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Creation in Death
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"NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas keeps the streets of a near-future New York City safe in this extraordinary series. But even she makes mistakes, and is haunted by those she couldn't save-and the killers she couldn't capture. When the body of a young brunette is found in East River Park, artfully positioned and marked by signs of prolonged and painful torture, Eve is catapulted back to a case nine years earlier. The city was on edge from a killing spree that took the lives of four women in fifteen days, courtesy of a man the media tagged "The Groom"-because he put silver rings on the fingers of his victims. When it turns out that the young brunette was employed by Eve's billionaire husband, Roarke, she brings him in on the case-a move that proves fitting when it becomes chillingly clear that the killer has made his attack personal. The victim was washed in products from a store Roarke owns, and laid out on a sheet his company manufactures. With the Groom's monstrous return, Eve is determined to finish him once and for all. Familiar with his methods, Eve knows that he has already grabbed his next victim. Time is running out on another woman's life. And chances are he's working up to the biggest challenge of his illustrious career-abducting a woman who will test his skills and who promises to give him days and days of pleasure before she dies: Eve."

Customer Reviews:

  • Creation in Death
    I have to start by saying that so far I have loved the In Death series and can't wait until the next book comes out. However, I was a little disappointed in Creation in Death, it falls a little short compared to her other books. Still Nora Roberts is always a good read and I look forward to the next installment.
    Creation in Death (In Death)...more info
  • No creation, only death
    After reading one of Nora Roberts paranormal romances (Face the Fire) and being distinctly underwhelmed, I felt it was only fair to give her a chance to redeem herself with a crime story, which is more to my taste as reading matter.

    And I did enjoy this more, in that I was at least able to finish it. However, that said, the 'annoyances' factor was just as high for this effort as it was for her romance.

    A short list includes her decision to shorten words into some kind of b*stard amalgam of cop show and futurism. I had to struggle with wits, vics and transpo throughout, with wit, in particular, producing some very strange misunderstandings as in "Find me the wit who..." What? Told me that joke about the three Irishmen in a bar, perhaps?

    We also had to contend with the cast's constant drinking of "fizzies" and trips to "vending" and the "autochef". Quite why the world would have lost branding in the space of 50 years, when branding is paramount in our culture, I do not know. And, paradoxically, "autochef" sounds exactly like the brand name that would have been given to a food mixer in the fifties - a curiously dated anachronism. That said, other than some other uses of 'e', 'links' and 'comms', there was absolutely nothing that made this feel futuristic at all. I'm at a loss to understand why she bothered.

    All that under our belts, this was exactly like watching any American cop show on TV. We had all the cop stereotypes, constant barked demands of "With me" and "On it" and the obligatory moralising of The Great American Right meets carbon-copy evildoer.

    In this case, our evildoer was ringing as many bells as the cops. He liked opera, he listened to music while he tortured people, he stalked and killed women, he had a nasty relationship with his mother and a dodgy childhood, he was flabby, impotent and - unusually, for once - old.

    That 'old' was the sole point of originality in a story that was as turgid and clich¨¦d as Nora's romance, if marginally less mawkish.

    It's apparent to me, after two books, that Nora's fans must enjoy the predictability of her work. There can be no other explanation for the popularity of such second-rate cookie-cutter writing. I am all for escapism and an 'easy read', but when the 'easy' becomes simple regurgitation of popular TV then I wonder Nora's readers don't just watch TV. At least TV pushes the envelope from time to time. All Nora does is run along behind it, licking up crumbs to spew out again in blander form.

    Sad and depressing, and only recommended if originality and talent makes you feel threatened.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Mystery!
    I'm a big fan of Robb's In Death series, and have read them all. This ranks as one of the top five best in the series, I think. First, Robb brought back a villain that Eve had gone up against when she was a relatively new cop. This was a great angle, because it gave readers more interaction with her mentor, Feeney, who headed the case then. Readers also got a glimpse of what it is must be like for real detectives to deal with the one that got away - how it eats at them. What could they have done better to stop him? What did they miss on that case? Eve and Feeney are both confident officers that don't suffer from self-doubt very often, but it makes sense that they should on occasion, especially in this instance. Of course Eve gets another crack at "the Groom" and solves it (not really a spoiler since she solves every case!), but this case was really fleshed out for the reader.

