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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle With Guitar
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $12.99

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Product Description

Fire up the fretboard, crank up the amp and get ready to unleash your inner rock star like never before. Guitar Hero III drops you into the spotlight of the largest and most legendary rock concert ever. The starstudded soundtrack contains more than 70 of the most legendary rock anthems of all-time, including master tracks by such legendary artists as The Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys and Pearl Jam. Challenge the legends of rock and roll in boss battles, or your friends in the new multiplayer modes, or rockers worldwide in online play. Pick up that axe and show 'em what you're made of! The franchise's favorite characters freshly fitted with a few new faces Fully playable with keyboard or keyboard/mouse Take Guitar Hero III anywhere you travel with your laptop ESRB Rated T for Teen - Mild Suggestive Themes Compatible for use with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista for PC and OSX for Macintosh

  • More than 70 of the most legendary rock anthems of all-time
  • Added multiplayer modes: arcade inspired Guitar Battle and the dual shredding co-op career
  • Challenge the legends of rock and roll in boss battles
  • Take those axe shredding skills online and rock around the world
  • All-new tricked out venues taking you to hell and back

Customer Reviews:

  • Need: Awesome Computer
    If you want to play this game on your pc you will need an awesome computer. Make sure that your system fulfills all requirements before buying. I made the mistake of just checking if it corresponded with Windows xp, which it does, but it has a whole bunch of other requirements as well.
    The game was really fun and had great graphics and i liked most of the songs. But there are a lot of glitches. There's a patch available on their website so download that, but I still had glitches after that. It could be my pc, but it seems that the game doesn't run as smoothly as it should.
    I'm taking mine back tomorrow and i'm going to invest in a ps2. Unless you have a stellar computer you'd do best to stick with game consoles for playing games....more info
  • Buyer Beware!!
    "I want to say the Seller was just great, my item arrived earlier than expected which is always nice.
    But before you buy this product you better read the fine print! You need a very specific computer system which is not easy to figure out unless you are an expert and believe it or not the packaging is very deceptive about that!! It is basicly MAC ONLY in the fine print,which does refer to Windows XP sp2 on it which is wrong! So buyer beware!!...more info
  • Great game -- read system requirements first.
    When I ordered Guitar Hero III for my PC, I was concerned that it would not run decently. I had read many reviews claiming the game would not run well even on high-end machines. I am running Windows Vista (32-bit) with 2G RAM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.3 GHz, and a Radeon HD 2400 PRO with 256MB memory. This is a pretty good setup, but not at all top-of-the-line. I loaded Guitar Hero III with no difficulty (it took some time to install, though, during which I put the stickers onto my guitar). Gameplay is flawless. I am very happy with my purchase and glad that I can enjoy Guitar Hero without purchasing a new console. Just make sure your computer meets system requirements before you purchase the game. Check out the requirements as listed on the Aspyr website:

    I have no complaints about the game. Enjoy!...more info
  • Game runs fine on 7300GS
    I was so excited to get this for Chrstmas! Ive been a fan of the series since I first heard it was coming to ps2 a few years ago. People have a lot of beef with the graphical requirements, but I played fine on my rig (exceeds all requirements except graphics card) and had zero trouble playing it on medium settings on a 7300GS which is WAY under the suggested requirements. I prefer the PC version hands down to the 360 version and cant wait for the mods to start rolling in!...more info
  • Careful people
    When you get this game, make sure you have your computer upgraded already. I can't tell you how many of my friends have bought this without realizing they're computers aren't set up properly.

    I use a GeForce 8600 GTX 756 Mb
    2 Gigs of Ram

    funnily enough only an AMD 3200 single core, old school

    I can run the game pretty well, though i'll get random chops that last about half a second once or twice a song (which we all know can destroy us). Great game overall and really convenient if you're a PC gamer....more info
  • GH III, runs great on PC
    After reading some of the reviews I was hesitant to buy this for my PC, but took the plunge anyway. Glad to report it runs great, no lag at all. It's very fun and I highly recommend it. I run Vista 64 bit, and my Video Card is a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 and processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz, 4 gb ram. Hope this helps others decide if they can run game or not....more info
  • Rocking The P.C.
    This year, the Guitar Hero franchise has definitely proved that it has exploded beyond the brink of excitement. With Guitar Hero II earlier this year, as a debut for the Xbox 360, and Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock making its debut for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3, gamers of the new console eras do know what it is like to jam beyond excitement. But, there have been some misteps like Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80's, which didn't show it way into the heart of gamers well, by being more about guilty pleasures, and not driving in the fans. But now, there is one new addition to Guitar Hero series that can make it home, the P.C., as it finally gets its way into rocking out loud.

    Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock for the P.C. takes on the popular music game series for the first time, as you jam to 70 different songs. The gameplay is the same as it has shown from the other game systems, but the thought of bringing it to the P.C. takes on a whole new meaning. The graphics work well with Windows XP, adn the newest operating system Vista. You get to jam your way through great rock classics like Rock And Roll All Night by Kiss, Heart's Baracudda, and the Santana standard Black Magic Woman, as well as surprises like Hit Me With Your Best Shot by 80's icon Pat Benetar, and Sabatoge by The Beastie Boys. The game also has great gameplay features like co-op mode, where two gamers can rock out in career mode, and battle mode where you match your licks against rock greats like Slash from Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses. While the battle mode could've had more challenges, the though of seeing this game on the computer is worth the wait. The game also includes a specialty guitar controller which works well with the gameplay.

