CarveWright N01 Woodworking System
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Product Description

The CarveWright computerized woodworking system makes even complex woodworking projects easy. Simple 3-step process lets user design project with included design software, then upload project to included memory card, then put memory card in machine.

The CarveWright woodcarving system gives power to your imagination.
You've Got Big Ideas. CarveWright Has the Technology to Make Them Happen.
Revolutionize your handicraft experience with the CarveWright computer-controlled carving system. Now you can design and create your own furniture, architectural flourishes, signs, and almost anything else you can imagine -- all with the precision and flair of a professional. Whether you're routing, carving, cutting, or jointing, this exceptional machine can produce original masterpieces right in your very own workshop.

Just Think of it as Desktop Publishing for Wood and Other Soft Materials
The CarveWright woodworking system is as easy as 1-2-3. First, simply design your project with the included CarveWright designer software. Next, upload your project to the memory card, but don't limit yourself; the included card is capable of holding several projects at once. Finally, insert the memory card into the woodcarving machine -- and the easy-to-follow LCD will guide you through the rest.

The Software
Thanks to CarveWright¡¯s intuitive, straightforward software package, you don't need to be a master craftsman to make customized creations. The point-and-click interface is super simple to navigate, but surprisingly powerful. With this software, you can arrange, combine, and even alter elements from the existing 3D image library with the tap of a mouse -- or import your own images into the library for a unique and custom product. Images can then be "dragged and dropped" onto the workpiece display, where it's easy to combine images, add text, change size and re-shape, or adjust the carving depth.

With CarveWright design software, you can contour the surface of your workpiece by trimming it into domes or arcs, or applying a variety of textures. You can even draw out your own design using the integrated 2D drawing capabilities. The 2D elements operate much like CAD software, letting you create and then apply constraints to lines and curves. And if you're interested in making signs, you're in luck -- because this software has extensive text capabilities. Raster text for a bold 3D effect, outline it for emphasis, or quickly carve text with a V-bit for an engraved look. The software uses the true type fonts which are already available on your computer, so unique, one-of-a-kind signs are a snap.

The CarveWright design software is both PC and Mac compatible, and it operates without ever requiring your computer to be hooked up to the CarveWright woodcarving machine. You can click here to see a demonstration of CarveWright software, and watch the system in action.

The woodcarving machine automatically selects the appropriate bit for the task at hand.

Use the machine to create ornate boxes for gifts or display.

Design and craft your own custom furniture to meet your personal tastes and style.

Enhance your home¡¯s value and appeal with exquisite architectural detailing.
The Machine
The CarveWright Woodcarving Machine measures a mere 15 by 18 by 26 inches so it's compact and easy to store, but it's loaded with the power and convenience features of an entire workshop. The rising-head and feed-through configuration accepts workpieces up to 14-1/2 inches wide and 5 inches high -- and with proper support, it will process stock of nearly any desired length.

The onboard computer makes this machine amazingly quick and trouble-free to use. Just load the designs you've saved onto the memory card, and the LCD screen will walk you through the set-up. Now you're ready to create complex carvings, signs, reliefs for mantles and cabinetry, or friezes and furniture. The machine will automatically choose the correct bit for your job and measure your workpiece; and the patented Quick Change System makes removing and replacing the bits perfectly painless.

The machine features a vacuum impeller built-in as well as an external vacuum port that fits a 2-1/4-inch OD hose. This vacuum system maintains airflow through the machine and removes airborne dust that can build up on the sensors, but it is not designed to remove all of the generated chips and dust. Most of the dust generated by the CarveWright remains confined within the machine and will not affect the machine performance. After every project, simply vacuum or treat the area with compressed air.

Like a printer, projects can be configured to run in a draft mode (low quality), normal quality, or best quality depending on the situation. The quality mode dictates the speed of the cut and amount of material removed per pass. On the best quality setting, the spacing between passes is .006-inch.

This advanced machine works well in most soft materials including wood -- even exotic hardwoods. The machine will also cut some foams, and suitable plastics, including polycarbonate or cast acrylic. With this machine, the sky's the limit. If you can dream it up, the CarveWright can bring it to life. Click here to see some fun examples of products from CarveWright workshops around the country.