    One of the best features of this novel that made it stand out was the in-depth look at a task team, and investigation details, that are sometimes skimmed over in other mysteries. Police have to put in hundreds of hours interviewing, canvassing locales, re-interviewing, examining old case files, following up what are likely spurious leads but must be followed, etc. These cops truly were in a war room. This book also gave us more of what the other cop characters we've met are doing. Trueheart, Baxter, McNab, et al are all here on the team. Each has their own assignment, and while Eve remains the focus, we see more of their nitty gritty investigation tactics. It made the story more real than before. This environment also opened the eyes of Eve's husband, Roarke. Until this point, he loved and respected Eve, but never really appreciated police as a whole. This changed his perception and I thought it was a great step forward for the character. I felt this book moved Roarke past all-powerful billionaire, to enlightened all-powerful billionaire. LOL! Though there were some funny one-liners in the story, there wasn't as much humor as in many of the books. There were no social obligations for Eve, no hates beauty treatments etc. Even Peabody was more serious. However, the Groom is a serial killer that tortures his victims - it's tough to overcome the gravitas of that and it was best that Robb didn't try. One of my favorite parts of this novel was finally seeing how important justice is to Eve, and not just getting the bad guy. She takes some action at the end of the story which is both surprising, and imminently satisfying, yet fully in keeping with her character. I won't spoil it here, but this may have been the best ending I've read in the series (if not the absolute best book).

    Another cool aspect was a teasing bit of the oft-mentioned "Urban Wars." This killer isn't typical, and even Sommerset must lend some help to the investigation. Mavis makes a brief appearance, and Nadine adds a little more, but this novel really focused on the cops almost exclusively. This was also the first case that Roarke gets involved with right away and stays through to the end, rather than interspersing help here and there. It was an interesting change. It is true that the futuristic aspect of the series is diminished here. We see the AutoChef, the Pepsi tubes, and a few other "gadgets" but the atmosphere of being IN THE FUTURE is lacking. This isn't a bad thing, though. This novel focused more heavily on the actual mystery than many others in the series, and something had to step aside for it. Since readers don't want to miss out on the hotness of Roarke and Eve, this was what moved to the background. Overall, I can't recommend this series enough to both traditional romance fans, and mystery fans. Fabulous!...more info
  • She's not even trying with the futuristic details anymore
    It's kinda sad...Nora Roberts isn't even trying to give us many of the fun futuristic details anymore. Aside from the occasional Auto Chef meal, nothing was really futuristic in this novel. I missed that. ...more info
  • I really wanted to give it a 4, but I couldn't.
    First, I must tell you that I am a JD Robb lover. I have read most of the series if not all and love the characters and the plots. I immensely enjoyed "Innocent in Death" because we got to see Eve vulnerable and out of sorts. I guess when I pre-ordered "Creation", I had high expectations. You had the usual blurb, about the book, "Eve is reintroduced to the work of a killer that she failed, along with Feeney, to stop 9 years prior. And now, there is a link to Roarke, her sexy and successful, husband". When I tell you I couldn't wait to get it, I really mean it.

    So, when it arrived in that wonderful Amazon box, I was prepared for the ride of a lifetime. And that is why I have given this book a 3. For the first time, JD Robb/Nora Roberts did not offer anything new and exciting. The plot had potential, but it seemed to be forced together. The killer changed his MO just enough to give the police information that would lead to identifying him. And the killer, was lackluster at best. He seemed to have a plan that would "make Eve his last victim", while initially it appeared that Roarke was behind the motivation. And that is where I thought the storyline was a little weak. I love the fact that Roarke, a business morgal puts everything aside to assist his talented and driven Supercop Wife, Eve. But trying to tie him into the story seemed a little redundant. In the past, Roarke's links to the story has been vague and it is his ability to manipulate computers and his access to resources that comes into handy. Here, there were efforts to make all the victims, and evidence from the scene come back to Roarke. The story would have been fresher if he was simply there to protect his wife, and offer his skills and services.

