BlackBerry Curve 8320 Phone, Titanium (T-Mobile)
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Product Description

Adding a fashionable touch to Research in Motion's formidable arsenal of telephonic, PIM, and media tools, the BlackBerry 8320 Curve for T-Mobile is also the smallest, lightest BlackBerry phone that includes a full QWERTY keyboard. This amalgam of the svelte BlackBerry Pearl and the more business-oriented 8800 combines RIM's long-valued corporate email and messaging platform with a host of advanced multimedia features, including a 2-megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth (for listening to music via wireless headphones). In addition to its quad-band GSM and EDGE connectivity, it also offers Wi-Fi connectivity for access to the Internet and email as well as access to T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home service. This version comes in titanium, but it's also available in pale gold.

The Curve's full QWERTY keyboard and the innovative trackball navigation system (placed above the keyboard) makes accessing your data and writing email a breeze..

The 2-megapixel camera makes it easy to capture pictures to send via email or upload to your online photo collection.
T-Mobile Service Options
With T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service, you'll effortlessly transition between Wi-Fi calling and T-Mobile's wireless network while you talk. You can get unlimited nationwide calls over Wi-Fi--at home via your wireless router or at any U.S. T-Mobile HotSpot. You can also use the HotSpot @Home service via most open, or unsecured, wireless routers, as well as any secured wireless router for which you have access to the password from the owner. This phone is compatible with the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard as well as the following wireless security protocols: WEP, WPA (TKIP), WPA2 (AES-CCMP), LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA. Whenever you're not using a Wi-Fi network, the Curve works just like a regular mobile phone, using your Whenever Minutes under your T-Mobile voice plan.

This phone also includes compatibility with T-Mobile's myFaves service, which allows you to call up to five of your most common contacts--on any network, even landlines--without using any of your minutes. Learn more about myFaves from T-Mobile.

Staying Connected
With BlackBerry's push email technology, your email will find you without having to initiate a connection. BlackBerry devices are designed to remain on and continuously connected to the wireless network, notifying you as new email arrives. In addition to the text, you can also receive and view attachments in a wide range of popular file formats, including Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, and Adobe PDF.

Browse the web with the integrated, full-featured browser, which quickly and efficiently displays HTML pages as well as enables you to set up RSS feeds to stay connected to up-to-the-minute news and blog posts. And keep up with your contacts using a variety of instant message (IM) networks, including the integrated Blackberry Messenger as well as downloadable clients for Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and Lotus Sametime.

For corporate users, the Curve delivers all the enterprise email and messaging capabilities you've come to expect. It's supported on BlackBerry Internet Service, giving you access to up to 10 work or personal email accounts (including most popular ISP email accounts), as well as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, enabling advanced security and IT administration within IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise environments.

Phone Features

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The Curve is fashioned in a liquid silver finish with chrome highlights and subtly curving corners. Measuring 4.2 x 2.4 inches, the Curve is just as slim as the Pearl (0.6 inches) and weighs in at 3.9 ounces--just 0.7 ounces heavier than its predecessor. It features a bright 2.5-inch color TFT screen that provides 65,000 colors and a 320 x 240-pixel resolution, and it includes a light-sensing feature that automatically adjusts backlighting for indoor, outdoor and dark environments. Like the BlackBerry 8800, the Curve includes a trackball navigation system located on the top of the QWERTY keypad, and it also features an integrated spell checker with a customizable dictionary to help maintain accuracy while on the go. It has 64 MB of internal ROM memory, and is expandable using MicroSD memory cards. The battery provides up to 4 hours (240 minutes) of talk time and up to 17 days (408 hours) of standby time.

You can snap vivid photos (though no video) using the 2-megapixel camera on the back of the Curve, which also features a 5x digital zoom, built-in flash, self-portrait mirror and full screen viewfinder. It can capture images in up to three picture quality and size resolutions that can be shared instantly by email, MMS or BlackBerry Messenger, or even uploaded to your Flickr account with the Yahoo! Go service. Photos can also be immediately set as a unique caller ID or Home Screen image. You can edit photos and create albums within the Curve using the PhotoSuite application. Pictures can be cropped, rotated and straightened, and flaws can be fixed by removing redeye or changing the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.

Listen to your favorite music and watch downloaded videos using the included stereo headset, or use an optional wireless headphone thanks to the Curve's support for the Bluetooth stereo audio profile (A2DP/AVRCP). The Curve is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, including MP3, WMA and AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ audio and WMV, MPEG4 and H.263 video. Dedicated volume controls are conveniently located on the side of the handset.

With the Voice-Activated Dialing (VAD) feature, you can initiate a call just by telling the Curve who to call from your contact list--either via the integrated speakerphone or using an optional Bluetooth wireless headset. Other advanced phone features include advanced sound technology that cancels out background noise and echo, dedicated volume and mute keys, and the ability to customize the Curve with polyphonic and MP3 ringtones.

Vital Statistics
The Blackberry Curve 8320 weighs 3.92 ounces and measures 4.2 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 408 hours (17 days) of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies.

  • Smallest, lightest BlackBerry with full QWERTY keyboard--weighs just 3.9 ounces
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for Web browsing and access to T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home unlimited calling service
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and 5x digital zoom; Bluetooth wireless connectivity with with stereo headset support
  • Next-generation media player with audio and video playback in a variety of formats; expandable via MicroSD memory cards
  • Includes: Battery, Charger, Stereo Hands-free Headset, USB Cable, Carrying Case and BlackBerry Desktop Software

Customer Reviews:

  • Great smart phone
    I love this BlackBerry. The wifi card is huge for me - don't have to pay for my minutes when I talk at home. I get very poor cellular signals where I live so this phone allows me to get reception anywhere in my house since I am connecting over wifi.

    I might wait to see how the iPhone 3G is once it comes out. The application store on the iPhone is going to be great.

    But I still dont know if that will be better an the great keyword on this Curve.

    Joel Simkhai...more info
  • nice device, awful service
    This is a very neat device, but T-Mobile service is awful. T-Mobile coverage in lower Manhattan is patchy. My new device picked up no reception in my apartment, so I could neither receive nor make calls from home. Two of my colleagues who also live in Manhattan had the same problem with T-Mobile service and got out of their contracts only after threatening to sue T-Mobile for failure to provide the service. I kept the device for a month, during which T-Mobile representatives assured me the problem would be fixed. They also tried hard to sell me a "hot spot" router ($50) which would "put your own tower into your home", according to one T-Mobile representative. When I finally decided to cancel the service, I was hit with a $200 early cancellation fee. No amount of reasoning with T-Mobile would get me out of it. Besides, T-Mobile wouldn't unlock the blackberry device preventing me from using it with another provider. And T-Mobile wouldn't accept the device back for a refund, because T-Mobile didn't sell it directly (Amazon dealer did). It's been a miserable experience all around for me.BlackBerry 8320 Curve Titanium myFaves Phone (T-Mobile)...more info
  • Very satisfied with my blackberry....
    I've had the Curve now for about 3months and I'm very happy with it. This was my first purchase for a blackberry, and I feel that it was the best bet for me. I have dropped it a few times, and the back comes completly off-but it still works fine. T-Mobile never sent my REBATE, but I'm ok, its a great phone....more info
  • Issue is not with phone but ordering process, Amazon, & T-Mobile
    I thought it was going to be a simple ordering of this phone and service through Amazon. Instead it became a long ordeal of hours of phone calls and wasted time. Amazon & T-Mobile don't have a good working system to get these things processed correctly. Neither side could answer what happened and why T-mobile, though approved my credit, didn't get the approval to Amazon. Amazon customer service were not all familiar with anything related to ordering cell phone service.
    In short, now I've lost the entire order as Amazon cancelled it saying they never received approval from T-mobile but I did get the approval from T-Mobile after I had to call them and be on hold for 30min while they processed my information which I provided to them AGAIN over the phone though I had filled it out during the ordering of the phone through Amazon.
    I'm very disappointed with Amazon....more info
  • Great Phone!
    I've had my Blackberry Curve since Dec. 27, and I absolutely love it. I can receive email from my work email, as well as, from my other 5 email accounts without having to worry about logging onto these separate accounts each day. I never manually check my email anymore. Plus once I wake up in the morning, I get the weather report and the morning news. It even has a feature to store all of your user name and password accounts. The phone can be locked by password so you never have to worry about anyone viewing your calendar, to do lists, etc. The camera has a sepia, and a black and white feature. I am glad I purchased this phone, it comes in handy when you need to respond quickly to a work related email....more info
  • Not for MAC users
    Though the phone has impressive features, its one major drawback is lack of MAC compatability. This phone replaced my sidekick, and is really a step up when compared to that. The Curve is very light and comfortable, especially when compared to the brick that the sidekick 3 was. It also has more features and a better screen. Granted, BB did not advertise compatability with MAC, however, there are several softwares that are supposed to support it--including one available at the BB website. I tried that software and was utterly disappointed. The calendar would not sync properly, nor would anything else. So, even though my blackberry tracks meetings and what not, I cannot sync it with my MAC. No one wants to enter meetings in two places or not have a back up of the BB on the computer. But, if you are a mac person, this is what is going to happen. Had I waited, I would have probably gone with the new Iphone. Of course, if you are window based, this phone will be perfect....more info
  • It can do almost anything... sorta
    I have to say, I was really torn about what sort of rating to give this phone. After a few months of usage, I'm comfortable with a below average grade.
    Here's the biggest issue: It's bad at being a phone. I really wanted to use the wi-fi feature to get better service at home, but I can confidently tell you that it practically doesn't work. I'm not sure if this is due to T-Mobile or the phone.
    What makes this phone even worse is that often times it will tell you that it has service when it actually doesn't. This is true both when using the wifi and regular t-mobile service. I can't tell you how many times I picked up the phone, saw full bars or close to it, then tried to make a call only to get the 'no service' beep, and sure enough the bars are all suddenly gone. I've had many people tell me that they called me, but it never rang on my end, even though it indicates service. On top of that, I'll send e-mails/text messages and will find hours later that they failed sending. This kind of negates everything that's cool about this phone.
    I have to say, it's a good looking phone, and they keyboard rocks, and the way it let's me type anything I want without trying to outsmart me is absolutely lovely. The browser it comes with is so so, but Opera Mini is easy to install and works well.
    I actually really like the voice dialing, which I use with my bluetooth headset.
    As far as multimedia goes, I have mixed feelings. It works well enough as a music player, though it's not exactly fully featured. The software it comes with to sync media does a terrific job at converting video. Video plays back very well, HOWEVER, if you use the auto lock feature, you'll find that it will interrupt your video! So, if you try to watch a clip that's longer than a minute or so, you'll find yourself constantly hitting buttons to stop the phone from shutting off your video and locking. This is really just dumb... turning the auto lock feature off and back on is not exactly a fast process, either.
    It takes ok pictures.

    All in all the phone has pretty great features, but none of them work that great. Even e-mail, the thing that most people use this thing for anyway, is disappointing in that it doesn't support html e-mails, and viewing attachments is sometimes harder than it should be.