Key Technical Specs for the CarveWright Woodcarving Machine:

  • Machine runs only on 60 Hz 110V AC
  • Minimum workpiece size: 1-1/2-inch wide by 1/2-inch tall by 7 inches long
  • Maximum workpiece size: 14-1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall by approximately 12 feet long (limited by weight)
  • Cut motor horsepower (peak): 1 horsepower
  • Cut motor speed (no load): 20,000 rpm

Optional Accessories (Not Included with This Purchase)
If you'd like to expand your woodcarving machine's already considerable application set, CarveWright offers a full line of expansion products including bit sets, software upgrades, and The Probe. The Probe opens up the world of 3D scanning to anyone with a CarveWright woodcarving machine. With this amazing device, you can reproduce original pieces, repair antique furniture, and even copy trim and moldings with ease. Almost any material can be scanned -- even soft materials such as clay or wax. Just plug The Probe into the CarveWright, set the desired scan area, and watch the CarveWright go to work.

The CarveWright warranty covers parts and labor for one full year or 200 hours of cutting. The warranty excludes consumable items such as bits, sandpaper drive belts, and flexshafts. The machine tracks cutting time for this purpose. Shipping costs are not covered under the warranty, and the service center is located in Houston, TX. There is a 30-day return period after which no returns are accepted. There is also a restocking fee for returned machines. The warranty does not cover commercial or industrial use.

What's in the box:
The CarveWright Woodworking System comes equipped with everything you need to get started, right out of the box. Included with your purchase is the woodcarving machine, one carving bit, one cutting bit, two 1/4-inch bit adapters, vacuum-bag, a bit removal tool, a CarveWright memory card with programmer, the CarveWright design software, and the user's manual.

  • Unlimited Design Capabilities - The CarveWright woodworking system is an inexpensive way for anyone to create complex carvings. From signs, reliefs for mantles and cabinetry to friezes and furniture. This amazing machine has endless possibilities!
  • Easy to Use - The CarveWright¡¯s onboard computer makes using the machine quick and easy. Projects created with CarveWright design software are saved to a memory card that slides right into the machine. The LCD screen walks you through the setup.
  • Compact -The CarveWright has a patented rising head and feed through configuration allowing it to handle work pieces up to 14.5" wide, 5" thick and essentially any length desired while being small enough to fit on a desk!
  • Simple - You don¡¯t have to be a master craftsman, anyone can understand the point-and-click format of the CarveWright Project Designer software. Our software has all of the power of a complex CAD package but with the ease of use of a paint program.
  • Design Elements Ready to Use - Arrange, combine, even alter elements from our extensive 3D pattern library. Easily raster, outline, or Center-Line* text using the fonts already on your computer for a variety of effects.

Customer Reviews:

  • Carvewright Review
    First of all I would have to say the Carvewright is not for everyone. You need to have a basic understanding of woodworking practices, have some simple mechanical know-how and a little computer experience . I think incorporating a down-draft system should get more discussion because it helps keep the insides of the CW cleaner. Overall the CW is a great tool. But it's NOT a's a somewhat complicated woodworking tool with quite a few operational details that need to be done in the correct order. I'm not trying to scare anyone away from the CW...just trying to be honest as possible. You can make some amazing projects with a CW and it's down right fun to design patterns or signs. I gave the CW 4 stars instead of 5 only because there is that learning curve and if you're not prepared to travel up the curve you may be disappointed. I'm still on the uphill side of the curve and mostly enjoying every step. If you're still game, I recommend you buy a Carvewright and have fun. ...more info
  • Buyer beware - DO NOT BUY
    I read all the reviews before purchasing my CarveWright / CompuCarve and did some due diligence research on the evolution of the item since its initial public offering. I figured that most of the reliability issues where related to the cheaper Chinese flexible shaft that the company had replaced with a German manufacturer. What really made me ignore the negative reviews where the countless sites where people where used the CarveWright / CompuCarve for mass production carving (not suggested/endorsed by Carvewright). If people could based their lively hood on it, then I should be able to get mine to work reliably.