    The killer was not even interesting. He was a lover of Opera and has a grudge against brunettes (who of course probably resemble someone who hurt him in his past). This was not original.

    What I did like about the story was the opportunity to see characters that we have all grown to love and read about. Mavis, Belle, Summerset, the cat Galahad, Feeney, McNab, Peabody, Commander Whitney, Trueheart, and a mirad of others. We even get to meet new people, McNab's cyber partner. What I would like to see in future novels is a growth in Eve and Roarke's relationship. Am I the only fan who would love to see the two of them with a child, having worked through their horrible pasts and childhoods? I mean after 28 novels, which span 2 or 3 years in Eve and Roarke's time, I think the next novel should have them concurring their fears. Everyone knows that Eve is a great cop, and Roarke a brilliant businessman, but can't they have more. Imagine a story where Roarke and Eve solve crimes while changing their lives to accommodate a child. Just food for thought.

    Anyway, I am giving this book a 3, and if you love the series read it, but I wouldn't say that it was one of the best. Perhaps, I will re-read it in a couple of weeks to see if my review will change. Maybe with the whole holiday season, and too much turkey, I was too harsh!
    ...more info
  • Exciting addition to addictive series
    A serial killer who had eluded the NYSPD nine years ago has returned. Feeney was the primary investigator back then and Eve was a newly minted detective and his partner. The fact that the killer escaped clean to go ply his trade in other cities and countries has sat bitterly with not only Eve and Feeney but with Morris the coroner, Whitney the chief and even Berenski the lab tech.

    Now, nine years later he is back, doing exactly what he did before in his same MO. The cops of the NYSPD have a chance for redemption. Eve is tagged as the primary investigator and hits the ground running with her usual band of co-horts: Peabody, McNabb, Feeney, Baxter, Trueheart and of course Roarke. Even Trina, the scary hairdresser plays a part that surprisingly does not involved terrifying Eve with grooming products. And we get introduced to a few new characters such as the sassy e-girl Callender.

    What I liked the most about this story is the pacing. Robb writes the book just like what it is, a race against time. The pacing and the tension ratchets up so as you read it you feel the same sense of urgency that the characters on the page feel. It is a nice effect and Robb does a good job with that. Another nice touch is that there is quite a bit of it shown from Roarke's POV. And Robb does a nice job of flipping the script a bit from some of the previous books. Whenever Roarke gets involved with Eve's job it is done in their home on his turf, but she takes him out of his comfort zone and puts them all at the police dept. almost around the clock. You can see Roarke struggle a bit as he is working in a place that is alien to him. Nice touch there.

    I knock off a star because of the whole mother/female figure that the perp is killing over and over again. Robb has drunk from this well a little too many times before....more info
  • A very good read
    I thought this was a very good addition to this fabulous series. I know that some people did not like the fact that a lot of the story was told through Roarkes eyes but that was one of my favourite parts. However I did not think Roberts gave enough attention to the dynamics between Roarke and Dallas, which is the reason that so many fans have remained loyal to the series which would otherwise be just another crime novel albeit very well written with a great villian but another crime novel all the same.
    Even though I enjoyed this book I was able to put it down and forget about it wheras with the other books I would read it every spare minute I had, stay up late to finish it andgenerally devour my way through the book at a frenetic pace. This one was a dissapointment in that grab factor that the others had. However it is still a very good book and I would reccomend that you read it.
    Even a writer of Roberts talent can't get it 100% right and please everybody all the time. $ stars may seem like a lot for a book that I say I do not Like but it is only when it is weighed up against the others which are 5 star that I came by this ruling. If this was the first I had read of theis series it would no doubt get 5 stars plus....more info
  • Great book
    I thought that this was another great book by JD Robb / Nora Roberts... I love the whole series and can't wait for the next one... It kept me on my toes and kept me guessing.... ...more info
  • Book was very good. Condition was fair.
    Book was generaly in great condition. Unfortunately 1/2 of one page (length-wise) was missing. This made two pages totally unreadable....more info
  • Another great creation
    If I had to describe this book in 1 word - that word would be RIVETING. It caught my attention within the first few pages and held it. LOL, So much so that the family got tired of waiting for me to fix supper and someone decided to bring home McD's.