    I'd pass on this one and wait for something better....more info
  • Beware of cheap plastic trackball "collar" on Blackberry Curve 8320
    Beware - Blackberry Curve 8320 design flaw!!!! The cheap plastic collar (ring) around the track ball will fall out and when you try to replace it, if not done precisely, you will break the little "legs" that are supposed to hold it in place. The track ball does not move easily as it is and really lacks any precision. When the collar piece finally is broken to the degree that it cannot hold the track ball in place, Blackberry will tell you you caused the physical damage and will not replace the phone under the warranty!!! It's their design flaw - but they will not own it! Very convenient for them to deny responsibility for this flaw. With a phone costing as much as this one does, why is this cheap little plactic piece used at a place on the phone where most of the work is done - mousing! If you have this phone, please return it under the warranty if you have the least little problem with the track ball - before it gets to the point where they can contrive any excuse to deny your claim!!!! And T-Mobile is not helpful at all on this subject. I used to hold T-Mobile in high esteem. This is not the case after my conversations with their representatives last evening after I took the Curve out of it's leather holster and the track ball fell out of the phone!!!...more info
  • Real Estate Must Have!
    This phone was the answer to almost all of my needs! Being in the Real Estate Industry, I rely on always being available.....and when I cannot be available I must still be in contact with the working world. This phone lets me keep up on employees and others I work with while I am out. Responding to clients needs is very simple and they appreciate me being able to get a hold of them and to respond to requests in minutes! Taking a few hours off to golf and not feeling guilty! I am literally still in the office with full access to all of my documents, contacts, tasks, calendars and more!

    The camera on this is great. Not close to a Nikon and definitely would not use for property photos for advertising, but driving by a smoking deal and being able to send the mls info and some "decent" quality pictures to a client to get the "OK" is priceless.

    For those whom have primarily EMAIL needs, do not even try others. Blackberry has nailed it as they always have. I have been through countless Blackjacks, Dash's, Wizards, Pocket Pc's, Treo's and others and no one can compare to Blackberry's instant email push. Don't hesitate; the only decision is what blackberry you want.
    ...more info
  • A word on international calling with WIFI
    This is a great phone. I just wanted to let everyone know about TMO's rules regarding international WIFI use because there is a review on this site which claims that you can use this phone overseas and call the US w/o additional charges. Based on TMO's terms and conditions, that is not true. Here is the language:

    "Service Limitations, Connectivity & International Use: Wi-Fi Calling is not available at T-Mobile HotSpot locations outside the U.S. You acknowledge and agree that your use of any Wi-Fi network is permissible and that you (and not T-Mobile) are responsible for your use. Cell Broadcasts (alerts that go to certain customers) and Wireless Priority Service (WPS) may not be available with Wi-Fi Calling. If you have the Wi-Fi Calling add-on feature and use the Wi-Fi Calling service outside of the U.S., calls to U.S. numbers are not included as part of the add-on feature and are charged under your Rate Plan; calls to international numbers are charged under international rates. Please see important international 9-1-1 information below. You will be responsible for all internet access charges. "

    So my question is: Has anyone tried WIFI calling from overseas to the US and if so, how were you billed?
    ...more info
  • Phone is Great,AMAZON 2 Day shipping Baloney
    Phone is great! Well this is my first Smartphone so I don't know other phones capability and easy access. I went though CNET and other forum to select this phone. Main reason was WIFI ability. Even though AMAZON plan does not have it but once you open account with T-Mobile you can add it for $10/m (unlimited calling). Desktop Manager (use for connecting Laptop) keeps disconnecting. But it is only 6 days, I will figure it out.

    I got more headaches when I ordered this phone with 2 day shipping option (as advertised by AMAZON); guess what I got phone after 11 days. I did not expect such improper coordination between T-mobile & AMAZON. After talking to T-mobile customer service and getting OK for opening new account, T-mobile customer service did not knew whom should they inform so they ask me to contact AMAZON. AMAZON customer service said all checkpoints in my orders are green and product will ship soon. But they keep on postponing the expected delivery date 2 day.. 3day.. and so on. So finally after 6day, I sent an email to AMAZON customer service, after (more than 24 hrs later) I got email stating my order is in shipping and I cannot cancel. One day pass still in shipping and I cannot cancel. Finally next day shipped on Friday and because of the weekend UPS cannot delivered it. So I got the phone on Monday. No apology from AMAZON.

    ...more info
  • Reliable?
    Other reviews have extolled the virtues and outlined the faults of the of the Curve. I am on my third Curve since the first two were deemed defective. T-Mobile support determined that the phones were defective, after I spent an hour on my home phone with their support on each of the two Curves.
    The first phone would pull up an application when I tried to dial a number out and the second phone would not receive a signal (between 0 and 1 bar) in a major metropolitan area.
    They did send me a postage paid new (refurbished?) Curve, with a return, no cost, shipping box. Both bum phones were under warranty.
    I hope the third one is the charm.
    I like the phone, but I have not had very good luck in finding one that keeps working. I hope my latest Curve earns my four star rating...
    ...more info
  • The Best Free Phone Out There
    Well to start off my original concern was that I get the best phone out with internet capabilities at the lowest possible price. The 8320 is that phone, with the key word being "lowest" possible price. I would rather the iphone but over the course of a year your going to pay a lot more for it. I got the 8320 for -79.99 in my pocket after a rebate with a plan that only costs [...] a month and it has WiFi so you don't have to continue paying [...] dollars a month for unlimited internet after 6 months. Internet is FREE. That by itself makes this phone the best bargain out there. My one concern was that this phone would be really big and look weird in my pocket but it is much smaller than it looks and fits comfortably in my pants pocket. ...more info
  • Nice Phone. UMA connectivity needs work
    The Curve is a nice phone but RIM / T-Mobile need to work on the UMA connectivity to Wi-Fi. Every once in a while I have to disable and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network to get UMA.

    Another disappointment is the loading time while browsing when using Wi-Fi. I have 20mb down / 2mb up on my network yet it takes too long to load pages - not cool.

    I expect this technology to improve with time - Overall, I am very happy with the phone. Let's see what Android has in store for us....more info
  • Best Ever Used!!!!!
    So far I've used the Audiovox SMT5600, Treo 650, Cingular 8125 and most recently the AT&T 8525 and the Curve is hands down the best of all of them. I've never used Blackberry before and its astonishing how simple and ingenious the OS is compared to Windows. Like me, most of us gravitate towards WM because we're used to using Windows on our PCs, but its mind boggling how much more efficient the Blackberry OS is. I wonder if the Mac OS is this much superior to Windows?????

    Anyway, its smaller than all the phones above, has better sound and types easier. I was a little concerned about no touchscreen, but in my opinion it actually makes the phone more efficient - instead of always having to reach up to tap the screen you quickly get used to using keyboard shortcuts. The trackball took about 30 minutes to get used to but now its like second nature. Its also much faster between screens than the WM devices, probably because its not bogged down by such a GUI intense OS.

    One of the most useful items is the All-in-One inbox - you can view your messages in the program that received them like in windows (ie go into outlook for email, SMS for texts, MMS for picture messages, etc), or use the more paowerful everything inbox that shows every message you receive in a single inbox - Text, MMS, IM, email from all your accounts and even voicemails. And the inbox is activated by the default button on the side so with one press I can see, read, and respond to every message I have received through any service.

    The other thing I love is the type from homescreen. I'm not sure what they call it, but from your homescreen you can start typing any number or name and it will automatically look up the contact from your address book or dial if its a new number. The OS automatically decides if it should be numberic or alpha so you don't have to shift to use the number keys on the keyboard or go into your address book to look someone up. Then from there you can call, text, IM, etc. the person.

    They've also incorporated a lot of what should be obvious typing features, like recognizing when you're typing a number versus a letter and automatically doing it instead of you having to press the ALT key. Or recognizing you are typing an email address and it does the same thing with the @ symbol so you don't have to look it up. It even has spellcheck for messages. I know these sound like "no-brainers", but the other devices lacked this simplicity.

    Email was ridiculously easy to set up and has workied flawlessly from day one. Compared to WM a child could set up their email on this phone!

    I saw that some reviews said the camera quality wasn't that great, but mine seems to take great pics, better than my 8525.

    I've never written a review before but I'm so excited about this phone I had to speak up. Good luck!

    ...more info
  • Does what I need, when I need
    Got this a little over a month ago. Everything is working as advertised. Upgraded the OS and the Software and have been able to navigate through everything I have needed.

    I would HIGHLY suggest a case for this item as it scratches if dropped (learned the hard way twice) - as it should.

    Had a problem with the install of my MicroSD card at first, but have figured it out since then.
    ...more info
  • Wifi great. No GPS not so great.
    Overall a very good phone.

    Smooth transition (while on calls) from WIFI to Edge
    Fits into pockets well
    Good looking

    Battery charge doesn't stand more than a couple of days with light use
    Camera collects lot of dust
    ...more info
  • Best phone EVER!!!
    I got my Curve through Amazon 3 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I think the more I use it the more I love my phone. It's everything I need in one. I'm always on the move and this phone is perfect for me. The camera takes great, clear pictures. The ringtones are LOUD, which was always a problem for me with phones... The reception is good, not great.. but that's t-mobile, not the phone's fault. The calls sound clear, the bluetooth works easily. Wi-fi is also very easy to connect. I get all of my emails right on my phone, work and personal.
    The only thing I'm waiting for is a more affordable application that allows you to view, edit, and create word files.. dataviz has DocumentsToGo coming out for BB soon! And there is also the fact that there is no Adobe Reader software available for BB's.. but I can live without it.
    I did research on a lot of phones before getting this one, and this was the best looking phone with everything I needed. Everything is PERFECT, I can see myself keeping this phone for a while. I definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Beware
    Please be advised, this phone is not all it is cracked up to be. I use a standard "G" router, which apparently cannot handle the WIFI portion of this phone. Bare minimum is G+

    You know what, not that big of a deal, technology changes.

    I'm cheap, so I elected not to purchase the full internet package on this phone, thinking that I could just connect whenever I'm near an open WIFI network. After some fiddling with internal options, I was able to connect to the internet using the Blackberry browser. HOWEVER, no other applications can download information via the web.

    Blackberry maps will not work, Google Maps times out, Opera Mini 4 will not install, and a free stock market application times out as well.

    Additionally, it is not "seamless" in changing from WIFI VOIP to a regular cell signal or the other way around. Every single time I've gotten to the edge of a wireless signal, my call has been dropped. Even when I'm out in the open at my University where there is a nice large cell tower nearby.

    I've gone through about 40 hours of customer service support with T-Mobile, to include 3 visits to physical stores; none less than 2.5 hours in length. I've even had the phone replaced through the manufacturer warranty, and yet the same issues persist.

    BE FOREWARNED: If you do not purchase the full internet package you cannot use any of the smartphone features on this phone! The technology in this phone is nowhere near ready for the public; the marketing department lied to us again.

    A minor gripe, it tells me that it is low on power, and starts flashing this bright green LED after about 10 hours of being off of the charger. It then can last for another 24 hours before actually dieing. Please note, that this is well short of two days.
    ...more info
  • Lifesaver
    I purchased my first blackberry (Pearl) back in September of 07 in preparation for our wedding in Italy. I needed something reliable so the folks traveling with us would be able to reach us. I originally considered a Treo but after reading some reviews, it stated this phone will not work internationally. I'm not certain if this is true but the review that I read sounded pretty legit so I decided on a blackberry.

    I'm glad that I chose the blackberry and T Mobile. My phone worked great throughout our entire trip (both the voice and web). In fact, the web browser worked better in Italy than it does here in the states. The response was fast and the signal was strong. The phone calls were clear and I was able to maintain a signal most of the time I needed to make/receive a call.

    We traveled throughout Italy (Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Venice, Florence and throughout Tuscany) without any problems. I even used the camera in the phone to take pictures in Pompeii b/c my husband left our camera in the car :) .. the pictures came out great!

    I can't recommend a blackberry and T Mobile enough for international travel. The other folks traveling with us were not so lucky as their phones and/or carrier was not as reliable (even though some were using the 'most reliable network').

    The research that I did paid off so much so that we purchased our second blackberry with T Mobile service. The difference in the Pearl vs. Curve is size and the keyboard.