    Before the machine arrived, I spent endless hours reading up on all the quirkiness of the machine and build many of the items that helped address the downsides (Project sled, vacuum table, etc.). The machine worked great for ~60 days, then everything started to go wrong. The bit would literally drop out of the machine during carving, flexible shaft would pop out during carving, the photo-sensor (after numerous cleanings) would not detect board dimensions, etc. Customer service was very difficult to get through to, and would not return calls. Most of the problems I eventually worked out, but I started to notice that I was spending roughly 5 hours trying to "fix" things for every 1 hour of "run and design" time. After having the machine mess up $250+ of Lexan (polycarbonate) this weekend with multiple errors on the machine's part, I decided to call it quits.

    I am fortunate enough to have bought the machine at Sears during their Christmas period which gave me 120 days to return the item unconditionally. If I didn't happen to luckly fall into this grace period with Sears, then I would have been stuck with two thousand dollar piece-of-s**t!

    Learn from my experience - do not believe the hype, this machine is NOT worth your time or money. Do not even consider buying it until a N02 is produced AND is backed by 75% positive reviews. Currently (3/2/2009) this machine has more 1 star reviews (11) then positive reviews, 5 star (8), 4 star (2), 2 star (3). It is very telling that 1 star > 4+5 star.

    You have been warned.
    ...more info
  • Great software, but no so great machine ?
    I have had my Carve Wright for over 18 months. I brought it because the software is intuitive, well thought out and extremely simple to use.

    If only the same could be said of the machine. My first project was an 8 foot long intricately detailed sign for a restaurant "Cafe Joie in Mission Beach" the result was outstanding, but then the trouble started Z. AXIS issues Chuck sticking issues, drive belt issues, and on top of this very poor customer service. When I called customer service I found them defensive, arrogant and not very helpful. It was obvious to me that they have had many, many similar calls of complaint. I had to pay for mailing back both ways and a new box $76.00 ( UPS had destroyed the original box ) cost of repairs for something that has already been repaired on the last trip back to Carve Wright ?

    To cut a long story short my advice would be to say well clear of this machine, it's not ready for consumer use and after almost 2 years I doubt it ever will be. The reviews that say this machine is 100% are a little suspect as everyone I have talked to who own this machine have had some sort of issue. I ended up sending complaints to the BBB who did manage to get me some sort of satisfaction. Now the machine sits idle in my workshop as I just dont have the time to sort out anymore issues. Its quicker and less frustrating to do my work using other methods. To that end I am investigation the new Shop Bot at $7000 is more than 3 times the price but its reputation and reliability is worth the extra cost to me.....more info
  • The machine does nice work
    CarveWright N01 Woodworking System This machine works great when it works. I can only do a few prodjects and then I need to call Carvewright to find out how to fix the problem. The machine has gone back to Texas twice because it could not be fixed over the phone. I bought this in June 2008 so I could make christmas presents and as of today 12/09/2008 I don't have them done because of the problems waiting TO BE FIXED. I was on the phone yesterday to make repairs and it costs so much to be on the phone,THEY DON"T HAVE A TOLL FREE #. They were to call me back and never did. I think this is why there are so many for sale on ebay....more info
  • An unreliable complex toy at best
    After one year of ownership, 35+ hours of actual use, 100+ hours of repairs and 100+ hours using the software I think I have some genuine experience. Yes, when the device works it is remarkable yet the frustrations of a dozen tech support calls, 2 returns to the factory for repairs; self replacement of belts, gear drive, board sensors, z-motor, 2 quick changers, door sensor, 5 broken 1/8" bits and extra care with cleaning I can safely say that my device is the worst lemon ever to be sold. I found out today that it should not be used to cut templates out of 1/2 plywood??? This device should be used on balsa wood only, it is just too, too fragile. I never leave it for a moment, it will break a bit and keep right on going. I really appreciate the inventors who have tried to create a consumer device, which is now going to be sold at Lowes. The Tech support people are great, the product just has so many issues that I could never, ever recommend this device for someone trying to do more than just infrequent non-complicated cuts. I never intended to use this for carving, just to make templates for furniture. The software is a lot of fun but the device has been the source of dozens of hours of frustration. I could have used a computer printer to print scale templates and then cut them on balsa wood and then used a hand router to finish the job in a fraction of the time that I have spent on this apparatus. Not even close to ready for prime time!!! I am an electrical engineer and I must say I do not recommend purchase at any price unless you are prepared for a lot of downtime....more info
  • Rinky-Dink Company Produces Major Piece of Junk!
    Well, I received my Carvewright machine via UPS today, as promised on two day delivery from Amazon. Boy was I excited!

