LG VX8350 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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Product Description

An upgrade to the popular VX8300, the LG VX8350 slims down the clamshell design by doing away with the external antenna, but it keeps the external LCD and music playback control buttons. And you'll need those because this phone is compatible with Verizon's V Cast Music Service, which enables you to purchase songs through your phone and download them via Verizon's fast EV-DO data network. Other features include integrated dual speakers, Bluetooth connectivity for stereo music streaming, 1.3-megapixel camera with video capabilities, voice dialing, and MicroSD memory card expansion.

Download your new favorite tunes right to your phone via Verizon's V Cast Music store.
Verizon Service Options
With support for the EV-DO high-speed data standard, you'll enjoy fast access to the Internet and Verizon's multimedia services (additional charges applicable), with average download speeds ranging from 400 to 700 Kbps and peak rates up to 2 Mbps. (Learn more about where EV-DO coverage is offered.) The V Cast Music service enables you to download songs instantly to your phone, or purchase music through your PC and transfer the files to your phone. If purchased from your phone, you'll receive two copies of the song: a Windows Media Audio Pro Plus format at 64Kbps stereo is sent to your phone, and a Windows Media Audio 9 format at 160Kbps stereo is sent to your account in the V CAST Music online store for downloading to your PC. V Cast Music offers nearly 2 million songs, with more being added all the time.

With the V Cast Video service, you can stream or download video clips to your phone from a variety of news, entertainment, sports, and weather channels, including CNN, ABC News, E!, CBS Sports, The Weather Channel, and VH1.

Getting on the Internet is easy using Verizon's Mobile Web 2.0 package, which allows you to read and send e-mails, exchange instant messages and view your favorite web content on your phone. Verizon's Get It Now wireless download service is also fully compatible with this phone. This pay-per-download service features application downloads, games and productivity tools. You can also personalize your handset with ringtone downloads using the Get It Now service.

With this GPS-enabled phone, you'll be able to access Verizon's VZ Navigator service (additional charges applicable) for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, heads-up alerts, local search of nearly 14 million points of interest in the US (such as landmarks, restaurants and ATMs), and detailed color maps. And Verizon's Chaperone service lets you easily locate your loved ones from your Verizon Wireless phone or PC in real time. After defining a zone, such as an area designating a school or summer camp, you'll be sent an alert via text message when the Chaperone handset enters or leaves the zone.

Phone Features

The slim clamshell VX8350 features a 1.3-megapixel camera (with video recording) and Bluetooth stereo music streaming capability.
The VX8350 features a traditional clamshell design with a large 176 x 220-pixel internal color display with support for 256K, as well as an external TFT LCD with a 96 x 96-pixel resolution (for displaying incoming call information, battery life, signal strength, graphics, photos and more). Music playback control keys are also located on the front cover. Most of the phone's features and on-screen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset's backlit control pad.

The VX8350's built-in address book can store up to 500 contacts for quick and easy management of phone numbers and email addresses. Meanwhile, a speed dialing feature allows you to dial up to 99 numbers virtually instantaneously. The phone comes with built-in polyphonic ringtones plus a vibrating alert. More ringtones can be downloaded via Verizon's Get It Now service. Ringtones can be assigned to specific callers so you don't have to look at the phone to know who's calling, or you can match pictures with callers to identify them.

This phone provides Bluetooth version 1.1 wireless connectivity, and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and audio/video remote control. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. You can connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking--surf the Internet, send email, and access files from a server. This phone also provides USB mass storage capabilities for saving and transferring your most important files from PC to PC.

The 1.3-megapixel camera offers three resolution modes (1280 x 960, 640 x 480, 320 x 240) and includes a self-timer, night mode, and brightness/white balance controls. It also records video clips (176 x 144 pixels) from 30 seconds (for sending via MMS) or up to 1 hour (for saving to memory card). You can also set videos under 5 MB in size as your screen's wallpaper.

The phone also sports an airplane mode feature, which allows the user to safely use the non-wireless functions of a phone (such as music, games, or organizer functions) on an airplane during flight. Other features include:

  • Up to 1000 contact entries with up to five numbers and picture ID for each entry
  • MP3 and WMA music file compatibility; synchronize music from PC to phone
  • Voice memo recording up to 1 hour; record phone calls up to 5 minutes in length
  • 2.5mm headphone jack
  • One-touch speakerphone
  • Voice Clarity--auto adjust voice based on surrounding noise level
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: M4/T4
  • Calendar, alarm clock, calculator
  • Java-based games
  • 72-chord polyphonic ringtones
  • WAP web browser

Vital Statistics
The LG VX8350 weighs 3.3 ounces and measures 3.73 x 1.97 x 0.87 inches. Its 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.5 hours of talk time, and up to 210 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the CDMA 850/1900 frequencies and Verizon's EV-DO data network.