    I will say that the keyboard on the Pearl is challenging - especially if you need to call a number that is given as a word. A normal phone has the 2 with ABC, 3 with DEF, etc.. the Pearl is not that way. The 2 has TY, the 3 has UI so you have to sit and think about what number the corresponding letter is associated with in order to make the call.

    It takes a bit getting used to and I wasn't so sure I liked the Pearl prior to leaving for Italy. Once I got there and learned how to use it, it's been great. I don't see myself returning to a regular mobile phone in the future - having all the options the blackberry includes is addicting.

    Even my dad got into it and couldn't resist checking the baseball scores everyday and getting the American headlines from the web.

    If you travel internationally, I don't think you can beat the blackberry and T Mobile. Back here in the states, I have found some coverage spots that aren't great but I suffer through it as no carrier has superior coverage.

    The folks at T Mobile are always very friendly and professional and I experienced no problems with my phone or their service. ...more info
  • Great Phone! - (from previous Treo owner)
    I've been a happy Treo 650 owner for the past several years. But the phone has become dated and slow for my needs and my att contract was up so I started the search for a new smartphone several months ago. Nothing out there was doing it for me and I almost settled for a Treo 755p from Sprint, though it was just a faster version of the same old palm OS. I wanted wifi, but ATT doesnt offer much there. Love the iphone but its not ready for business use yet, nor is it 3g.
    I've never owned a blackberry and have never liked the ones I've played with. Nor have I ever used t-mobile...always thought they sucked. But after playing around with my neighbors Curve with wifi I hit the buy button. He's a global marketing guy and travels all the time without any T-mobile reception issues.

    What a great phone! I paid about $100 dollars and the phone was delivered in 2 days. Setup with T-Mobile was easy. The wifi works great with my existing linksys and the airports at work - no hassles.

    The trackball is a little weird, but you can adjust the sensitivity to your needs. Everything on this phone is adjustable and you can hide features and icons you dont use. Using email on a blackberry is sooo much easier. YIM and AOLIM set up was easy to.

    Call quality is great through the cell network, not so great through wifi but still good. Internet speed is as good as I've seen.

    Ordering through amazon is easy and I figure I saved about $150 versus going to the store, plus amazon usually makes it right if the order goes bad.

    I only gave it 4 stars because unlike the Treo, the construction is a bit flimsy and plastic. My treo went through the wash machine OK- i doubt the Curve would. I bought a $10 skin for it and that helps.
    ...more info
  • Could do better...
    I owned this for exactly one week before returning it and canceling service. I will say of this phone that I liked the interface and the little trackball, and I didn't have any problems with the keypad. Sound quality on calls was fine.

    My issues were: 1) I could never get the wifi to connect to anything, not even once, not even while standing in the middle of T-Mobile hotspots. 2) I couldn't receive text messages from anyone not using T-Mobile, and a solid week of calls to T-Mobile could not resolve the issue. 3) They signed me up under the wrong name and the wrong billing plan - a minor issue compared to the phone not working right, but I was not going to risk going through two whole years of nonsense....more info
  • Great if you intend to add data plan
    This is another superb device made by Blackberry. The Curve is a full qwerty keyboard smartphone and has the ability to use wifi to surf the internet and make calls via UMA.

    However...most services won't work with the Curve UNLESS you sign up for a data plan with T-Mobile. You would think the wifi ability would have some sort of push email function for free, but it does not, you have to pay for that. The wi-fi only allows you to do basic web browsing. Web pages are not html style and are mobile style. Looks like crap actually. Only real good use is to read some news or articles. You cannot use features such as Yahoo Go, Google Maps, or Push E-Mail. The push email goes through the blackberry server so it is not T-mobile's fault. $10 for push email, or $20 for email and data.

    Blackberry's are powerful devices, but you have to pay for that full power to be unleashed. Get the data plan. You could also use this as a media player, as it plays back mp3 and video, but you will have to buy a separate memory card for that as the one supplied is only 256 mb.

    However, since this is a hotspot enabled phone, I use this for work since I can talk all day and night without having my minutes deducted via the hotspot@home feature ($10 per household, all UMA phones on the plan can use it for one charge). The speaker phone on this thing is loud, sharp and amazing. It's probably the lightest Blackberry I have used besides the Pearl.

    Calls via UMA are clear, and sharp. No problems so far.

    If you are looking for a UMA phone, go with the Blackberry Curve. Just remember, you can't do email without paying for it.

    I would give this phone 5 stars if only the wifi could be used for more than basic web browsing and uma calls. Give me free push email via wi-fi and it would be a 5 star!

    ...more info
  • terrible phone
    service is good, its a terrible phone though, it freezes once a day and take 7 minutes to reboot. drops calls like no other phone i have ever owned. Ridiculous piece of crap. ...more info
  • gui
    Great phone I love it, I agree with the other 5 star reviews. I'll add my experiences.... WiFi voip works on my routers with no problem....EXCEPT, well for some reason the 8320 WiFi didn't like my routers broadcasting on channel 6, I switched the work router and the home router to broadcast on channel 11 (small problem).
    I got the Opera browsers to load... I had to give Opera app all permissions for internet hook ups before it would load. After I set up email and our exchange server on our blackberries my very NON tech boss took to it with out a whole lot of pain. The gui and trackball are extremely well done, my boss loves her blackberry curve.
    I use mailstreet for our exchange server, for another $10.00 fee they do real time push of exchange calendar contacts to our Blackberries. So if you need push exchange contacts calendar I recommend mailstreet, (I've been using them for 4 years).... google apps are also a nice plus the apps loaded easily and they work on the blackberry, great phone.
    I tested WiFi on AT&T wifi at McDonalds it worked, smile. Kind of odd making a VOIP t-mobile call on AT&T wifi.... hum.(update I just rechecked McDonalds AT&T hotspot; AT&T lets me on Wi-Fi BUT NOT UMA. sigh so it looks like AT&T is going to kill t-mobile hot spot least at the Starbucks hot spots) I've tested the Mp3 player and used google's app Picasa to download pictures it works... and was fun to mess with, But our main use of our BlackBerry's is for business, not the fun camera Mp3 multimedia capabilities of this phone.

    I do love this phone smile. ...more info
  • Very impressive problems at all so far
    I purchased this phone earlier this week after a lot of research and review-reading. I had been using Tracfone for over a year as a cheap alternative to contracts. They work well but are rather feature-limited. The wifi, full keyboard,2MP camera , large memory capabilities,unlimited internet (not to mention the phone itself was FREE due to Amazon's promotion!) lured me back into a contract with TMobile. So far, I have not been disappointed. The wifi was very easy to set up and I've found calls (at least here for me) seamlessly transfer from and to wifi/gsm...I had to look at the screen to see what network I was on. I did not sign up for the "Hotspot at Home" add-on as I already have 1500 minutes per month (more than enough for me)..however the phone still will route the call thru wifi if available ( you will still be using minutes on your plan ) ..all good for me. The unlimited internet is really great, emails arrive almost instantly! I've found web-cruising to be much faster on wifi than on EDGE...elsewhere I read there wasnt much difference but I noticed a significant one! I put in a 2GB microSD card and have already uploaded about 32 hours of mp3s,,,with plenty of room left over for hundreds of photos (that look as good as my older 1.5MP stand alone dig camera). When I worked on Wall st a couple years ago the (original blue) blackberry I carried felt like a stone age tablet compared to this light small and powerful device (it even comes with a very nice leather case).
    To summarize, I can either A) carry a laptop, ipod, digital camera, and cell phone (like I did two weeks ago) or B) Put this device in my shirt pocket and essentially have the same thing(s)...
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Best combination of wifi and Cell Phone
    This phone is very flexible. It works under wifi or high speed EDGE cell phone signal. With Google maps it works almost like a GPS. Great for business and personal use. The track ball is the best navegation tool I have seen for a cell pnone. The camera was also more that I was expecting for this pype of phone. I will give it a 9.5/10 (antena signal not bad, but could be better)...more info
  • LUB it
    this phone roxx.. hav had it for over a week now and just cant seem to get tired of it. It has everything any phone lover would want. A great music system, and trust me, it is loud and clear, a really good camera, with auto adjustable brightness and automatic flash (2 MP), and an expandable slot for memory.
    The menu gets a bit getting used to but once you do , you'll love it. This was my first smart Phone and i wasnt disappointed. I used the wifi and surfed the net for over 5 hours a day and the battery lasted me two full days without any problem ( did i add that i made 100 minutes of calls in those two days and with the wi-fi on. )
    Apart from that, i love the style of the keyboard, gets your fingers easily on the keys and you can hold it with one hand and type unlike the wing for which you need 2 hands. Also, the curve has also been playing any format of video i've tried on it yet, so i've also been watching movies on the Phone.
    The rolling cursor is also very good. Makes it fun and you never get tired of it, like the phones where you hav to constantly be pushing buttons. It's like a mini-mouse. Fun!
    Placing calls on wi-fi i heard is really good too but i didnt take it so cant comment much about it. It is fave-5 activated and well, with the 10$ additional if you get the Tspot at home, you'll never run out of minutes!

    i have to press the keyboard lock button to get the keypad locked or else it could always press a button by itself. Gets tiring at times.
    T-mobile's service isnt the greatest in the region. I hav been having problems receiving signals over here. But well, you cant blame the Phone, can u?

    Well, that's it! Hard to say it , but i now leave my laptop at home and go to college with the phone. It does alot of work for me, ipod, internet, checking and writing mails..... and all in great quality!
    Simply superb Phone...more info
  • Not a Fan
    The functionality of this phone is amazing (i.e., WiFi, Calendar, Email, Camera, ect). However, I have found a number of these features to be very sporadic. I have been through two of these phones now, as I sent the first one back assuming there were some connectivity issues. The phone would have difficulty connecting to a WiFi network even if it was placed directly in front of the wireless router. After receiving my second phone I continued to have the same problems, but now the new phone's camera won't zoom. Furthermore, sometimes the handheld does not want to sink to my laptop. Even after making numerous changes to my calendar, contacts and notes, the sync program will simply show that there are no items to be transferred. Finally, the ability to grab and hold a signal is not very impressive. This is the first "high-end" phone I have purchased, and my other phones would get reception/better reception than the BlackBerry.

    This was my first BlackBerry, and will likely be my last....more info
  • Great Blackberry, crippled only by T-mobile
    This review is for the Blackberry 8320 Curve by T-Mobile. A device is only as good as its service provider - in this case unfortunately T-mobile is a poor one. I received this BB only a few days ago with much excitement. It permits you to pull corporate mail, connect to a wi-fi router to make VOIP based calls and other great features - too many to list.

    I had chosen the $19.99 Blackberry Internet Service plan for 10 ISP based emails (POP3/IMAP), Internet browsing (though mainly WAP, not true HTML - BB's proxy servers strip out rich content) and Instant Messaging clients (AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ, Windows Live messenger). Though you need to spring another $10 to pull corporate mail from your company's BES server, you still can pull work mail if your company permits browser based email access. By this I mean Outlook Web Access (i.e. The extra $10 does buy you instant 'push' email, whereas OWA access does have a 10-15 minute delay. If you can live with this small setback, then you should be fine with the $19.99 BIS plan.

    Once I received my BB 8320, I realized that reception was very poor inside my house (1-2 bars, fluctuating quite a bit as well). The purpose of T-mobile providing three types of UMA (unlicensed mobile access) based phones to subscribers is that they know their network has poor performance, especially inside buildings. Signing up for their $19.99 Hotspot@home service allows you to connect to your home router (provided by T-mobile) and any of their 8000 Hotspot locations in Starbucks nation wide. I myself did not sign up for the Hotspot@home service, but just connected to my own home wi-fi router. This seemed to work well, but was intermittent and in the end unreliable. I noticed that connecting to my home wi-fi router caused alot of connection failures for my laptops and desktops. The phone is smart enough to figure out when to switch out of GSM/GPRS and onto wi-fi where available.