    Got it all unpacked and ready to carve my first project only to find that the "Quick-release" chuck had been damaged at the factory (probably during testing) and would not accept a bit because a crucial piece was broken off. So, being the proactive kind of guy I am, I immediately called the factory tech support number provided, and explained the problem. The response was underwhelming.

    The tech support guy (who spoke broken english) informed me that they would ship out a new quick-release chuck but I had to pay a core charge (for their blunder) and refered me to the customer service clown to take my payment information.

    She, was a very uncooperative B^#@%! You frequently find this in people who are sick of their job, because they work for a rinky-dink company that gets way too many complaints due to poor service and/or product quality.

    She went on to inform me that the company will not ship parts overnight and the earliest I could expect it to arrive was 3 business days or Monday. (And I had hoped to be able to use the thing over the weekend, which is why I paid extra for 2 day shipping in the first place.)

    After digesting this load of manure, I gave her my credit card in order to get the part shipped (haven't given up completely yet) and made one more plea for faster shipping. Which, of course, was again denied.

    Bottom Line: Beware of dealing with this company. Amazon has no responsibility for this product once they ship it, the manufacturer's support and replacement policies are sub-standard and their people are difficult to work with due to language deficiencies and a general attitude of indifference.

    Caveat emptor!!!

    Update May 14, 2008
    Well, after almost a week I finally received the Quick change release chuck along with one of the tools required to change it. The instructions the tech support guy promised were conspicuously missing (guess I'll have to make a special request for that when I call tomorrow to find out when I can get the flat wrench.)...more info
  • CarveWright Wood Carver
    I have only had time to set up the machine and test it due to sickness in the family; however, the test was of a project on the software and the machine worked flawlessly. If one studies all the help and information on the website and have some familarity with a computer, the machine is realatively easy to operate. ...more info
  • Avoid unless you enjoy frustration
    My wife bought a CarveWright to carve signs and patterns. Nearly every time she used it, it would stop carving with one error code or another. It finally became completely inoperable after 10 hours of use and we returned it to LHR for repair. After 3 weeks the machine was returned. The very first time she used it after it was returned, the machine committed suicide, drilling into itself after less than an hour of use. So we called LHR, and they again had the machine shipped back to them for repair. After a month the machine was returned. And it had not been fixed -- it still had a hole in it where it drilled into itself. When we contacted LHR and provided them with photographic proof that the machine wasn't fixed, they said we could pay to ship it back to them for repairs, or they could ship us the parts and we could repair it ourselves. Instead, after owning the CarveWright for 3 months, two of which the machine was out for repair, we took a third option. We just contacted Amazon, and they took it back for a refund instead. Avoid this product. It will break on you and LHR will not support you. (And if you buy the Centerline software from LHR, you can kiss that $100 goodbye as well since they won't refund your money). Hint: look up LHR Technologies on the Better Business Bureau website and you'll see that we are not the only folks with issues....more info
  • Just wait for a while until the bugs are iron out
    The CarveWright isn't ready for prime time just yet. It's got serious reliability issues, and anyone who uses this for more than 50 hours could be in for some surprises. The fact that Sears is jumping on board casts a vote of confidence, but it remains to be seen what Sears will do to help improve the Compucarve.