    The mystery is very skillfully woven through the story with hints popping up here and there, but you don't really get a sense of who done it till nearly the end. You get to see Eve and Roarke's relationship deepend even further as does Eve's and Feeney's.

    The killer (The Groom) was actually one of the first cases Eve worked on as a detective, and he got away, now he's back, and you could say he's back with a vengenace. Nine years and at least 20 kills later he comes back to where he started, but why? That's the question and can Eve and crew stop him this time.

    ...more info
  • Well-done!!!
    I've been reading J.D. Robb for years, well, from the inception of the Eve Dallas series. I've always liked this series a great deal, although I'm not a big fan of "Science Fiction", per se. However, this series is set in the immediate future of the 2050's initially, so it's not so far-flung that I'm not able to relate to the evolutions in the technology that runs throughout the stories. The advancements in the technology are definitely a part of the stories, but they are used with such surprising subtlety that they are barely there. The characters are very strong and the developement from book to book is apparent and, in many cases, captivating.
    On to this particular book. This is one of the Eve Dallas books that is devoted almost completely from start to finish in the actual crime drama that is going on with Eve and company, including yummy husband, Roarke, with little to no understory happening. Now, understand that part of the fun of these books IS the understory and the continuing lives of the characters that populate these books, so I'm not belittling that in any way. But, because this book is totally devoted to the crime and the solving of same, by the time I got to the end of the book and the resolution, I was actually in tears. We all know Eve comes through because there is a "next" book, so I'm not giving anything away when I say, when Eve came through and the crime was done, the condition she was in, as well as the comedic timing of the person for whom she came through lent a whole new aspect to who Eve is a person. Her heart and compassion was just dripping from her as well as her sense of ownership of the victims. Sometimes, Robb can make Eve just a tad too rough and tough and those final scenes, final chapters, were just the fix I needed to remember that Eve has a wonderful, soft, almost magical side to her and that that is much of what Roarke loves in her. Me, too! Enjoy!...more info
  • Best yet of the In Death series
    My husband got me hooked on the Eve Dallas/In Death series by J.D Robb {aka Nora Roberts} and it is often a race to see which of us will grab the newest title first. I usually win since I work at home and am a speed reader.

    I have enjoyed every one of the In Death series but Creation in Death in my opinion is the best of the entire series to date. Eve Dallas is pitting her intelligence and experience as a homocide detective who stands for the dead against The Groom. The Groom killed four young women nine years earlier when Eve was a new, second grade detective under the command of Captain Feeny {Eve's mentor and surrogate father}. In spite of a hard working task force, the Groom was never caught and then he stopped killing or at least in New York City. The killings begin again and this time the first and second victims are employees of Eve's wealthy, Irish husband Roarke. When a third young woman also Roarke's employee disappears it is thought that maybe the Groom has something against Roarke. Does he? Or does the Groom have visions of grandeur hoping to make Eve Dallas his fourth and final victim?

    This is a cannot put down book that held my interest to the extent that my cats were climbing on me, getting into things,etc. as a reminder that they wanted their dinner!

    Dallas once again teams up with her partner Peabody, Feeny who is now head of EDD, Roarke, computer whiz Ian McNab, several of the detectives under Dallas's command and some officers from the original task force. Will they succeed in catching the Groom? Yes,but with a twist so surprising and unexpected that it is the very end of the book before the reader knows if justice is done....more info
  • Warp speed reading
    He's back.

    Nine years ago, long before Eve Dallas had her lieutenant stripes, a killer who was dubbed The Groom abducted, tortured and murdered a series of women. The New York City police were unable to catch him before he dropped off their radar. As the years passed, it was their collective hope that he had been captured, incarcerated or, better yet, killed. Whatever had happened, they wanted him gone for good.

