MADE Always On AO-1119-QLK Wrap-Up Compact Camera Wrap (Quilted Black)
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Product Description

Designed to integrate the case and the camera together as one, the Wrap-Up Camera Case uses stretchy neoprene and a thin metal baseplate to attach to most compact cameras. The same stretchiness makes this case one of the slimmest cases on the market today. It fits cameras up to 1? thick, and its super convenient wrap-up mechanism makes it easy to take photos quickly, then wrap up the camera and go. No need to worry about the case, it is Always-On!

  • "Always-On" feature integrates the case and camera together as one. The case stays with the camera.
  • Adds convenience and speed. You never have to fumble with a camera bag.
  • Made of "stretchy" neoprene and an ultra-thin stainless steel base plate
  • Fits your compact camera like a glove making it the slimmest case available.
  • Designed specifically for today's most popular type of digital camera; compact, thin, and pocket-size.
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome slim camera case
    I love this case. I use it every day. Now I can have a case on my camera and still easily fit my camera into my pocket. My previous camera is scratched and battered and has generally taken a major beating. I didn't use a case because none of my previous cases would fit in my pocket, plus I never knew what to do with the case once I have taken my camera out.

    This case allows me to carry my camera with me everywhere. I just whip out the camera unroll and take a picture.

    As far as recharging my batteries and accessing my memory card, I simply loosen the screw on the bottom, with a penny, and rotate it out of the way of my access door. I have a Sony W200.

    I may have the upgrade version from this here as my case has a built in Tripod which is also very cool, so I don't have issues with having to put a tripod on. Now I always have a tripod whenever I need it. Although I don't use it very often.

    Overall, the best case I have ever had for a compact camera.
    ...more info
  • Handy protection
    This is a very simple protective cover for the camera. It is not a camera case. That being said, it offer great protection and because it is secured to the camera by the tripod screw it won't be lost and it is easy to close. The price is right and it is worth getting....more info
  • Good idea, but...
    I really liked the idea of an "always on" case for my digital camera camera (Olympus 850) for the additional protection and less fumbling while out taking pictures. I bought the camera to use while hiking, camping, and deployed and it gets a lot of use. Because it gets so much use I charge the battery frequently and this is where the case is NOT a good match for this camera.

    The attachment for the case is in the tripod mount on the bottem of the camera. The attachment is secure but it also blocks the battery compartment. With frequent (sometimes daily) recharging, this is at best inconvenient and requires the complete removal and reinstallation of the case with every battery charge or memory card change.

    The case itself is lightweight with enough padding to meet the intended purpose and I still think its a great idea, it just doesn't work with this camera......more info
  • Convenient and not convenient, but not at the same time
    It keeps the camera safe from bumps and scrapes while in the case, but when you're taking photos, the thing dangles from the bottom of the camera and is a bit of an annoyance.

    Still, I'm using it and not planning to get another case. This is good enough....more info
  • Works well, as expected
    I got this case because its quick to open and get to the camera and is low-volume/not bulky. It works exactly as expected and fits my Panasonic TZ4K well. It protects the camera from most bumps and scratches but doesn't offer any dust or liquid protection.

    The biggest drawback with this camera is the need to remove the case (by unscrewing from the tripod socket) when you need to remove the battery to charge it. This may not be a factor with other camera designs.

