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One Last Breath
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Product Description

He's an ex-cop. She's an ex-wife. And they're both out for revenge on the same man....When pampered former cheerleader Feenie Malone takes a job writing fluff pieces for her South Texas paper, she has no idea she's about to stumble into a juicy news story that could launch her career if it doesn't get her killed first. Almost as soon as she breaks out her press pass, she crosses paths with Marco Juarez, the macho PI obsessed with solving his sister's murder. The information he has might be the perfect lead but his dangerously sexy looks could be a deadly distraction.Juarez has zero patience for reporters, especially mouthy blond ones. But with the evidence pointing to Feenie's ex-husband, Marco thinks she could be useful. Confident he can keep her on a tight leash, he lets her in on his investigation. He quickly discovers he's underestimated his new partner, as well as the danger they both face. Now he must protect her to the very last breath....

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Read!
    A great novel that draws you in and doesn't let go. Incredibly sexy and believable characters. Can't wait for the sequel!...more info
  • I don't understand the praises
    Maybe I'm an oddball, but I did not like this book. I think the main character is very unlikable, and I have a hard time cheering for her. She seems like a prissy, self-absorbed, vindictive gold-digger. The plot itself is okay, but it reads like a tv Charlie's Angels or something. If you like a brainless light read for the beach, this may be okay; but I personally prefer eloquent language, characters with whom I can relate, and a beautifully spun plot. This was a disappointment....more info
  • A Good Read
    I enjoyed this book more than I expected. The charaters were well thought out and not overdone. Feenie is not the typical woe-is-me heroine and Marco is just HOT. The story went at a nice pace and was enjoyable....more info
  • a page turner
    This is my first laura griffin book. I stumbled upon this by looking for another author and read the reviews and decided to give this a try. This book has it all. Suspense. Romance. Comedy. I couldn't put the book down. It made you keep turning the pages. I'm so glad I found another great author to read and to recommend to my other friends. ...more info
  • enjoyable romantic suspense
    Two years ago, former cheerleader and trophy wife Feenie Malone learned her husband Josh Garland was cheating so she divorced him. However, he swore in court he lost everything so she received little in the settlement as she and the judge believed him.

    Currently, Feenie works as a reporter for the Mayfield Gazette. During an interview, she notices the boat that her former husband swore he lost in a poker game. She sneaks into the boathouse to take pictures of the vessel and him to use as evidence in court when she goes after this rat. However, she is stunned because with her ex is a known notorious drug operative. Feenie investigates, which leads her to private investigator Marco Juarez, a former cop; they met when he handled the domestic dispute that signaled the end of her marriage. He wants to ignore his instant dj vu attraction because his priority is to learn what happened to his missing sister, Paloma, whom he assumes is dead. Besides which Feenie is linked to thugs, but he needs her if he is to achieve his goal. Soon someone begins murdering local citizens with Feenie near the top of the list to be eliminated.

    ONE LAST BREATH is an enjoyable romantic suspense tale because of the wary interaction between the lead couple. She was burned one time too many by a man while he remains obsessed with his sister's murder so has doubts he can handle a relationship. As they work together on the investigation, they trust each other with their life but not their heart. Sub-genre fans will look forward to more inquiries starring this dynamic pair.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • One Last Breath

    Feenie Malone is a sassy, divorced, rookie reporter trying to rebuild
    her life after a nasty divorce. A quirk of fate has thrown a
    career-building story in her lap. Only problem is it involves her
    ex-husband. A problem she is okay with.

    After his sister's disappearance, Marco Juarez, a former cop, has paid
    the rent by being a private investigator. His main goal is to find out
    what happened to his sister. The main suspect is Feenie Malone'
    ex-husband. Marco will do whatever it takes to get his answers. Even
    work with Feenie.

    A suspenseful, appealing novel, One Last Breath kept me reading from
    beginning to end. I especially enjoyed the character of Feenie. She
    did not spend her life whining about her problems, she dealt with
    them. From finding out her husband was cheating on her to being broke,
    she took control of her own life. Marco was also well-written, tough
    yet human. Ms. Griffin keeps her readers' attention. One Last Breath
    is an excellent book.

    Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed...more info
  • Suspense, comedy and romance!
    I was a bit skeptical since this is a first time author, but I was totally impressed! I loved this entire book! The suspense was great, the romance was steamy and there was a bonus of comedy as well. I'm definitely going to get her next in this series - One Wrong Step. I can't wait to see what happens with Cecelia and hopefully also get an update on Marco and Feenie. ...more info
  • Loved it!
    Really enjoyed this book. The main characters were well developed and likeable. The plot was easy to follow and kept me interested all the way through. I'm looking forward to her next book....more info
  • Great Author
    I just stumbled upon this author at a book fair and bought her book. She has amazing talent and as an avid reader I highly recommend this read. She keeps you hooked from the first page. I read this book in 2 days. I can't wait until the next book come out. ...more info
  • Great book!
    I really liked this book. It was interesting from page one and I couldn't put it down. These are the types of books I love. Very suspenseful. Can't wait for her next book to come out....more info
  • Can't say enough good things about this book!
    There are so many things I enjoyed in this book. The female character, Feenie Malone, was one of the best female characters I have read about. She was smart, sassy, but never over the top. Marco Juarez was amazing. The plot was excellent, the dialogue was some of the best. It was so believable and never stilted. It always read like conversations real people have. It was smooth reading, never dull. There were no dips in the entertaining level. This was a surprising read since I have never read anything from this author. I look forward to the next book in this series. Well done!...more info