    But he's back. And this time, he wants Eve Dallas.

    In the years since he disappeared, The Groom has been honing his skills. Organization and patience aren't the only things he has going for him. He picks his partners --- as he considers his victims --- methodically, taking time to choose carefully. Plus, he's more than just highly intelligent.

    "He was a maestro in the art of death. The keeper of time. The bringer of destiny."

    But his obsession with Eve Dallas may be his undoing.

    A body is discovered, then a second, and the clock is already ticking on a third victim. With a sizable task force behind her, tracking devices on her car and her person, a tag team in close following distance, it seems safe for Lt. Dallas to use herself as bait. She knows that he wants her. Besides, what could possibly go wrong? Famous last words. It's possible that the police might not be giving this clever serial killer the credit he deserves. They need to keep in mind that he has eluded their attempts to stop him for many years --- and, they learn, in many countries.

    How does he manage to lure women off the streets, during daylight hours, without a struggle? Particularly once the killings start. With the word out, what woman would accompany a stranger anywhere alone?

    The psychologist's profile, coupled with Dallas's intuitive instinct, gives the cops an advantage that they didn't have nine years ago. The killer starts to take shape from their tenacious digging and logical deductions. His history emerges, showing what made him into the monster that is now stalking young brunettes.

    Roarke, Dallas's sexy, rich, Irish hunk of a husband, adds his invaluable expertise --- along with some occasional bouts of pizza delivery --- to the lieutenant's task force. Together, they thrust and parry their way through the nerve-wracking hours to the end of the toughest case Dallas has seen in a long time. Both are strong characters, quick of temper, hard loving, hard working and hard playing. They will need to be every bit of that --- and much more --- to catch this killer.

    And then there's Roarke's man, Summerset, who displays a palpable distaste for Roarke's distinctly unfeminine wife. He proves himself worthy of a very large pat on the back in this investigation. To her surprise and chagrin, Dallas almost starts to like him.

    J.D. Robb's stories are fun to come home to at the end of the day. With CREATION IN DEATH --- the 25th installment of her bestselling In Death series --- she gives us one of the nastiest villains she has conjured up to date. With the target being Dallas herself, it makes for an interesting challenge. And warp speed reading.

    --- Reviewed by Kate Ayers...more info
  • Another Can't Miss JD Robb
    I loved sad it is over. Hope the next one is in the works!...more info
  • Fantastic! Incredible! Perfect!
    Again, Robb brings back the characters we love with a new crime to solve. Roarke works more hands-on this time, getting a real picture of what cops do. He'd never been this 'in' it before, and it was great to see him there, and get his 'feel' for what cops go through during an intense investigation.

    Arguments and fights between some of the more active characters make them appear more human and all the more believable.

    The plot was good, not so many twists but you get even more information and more of a feel about the perpetrator in this one, a better sense of the why. Although it wasn't complicated, I really loved how it all came down. Ariel was perfectly added as the last 'victim', and I'm glad Eve connected with her on some level. Although only a 'temporary character', I really hope to see her again in a future novel.

    What Eve asked Roarke to do - stepping 'over the line' as she did, I wholeheartedly agreed with and would have done the same in her position. I won't go into further detail as it would spoil the ending, but I was more than glad of it. You'll understand what I mean when you read it....more info
  • New J.D. Robb fan
    I am new J.D.Robb fan so i had to play 'catchup'.I wanted to purchase all of the older novels that i was unable to locate locally. I've had great success with in the past so i decided to try my luck again. didn't let me down, and now i have most of the older J.D.Robb books to add to my collection at fantastic prices. It can't get any better than that. If you're looking for anything for great prices and products in great condition, i highly recommend

    Thank You, Fayet37...more info
  • creation in death
    great. wish it would have next one sooner. i love dallas and her futuristic cop role and roarke is fantastic. it would be nice to start a t.v.series. i have all the j.d.robb books. thanks another great issue. eleanor gray...more info
  • And Music Pours On Mortals Her Magnificent Disdain - Emerson
    This is the 25th (30th if you count all the novellas in between) book in the In Death Series.

