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PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $59.98

You Save: $20.01 (25%)


Product Description

Communicate wirelessly on your PlayStation 3 with this cordless keyboard. Entering text and typing messages with a standard controller becomes tedious and a thing of the past when you add this keyboard to your PlayStation 3 gaming system. This cleverly designed keyboard also offers vertical scrolling functionality with a built-in touchpad, so there's no need for a separate mouse. Set up profiles, manage accounts and send text messages with one convenient keyboard. With its lightweight, thin design and generous range, MediaBoard Pro lets you roam up to 30' away from your PlayStation 3 console. You won't miss the cluttered mess of cords you used to have before you made MediaBoard Pro part of your life. Quick media keys are convenient Operates on 2 AA Batteries (included)

  • Bulk/Retail - Retail
  • Connectivity - Wireless
  • Color - Black
  • - Use your Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro up to 30 feet (10 meters) away from your PLAYSTATION3.
  • Integrated touch pad with vertical scrolling

Customer Reviews:

  • Great wireless keyboard
    I cannot find fault with this keyboard. It is used to surf the net on a 42" HD TV, so "zooming in" is not an issue. Wireless is the only way to go, and I felt the quality for the price was terrific. The keyboard is comfortable and easy to use, and unlike other wireless keyboards I have tried, it does not feel fragile. Setup was easy. I would buy this keyboard again....more info
  • Great buy
    This key board is a great buy everything is smooth and runs well. The only thing I have not found on it yet is a quick key for zooming in and out. money well spent. I would say just buy it (great product)....more info
  • Not just for PS3...
    I bought this to use as my HTPC (home theater PC)keyboard and mouse. The computer is about 15 feet away and this connects beautifully and I've never gone out of bluetooth range. If you are in the market for a media center keyboard with bluetooth, this keyboard is awesome!...more info
  • Forget the PS3, this is a great media PC keyboard.
    Having been dissatisfied with several other options for a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for our media PC, I turned to this PS3 keyboard. It works great! I can surf through movies and websites in front of my HDTV with ease and convenience. This is probably the only functional product from Logitech I've seen in 3 years. Maybe someone there got fired, who knows. ...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    I was torn. Hubby and son really wanted the more expensive one, probably because of the charging unit and because it looked much cooler (great reasons huh?). But I could not justify the $170.00 or more for it, when this one was almost $100 less! We received the shipment quick and set it up and it works great. I had read reviews that the scrolling pad was sticky and the keyboard was more like a laptop keyboard, both were false. The scroll pad is much better than most laptops and the keyboard resembles and works like most desktops. It hooks up to PS3 effortlessly and works great. So wonderful to surf the web with an actual keyboard and not using the internet user interface provided by PS3. Would highly recommend this for the PS3 user....more info
    This sylish keyboard has every fuction that I ever needed. It works straight out of the box without any set-up or pairing. All you have to do is take it out of the box, put in the batteries, insert the adapter into the USB slot on your PS3 and type away. It is very lightweight but seems fairly well made. This keyboard will work on your pc as well. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I hope Cony comes out with their own keyboard at some point. This keyboard works ok, but not having all of the buttons from the controller built into the keyboard is unforgivable. ...more info
  • Underwhelming (and defective)
    I was looking for a keyboard compatible with my PS3 and surprisingly found this one is the only one specifically designed for the PS3. I decided to give it a shot, since Logitech makes pretty decent products...most of the time.

    Upon unboxing it, the first thing that struck me was how lightweight and cheap it felt. I wasn't expecting a high-end keyboard or anything, but this thing doesn't feel like a solid piece of equipment. It's also larger than I was expecting, but that's more my fault for not reading the specs more thoroughly.

    The keyboard was easy enough to pair with the PS3, so I started playing around with it. The keys didn't feel like any other keyboard I'd ever used, but it seems like something I could have gotten used to over time. However, I wouldn't have gotten used to the lack of R and L buttons. The point of the keyboard was to forego browsing and messaging with the controller for good, so leaving out buttons is completely inexcusible. I'm also not a fan of the spacebar, which is somewhat difficult to hit at times. The spacebar doesn't rise as much as the keyboards I'm used to, so I had difficulty using it, and I don't know if I would have ever gotten used to it.