    My main gripe with T-mobile is that their network does not have good coverage within buildings. Not all buildings that I happen to be in a given day have open wifi access points - this unfortunately makes the UMA feature unusable. The fact that T-mobile's network is solely on the 1900mhz GSM spectrum, and not also 850mhz is likely the reason why building penetration is poor. On a few occasions where I had full bars, I was unable to make an outgoing call up until my 3rd attempt. Also, while standing in line at Potbelly's where I had full bars - I was unable to make an outgoing call to a friend's cell phone (got the 'circuits busy' message). As a paying wireless subscriber, I feel that my $70/mth plan should amount to some sort of guarantee that I will be able to place a call when needed.

    On the positive side, I did have good coverage in most of the DC metropolitan area including my Washington, D.C. office. Even though their signal seems strong in a good amount of areas, not having a reliable signal at home really does drive one crazy. I really like the phone itself. It is very light and easy to use - OS performance is quick and reactive. Keyboard feedback is also very good, didn't take me too long to adjust from a regular phone to typing on this BB. As mentioned earlier there is a multitude of applications already installed and further on there are alot of 3rd party applications that are available online for free. The speaker phone was very clear and audible. Having the myFaves deal is great if you speak to specific friends/loved ones alot - keep in mind that you are limited to 5 people and that you can update these numbers only once every billing cycle. Setup of email was quick and painless, everything gets pushed immediately except for my corporate email (as mentioned above).

    In the end I feel that my 3 star rating for this product is justified due to the fact that the BB device is great, but falls short of strong performance due to its marriage to T-mobile. I used to have a T-mobile Sidekick (only data, no voice plan) 4 years ago and it was plagued by poor reception at my college. Thought maybe 4 long years was enough for T-mobile to get their act together....should have known better....more info
  • Phone Good, Camera Good, Browsing Bad
    Like everyone, I was torn between getting an iPhone and Blackberry. I have it in for AT&T and am email oriented, so I went for the latter with TMobile's 8320. It has free wifi for browsing. The downside is this version of the phone does not have GPS, although it does have Blackberry Maps.

    I find the phone to be really good; email is outstanding; T Mobile's service (especially customer service) to be really good; the camera with zoom, with the $5.00 deal for 400 texts and picture sends, to be quite good. The only real disappointment is the really poor browser. Even with my home WIFI enabled, it is slow and minimalistic. It is only to be used in an emergency. If I had realized how bad the browser and surfing was, I might have gone with iPhone, or gone with AT&T for the GPS. But....remember, AT&T is more expensive, the customer service and phone service is what it is (although friends say it has improved a lot).

    T Mobile's great customer service is worth something, I think. I have called TMobile a number of times for dumb "how to" questions. They answer quickly, they are patient. It is the best customer service I've ever gotten from a carrier... This summer I go to Europe. I look forward to getting a T Mobile Intl plan for that. That's worth something also...

    ...more info
  • Great except for occasional sound droupouts during calls
    Sometimes during a call the ear piece will stop functioning for a few seconds. Other than that it is great!...more info
  • BB Curve vs. TMO Dash - Blackberry wins!
    Now that the price has come down, this is just a fantastic bargain for a very full-featured phone.

    First of all, the connectivity is impressive. WiFi and stereo Bluetooth, and it even supports VOIP (i.e., Tmo's @home service). Email and messaging is superb, I do lots of txt and get IM notifications, plus all my IM clients on this phone and the conversations are all integrated into one list, very handy. I have the Blackberry Unlimited data plan + unlimited texts, which i consider necessary because this slick messaging interface tends to lead to excessive messaging. But that's why you get a Blackberry, right?

    I had a Tmo Dash before this, and this just blows it out of the water. They have a similar feature set, but the Dash's camera is all but unusable, takes lousy pictures, the screen is hard to see in bright daylight, and the Blackberry OS makes Win Mobile seem clunky and confusing by comparison. It would be nice if the BB took video too, but cell phone video kind of sucks anyway.

    If you're one of those highly connected social networking types, there is a Facebook app, numerous IM clients, and a Flickr uploader that makes posting pictures effortless. I installed Google Maps, and even though the Tmo version of the Curve has no GPS, the gMaps application gets it close enough by triangulating your location. It won't give you turn by turn nav but it really helps if you're lost, plus it's close enough so that using the traffic overlay is very helpful to avoid delays. The internet browsing is very satisfactory and superior to the Dash's mobile IE. Also, installing all these add-on apps is extremely easy. There are even some cool free versions of games that are quite fun to play with the little trackball.

    I keep logged in to all these different things, and Bluetooth running all the time with WiFi wherever available - this is one busy little phone - but the processor is more than adequate to the task of keeping up, and the battery life is impressive with all these things running. With the Dash, "out of memory" errors trying to run the worthless camera were common, and the WiFi, Bluetooth, and any kind of multimedia usage would drain the battery way too fast. With the Dash, I had to constantly make sure I was being conservative with what I had running, and that's just no fun at all.

    Multimedia capabilities are very nice, I have a 4 gig micro SD and some stereo bluetooth peripherals (i recommend Altec Lansing T515 Portable Speaker for Stereo Bluetooth Phone) and you've got a very slick portable entertainment system.

    The little scroll wheel was a bit awkward for me at first, but now when I try to navigate other phones, I really miss it. If you've not had a BB before, it's a good idea to run through the tutorial when you set it up, there are some very very handy keyboard shortcuts that will make things much easier.

    All in all, this is a fantastic smartphone that can actually keep up with me, and that's saying a lot. ...more info
  • Awesome technology but a little early for the WiFi phone
    I researched many different quadband PDA phones before I finally bought the TMobile Curve (Blackberry 8320) I own my own business and must be in constant contact with email to keep things going. I have the Tmobile wireless router in my office for the UMA or what they call @home service.

    The short story is that everything you have read is true...the Blackberry 8320 is amazing but the flaw is in the UMA network (Tmobile's VOIP WiFi phone network) and the handoff between UMA and the Mobile network is anything but elegant. In fact it usually stumbles. Many times I have to reboot, the Blackberry to switch between the two. Other times, the UMA network is just plain down. The mobile phone network is fine. THe WiFi network and technology seems like they are still in beta.

    I suggest waiting to buy this device until Tmobile matures their UMA network. Along with this, Blackberry needs to update the firmware/software for toggling between the 2 networks (UMA and GPRS.)

    That said, I am extremely pleased with the interaction/integration with my Outlook and Curve. It is all handled wireless with the Blackberry Exchange Server (BES) I never have to synch my blackberry with my PC with a USB cable. I dont even have the desktop manager loaded. Dont need it. Amazing technology.

    Although the phone ring is adequately loud, and the call quality is very clear, and crisp, the actual call volume is still a little weak, hard to hear with the just the device in a loud environment, like outside or with the windows down in the car. With the bluetooth headset however it is perfectly loud and clear.

    I must say that Tmobile tech support is terrific. Yes it is true. They have given us Curve users our own tech support phone number. When I do call support, which is often in the beginning as it is a complex piece of equipment, I call, it rings once or twice and they pickup. I have never sat in a queue more than a minute. Awesome. But they know that they have some problems with the UMA GSM network toggling so they are on it.

    In summary, I am glad that I bought it. I will be giving it the acid test over the course of the next month while I am in South America. I can even use Skype on this device!!...more info
  • Not so much about the phone but the ordering process with T-Mobile
    I told T-Mobile I wanted the Titanium, instead they sent me the Sunset Red. I called and they promised that they will ship out the Titanium right away, but when I followed up with them several days later, they haven't shipped out the replacement yet. I changed my mind and wanted the 8820 instead and asked that they gave me discount for it just as they did for the Curve, however, they wouldn't budge, didn't offer to give me any discount at all for the 8820 and told me that any time I wanted to leave, I can do so. They weren't apologetic at all for having made mistakes twice. So I left and went to AT&T. Their starter plan is $10 more expensive than T-Mobile but they have rollover minutes, so now I have the peace of mind knowing that if I went over my minutes, I wouldn't get charge for over $200 like T-Mobile did to me. T-Mobile needs to learn a lesson. Consumers are the people who have powers since they are the ones who spend $$$, and there are many companies who are eager to have their monies. Consumers can walk away as they please and go to any companies who provide better services and respect their times. When I called to cancel my account, T-Mobile was hoping that I would have a buyer remorse with AT&T and don't leave them. It was too late, having wasted enough of my time with them, I did not wish to do that anymore especially when I know that it will very likely to happen again giving the history....more info
  • The best smart phone in today's market

    I have had many smart phones till now - from Nokia's N series, I-phone and finally the Blackberry. This is the best smart phone among the lot.

    I'm travelling consultant and have to depend largely on the "on-road" functionality of the phone. Its been 3 months that I have used this phone. I have no complaints till now.

    Key features:
    > Sleek Design
    > Awesome speaker phone
    > Great internet/ email capabilities (QWERY keyoboard is so easy to type)
    > Great Blackberry community online
    > Decent battery life (compared to other smart phones)

    I'm very picky when it comes to cellphone but this one has really worked well for me

    ...more info
  • An iPhone killer?
    OK - this phone is not perfect. But I am very happy I added two years to my sentence with TMO and upgraded to the curve. Not only has RIM improved on the blackberry interface but the ability to add a microSD card (I added 4gigs) makes it a great media player. Now, I know it does not come close to the interface of an iPod, but seriously who cares! Using Missing Sync I was able to sync a playlist directly from iTunes and a photo book directly from iPhoto! It supports stereo bluetooth (something the iPhone doesn't) and it has an actual keyboard which is something that comes in handy if you type a lot of SMS, emails or use the internet on your phone.
    At home the curve connects to my home network and gets me off that painful EDGE network for data and VoIP. This has also come in handy in office buildings where reception on TMO's network was not adequate.

    The only thing that really bugs me is that the camera is very slow taking pictures.

    I highly recommend this device!...more info
  • Great Phone
    I lost my last Blackberry and upgraded to a curve and wish I had just upgraded sooner. Better keys, better browser, camera... just all around a great phone. The only thing I would like to see is a slimmer version....more info
  • Inferior to the iPhone and Treo...
    I'm on my third 8320 in a few months, so I've got a reasonable amount of experience to base this on. Let me also say that I REALLY wanted to like this phone. T-mobile doesn't sell Palm or iPhone, and Windows Mobile is a disaster, so I definitely wanted to embrace Blackberry. I should also say that like others, SOME of the problems I've had are network-related, but NOT all. This phone has many bugs.

    My first Curve was actually an 8310. I bought it so I wouldn't have to extend my T-mobile service. Got it unlocked. It was actually the best of the three. Problem was, it had the worst reception of any phone I've ever owned. Couldn't even get a signal in my home. (While I had relatively little problem with the Treo and other phones work fine in the house.) Well, it has wi-fi, right? Wrong. RIMM decided to only give wi-fi calling in the 8320. Conversely, they removed (!!!????) the excellent navigation in the 8310.

    So, I sold the unlocked Curve and ponied up to T-mobile (ugh) for another two years. I brought the 8320 home and it flat out never worked. It was a dud. It crashed constantly, froze, wouldn't connect, etc. When it WAS working, the reception as awful. Meaning, it had WORSE reception that other (non-curve) phones. I don't mean the service alone. (Though it's sketchy, too.)

