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Model Number :JCCTV-150 Feel secure at home or monitor your baby with this convenient, easy to use JCCTV-150 5.5" b/w television with security monitor and camera from Jensen . Place the camera in any room and connect it to the monitor in another room via the included 60 feet of cable and keep an eye on your child while they play or sleep. Place the camera on your front porch and know who is knocking on your door before you answer it. Audio Transmission assures you will hear what's going on too. This portable system is powered 3-ways making it easy to use at home or in your vehicle. The television tunes to UHF/VHF Television channels and includes a 300/75 Ohm external antenna adapter. Purchase a second camera to connect to the system and the monitor will switch between the cameras in 2-20 second intervals. Audio and video input jacks enable you to connect a camcorder or other camera. The audio and video output jacks allow you to connect a VCR for recording any activity within the camera's view. Rest at ease with the simple, easy to install and easy to use Jensen JCCTV-150. Monitor Features: 320 Line Resolution 2 to 20 Seconds Switching Time Adjustment Individual or Sequential Camera Selection Audio and Video Input Jacks Audio and Video Output Jacks for VCR Picture Inversion Brightness and Contrast Adjustment 300/75 Ohm External Antenna Adaptor (Included) 3-Way Power: 120V/60Hz AC Adaptor (Included) DC 12V Car Cord (Included) 10 x 'C' (UM-2) (Not Included) Size: 6-7/8" (H) x 6-1/4" (W) x 8-5/8" (D) Camera Features: Integrated f3.6mm Lens Auto Iris Shutter 1/50 to 1/6000 second Minimum Illumination 0.5 Lux 6 Infrared Sensors for Low Light Operations Built-in Mic for Audio Transmission 60 Feet of Connecting Cable (Included) Size: 4-3/8" (H) x 2-3/4" (W) x 2-1/8" (D) Model Number :JCCTV-150 Feel secure at home or monitor your baby