    As for the trackpad, here's where things got problematic. After a few days of use, the trackpad started becoming less responsive, and 2 weeks after getting it, it stopped working altogether. I'm sure my unit was just defective, but since I wasn't satisfied with the purchase, I opted for a refund rather than exchange it for another one. With the refund, I picked up a Logitech diNovo Mini, which, while more expensive, is definitely a much better keyboard....more info
  • Great range and portability for HTPC
    This is the cheapest bluetooth keyboard I could find for my living room's HTPC. I bought another Logitech keyboard, and the range was horrible. Five feet away from the HTPC, I couldn't type anything in.

    I haven't tried this on a PS3 since I don't have a PS3, but the reviews here got me to buy it just for the HTPC with Vista on it.

    I bought a separate bluetooth dongle which installed automatically with Vista and then paired it with this keyboard. I didn't bother to install any drivers since everything worked with Vista's own driver database.

    PS3 Specific Keys - The only issues I have are that the keys aren't made for Windows and there is no button to power off the computer, but I admit this keyboard isn't made for Windows, so no complaints. I've got a remote control for the HTPC, so it's also a moot point.

    Touchpad - This is another great thing. Having a separate mouse on the coffee table just adds clutter. This way, I can just use the touchpad while I have the keyboard on my lap as well.

    Conclusion - In fact, my only complaint now is that 10 to 20 feet away, I can't read anything on my HDTV, and with long range wireless keyboard, that's a great problem to have.

    It's about time more bluetooth keyboards get made for HTPCs since current USB cordless keyboards are just not cutting it, and current bluetooth keyboards are way too expensive. Even this one was pretty expensive, but considering there weren't too many alternatives, this was the best choice.

    I'd recommend this for just about anybody with a HTPC who doesn't game on that computer. If you do, wireless is really not the way to go anyway....more info
  • Great keyboard, bad mouse.
    This keyboard functions very well. I have some complaints about the key mappings, but that is a function of the PS3, not the keyboard. The trackpad is too small to be useful. ...more info
  • works for PC!
    I bought this as a wireless answer for my HTPC after trying another wireless type keyboard. This Logitech keyboard is Bluetooth, so for a PC you must have a Bluetooth Dongle in order to use it. There's a great one on Amazon for WAY cheap that works perfectly with this. It synched up right away, and works like a charm on my 50" tv. The touchpad is a tad sensitive to the "double tap" and it lacks the number keypad on the side, but that's no big deal. A good solution for running a pc through your home theater, and with mouse needed (provided you're doing media or can't game with a touchpad of course). The Bluetooth connection has been great, and I can sit (so far) about ten feet away with no loss of signal....more info
  • Another great product from Logitech
    Excellent keyboard for PS3. If you don't mind the touchpad of a laptop, this is a great option for browsing and setting up the PS3. Much easier to type than to scan and click around the virtual keyboard. Makes game, internet and other setups a breeze and the bluetooth setup is cake.

    I recommend this keyboard for anyone who uses the net on their PS3 regularly - it is the total package....more info
  • Works for YDL6.0 and Game OS
    Outstanding product. Biggest selling point for me is that it worked in the PS3 Linux mode! I don't have to get a mouse and keyboard to use my YDL linux anymore. It only works with YDL 6.0! and you have to link it up via the bluetooth commands, which requires some basic knowledge of linux.

    I only have to switch on my keyboard, navigate to switch my PS3 to Linux mode, let it boot up, and type... THAT'S It!!! then to switch back, the same way... can't beat that!

    ...more info
  • Good Keyboard for HTPC
    Not sure why some people have beef with this product but it's just right for a HTPC. It's lightweight and has a good look and feel to it. In my opinion doesn't have a cheap feel to it like some people claim. I'm only going to be using it when I'm on my powerhouse of a HTPC so it's perfect for that. Being able to turn the power off makes the batteries last much longer. Bluetooth provides great range as well. Again satisfied with this product and Amazon. Keep it up....more info
  • Good poor man's Dinovo
    I've wanted a bluetooth keyboard I could use when I want to switch over to using my HDTV as my monitor but couldn't afford the Dinovo and then found this keyboard for the PS3 which works on the PC. It's missing the better button pushing tech of the Dinovo and a few extra buttons but other than that it's still a bluetooth keyboard with touchpad. Keyboard is awesome I love using it in front of the HDTV. I've had instances of it becoming sluggish or unresponsive which required me to power cycle the keyboard but that was due to a cheap $2 bluetooth dongle I bought struggling with range, I moved the dongle to the USB plug on the front of my case and it works fine now.

