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Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell LR44 AG13 A76 Pack of 10 Batteries
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Product Description

Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell LR44. Maxell is a worldwide leader in small electronics batteries. Maxell offers a full line of Watch Electronic Specialty Batteries for applications used in precision engineering tools to power a wide variety of small electronic devices. Maxell batteries are used in home health devices such as glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs and digital ear thermometers. Also, button cells can be used in keyless remote entry systems for cars and homes. Hand held electronic devices also use batteries in calculators, watches, photo camera, computers, audio books, games, toys and more. A Cross-reference information guide is inclued in each order. Made in Japan.

  • Maxell Battery LR44
  • Used in Watches, Electronics and more
  • High Quality Battery
  • 10 On A Pack
  • Made in Japan

Customer Reviews:

  • Reliable battery.
    This card of 10 batteries is cheaper than one battery at Radio Shack. I use them in my meat thermometer.
    ...more info
  • Great price for great batteries!
    I needed batteries for a digital tire gauge, and 10 in a pack at this price was perfect!...more info
  • Great deal
    I have several little 3cell led keychain flashlights. These batteries fit in the little flashlights. The batteries last for what seems forever and give enough light to find my keys or do close work.

    ...more info
  • Are they genuine MAXELL?
    I heard that MAXELL has changed their packing of this kind of batttery from paper board to hologram plastic pack to fight against replicas and fakes....more info
  • Batteries should be dated!
    The batteries arrived on time and in good shape and the one I am using seems to be working fine, however there was NO indication on the batteries as to by when they should be used!...more info
  • batteries were dead
    The batteries I ordered were inexpensive and they arrived quickly.
    However, the were all DEAD. useless....more info