow so if you have more than a couple of items to scan you will be on it forever. Second, if there is even the slightest wrinkle or bend in the paper, it will move in the scanner and the final version will end up crooked. Finally, although the scanner can "read" some information from your documents, it doesn't necessarily read the information you want it to or put it where you want it.
    I tried to send this product back but was unaware of the 15 day return policy and was a day too late....more info
  • Neat receipts / Neat Works
    There is no way of disabling the ANNOYING system notification process (Neat Works has finished processing yadda....) IT"S 2008!!!!!

    Using the Neat Desk scanner: You must hold/guide certain receipts, that are not the exact width of one of the feeder, to make sure it goes through straight, or it will scan at a crooked angle, and you cannot fix with the software. (You can only rotate in 90 degree increments.)

    Which means you can forget scanning multiple receipts... (which also means you get the annoying system notification message every time...)

    You cannot edit receipt images (especially cropping) once you have filed it. (You must delete and re-scan. Hopefully you kept the receipt...)

    Does not remember (or have) default sort orders. You may set your receipts to sort by date (descending) and then by vendor, but if you split a transaction it goes away and you have to redefine it again.

    Cannot split transactions duing review & filing process. Very problematic when scanning in multiple receipts as you have to note each one and where it is filed so you can go find and THEN split.

    Cannot enter negative amounts when splitting. (required if you return/exchange something from 1 folder but purchased other things from other folders.) You have to generate a 'fake' 0 amont split and then enter negative numbers in that one.

    BUT, you must be careful as there is NO way (NONE) to audit split receipts. There is no view, report or anything to show all splits for 1 particular receipt to make sure totlas were correct. (or even to audit sometime down the road.)

    When working with split transactions you will need an EXTERNAL calculator (or spreadsheet) to calculate amounts - especially tax amounts as the software does not provide a calculator - or ways of enetering the tax amounts (while splitting - you can afterwards - just not during...)

    All reports are designed for business purporses (all based on spending) and there are no reports for personal use - AND - there is no way to design or run reports other than the few that are built in. No way to audit folders or receipts, etc. For instance: a report showing all receipts by folder, or all recipts by date, etc.

    I cannot even run a report without the software locking up and having to use task manager to end app. And then when I restart I LOSE ALL DATA FROM THE LAST TIME ENTERED. (Which just happened - and I lost 1.5 hours of work entering2 (yes TWO) receipts.

    And, of course, their website has no place for customer feedback... (at least publicly...)...more info
  • Driver crashes Acrobat 8.2 Pro
    If you plan to use with bundled Neat Receipts software this scanner seems functional. We are a small business that has gone paperless and purchased this scanner for mobile use primarily with small/short document uses in office. The scanner is not compatible with Acrobat 8.2 pro using latest drivers available on Neat site. Acrobat recognizes scanner, allows scanner setup, then when scan is commenced Acrobat freezes and then closes. I went so far as to download latest drivers from hardware manufactures site, (Plusteck Opticslim 12) to try WIA driver and their TWAIN. I would not recommend this scanner for Windows Vista Acrobat users....more info
  • Does not install on Windows Vista 64-bit!
    I purchased this last month and was able to install on my old PC with Windows XP. Now I bought a new PC with Windows Vista 64-bit OS. When I try to install NeatReceipt software, it says that it is not compatible with this version of Operating System.

    I contacted customer support and they told me that they do not expect to support Windows Vista 64bit until 2009.

    That's a shame! I'm giving it 1 star for this reason. I'm going to have to keep my old XP computer just for this software.
    ...more info
  • Neat Receipts scanner
    Scanner works good - quick and accurate. Software is also user friendly. I would definitely recommend this product. The seller offered a good price and provided quick shipping....more info
  • Traveling with the NeatWorks Scanner
    I have had this for a couple months now. I travel sometimes for work and this sucker does a great job handling the receipts. When I get back to my hotel or whenever I get a chance to scan the receipts, it scans them into a folder. I can add comments, so that I remember why the company has to bill it back. For me, I need to add contract numbers, who was in attendance (for meals), etc. I can add all of these things and even have it kick out a nice little expense report.