    The year is 2060 and Homicide Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York Police and Security Department is called to the crime scene of a young woman murdered and then left in the local park. Eve immediately recognizes the torturing signature of a killer she investigated 9 years ago when she was just a rookie, partnered with Feeney. This is a killer they dubbed The Groom and were never able to apprehend.

    This is a case that brings back a lot of memories, emotion and anger from everyone on the NYPSD. When the victim turns out to be one of Roarke's employees, he too becomes invested in finding this killer.

    There is a reason I rush out to the bookstore on the release dates of all of the In Death books. Nora consistently creates spellbinding and suspenseful stories with the most charming characters and this book is no exception. Her villain's wheedle their way into your mind as they are so deliciously evil; you can't help but be fascinated by them. Her books never cease to entertain and delight me, and they are stories that I read over and over again and never tire of. This was an excellent addition to an ever fabulous series.
    ...more info
  • The Best Series of Books Ever
    I have read every one of J.D. Robbs books and she never disappoints. Some books you can put down but Creation in Death is not one of those books. I loved this book and I highly recomend the series ....more info
  • Chocolate Bar without Peanuts
    A serial killer has returned to New York after a "World Tour" spent killing brunettes who seem to have no apparent connection to each other. His signature - he tortures them to death slowly and then writes the time it took to kill them on their bodies. Nine years ago, Feeney & Eve were assigned to the case, but were unable to catch the killer. Eve is now the primary and she assembles a team of all of our police department characters we know & love. She also includes Roarke who as a twist spends most of his time working at the station (funny bit with him realizing the frustration staring a screen doing grunt work). Eve needs to twizzle out clues from the past murders before his next victim dies and he collects the next brunette on his list - which includes Eve.

    The killer is interesting. The victims have a personality. The clues are well thought out and not just an "oops, we missed that". This was a page turner and the ending had a nice surprise.

    But... the "in Death" books have ongoing subplots that seem to be ignored for this book. No new movement in Eve's growth. The only regulars outside of the police & media personnel that appear are Mavis (and baby Belle), Trina, Somerset, & Brian from Ireland and this only on very few pages. Peabody has a few one-liners, but might as well not even be around. McNabb has it even worse. There is a half-hearted blip with Feeney, but looking back, Robb has done much better.

    Normally, I am the type that is frustrated by "character development" that some use to excess over plot details. In this case, I have a great murder mystery, but I miss the peanuts in my chocolate bar....more info
  • Wish I could give it negative stars
    I am disappointed that Robb chooses to denigrate being a female. It is disturbing to hear from the female protagonist (Eve) that if she is ever concerned with her appearance, she requests that her husband "put her down." (p.179) So she would rather be *dead* than sound or look or be female or associated with anything feminine. For her mostly female audience, it must be disquieting, at the very least, that the author spits out this message, from the mouth of the loved protagonist, no less. The author makes sweeping, judgmental statements about femininity and what it means to be a woman. Robb lacks creativity in distinguishing Eve as focused and driven (notice, those traits are non-gender specific). Instead she uses the trite concept that all other females are only interested in "girly" things, that is, "frivolous" things. Therefore Robb is attempting the impossible: proving a negative, as in describing Eve as 'not' something instead of who she is. This concept makes all other females viewed as 'less than' and okay to denigrate. Except if they are victims that Eve rescues. So women are put down for being interested in "female" things, but it is certainly okay if they are the victims. The author has really mastered the mixed message about femininity and what it means to be female. ...more info
  • Classic Eve Dallas...
    Flat-out classic Eve Dallas... Creation In Death by J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)... Roberts is hitting on all cylinders here, and Creation is exactly what drew me into the In Death series to begin with (many, many years ago). Tight story, driving plot, good interplay between the characters...

