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Crumpler 5 MILLION DOLLAR HOME Shoulder Photo Bag (Black/Gun Metal/Oatmeal)
List Price: $74.50

Our Price: $49.95

You Save: $24.55 (33%)


  • Camera Bag, padded, configurable
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 5 pockets (1 zipped)
  • Handles on top
  • Available in seven sizes

Customer Reviews:

  • Funky and functional but NOISY!
    OK, like most crumpler products this bag is seriously cool looking. Well constructed and provides excellent storage capacity for a DSLR a medium zoom and a flash as well as secure storage for spare memory cards and a battery. Excellent padding on the bag itself although a pad on the shoulder strap would be a big help. My only concern is the velcro on this thing - it is industrial strength which makes it very secure but also makes it very, very noisy to open making it a real pain when you are trying to be unobtrusive. ...more info
  • very trendy but expensive.
    the bag looks really trendy. and yea. when i say trendy, it means that it doesn't look like a "camera bag" so people doesn't look at you a lot thinking you're a photographer 'cause of it's low profile. and it has a lot of pockets inside. even on both sides where the strap is attached. kinda like secret pockets. i also love the idea that the strap can be detach if you don't wanna carry it on your shoulder.

    i was supposed to get the 4 million dollar home model but i thought i might need something bigger than that so i got this one. but when i received it, it didn't meet my expectation 'cause still it's small. you could fit a camera, a lens and probably a flash gun in the main compartment and that's about it. but hey. i don't really complain about it. 'cause it's really fashonable.

    i'm thinking of getting the keystone or the sinking barge probably soon when i get myself a canon 50d. ;) hopefully this coming march or april.

    if you want a small bag for your slr that you can carry everyday with ease. this is a recommendation. the price is a bit high. but it worth the build quality.

    i rate only 4 'cause of the price. sorry about that....more info
  • My wife loves this bag!
    I was looking for a camera bag for my wife to go with her Canon Xsi with a couple of lenses. She did not want the typical gadget bags that "looked" like other black/brown camera bags since that's a dead giveaway that there's a camera for the taking as well as she wanted a bag that was slightly more fashionable for the kids soccer games and school events. And, I also wanted her to have a bag that provided safety for the camera and easily accessibility to the lenses. This bag does it all! The padding is good with versatile partitions to hold the body with a lens, the zoom, and the flash. There's also room to hold the Flip camera. The outside clip and velcro ensures that nothing falls out. The handle on the top is handy but it would have been nice if the strap detached. But the winner for my wife is that it is RED and looks more like a messenger bag! Weird company and product names but a terrific product....more info
  • Bag of choice
    I was attracted to this bag because it doesn't really look like a camera bag. I ordered it on faith without seeing it because so many people love their crumplers, and I was not disappointed.

    I like that it's very sturdy and padded. The bag has a substantial velcro AND snap closure, which is great, and it has internal thin pockets (one with a zipper) for stashing extra things like your memory, filters, or lens caps. The strap is thick and comfortable, and for a bag that holds a camera and two lenses it's deceptively small.

    I bought a blue one off the crumpler site, it doesn't seem like amazon has the other colors. ...more info
  • Great bag but not without flaws
    This is a very good bag and for my needs, the best of the lot but I think the strap could be better. It's just seat belt material and the 5M doesn't come w/ a pad like the larger bags do. The strap also can slip a bit and self-readjust it's length.

    Big cameras (like a Nikon D300 w/ 18-200) take up a lot of space as you'd believe which makes getting things out of the other 2 wells difficult w/ the camera in the bag. The side pockets and front pockets are good but 3 dimensional objects are a tight fit.

    The bag does have a 'men's purse' kind of look but the 6M bag which is the next size up is too big for day to day walk-around. I'd like to see a 5.5M bag w/ better strap & shoulder pad....more info
  • Millon Dollar Camera Bag
    I love this bag! My camera and zoom lens fits in perfect and great strap on bag. Very comfy to carry. Well worth the money....more info
  • Great Bag
    Excellent construction. Very secure. Perfect size; big enough for a camera body, 2 lenses, and a flash. Still has space for lots of other little filters and such. Discreet, no one knows its a camera bag. Better than the Canon bags that scream "expensive equipment inside!" Nicest bag I own....more info
  • Great camera bag for something that doesn't look like a camera bag
    I had the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar bag when I was using my Nikon D70. It could hold the body along with the kit lens (18-70), a 55-200 VR lens and an SB-800 flash if you give it a little nudge.

    I like Crumpler bags because they don't scream "expensive camera gear inside". The padding is pretty good, but not as good as Lowepro or Tamrac bags of similar size.

    The front velcro flap is HUGE... which means, opening up the bag can be loud if you are in a quiet environment.

    The outside pockets, well, its there, but I found that when your bag is packed full of gear, there isn't much slack left in the front pockets to hold much of anything.

    Last thing is, Crumpler bags are expensive compared to other domestic brands....more info
    I think that it is apparent that whoever said this bad was purple is a dude! It is light blue, no hint of purple.... at all.
    Great bag for the $ though, fits everything nicely and is pretty sturdy....more info
  • best camera bag I've owned
    I've always wanted a messenger style camera bag. This bag is perfect for a Digital SLR and 2 lenses, or 1 lense + flash.

    The quality is great and it has lots of storage....more info
  • great bag!
    great camera bag. Well padded with enough room to hold my camera and extra lens....more info
  • On the go photography
    Perfect bag for on the go photography. Not as bulky as traditional photo back packs. Plush lining. Strong velcro closure.

    My contents: Nikon D80, 70-135mm lens, 50 mm lens, SB600, Picture porter.

    Kind of a tight squeeze, but works just perfect....more info
  • Great camera bag without the obvious camera bag look
    I looked at quite a few websites and stores for a camera bag that didn't actually look like one. I have been very pleased with the bag after the benefit of having taken it on a few trips to use with my Nikon D40 with stock and 55-200mm lenses. It has plenty of room for both, and I was even able to squeeze in a mini-tripod, so it does have plenty of space for a decently outfitted DSLR. The internal zippered pockets provide a good place to stash thin items such as memory cards and an extra battery. The bag is stylish enough that it can accessorize just like a messenger bag, although it is a bit bulkier than the typical messenger bag.

    The only caveat I have is the cost-benefit ratio. This is probably a $40-50 bag, with the $30-40 premium paid for style. I was willing to pay that premium, and happy I did, but those looking for the biggest bang for the buck should look elsewhere....more info
  • Great Walk Around Bag
    I upgraded from the 4 Million to this 5 Million bag because I was just not able to comfortably fit my DA* 50-135mm lens. I'm now able to fit a Pentax K100D Super with DA* 16-50mm attached, the DA* 50-135mm, and an FA 50mm quite easily. This bag looks very urban and doesn't draw attention as a camera bag....more info