    So far I have been happy with it, except for a few glitches with the software, and some lack of functionality. has been fantastic for the following reasons:
    1. It puts everything into a folder that I can name and add a date to. I do my expenses by the week, so I have weekly folders.
    2. It will generate a nice little pdf with a cover page, a line by line listing of receipts, the comments about the receipts, and the actual receipts. I will have upwards of 30 receipts and still be under 1 meg.
    3. They let you know that IRS accepts scanned receipts as originals. This means that every receipt that I need to keep until tax time can be scanned in and placed in a receipt folder for taxes for that year. Then when tax time comes, I can just generate one big pdf file for the whole year.
    4. Everything stores in a database. There is some limited searching that you can do, but my main happiness is that I haven't lost a receipt, yet.
    5. This thing comes with a mounting bracket so that you can hang it upright. It's a fantastic idea. I scan my receipts straight into the trash. Once they are scanned, they drop into the garbage. has had some issues.
    1. In the version 3.0 that I purchased, it would just not print out all of the comments if you had too many receipts. This was frustrating for the first month and a half. Then, since I had complained about it, they sent me a free license for the next version, NeatWorks 4.0.
    2. They only let you use their scanner. This is frustrating because I come home, dock the laptop, but can't use my home scanner that's attached to the docking station. I have to drag out the specific scanner and use that. Apparently, Mac users can use alternative scanners. They need that with PC users. Currently, their software is crippled.

    If you're a traveler who needs to generate copies of receipts, then this is a great deal. If you have a workspace and already have a scanner, then this may be for you. Once they un-cripple their software and allow any scanner to work with it, this will be a much better deal....more info
  • Works well - considering the challenges
    I bought one of these and returned it after a day or two of experimentation. Later, I reconsidered. After better understanding the product's capabilities vs my expectations, I repurchased. I think many people misunderstand (as I did) the challenges involved in scanning, analyzing, and parsing receipts. Ever run across a receipt that took you some time to figure out??

    This scanner is a compact sheet-fed scanner, and saves images in PDF or JPEG formats. Up to 600 dpi. It's handy, portable (11 ounce) and convenient to keep in a desk drawer, brief case, etc. Being able to scan a document to PDF anywhere (without AC power) can be very useful.

    But it's the software component that performs OCR and attempts to decipher the text, graphics, smudges, wrinkles, and other artifacts. Then the program populates a simple database with its best interpretation of the receipt data. No, it is not perfect. But as you correct entries, the software adapts and recognizes the same receipt format.

    My only disappointment - which is why I returned the product the first time - is the software will not read and import data from PDF or email receipts. (It does read receipts in graphic formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.) They're working on it... Until then I can only give 4 stars.

    My experience with customer support has been extremely positive and productive. Jenn Choi answers emails and user forums promtptly and professionally. She is amazingly considerate, patient, and polite given some of the rather obtuse words and language she receives. From my perspective, the staff was always prompt and forthright with the product's limitations and problems, and offered recommendations. I encourage the marketing department to do a better job of letting people know of the software's limitations ahead of the purchase so they may check their expectations and avoid 'buyer remorse' situations. For example, right on the box it should say "Although the Scanalizer will create PDF output files from scanned documents, at this time we do not support the import of PDF files directly. We are working on it!"

    Despite a lot of searching I have not found another product that does what this package does. Even with the low end 70% accuracy rate (mine was always much better), that's still 70% less transcription for me to do. During testing, I scanned receipts on my other scanners and used much more sophisticated (and expensive) OCR programs, but the recognition rate just was not that much better. But none of those programs could also analyze the result and say "Hmmmm... this looks like sales tax, let's put it in the TAX column. And this looks like a store name, so lets put that in the STORE field." Also remember, a graphic image of the receipt is saved and can be printed out if you ever need hard copy. When you highlight an entry in the database, the corresponding image is displayed in a view window. Database backup & restore utility is included so you can protect your work and records. If you forget to backup, the software will provide periodic reminders via pop-up window (you can configure as needed). You can export to many different file formats and financial apps.

    As I sit typing this out, I look around my home office and count five (!) scanners. Each has its own strengths and purpose (or else it would be gone). None of the others do what the Scanalizer and its software can do. But I still look forward to being able to have Scanalizer read and interpret all my exisitng PDF and email receipts into its database.

    Anyone contemplating purchase: Yes, do read reviews on Amazon.Com, Buy.Com, the magazines, etc. But also go to the company website and check out the user forums to see if it will meet your expectations.

    (No , I do not work for - or have ANY relationship with - NEATRECIEPTS other than the purchase of a Scanalizer.) ...more info
  • Life Changing!
    I can't say enough about how much I love this product! I've bought 2 of them (one for a friend who is also an independent contractor).

    If you are at all even contemplating trying to make your life easier, this is what you want! I have been keeping envelopes upon envelopes of receipts, manually entering them into QuickBooks, or exporting them to Excel... NO MORE!!

    The OCR makes it a snap! I put a receipt in the scanner, it reads the vendor, date, tax, total... remembers what account I've assigned in the past for the vendor, tracks approx 50 or more tax lines... it really is incredible! And that's just the tip of the iceberg... it creates multiple reports, varying database finds... it does so much and I have only begun to delve into that side of it.

    My partner (before I purchased this product) didn't understand why I couldn't just use our existing scanner for our receipts. Once I showed her the software and the fact that most of the time I don't have to type a single thing... well, she understood.

    For anyone who needs to keep receipts, this is a must have... it truly changed my life :)
    ...more info