    So, I returned Curve #2 as a total dud. I reluctantly got another.

    Curve #3. Well, it works... sort of. The reason I got it was the "seamless" call-switching from wi-fi. Well, seamless can be described as the following...
    -Hangs up when you move from room to room.
    -Failed call attempts, even when showing a signal.
    -Hangs up if you walk outside.
    -You must re-start to get it to undo itself from wi-fi mode half the time.
    -If you lose signal inside (which you will, as the antenna is horrible) ... you'll be forced to go through a series of restarts to try to re-establish it.

    Other problems...
    -Bluetooth dropouts. When you lose your signal (often) ... it terminates the bluetooth. (Why?)
    -Internet functions are mediocre at best.
    -Accidental calls. Probably the easiest phone I've ever had to accidentally dial someone. Yes, you can lock the keyboard up. That's not always convenient.
    -Intermittent speakerphone. When attempting to end a call, it'll sometimes send it to speakerphone instead...lock up for a few seconds, and then eventually hang up.
    -No real Mac support. You CAN use PocketMac to sync, but it's very limited. RIMM is a multi-billion dollar company and they can't pay a couple engineers to slap together a Mac interface? Palm seemed to have no problem.

    Now, I've focused mostly on the problems because I think they're serious enough that people should avoid the phone. Looks like I'm in the minority, so maybe I just got THREE bad ones. To be fair, I'll throw out some pros...

    -Feels great. Great size and perfect keyboard.
    -Mail functions are nice and smartly put together.
    -For the most part, easy to set up... though not as intuitive as a Palm, iPhone, etc.
    -Decent camera.
    -The GPS is fantastic! You can get free apps with voice-guided GPS that work great! Too bad it's not on the T-mobile model.
    -Fairly easy to navigate. MUCH, MUCH better than Windows Mobile, but not as good as Palm in regards to rapidly moving from place to place.
    -Trackball is cool, though it only moves up and down, not diagonally. So, it's not really a trackball. But, it's fast.
    -Media applications are better than Palm, nowhere near iPHone.

    I really wanted to like it, but have to say it was a real disappointment. The wi-fi calling option simply does not create a realistic... fluid answer for T-mobile's poor coverage and the phone itself makes the coverage WORSE. Too bad for T-mobile. As much as people rag on them, they DO offer the best prices and their customer service has always been excellent. Too bad they couldn't land a deal with Apple or Palm to give their users more options.

    Again, there seems to be mass euphoria over the Curve, so maybe I just expect to much. But, constant crashing and/or no reception makes any other features pretty irrelevant. If you're in a great coverage area, maybe it'll work for you... but I wouldn't recommend it. ...more info
  • Its good but...
    The T-Mobile Blackberry 8320 is good, especially the WiFi easy-breezy automatic connections. Its no-muss no fuss to set up wifi and the system recognizes whether to switch on Wifi automatically almost everywhere I go. The web browser find Internet links in usable time - unlike my old Treo. The screen is bright and beautiful and the keyboard very functional.

    Three things which still need some work, however, before it gets 5 stars.

    1. One cannot download bookmarks, it appears, direct from IE to the browser, a fact which is a real pain. A simple thing but frustrating.

    2. Although this phone has moved towards multimedia, I still can't get the video or audio to play with standard formats from the usual internet websites, such as those for radio or YouTube. There is no RealAudio, QuickTime or equivalent app which can be downloaded for blackberries and the media player system which is bundled with the phone seems very limited.

    3. Lastly the memory allows little space for multimedia so you also need to buy a memory card for any music etc.

    Other than these points, its a good phone.

    ...more info
  • The Best Smartphone/Phone out in the market
    I have gone through a few smartphones trying to find one that works. The Blackberry Curve is AWESOME! The phone actually works!!! Unlike the Palm Treo that crashes before and after every call(I know that is why I got rid of the Palm Treo 750 and got the Blackberry curve. I now totally understand why people are addicted and become crackberries. If you are in the market for a smartphone that works get a blackberry unlike a Palm Treo you wont be disapointed. Happy Shopping!...more info
  • Good phone, bad service
    The phone is good, if you didn't get a defect one.

    * All you need for a smart phone, you can rely on it for your daily management, calling quality is good, camera is not bad either.

    * The first phone I got from T-Mobile is a defect one, it boot itself during the phone call. After checking at BlackberryForums, I found I am not the only one who got this issue. Fortunately T-Mobile did get me a replacement

    * The service is bad. After I got my replacement, I noticed T-Mobile charged me two phones price and give me a outstanding balance of more than $500. I called T-Mobile three times and each time the customer rep said they are going to fix it for me, but it didn't happen. I finally asked to speak to the supervisor and he agreed to fix their error after hanging with him for 30 minutes.

    * T-Mobile website is bugged. While I am writing this review (Dec 3, 2007 4:53pm Pacific time), T-Mobile website is totally down ([...]). I can not imagine a major telecom provider would have their website totally down...

    * Till now I can not set paperless billing since their email verification doesn't work.

    I actually don't have confidence on T-Mobile IT capability. I do know they hire some under qualified engineers into their IT dept. Maybe this is my own opinion, but after all these incidents, I feel I might be right on this.

    ...more info
  • Wifi capability abroad, synch to macs, os system
    I have had a T-Mobile Curve for about three months and I am very happy. Everything works perfectly, even though with a couple of things I had to find or get help on line. Mmh, I might have been happier with an iPhone but I did not want to move to ATT. T-mobile is a good company. I have been with them for several years and found that they are reasonable, helpful and professional (e.g. they will unlock your phone so that you can use a different SIM card abroad -- try that with ATT). Here are some unique or particularly strong points of the Curve:

    1. The UMA function (=connect to T-mobile network via wifi) works even if you do not buy the "hotspot at home" service. Your wifi calls count toward your plan instead of being free. So, this is good if your home reception is poor. If you are a big caller buy Hotspot and you will save $. But, the big advantage is abroad: once you log into a wifi station, you "are" back in the US T-mobile network as indicated by your connection manager. Your calls and internet are now on your regular plan. Hard to believe but true! ... and it works without signing on to Hotspot.

    2. I synch with a macbook using the Missing Synch and it works well, also synching music, photos etc.

    3. Lacks GPS function, but Google Maps provides "your location" from antennas info without draining your battery.

    4. Screen and ringtone customization are fantastic. Plus, you can make or download many ringtones for free (see

    4. The Blackberry browser is functional. If you need "real" page display use Opera mini (free).

    5. I love the standard headphones: they provide great sound quality (I am getting hard of hearing).

    6. The operating system is a bit spartan but works very well. The email, messaging, calendar, address book, integration is very robust and effective. This little thing really works as an office-on-the-road.

    Any drawback? Minor stuff:
    * I wish it would synch over bluetooth (why does it not Blackberry?).
    * The Blackberry email provided by T-mobile is functional but it has very little storage. I get a lot of attachments and if I do not empty the mailbox regularly it gets full and mail bounces. This is not a bad problem since my main mailbox is a Gmail account set to IMAP and that forwards to my tmobile mailbox. So, all the mail stays in Gmail. I have GoogleMail on the Curve and it works great. ...more info
  • Best yet, but not perfect
    Switched by 7800G for the Curve. The keyboard is the same as the 7800G which is good. The new features are great - I use the MP3 player, phone and voice dialling. The phone seems more well made than previously blackberries.

    The one negative is I have had experience with the phone freezing when getting calls. Eventually I see an exception/error on the screen....more info
  • Good but WIFI is buggy
    I got a Blackberry curve 8320 for T-mobile in Sept 2007. I've had it now about 2 months. I've also had several previous models of the Blackberry. It is a good improvement over past versions and it mostly works well. Two features that are new compared with previous versions are the WIFI and the Instant Messenger. Regarding WIFI, the device software has some bugs (defects). For example, the WIFI doesn't work very well for phone calls unless the device is stationary during the call - any movement (like walking) may cause it to drop the call. Another example is that the WIFI may randomly cause the phone to spontaneously reboot - fortunately this doesn't happen often. Transferring a call from WIFI to EDGE does work most of the time - its only dropped a few of my calls that started this way. Instant Messenger (Yahoo, AIM, etc) work well without issues. Tethering works GREAT. Other features are standard in previous blackberries that I've owned.
    ...more info
  • I have found my perfect phone
    I recently bought the Blackberry Curve 8320 because I needed to have a smartphone so that I can organize my busy life. I basically outgrew my old cell phone. this phone is great! I can keep up with my e-mail, my appointments, my contacts, calendar, text my friends, surf the internet when I am away from my home computer, I don't know how I managed to live without it. If I ever upgrade to another phone it will definitely be a Blackberry Curve. If you order a phone, or anything, do it through They have the best deals and the customer service is cool....more info
  • Hands down the Bestblackberry made & the best DEAL
    I tried every current Blackberry offered from AT&T to Verizon, including the Blackjack and Treo line.... the Curve is hands down the best PDA on the market. It's lighter, slimmer and easier to work with than Verizon's World Edition and any Pearl. The Pearl is NOT a business tool, it's a weekend warrior toy compared to the bigger units and the Curve. The Curve has one heck of a 2 mg camera as well. You may say, so what, I don't need a camera, but now you have to lug around a digital snap and shoot, along with your laptop, wallet and other crap? WHY? The shots on this are excellent.
    Anyway, this IS the Clydesdale, epitome business machine. Buy it or hate thyself.
    The bottom line is Blackberry's have a rep for being rock solid dependable.
    The Treo has the most dismal in the industry. Half of our staff have them and they all HATE the Treo's They brake constantly, freeze up, etc.
    Can you spell LOST BUSINESS?
    I mean what the heck? A Curve for $49? WOW!...more info
  • nice phone horrible service
    phone is great, love the ability for email push, best feature, if u plan on watching you tube u must download the update from t-mobile. i returned after week, t-mobie service is the worst service provider. its great if u want dropped calls. couldnt take it anymore. ...more info
  • Erica Asahan fav fon
    Erica Asahan wrote:

    Okay, this phone is crazy!!!!

    I dropped it in the toilet and it quit working???! Help! I love it so much I wished they came out with it in 2000, It could have come in handy!!! ...more info
  • BlackBerry Curve 8320
    Great phone. Speaker phone and sound quality are good, specially when it uses WiFi....more info
  • Get an unlocked 8320! Terrific on AT&T!
    I bought this item on eBay (refurbished, brand new but out of box)- and it is just amazing. WiFi, Camera, Video (you need to upgrade the firmware) and a full keyboard - what a great phone.
    Very small issues - sometimes the network cuts out (AT&T's problem), no mainstream IM client, no way to check email or use IM over WiFi and the browser needs work. I'm sure BB will fix these issues with later phones.
    The buttons are a little small (I have fingers like sausages) but I've learned to type using my thumbs nonetheless.
    Add an 8GB MicroSD card and you're in business! I don't need an MP3 player anymore!
    To reiterate, find the phone unlocked if you can. Mine says T-Mobile when it starts up, but since it's unlocked I just pop in my AT&T card and it works fine.
    ...more info
  • Awful T-Mobile customer service, very good phone
    I've had the Curve 8320 for 10 months. A month ago, the USB port failed - the phone wouldn't charge or connect to the PC, and I could see one of the wires on the USB sticking out. I called T-Mobile for replacement, only to find out that their "policy" is to call from a different phone regardless of the problem. I did not have access to a different phone, and the problem was obvious. After two hour of waiting and then talking in circles with T-Mobile's customer support they would not let me on to RIM's tech support - they would not make an exception from their policy to use a different phone regardless of the problem. Since I didn't have access to a second phone, their advise was to go to a customer center and call them from there. I did not call them back. I have no time for hours of resetting the phone and "troubleshooting" when the problem is evident. This is not the first time I have gotten similar treatment from T-Mobile. My Blackberry 8700G broke too, and they could not fix the problem, yet charged me $100 for "water damage". That's when I bought the Curve. I pay several hundred dollars each month for the privilege of using T-Mobile - at least 3x more than I pay for cable TV, and my cable company has 10x better service, including visits to my home when there are problems.
    I know the other phone cos are far from perfect - but after such total lack of service and respect I simply have to go elsewhere.
    ...more info
  • Best Phone Ever!
    I'm so glad I didn't buy an I-Phone. The Blackberry Curve is perfect. Took minutes to set-up. ...more info
  • One Small Point...
    The literature consistently says "Does not take video"---it does take video. Go to the video area (icon looks like a camera) click on it and there you are. The capability came with my 8320 from Cincinnati Bell. Even the RIM website omits this feature, it's there. Enjoy, it does a great job of video, too. Crisp, with voice, good color, you can zoom in and out as well. Only reason I am giving the device one less than full stars is it is such a difficult little thing to master compared to the iTouch, but it does so much more. Well worth the price and the time invested....more info
  • You could do a lot worse
    The title is a joke; right now I love my phone.