    In this episode, Dallas is taken back to a case she and Feeney worked nine years ago... A killer was loose in the city, and his modus operandi involved abducting young women and slowly torturing them until they died. The total time it took was then carved onto their bodies as his "signature". The case was never solved, as the murders stopped before they could find the killer. Fast forward to now, and a body has turned up that has all the same characteristics of the prior killings. Dallas doesn't take well to the fact that they didn't put him away the first time, and Feeney shares her frustration. Now that he's back, they're both resolved that everything will end this time time around.

    The case dynamics have changed somewhat, in that Feeney was lead the first time with Dallas as his secondary. Now the roles are reversed, and there's a bit of tension over how much Dallas feels she should hand over to Feeney as the secondary. However, the reality is that they are both cops first, and even through the stress they understand that it's not a matter of who leads, but that the killer is stopped. Roarke plays a slightly different role in this story, in that he's brought into the case from the very beginning as a "civilian expert". He usually gets involved in some ways anyway, but there's a possibility that the killer is focused on Roarke as a revenge factor. Being in it from the start, he sees exactly how Dallas lives and breathes a crime like this, and why she's unable to turn it off until the victims have justice.

    Some of the more recent In Death novels have had a more prominent plotline involving the relationship between Dallas and one of the many secondary characters in the series. They've still been good, as it's served to round out the characters and make them even more real. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the more crime-driven episodes a bit, and Creation falls squarely into that category. I started this book just a couple days ago, and finished it up while I was working out at the gym. As always, my only regret is that I have to wait for the next one...
    ...more info
  • Another Great J.D. Robb
    This is one of the best of the In Death series. I've been reading J.D. Robb's In Death series since I picked up Ceremony In Death while waiting for my connecting flight in Dallas several years ago. I was hooked and quickly found the rest of the series.

    Lt. Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke are having a pleasant day off when Eve is called into a murder scene. She's seen this killer's victims 9 years before. At that time there wasn't enough evidence to catch him. He has changed several of his previous criteria and that is enough to give Eve and her team some new leads. Most of these changes involve Roarke. For the first time, Roarke goes from beginning to end on this case with Eve. Even working at cop central. The characters are always well developed and it was really good reading with old friends and a few new ones....more info
  • Extremely Disappointing
    The first in the series that was a complete waste of paper. The story was choppy, none of the supporting characters or stories were advanced in this installment, but merely showed up as garnish to the hash of this plot. The entire book can be summed up as this: Eve gets a case, Roarke admires her. Eve tackles the case, Roarke admires her. Eve gets beat up, Roarke admires. Eve gets beat up again, Roarke admires her. Eve risks her life, Roarke rants, then admires her.

    The book was one long internal monologue while Roarke sat back and admired what a strong, courageous, brilliant, dedicated woman he married with a few pesky little pages in between devoted to plot. Roarke came off as an accessory and not a main character. The very first In Death book that added nothing, made Roarke into a side piece who was only there to tell us how great Eve was and did not further my appreciation of the series or the characters. Is it time to retire the series before it is destroyed by lack of inspiration?

    **edited to add--I just realized why there was absolutely no thought devoted to plot. After just reading the short story Midnight in Death, I realize Nora's ALREADY USED THIS PLOT. How many serial killers from Eve's past can target her as the "ultimate prize" in their 'torture them to see how they take it' game? Apparently if you are Eve Dallas, several. So many of the elements were the same, it was nauseating--the public display, the idea of messages being carved into the chest, Eve being the ultimate challenge. If there was a zero star option, I'd be utilizing it now. ...more info
  • Broken Kindle
    I have no ability to read this book as the Kindle I bought did not work even a month and I have no way to read the book....more info
  • Creation in Death
    Creation in Death (In Death)This is one of the best books about Eve Dallas that I have read and I have all of the Eve Dallas series. It's believable, the action flows, and the characters have depth. If you have ever read any of Nora Roberts books, this is a little different, mystery, suspence and action....more info
  • Here Comes the Groom...
    ...and he has murder on his mind. Not just murder, but torture. Nine year's ago Eve had a chance to put him away, and failed. That's not an option this time. When The Groom's victims all seem to be tied to Roarke, the stakes are even higher.

    Another wonderful installment to the In Death series!! ...more info