    Overall a good value for the money paid....more info
  • Great for Casio Exilim Camera
    I bought this at a store and it's a perfect fit for my Casio Exilim. My camera is 3.5" length, 2.5" height, 0.5" width. If your camera is much longer, the case is probably too small for you. The wrap makes it a slim carry in my purse versus typical camera cases and looks cool enough to just carry by the camera's wrist strap (which hangs out the side). The baseplate that fits into the tri pod socket is adjustable, I find using a nickel works well with the screw. The only downfall so far is that the I have to unscrew the baseplate whenever I want to charge my camera or download pictures which is probably once a month. I love the Velcro closure and how the wrap stays attached to the camera when taking pictures. ...more info
  • Good concept, poor function
    This case is too skimpy for the Panisonic Lumix that I ordered it with, though it was a perfect fit for my old Canon PowerShot. It barely wraps around the camera so it is not very secure since it's only grabbing a small bite of the Velcro fastener. The other issue is the metal bracket and the way it is attached. It seems like just a matter of time before the threads of the tripod hole are stripped, given the fact that the case has to be removed to open the battery and card compartment. It would be better not to have to remove it, but that being the case, I would have liked to be able to remove and attach the bracket without a screwdriver handy, as well. ...more info
  • A few drawbacks
    I didn't understand at first how the "Always On" case worked, but it screws in the Tripod connector on the bottom of the camera. Sometimes it is handy that it is always connected to the camera, however I have found a few drawbacks. It isn't easily removed if you do chose to, you need a screwdriver, and I rarely have one when necessary. It has no storage for extra SD Flash Cards or batteries. This one probably only applies to my camera, but the bracket that hold it "always on" overlaps my battery and SD Card compartment, so it has to be removed every time I charge the battery or swich cards. The protection for the camera is good, but put some thought into how your camera is set up before purchasing....more info
  • Camera case
    The Camera case wrap around is great. The case screws into the camera tripod area. It this manner you can never missplace the case....more info
  • Daughter thinks it's great
    Gift for my daughter's new camera. She likes the small size as it fits into her purse and hands easily. Probably will not give a lot of protection to the camera is dropped, but it does offer some protection for normal handling. Daughter loves it's small compact size....more info
  • Small digicam wrap
    A very good solution to protect and keep handly small digital cameras. The atachment to the camera is a nice idea....more info
  • It's Not "Compact," It's "Tiny"
    This thing is too small for any of my cameras. I don't know of any real camera it would fit. It's rubber-like material with one piece of stamped metal and a screw without a screw hole in the back. If their wholesale price is more than twelve cents they need a new Chinese supplier. Mine went directly into trash....more info
  • Snug as a bug in a rug.....
    If you want a nice compact "camera case" the Always-On wrap works against nicks, scrapes and small bumps. Because the wrap is thin it makes for a nice small "convenient" method for carrying the camera. However because of the thinness of the wrap, it may not provide adequate protection against a hard knock or drop. I have a Lumix TZ3 and purchased the Black Wrap-Up for it. The wrap is a little small for the TZ3 camera. In hindsight I should have purchased the larger wrap for a better fit....more info
  • Camera Wrap
    I purchased this thru Amazon as it was advertised for the Nikon coolpix P50 camera I had previously purchased from them. When the item arrived, it would not fit on my camera. I called the supplier and was advised that I would have to return it, at my expense, and I would be charged a 10% re-stocking fee.
    I'm not very happy with Amazon....more info
  • obscure cheap thing
    It does work, but it blocks slots for accessing your mem card and battery. All it is is a wrap that secures into the tripod screw in and hopefully the metal part attached to the screw won't scratch your camera (but it did mine, because I left it loose).

    I think a traditional case would be a better buy. I bought this case originally because it matched my semi-rugged lime Olympus....more info
  • Nice camera protection, but...
    This is nice protection for my camera when I don't want the bulk of a bigger case. It's easy to install and provides nice padding for the camera. I dislike that I'm not able to access the battery or memory card with it on the camera. If I was using it for a day or two of snapshots, that would be fine. However, for travel, when I may be replacing the battery or removing the memory card to put the photos on my computer, it would be cumbersome. Also you really need a screwdriver or a dime (?) to attach and remove it from the camera...that adds another level of inconvenience.'s good protection, but can be a bit cumbersome to use....more info
  • Good and Quick
    This is a good quality product that delivers as advertised. It's nice to have a wrap attached to your camera so you don't have to take it in and out of a camera bag constantly. It is very handy at trade shows, or races, or somewhere that you might want to keep your camera in your pocket, but you also want easy access to it.
    The only drawbacks with this wrap are, you can't use it and use a tripod,
    and depending on your camera configuration - you might not be able to access the battery compartment.
    The product did arrive when expected, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a camera wrap. ...more info