    Okay so let's start with the confession: I'm a serial gadget lover but I don't need to be the first or own the most expensive thing out there. A phone is a just a tool, not a social or fashion statement.

    I felt the Berrys were overpriced and was quite hesitant to go lemming and buy one. However, I wanted to retire my prepaid Sidekick and my contract Nokia 5300, the latter mostly because while I could hear people if I strained - missing every nuance of their tone, sometimes to my deep detriment - they often complained about not being able to hear me. That's just annoying and really unnecessary.

    Most of the phones I see in the stores are overpriced cheap plastic things that will not stand the test of time. The Curve keys are pure plastic but the unit itself felt solid and the screen is bright and lovely. I was kind of boxed in on that front because I want a browser I can actually see, not a teeny square to squint at. Please.

    I was all for the Pearl (so small and pretty! and on sale!) but the swervy keyboard gave me motion sickness and I didn't even want to try Suretype. I have enough stress in my life, thank you very much. I want a real keyboard, like my Sidekick has.

    Enter the Curve. Handset is darn expensive if you are re-upping BUT T-Mobile's great service and really friendly 24/7 customer service is really hard to beat so I am staying with them for now. Tried out the Curve keyboard in the store - easy peasy, even with my redeculous long nails - and finally gave it a go.

    So far the Curve seems worth the investment. In the past, when I've switched phones, along with the painful learning curve was a period of mostly using the old phone while figuring out the new one and feeling, um, slow. This meant two phones for two weeks. This time, it took ... exactly one day. And I never cracked the manual. That's just not for me. (If I can't figure most things out on my own, I don't need the phone.)

    The calls are clear and I can make them LOUD. I can hear the enthusiasm or the hesitancy, not just the words. The speakerphone is simply phenomenal. I don't need a bluetooth hedset in my car because I just mute the radio and use that and leave the phone in the console. No pairing. No fiddling. No drug dealer ear jewelry. Perfect.

    I wanted a Wi-Fi phone this time. The Wi-Fi connections are blazing fast for surfing, erm, I mean, checking a site. Bing, the page is up. Edge surfing is fine too ... but of course not as fast. However, you can get to what you need to.

    I won't talk about e-mail; it's been done to death, except to say it is too easy to set up and you get it all, right on your phone. Ugh. As many as ten accounts, if you are a dedicated masochist. (I stopped at five. Enough.) So now I am thoroughly in touch, for better or worse. Do note that the phone DOES NOT show you your HTML mail with picture links; just the mail and gibberish links you must visit, and you are on your own after that. Thank goodness.

    The music player sounds as good as my Nokia Music express.
    Pretty impressive. Photo storage is only limited by your memory.
    The camera takes decent shots, at least on the screen.

    Again, note: There is a learning curve, no pun intended, and there are MANY MANY menus and submenus. Bring stale popcorn if you have it. The pound key is NOWHERE NEAR where it should be, and all of the keys are Lilliputian. You will lose your way in the beginning. But this is why the device is small and light in your pocket, and I think the tradeoff is more than worth it. Also, the ringtones are quite lame, but you can use any song you like so that's not a deal breaker.

    I'm not a gamer especially on a mobile so don't go there because I just don't know. I do know that this is one of the few phones you can use with Hotspot at Home, and also as a modem for your laptop, although I do not use this feature.

    I don't miss my old phones and that's a very strange thing for me. I have moved on, happily. Take a look; it may work for you, too. Check out the bright, clear widescreen display. Niiice!

    ...more info
  • A great tool that knows how to have fun.
    Wi-Fi, email, and a phone, oh my!! Yes, this is quite a step up from a regular cell phone. There will be no looking back once you can check your email, make calls, and keep in touch nearly anywhere, using any UMA wi-fi connection....more info
  • Great phone!!!
    I just got this phone and for the money(or should I say lack of money since you MAKE money on this phone) it's awesome!! In the store it costs $150 where here at Amazon you make $50!!! This is my first blackberry and I will admit it does take some getting used to coming from a non smart phone. But after a day or two you get real used to it and now I love it!! I love the keyboard and autotext is great!! I pay the 9.99 for email only (when you get this phone on Amazon they make you get either the email (9.99) or email/unlim internet (19.99) and I love having my email pused to my phone. I don't use my text anymore and have gotten most of my friends to use email all day instead of texting to stay in touch. The unlim email is cheaper than unlim text!! And paying only $10 more to get the unlim internet is not too shabby either (compared to other carriers this is a steal actually) The reason I don't pay the extra ten is cause it has wi-fi so I can browse w/ that if I need to. Just gotta find a wi-fi signal tho. Haveing the wi-fi is awesome too cause you can use UMA. I used to have the ATT Curve and it didn't have wi-fi but GPS. It would be awesome if this phone had GPS also, but for it all you'll have to wait for the Bold. But you can buy a GPS puck for prolly $50 and link it to your phone w/ bluetooth and get unlim GPS also! Now here are my few complaints about this phone: 1) after I had it about a week it started to creek, like it's made of cheap plastic; I now use my OEM skin and have applied a Best Skins Ever also, 2) the alarm function on the phone sux; it works but very basic; 3) no HTML email (even tho this will come w/ OS 4.5). Besides those things I love the phone!!!...more info
  • Strongly recommended!
    This is an almost perfect phone. It's rare these days to have an electronic device perform as it has been expected to, but this is one of them. It does everything well that it is supposed to do. The UMA wifi technology works flawlessly with T-mobile's service. I did not obtain one of t-mobile's routers, and I had no trouble with connecting whatsoever. I have a Buffalo WHR-G54 and did not have to change any of its settings to get it to work. My friend has a newer Netgear router and I was able to connect to it with any trouble or settings changes either. It picks up UMA when I'm near a Starbuck's hotspot (that service will soon be dropped). When I make a call at home on UMA and then leave the house, the call switches over transparently 9 times out of 10. The build quality is excellent and the phone is solid. The speaker can be VERY loud or soft, which is a huge plus. This phone has superb audio quality for both voice and ear. It has the best microphone/speech audio quality and best hearing audio quality of any phone I have had for the past 15 years.

    This phone is my first Blackberry and I've been extremely impressed with the software that makes it a Blackberry. Writing SMS, MMS, and Email is extremely easy, and it's really nice to have the autotext feature. I have mine set up with three email accounts: one is through gmail and one is through Outlook Web Access from work. I was really surprised that the OWA would work with the Blackberry system - I'm even able to send messages out from it! I never thought I would want or care about push email, but it is really fantastic.

    I strongly recommend downloading the Google Maps application. Though this phone does not have GPS, Google Maps is able to determine where you are within 1000 feet or so based on your signals with the cell towers. It really works well, and the search and find features are extremely useful.

    I use my Blackberry's media features to listen to music and also to watch videos. It does not have the H.264 codec, but it will play other video files - you can find information on-line on how to convert videos into playable files on the Blackberry. It's rumoured that the next OS will have this capability, along with the ability to create video from the handheld. It currently only has a camera, not a camcorder feature.

    The camera works well and takes good pictures for a phone. I have had an LG and a Samsung phone with cameras and the Curve is 10x better in camera quality.

    I also recommend downloading the Opera Mini web browser to use instead of the default Blackberry browser. OM is much better.

    My only real complaint with my Blackberry Curve is that it only comes with one alarm. I have used the multiple alarm features in my previous phones extensively, and this is the only thing I view as a step back with this phone. I was able to purchase an application called Mobylo Multi-alarm which has so far worked flawlessly and gives me 5 alarms, but it was almost $30, which is over-priced.

    The Curve comes with its own "holster" which is made of leather and is attractive and useful. It has a magnet in it which the unit uses to determine if it's holstered. This has been an extremely useful feature. As a result, you do not need to purchase any other cover or container for it. However, don't let it set next to your credit cards. I haven't had any erased, but it the holster is definitely magnetic.

    The Curve has AMAZING bluetooth. Paired with a good headset, it has a long range and the connection quality is superb. The Curve also has a very sensitive radio/antenna for both Wifi and GSM, and is better than any phone I've ever had since my Nokia 8200 (a long time ago!) People who say that LG or Samsung or Motorola phones have good connection quality have no idea what it's like to use a phone like the Blackberry Curve - I will never be able to go back.

    The synchronization feature of the Curve works very well with Outlook on my computer. It is also able to synch with Yahoo, though this is more primitive. Using the Blackberry Desktop Manager that comes with the phone, you can also completely 100% back up your phone so that you can reinstall things or have your data if the phone is lost. The Curve handset also has the ability to lock and encrypt data so that no one else can use it. I have had the Desktop Manager crash on me several times. It has a conflict with the Tivo 2.3a software - I have to disable to the Tivo software to use the Blackberry manager.

    The Blackberry charges with a mini-usb connection, which means that you can charge it using your computer. I also have a bluetooth headset that charges usb, so both chargers work with both units - very nice.

    Finally, T-Mobile (and only T-Mobile) will allow you to "tether" your Blackberry to your laptop. Thus, while I'm on the road I can connect my computer to T-Mobile's network for an internet connection. It connects at 115kbps, which is pretty good for getting things done. Tech-heads complain that TMO's network is too slow, that it needs to be 3G, but I've been happy so far.

    I strongly recommend this phone. It is worth every penny!...more info
  • Great device except for music
    After T-Mobile had me pay $100 for the device plus $30 a month for data, I was taken with the Blackberry Curve. The 4.5 operating system isn't quite as flashy as the new 4.6, but as updates might be possible, no issues are there. I downloaded Need For Speed Undercover, and the graphics are really good. The 2 megapixel camera stacks up surprisingly well to the 5 megapixel Samsung Behold. BUT............... I cannot, for the life of me and the help of two other people, get my new Kingston 4gb memory card in the freaking phone! The memory card is microSD, and the curve supports 4gb cards, so this should be an easy pair. But this is downright terrible! I saw that the new Blackberry Flip has a spring loaded memory card slot on the side, and thank god! If only the Curve had this, because music was of major importance to me. If you are looking for a phone to play music, then make sure you can get the darn microSD card in the slot!...more info
  • The Best BlackBerry
    It has been a very long time since I have had so much fun with a smartphone. In fact I would include Palms, Jornadas, and the much missed and lamented Newton to the mix The BlackBerry 8320 was amazingly easy to get up and running with PocketMac. This isn't always the case with some other BB's. I was particularly pleased to discover that OperaMini installed and performed flawlessly. There has been much talk on various boards claiming that T-Mobile has deliberately set their phones so that they won't run third party apps. My experience says otherwise.