    Save your money and wait until the CarveWright 2 comes out next year. The next version will be faster and more reliable and probably cheaper....more info
  • Great machine but not without flaws
    First of all, even though this is considered a hobby machine it needs to be treated like an industrial machine. It needs to be constantly maintained, vacuumed, sensors changed, oiled, etc. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU THINK IT WILL BE EASY TO USE! The software and actual setup isn't too difficult if you have worked with graphics programs in the past but there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. Take into consideration that you may need to purchase extra parts very early, you will certainly have to call for technical help, you may need to send it back to carvewrite a couple times, you may even need to get it replaced 2-4 times before you get a machine that lasts longer than 30 hours. That being said, if you have the patience to deal with those things this can be an amazing tool. I am on my second machine (the first one kind of stalled out), and I am more aggravated that I will have to wait five days to start carving again then having to deal with replacing the machine. Since I got her I have spent all of my free time carving, staining, and painting so needless to say this will be a pretty boring five days. I have a feeling that in a couple of years all the kinks will be worked out until then I am considering getting a second or even third machine so that I don't have to wait if one needs to be repaired. By the way if you get a downdraft system with this machine the difference is insane! It will last a lot longer and you will have a lot less problems. The people who have never had a problem and have had it for well over a year attribute their success to a proper downdraft system. They are not terribly expensive on amazon, just look up "dust collector". I bought mine for $178...more info
  • Buy a home Shopbot instead...
    I was one of the unfortunate beta testers. I spent well over $2000 on the basic system and countless hours on the phone troubleshooting. When the system worked, it was amazing. However, when it didn't, it was the most frustrating experience imaginable. And, unfortunately, it usually didn't work. It was down much more that it worked. When all was said and done, I had less than 30 hours carving time, most spent troubleshooting problems for the techs. But, the one saving grace was the tech support. It was amazing!

    Since then, LHR (the company) has gotten in with Sears, gone big time, stuck it to their beta testers and support has gone down the tubes. They have become extremely greedy and forgotten their customers.

    I would recommend looking at the small Shopbot system. It's a bit more money but there are so many advantages over the Carvewright and LHR that it is worth every penny. Customer service is excellent and the company cares about it's customers, from what I have heard and seen. And, unlike the CW, it does not have a one inch max depth of cut. It is also geared towards production so it is much faster than the CW.

    All I can say is buyer beware!

    Update: What an unbelievable piece of garbage... It continues to find new and unique ways of screwing up. It is the most unbelievably unreliable, frustrating piece of equipment ever produced. Add the complete lack of customer support and DIS-service and you have a very expensive boat anchor...

    I can not begin to express how much you need to avoid this worthless piece of equipment. I would set it out on the curb with a "free for the taking" sign but I'd be afraid of the reprecussions.

    GARBAGE!!!...more info
  • An Amazing Tool
    I bought one of these last year from sears and I have to say it is one of the most fun and amazing tools you can own, I only wish I had more time to use it. The software leaves much to be desired, it is very difficult to create anything beyond simple lines and shapes in it, but you can create your designs in other software and import them as height map images into the carving software. Making your own patterns can be a time consuming process but if done right this machine can turn them from simple computer models to real world pieces of art. Overall I'm very happy with this machine and allows me to create some beautiful woodworking projects that would not be otherwise possible....more info
  • I don't trust the reviews
    Every 5 star review of the Carvewright was written by people who have written no other reviews. This suggests Carvewright is writing great reviews to counteract all the bad reviews written by real customers. Pathetic.

    UPDATE 9/11/08: The phony reviewers added extra phony reviews, but let the record show that when this was originally written, it was true. ...more info
  • A VERY UNDEPENDABLE pile of junk!
    I bought my Compucarve(Sears version) for a great price of $1299 from Sears. It was missing the bits.I called to complain,and 3 weeks later I recieved the bits from Carvewright.They were also out of bit sets,so I could not order any.Well first test project went about 1/2 way then locked up.The machine just stopped and then lost all power! Sent it in.About a month later,recieved it back.It did 1 small project,so I thought it was fixed.I tried to do a more complex design.It ran about 45 seconds,then stopped again.Bottom line,I returned the piece of junk and bought a used Shopbot.If they ever get the Carvewright to work like it should,it will be an asset to the home shop.What they need is a tool company that knows product design to buy them out.The people at Carvewright are friendly,but their machine is full of bugs!...more info