    The buttons aren't as fat as on a standard keyboard which can take some getting used to the new feel not to mention the missing num pad and rearranged home/delete/etc buttons. It doesn't have a caps lock light. It has an auto-standby function when not in use for a period of time which is neat.

    Since this was meant for the PS3 a few of the keys have Playstation symbols printed on them and there is no Windows key. The media buttons on the top had the PS3 in mind, they don't work properly on the PC(play/pause causes an 'enter' keystroke on the PC, rewind and fast forward only worked in one video player I had but only for video skipping). ...more info
  • Does not work for PS1/PS2 games
    I bought this to play FFXI on my PS3. There is no response from this keyboard when I am in the game. I don't think this is the fault of the keyboard. I assume, once the PS3 loads the PS2 software it dumps blue tooth support. I am a bit upset that I spent such a large amount of money for a keyboard that I can't use in game. I suggest others purchase the silver version of this keyboard if they need legacy game support as it has a usb wireless adapter. This weakness should have been marked in the specs and on the box....more info
  • Keyboard
    I like the functionality of the keyboard. It's setup to work very well with the PS3, however, Sony needs to update the browser, it should be as easy to surf the web as on a normal computer but it isn't. But in due time it'll all work out...more info
  • Much easier for web surfing
    My wife likes to surf the web on our PS3 and this was a godsend in making text entry easier. The set up was easy and the PS3 remembers the keyboard once it's synced via bluetooth the first time. My only gripes are that there are no forward / back buttons on the keyboard. Not a huge deal, but would have been a nice inclusion. Also the touch pad could have been a bit larger, but it does a good job. Otherwise, for surfing and text entry, it is easily beats the regular controller. ...more info
  • Not a bad keyboard, but could have been better!
    After purchasing this Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro for the Sony Playstation 3, I am beginning to experience a bit of buyer's remorse. Don't get me wrong. The Bluetooth keyboard does what it's supposed to do. It communicates well with the PS3 system, and its fit-and-finish resembles that of the PS3. However, as other reviewers have mentioned, it does make some strange and inexcusable omissions of keys (i.e. PS power button, etc.). I guess only Sony can build a perfect keyboard for its own entertainment system! Why am I regretting my purchase? Because the Playstation 3 web browser leaves much to be desired, I find myself hardly ever using the Mediaboard....more info
  • Awesome Accessory!!!!
    I have really enjoyed navigating my PS3 with this media board, besides the fact that it is bluetooth enabled u can easily write on PS3 Home and any other texting program without the using the remote but together they are a perfect pair. I definitely recommend this product for the extreme gamer looking for a an easier route to Gaming heaven....more info
  • wireless keyboard
    If you want to extend your utilization of the web with out a lot of expense and extra set up this is a great way to to take advantage of a simple and quick way.This key board is easy to set up and great quality at a good price ,having shopped around. Amazon will be my first choice in locating future products .The PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro was just the trick.PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro...more info
  • Nice keyboard
    The integrated mousepad is the only reason to get this keyboard.

    Granted, it's a nice keyboard. It's slim, it's sleek -- the overall design is nice, it only takes 2 AA's unlike my Microsoft beast of a keyboard which takes 4 batteries -- The Logitech also has an on/off button which is a nice feature. But these things are not unique as far as bluetooth keyboards go. It's the mousepad that sets it apart.

    Like other reviewers -- I agree the mousepad could have been bigger.. and that is why I am giving this keyboard four stars and not five. However, I adjusted to the mousepad's small size in no time. It'll only take you a couple extra finger strokes to get to where you want to be on a webpage, it's no big deal.
    ...more info