    The fact that the 8320 has WiFi was a huge selling point for me. Our house is located in what may very will be the most cell signal challenged spot in the county. This BB instantly located our AirPort signal and I was finally able to to make calls from home, via the UMA feature. Emails load very quickly, and it performs like a real champ when it's time to send a SMS or MMS. The screen is very bright and clear. It does a reasonably good job in direct sunlight, but then I have yet to find a phone whose screen delivers as promised in that area. It is also very sharp and easy to see. That's quite an accomplishment considering my poor eyesight. The 2.0 megapixel camera is pretty useful with it's zoom and flash abilities. Under the right set of circumstances it's capable of producing some pretty good photos. It also has a SD card slot so that you can store larger media files, or whatever else your heart desires. The web browsing experience is better than you you might expect. It also features voice dialing. I was impressed liked the phone's search function. I don't know if it is typical of other BlackBerries, but I found it to be extremely fast and very useful.

    The reception is better than other phones that I have owned in the past. It it also very good looking and feels solidly made. The rubberized sides give the 8320 an extra secure grip. Finally, the real QWERTY keyboard is (for me at last) a huge improvement over the Pearl's Sure Type system. The keys are raised and separated just enough to make typing quickly possible, and this from a serious klutz. It also has spell check as part of it's core programming. That is something I desperately need.

    When the iPhone first hit the scene I felt left out of the party because T-Mobile wouldn't be a seller. But I have had nothing other than positive experiences with T-Mobile. I don't work for or have any financial interest in the company, so I can honestly state that T-Mobile tech support ranks right up there with Apple. So why should I surrender that comfort level to try someone new? Also, I have read many, many bad things about AT&T customer service.

    The release of the BlackBerry 8320 has taken the sting out the iPhone's release, and has provided me with a wonderfully functional, enjoyable & reliable prosumer's dream of a BlackBerry....more info
  • Excellent phone; smaller than expected
    Been using the phone for 5 days now and I love it. No problems yet. Thus far, I really like:

    *very small and light
    *excellent call quality (better than my previous Nokia)
    *bright, clear screen
    *relatively quick navigation between screens
    *stereo headphones and carrying case included in package
    *excellent T mobile customer service (they helped me fix a problem I had installing the blackberry desktop software)

    The only cons I can think of right now are:
    *have to buy a microSD card to store media
    *sometimes the phone lags between screens (as all computers do)
    *battery life may be an issue after busy days
    *can't get bluetooth to work with my computer (most likely due to the computer, not the phone)

    I was choosing between the iPhone and the curve. After borrowing an iPhone and playing with the Curve in the store, I chose the Curve for it's functionality and lesser price. I'm very happy with the decision....more info
  • Great performer, poor instructions
    This is my second Blackberry, and I am very pleased with it's performance and the Color LCD Display is more readable than my older Blackberry.

    My web centric wedding photography business is very email dependent. Brides shop on internet sites and expect quick replies from prospective vendors. The Blackberry allows me to reply immediately to their queries.

    The Blackberry Curve is more compact than my previous unit, and packs additional integrated software features that are excellent. It has become my morning alarm clock!

    Previous Blackberry users will find the command structure very familiar.
    The Track Ball is an improvement over the Side mounted Encoder wheel found on older models..

    I love the new alert tones in the Curve, although I had to purchase "Blackberry for Dummies" to figure out how to change the sounds.

    The weakest link in the Blackberry is the instruction manual. I purchased the Blackberry for Dummies book, which should come packaged with the unit, IMHO.

    The tiny keyboard is difficult to read for older eyes in low light. It can be difficult to read the "ALT" characters!

    The 5 Alpha-Numeric Password requirement on my Enterprise Server linked Blackberry is a necessary nuisance, which would be valuable, in event of unit loss as the unit will wipe our all user information after a preset number of login failures.

    The Camera function is quickly available. The zoom function is cute, but photos are low resolution. Better than no camera, but this is NOT a replacement for a Digital camera.

    Purchasers should realize that additional monthly service charges for Blackberry's Server connection and local provider, will increase monthly service charges ($100 per month in my case).

    Bottom line: Very compact, rugged, feature rich, and reliable performer!
    If you need reliable Email Delivery, this is the unit. It works great on domestic and overseas travels.
    JFJ...more info
  • great phone, terrible service
    Since many people have described the phone here, I won't go into detail other than to say the phone is great. This is my 4th Blackberry and clearly the best one yet overall.

    T-Mobile coverage and customer service is terrible however. I would strongly recommend that before buying the phone, you do some testing of T-mobile coverage at your primary locations. My coverage at my house is incredibly variable, frequently shifting from 4 bars to zero bars and back in the course of a minute or two, sometimes during calls (when I of course get dropped).

    As for customer service, I have made 3 calls to them over a nine day period to request a minor change to my account, and they still have not done it. Each time they apologize and tell me they are going to do it, but it still hasn't happened. This last call they told me that I need to be more patient, and sometimes changes take several days to get done. incredible.

    I have had cell phones for about 10 years, and used Sprint, AT&T, and now T-Mobile, and this is by far the worst experience I have had.

    I wish I could write a better review, thank goodness I kept my old Sprint phone, so I have decent coverage in my neighborhood.

    ...more info
  • The Curve is far better than a Treo!!!
    I had used a Palm Treo for over 5 years and thought I would never switch phones... I am so glad I did!

    The Curve is smaller, much lighter, and has so many great features that I am really glad I made the switch.

    I thought I couldn't live without the touch screen of the Treo but the trackball is just as easy to use and works great!

    I now know why it is called Crackberry! It is worth the switch! :-)

    Craig Kirsner, MBA,
    The Art of Telling Great Jokes & Being Funny!: -)
    ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    This phone is amazing. Even the small quarks people complain about are being fixed with the new OS update, 4.5, and aren't even that bad. Whether it be the great 2 mp camera, or the very high quality speaker, one of the best for any phone, this hand-held device clears out all the rest. Even when being compared to devices like the iPhone, without the price being a factor, this phone wins hands down. You can buy added flash memory if needed, and the software that comes with allows you to quickly back up all your information on to your computer, freeing up tons of space. The navigation and operating system is smooth and easy to use. A free, but not very good, maps service is installed, with no GPS, but it is still handy and going to be improved with the OS update. Video and picture recording with the 4.5 OS, and a great appearance leaves this one of, if not the best, phone out there. Soon to be replaced and competing with the BlackBerry Bold, this phone will hold its ground to the newest RIM device, sporting a clean and appealing look, as well as interface. It seems, the more you get to know this phone, the more you like it. All the options available, the only complaint left is the simple, no SMS signature installed. After market programs allow you to fix even that problem. There is a minor media player problem where some of your songs don't show up, but that is going to be fixed along with 4.5.

    There is not much else to say after that other than, I Love This Phone. ...more info
  • It's OK
    I figured when they said full web browser it would be like the I-Phone, but it's not. I will say that it's a great phone and does so much that I haven't even used half of the stuff on it. I like it. ...more info
  • How Wi-Fi Works with 8320
    First off, this is a great BlackBerry device that compares with any other BlackBerry device. Let's be honest: What you are interested in is how this phone works with VoIP over Wi-Fi. Okay, T-Mobile does offer the add-on "Hotspot@Home" service that allows unlimited calling when you choose to talk through the Wi-Fi network, but this is purely an option. This phone will still use Wi-Fi (or UMA), at the places you can access Wi-Fi, instead of using the T-Mobile cellular network... you'll just be using your plan minutes if you don't add on that unlimited option.

    But, how does it actually work? Think of your home Wi-Fi router becoming another cellular tower. All cell phones "hand off" your call from one tower to the next as you drive down the highway. But with a UMA phone like this one, your home (or work) Wi-Fi becomes yet another available "tower" for your call to be handed to and from. So, start a call on Wi-Fi and walk out to the door, your call is automatically handed off to the T-Mobile tower without you noticing a thing. Started a call in your car on the way home? As soon as you walk in your front door, the call is automatically handed off to your Wi-Fi router seamlessly. As far as the phone and T-Mobile is concerned, it is no different than just driving further down the road to the next cellular tower. Yes, the phone easily connects even if your Wi-Fi requires a login (like most hotels) or the Wi-Fi signal requires WEP or WPA authentication.

    I've been using my new phone for about one week and I've already burned through 250 minutes of my unlimited "Hotspot@Home" voice time through Wi-Fi, which before would have counted against my available plan minutes. You can't argue with the bottom line: this phone pays for itself almost overnight!...more info
  • Not for the new users of Blackberry
    Set the scene and then I can base the critism on my user profile. Note, this review is about the phone and not the service.

    I get 200-250 e-mails a day and in 4-8 meetings a day. I am 35 years old. I spend 10-12 hrs a working day around a computer. I just used a small laptop for my organiser and e-mail. I have never used a PDA. Blackberry seems an obvious choice to make me more productive?

    Why did I buy?
    -Many people around me had PDAs either iPhone or Blackberry. I felt I was being left behind.
    -Computing magazine review rated this phone the highest for e-mail
    -I wanted easier access to my Outlook calendar and e-mail
    -It's cool for my friends to see me with one?!

    What's good about it?
    It was easy to link to my Outlook exchange server and get e-mails. But the goodness stops there. It may be easy to put gas/petrol in the car but if the car is slow, incredibly difficult to steer and drive, what's the point of having easy filling?

    What's bad?
    -It crashes once a day.
    -The keys are so rediculously small that writing text fast will not happen. You hit multiple and wrong keys. You often need the delete key and it is burried at the bottom under your thumb. Someone needs to think about usability!
    -Usability is appauling!!! I expect to invest some time in learning new technology but the whole thing has been designed without a primary audience. I want a Blackberry to phone, see my calendar and read and answer short e-mails. I have an iPod for music.

    You start the device and you have by default 20+ icons. I want 3!!! The first thing you need to work out is how to get rid of the usless items to make it quick to navigate to your primary use cases. (Blackberry, give me a set up wizard!)

    When you want to dial a number you have to use the 9 '2' font keys on the screen. Doing this with one hand is painful. The numbers are also on the left hand side. Most of use will use our right thumb!

    Then to chnage any settings most items are burried in very un-intuitive text on a 'left click' button. Further more, what you are after is often burried deep in the navigation. Read on for an example...

    -The Noises!!!! The defaults drove me crazy!! 200 e-mails a day. I could have danced to the music the phone made. Every e-mail, every calendar invite the things buzzed beeped and chirped! It was killing the battery. I just needed to know if a phone call was coming in. The fun part was then turning the bleeps off! Read on for an example of crazy usability.

    -Turning off beeps
    I write this as an example of how bad it gets in places to do simple tasks
    It took me about 15 minutes to find out how to do an obvious function.
    1) Navigate to item 15 using the roller ball
    2) Click using the roller- ball. This opens the drop down menu with 4 big items, normal, vibrate, Quiet and Loud. You would think you then use that 'left click' button to edit. Wrong.
    3) Carefull observe there is a tiny indicator that you can scroll beyond these basic options- not obvious. Select at the very bottom 'Advanced' option. Click using the roller ball
    4)Observe a new list of profiles which you just saw in just a smaller menu this time!!!
    5)Navigate to the profil you wish to edit- say 'Loud'. Now click with the roller ball.
    6)If you didn't realise, the 12 different items on this screen from 'Browser' to 'Tasks' are all individual functions on the balckberry with their annoying beep associations. Get this, you need to edit each one to set your desired noise. Here's how
    7) Select the functionality you wish to change the noise on, say 'Messenger- New Message'. Who named it 'messenger'!!!
    8) You now have a dialogue with 11 options per beep function!!! Change volumne, tune, number of beeps, LED, vibrartions and number etc
    9) Click 'Out of Holster' using the roller ball, None, vibrate, Tone or vibrate plus tone.
    10) Select an option by clicking with the roller ball.
    11) Change any of the other 11 options per function by going to step 9)
    12) Use the navigate back button to force a save. Save dialogue then pops up.
    13) Select the save or discard button using roller ball.
    14) Now go back to step 7 and repeat to 14 another 11 times for the other default beep and tune settings for the default 'Loud' profile!!!