    All in all, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is a great game to buy, and works well for your P.C. I absolutely loved playing this game, and I think it is a great buy for the hard core gamer in your gaming library. There is no doubt about it, you can really rock out loud, and it is worth the licks.

    Graphics: B

    Sound: B

    Control: B+

    Fun & Enjoyment: B for solo players; B+ for multiplayer

    Overall: B 1/2+...more info
  • Excellent Playability
    I've got a reasonable gaming PC that I put together from scratch about a year ago. I have two of these controllers and the PC version of GH3 works absolutely flawlessly. There's essentially no setup, the controller driver was already present in Windows Vista after installing the game. No stuttering/choppy video. No sluggishness. Both controllers are accurate and are synchronized with the on-screen notes. It's a blast when I play it with my wife. She's the "Slash" to my "Duff". :-)...more info
  • hated it. couldn't even install it.
    if you have a 200 dollar video card installed in your computer and have the nicest computer in the world go ahead. otherwise you are screwed....more info
  • Fun, but.......
    I wish my computer suported it without buyin 200 dollars worth of crap for it to work, but it's fun game & all!!!...more info
  • Good game but itsn't compatible with all computers!!
    This game is amazingly fun...The first time I played it was at my friend's house, and I loved it so much that I decided to buy it for myself. When I received it, I tried downloading it onto my computer, but it didn't work because my laptop was too old. When you buy this, make sure it will work on your computer!...more info
  • Don't be afraid: This is the Guitar Hero you love.
    When I first heard that a PC-port of Guitar Hero III was on its way, I was ecstatic. I refused to think about how terrible Aspyr ports tend to be, and I just took it for what it was: the best thing, in my opinion, about console gaming coming to PC. I no longer would have to look upon my friends' Xbox 360s longingly.

    Then the bad news: it would come with the Xplorer guitar instead of the lovely new wireless Les Paul. If you haven't used the new Les Paul, you won't be as heartbroken, but trust me: it is a huge difference. It's akin to using an Epiphone instead of a Gibson.

    And more bad news. Apparantly Guitar Hero III is a system hog; even top of the line rigs used by IGN for their reviews had stuttering issues and low framerates at times. My system is far from bad, but my 8800 GTS and AMD 5000+ couldn't touch their rigs. Stuttering would make any rhythm game unplayable; worthless. I decided not to buy it.

    Fast-forward a couple of weeks. I'm in Best Buy looking at LCD monitors and I see Guitar Hero III for PC. A mere mortal, I cannot resist. I get home, install the game, and plug the guitar in. I already have an Xbox 360 controller for windows, so I didn't even need to install new drivers for the guitar. It loads, and I go to quick play to try out a song; I am surprised.

    The game runs flawlessly, nary a hickup, with a very high framerate, graphics and physics on high, at 1600 x 1200. In short, it is even better than the console versions. Why was my experience so different than that of reviewers, and many other people? Probably because I keep my drivers up to date religiously, and had the 169.17 (nvidia) beta drivers installed; I think I read on some forums that these improve performance in Guitar Hero. Also, I have a lovely Creative Xi-fi Xtremegamer card (which I heartily recommend) which probably helps out a bit.

    Lower-end rigs will probably struggle, as is always the case with PC games. Is this fair? Shouldn't some of the worst computers be able to do something that a ps2 can? Of course; the fact that this is a system-hog at all is due to it being a lazy port. On a medium to high-end rig, does it show? Not at all. It runs like a dream; better than on consoles. If you are a PC gamer, with a nice rig, do not hesitate to buy this: It will be perfect. On lower-end systems, I would recommend trying to find a way to demo it to see how it runs. As there is no demo yet available, I can't exactly support any means of trying this out unless your friends has a copy, but do what you must.

    As of yet, there are no mods available for Guitar Hero III. But I imagine they will come in time, and then this will surely be the ultimate version of Guitar Hero III. Until then, you can download Frets on Fire for some more (free) fun with your Xplorer guitar.

    Something which surprised me, since, as a PC gamer, I'm not used to it, is multiplayer. You can play with a friend; one using a guitar, one using keyboard. I imagine if I plugged in another guitar, it'd work as well. I don't have one, so I can't test it out. This is a great feature, and I'm impressed that Aspyr included it with the PC version. The online multiplayer seems a little buggy, and I haven't been able to connect to any games. I've seen complaints about it on other forums and reviews. As this is not a priority for me, I can't really dock points from my review because of it, and I imagine it will be fixed in upcoming patches.

    Cons: Weak online multiplayer; a system-hog; Xplorer guitar instead of Les Paul.
    Pros: On a good rig, even better than console version; possibility of mods; good multiplayer if you have a friend over, $20 cheaper than other versions.

    Edit: I would just like to add that, upon updating my drivers to 169.21, I started receiving stuttering and lagging like reviewers and others have mentioned. That proves it; any problems with this are driver related, and not actually a problem with the game itself. For the time being, I'd recommend 169.13 or 169.17 for best use with GHIII. With time, I'm sure all drivers will have it running great....more info