    ...another 15 minutes later...

    -The e-mail text you get back has lost all formatting so often you loose context and it is impossible to read.

    -The synchronization software using default installs on XP was slowing my machine start-up by 2 minutes, locking all access to the machine! It was the first thing I uninstalled.

    - I can go on but hopefully you guys get the drift and won't make the same mistake as me

    Final conclusion
    For new users I would wait until a decent user interface comes along that hooks up with Outlook and addresses primary needs. Also a user interface that tries to do core jobs well and not everything from navigating the internet on a 2 inch screen, playing games, GPS, music and so on. For BlackBerry, they need to clean up their usability, software performance and stability. If iPhone get easy sychronisation and backup with Outlook and Lotus Notes, Blackberry will die as soon as their contracts expire....more info
  • Phone is great (except media interface) but TMobile data service is disappointing :(
    Updated Dec 2008:

    If I could, I would move the rating up to 4 stars. 5 for the phone and 3 for TMobile.

    The phone is AWESOME. I'm sold and I don't think that I will go back to anything else.

    There are some quirks though, especially with the media interface. The Roxio media manager is terrible (and very slow) compared to iTunes or Media Player. Plus it is kind of frustrating that playlists tranfer into the phone correctly only through Roxio, Media Player 11 doesnt seem to transfer playlists.

    As I had mentioned in the previous review, my first phone was a lemon but thankfully TMobile replaced it without any hassles.

    Which gets us to TMobile. Love the guys for their service - it is head over heels better than the rest of the industry (I have been with Cingular, who are OK and Verizon, who would shoot you in the face if possible.) However, their data network is TERRIBLE. Websites take forever to load. I have to hard reboot the phone once a week to restore data access which somehow stops by itself! You can use the phone as a modem with you laptop only if you are ready to wait for ages for anything website to show up!

    Lets hope TMobile's 3G network solves these issues. If not, then they will go the way of Sprint with customers running away to other carriers and that would be a crying shame given how good their customer service otherwise is.


    Features and usability-wise, this phone is simply awesome. You will get hooked once you start using it. Other reviewers have covered most features in detail so I will not go there.

    However, I did face some pretty serious issues with the phone. Within a week, I noticed that a crack had started appearing on the upper right hand corner of the phone. Then in a couple of days time a similar crack started appearing on the left side too. The phone was never dropped and neither was it stuffed into any jeans pockets (its winter time so it was mostly in the coat pocket in its case).

    Then, when I tried to take the rear cover off to take out the SIM card before shipping the unit back, the cover just wudnt budge. After a half-an-hour long struggle at the T-Mobile store with 5 people trying all they could, we finally managed to pry it open to realize that the rubber lining between the cover and the main body had somehow melted and become sticky - thus preventing the cover from sliding off. This is in a phone a week old!

    I am still not aware of how T-Mobile will resolve the issue (their customer service is amazing btw, it is hard to believe that they and Verizon actually are from the same planet!). This may just be a one off issue with this specific piece and I waiting for the replacement. Something to look out for nonetheless....more info
  • Go ahead, ditch your home phone. No, really....ditch it!
    Although this phone is not perfect (what phone is?), I'll explain why this might be the smartest purchase you can make. Three letters. UMA. This technology enables access to GSM and GPRS mobile services over a WIFI connection at home, your office or a hotspot such as Starbucks.

    Although I live in the heart of Los Angeles, in my house, most mobile phones have problems with dropped calls, so like most people, I kept a home line. In my case Vonage. I always thought, if my cell worked really well, I would get rid of my home line. Only now will I do this and there are two reasons why.

    First, the Hotspot service allows me to communicate through my high-speed Internet connection at home and those minutes are unlimited. Second reason is the most important: The call quality is better than my home line. When there are pauses in conversation, I have to ask "are you there?" because its so silent and clean. For me, 1000 minutes are fine since most of my calls are from home. Although I might use about 5000 minutes, I'll only be charged when I'm out and thats covered in my 1000 plan. The sound quality is the same for UMA connections or if I'm on their towers, clean. I also want to say, I just returned an iPhone. Although that is a great phone, ATT just didn't work for me. Dropped calls in my home killed it. That and the iPhone just always seemed too fragile to carry around. I give high marks for its usability, but now that I have the Curve, I can appreciate one thing for sure: Actual keys for texting are much easier than a touch screen.

    As for features, I use the email push feature to notify me of anything in my gmail inbox, but downloaded googles package (free) that includes gmail and it works just great. Opera Mini browser also works well with this phone and the ball (mouse) is easy to get used to.

    Most people considering this phone probably know the features, so I really wanted to comment on performance and I will say this. I have never had a phone/service that was so crystal clear and the fact that phone calls when I get home are free, how can you beat that? My personal break down is this: Old Vonage line monthly cost: $28. Old Sprint Cell account (before trying ATT), data and text was about $120 for a total of about $148.00
    My new plan is $39 for 1000 min, $10 for Hotspot, $20 for full blackberry data and $10 for 1000 text messages. for a total of $79.00/mo. I no longer need my home line so I am saving about $70/mo.

    To be fair, I will explain why i said its not perfect. Getting around the screen is better than most, but the iPhone does spoil you some. That being said, the pro's I've mentioned far outweigh the cons and at this point, all I miss about the iPhone is the toy-factor. But thats it. This phone, used as a phone, on the T-Mobile service blows them all away. I'm quite happy. Now I have to take it back and get it from Amazon since the deal here is way better than at the stores.

    Here is a little money saving tip. If you start your call from a wifi connection and travel into the T-Mobile towers, even though you are now on cell towers, you are charged based on the calls origination. Meaning, you can drive for hours with no time charges. That being said, if you arrive home from a call originating on the cells, and it transfers to wifi, you are still going to be charged minutes, so hang up and begin a new call at this point.

    Great phone. I'm very happy!!!...more info
  • Blackberry Heaven
    I purchased this phone after researching quite a number of phones. I had the Blackberry 8520, but wanted something that wasn't as heavy or bulky. I fell in love with the Blackberry 8320. It's perfect in every way. It has all the features you would want (music, internet, texting, pictures, etc.), but it looks great also. It fits in your pocket and is less bulky than my previous phone. I would definitely recommend purchasing a cell case cover, as the phone is a great investment. There's not much to say. This is "the" phone to get if you want a phone that can do it all. ...more info
  • Best Value when purchasing through Amazon and choosing T-Mobile
    Ordered the Blackberry Curve 8320 (actually 2 of them) with the favs family plan. The phone is good, however, the internet on T-Mobile (edge) is super slow in comparison to other providers with high speed alternatives; 3g for Sprint, Verizon, ATT, or evdo for Verizon & Sprint. Amazon provided the best deal out of any other retailer out there, hands down, and they provided excellent service when I needed it.

    Despite the complaint of slow internet through t-mobile, when it comes down flexibility of its use as a phone, T-mobile is the only provider at the moment that allows hotspot (UMA) calling or the ability to use the wifi connection of the phone to make phone calls, WITHOUT deducting minutes from your phone plan, as long as you pay for the $10 a month hotspot calling service.

    1) Unlimited HotSpot calling through T-mobile: Make unlimited national phone calls with this phone on any wifi network as long as you pay for the 10 dollar hotspot calling feature.

    2) hotspot calling feature is available on a family plan (covers EVERYONE on their family plan for one low price) and it costs the same as a single line hotspot feature.

    3) Phone is Wifi capable, go online through any Wifi network (that you have access to: secured networks you don't have a key to don't work obviously!)

    4) good messaging (SMS) and e-mail capabilities (outlook, gmail, hotmail, etc) as long as you pay for the required data plans (See cons below)

    5) Good call quality, build quality, and great feature set(for the money) on the phone itself, the plans are something else.

    1) Phone is slow when navigating through menus and dialing in comparison to dedicated cell phones (non pda phones)

    2) Screen is a bit small to actually do any real web browsing; its purpose is mostly to receive emails. i would call this an email phone. yes you can web browse, but it is tedious, even with aftermarket software browsers like mini opera, etc.

    3) On the T-mobile side, the internet is absolutely slow slow slow. makes web browsing practically unusable, unless of course you are on a wifi connection. If you have the patience to deal with browsing on the edge network and wait X2 as long as dial-up, then be my guest, I'd recommend wifi.

    4) required to pay for data plan: extra $$$ for something the phone is supposed to do out of the box. No data plan, no internet or email unless you have an available wifi connection.

    5) if you are using outlook for work to receive email, it is then required to pay even more money for the BB enterprise server data plan in order to receive emails instantly or close to real time. Otherwise, you have to deal with web outlook (OWA) which only pushes email about every 15 minutes to your blackberry device.

    There you have it, depending on what your needs are, this phone can be the either best phone you have ever owned, or it could be just a phone with too many features. For me, its the best overall value for a phone, period.

    other thoughts: Now if only it was 3G...
    ...more info
  • Burned by T-Mobile, dishonest lying company!!!
    This is not a review for the phone which is probably great. This is a rant about T-Mobile. T-Mobile had lied to me when I was going to the Carribean with my Black Berry. The Representative had told me that I would be charged according to the data used and instead signed me up for BB International Roaming, which is $19.99. The service had never worked, I wasn't able to recieve or send email, but this is not what this is about. Four months later I had opened a bill, which I usually don't do since the bill is paid automatically every month, and discovered that I am being charged $19.99 for the past 4 months. Manager at T-Mobile insisted that there's nothing that they can do regardless of the fact that I am being charged for the service that never been used. The Manager did not even attempt to accomodate me in any way, no partial credit offer, not even for one month, not even free text messages for next month.
    T-Mobile is out there to take advantage of you. They take no responsibility for lying to their customers and charging them for services not provided.
    Avoid T-Mobile...more info
  • The BlackBerry Curve is the best phone you can get!
    The Blackberry Curve 8320 I ordered through Amazon is great. This Phone is a great phone to have if you love to text and use the internet. I didn't fully know the capibilities of this phone until I got it and now I guess I'm kinda of adicted to it. You can play games on it, download software for students and working people alike. Buying it through Amazon was hassle free and recevied a better price than anywhere less. With T mobile service I got with BlackBerry Curve 8320 Smartphone Titanium (T-Mobile)]]it works great and is very realiable. I would suguest this phone to anyone. One thing to keep in mind about the Curve is that it is very similar to a computer so you do need to be able to adapt to all the features. But once you have this phone I don't think you will every not have a blackberry because of all it's wonderfull capibilities. ...more info
  • So far so good, but how am I paying for Wi-Fi?
    I picked up the phone yesterday from the local T-Mobile store, and everything has been too easy up to this point. The people at the store didnt really know all the details for the Wi-Fi calling, and told me I had to do the hot spot at home. This turned out to be not the case as when I get home I just hooked up to the closest Wi-Fi network and started calling away. My question now is, how am I paying for my Wi-Fi calling if it isnt a hotspot? Ive seen the people mention the 9$ unlimited Wi-Fi calling option but I am not seeing it as an option on my Tmobile web page. I will try to call tmobile today and delve deeper......more info