  • Access Verizon's V Cast Music and Video service via fast EV-DO data network; GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions
  • 1.3-megapixel camera with video recording (QCIF resolution); MP3 and WMA compatibility
  • Bluetooth connectivity for stereo music streaming; MicroSD expansion; USB mass storage
  • Up to 3.5 hours of talk time, up to 210 hours (8.8 days) of standby time
  • Includes: Standard Li-Ion Battery, AC Travel Charger, Quick Reference Guide and User's Guide

Customer Reviews:

  • Just what i expected
    When I switched recently to Verizon, I was looking for a basic cellphone which nowadays is classified as having a camera, music playing capability, and bluetooth. This is what I expected after reading the reviews online. Although I've heard bad things about LG cellphones, I was willing to take a chance based on the cheap price with a new contract and also I'm not a big fan of advanced technologies on a phone, because i think you get a cellphone for making calls, not for internet. If you really want to check your email and chat on AIM with your friends, I suggest you look for a more sophiscated phone like the iPhone or a Blackberry.

    I've had this phone for about a month and it's been great so far. As you can probably tell by now, I do not have extreme high expectations out of this device other than the basic calling functions, text messaging, and bluetooth. The surprising thing is that the camera is actually very decent and the quality comes out fine on my comp. monitor. Bluetooth works great as I connect it to my laptop and also my Garmin GPS (used as a hand-free in my car). Battery life is also decent so far, the batt drops to about 1/2 after a couple days. Reception has been pretty strong in all areas here on the eastcoast and I get reception in the metro! which is underground...amazing isn't it? The only pet peeve I have is that the Verizon cellphone interface is kind of uninspiring and hard to navigate at times. I really dislike the text-messaging interface.

    Overall, this phone is satisifactory if you are just looking for an "ordinary" cell and has been functioning well in the first month....more info
  • Very happy with this phone
    I've had the phone about a month now and am very pleased with it. Above all, it's got crystal clear sound. It's very comfortable when held to my ear. All the features I've used work well. I've had no problems transferring files via the micro SD card or setting up ringtones. As soon as I held it in my hand, I really liked the feel of it.

    If I could fix too small things, it'd be perfect. One is that it is a little hard to flip as it has no really obvious place to grab it to open it. The other is that the charger connection feels a little flimsy compared to my last phone. I feel like it could snap with a little pressure. ...more info
  • Good phone
    I've had the phone for about 3 months. It has excellent reception and voice quality. Battery lasts about 4 days between charges, which is by far better than any other phone I've ever used.

    On the down side, the buttons are too close together; it's very easy to accidentally hit the wrong button. And the charger broke in the first 2 weeks; Verizon replaced it for free.

    The camera is only mediocre, and I've haven't tried using it for music....more info
  • The only phone that works in a neighborhood with poor cell reception
    I recently moved to a neighborhood with poor cell reception. I tried 3 different carriers and countless phones and was having great difficulty getting reception - until I found this phone. The LG VX8350 is a little oddly shaped, but the reception is unparralled to all the other phones out there. Battery life is excellent. I haven't charged the phone in 4 days and it is still running strong. The only annoyances I have found are the speaker phone button is on the inside keypad of the phone (as opposed to the outside side panel on the phone), and the backlight doesn't stay on any longer than 30 seconds. The gloss coating on the phone easily picks up fingerprints, but other than these little issues I highly reccommend the phone. It works great. I was prompted to buy the phone after I read the high reviews it received on Consumer Reports and some other tech websites....more info
  • Functional but fragile
    I'm just about to get my 4th replacement VX8350. The plastic around the hing keeps cracking over time and now it's handing on by a wire. This is the 3rd time it's done that.

    When the phone is in 1 piece, I enjoy it. For a simple phone for text and voice, you can't beat this. Internet navigation is a pain, i wouldn't bank on this for that.

    I would recommend against buying this because of its tendency to fall apart. I don't baby my phones, but I don't smash them around either. I would pull this out of my pocket and see a crack widening. ...more info
  • Thinking of taking it back
    I bought this phone about two weeks ago, and I researched quite a bit about the different phones there were out there to buy.
    -Great reception (although I've never had a problem with Verizon's service)
    -it's small an light
    -speaker phone quality is pretty good
    -i dont use the mp3 player or internet or anything else on the phone, its just a phone to me

    -after 7-30 seconds you can no longer see the time on the outside of your phone without having to push a button, to me I personally find this very inconvenient.
    -the speaker phone button is on the inside of the phone, and is right about where your chin is, so i tend to turn it on when i'm talking.
    -in my opinion the phone is just badly designed...more info
  • Screens went out on BOTH original phone AND replacement phone of this model
    My husband got this phone about 6 months ago. We've replaced it once already because the screen went out. It did it again last night, and Verizon won't replace it because one of the water damage stickers is pink. The phone has never been dropped in the water. Obviously if it's happening twice in a row, it says something about the quality of the phone. My husband hates it. This was an upgrade from his VX8100 (the original version of this phone with the big speakers on the hinges of the flip part....more info
  • Very good as a phone
    After switching to AT&T and getting a Samsung Sync (great phone and they are giving them away) but experiencing horrible service, I returned to Verizon. Verizon phones cost more but the service works great. This is a great basic phone with a very good speakerphone feature. There is no voice recording that I can find. The voice recognition works very well and is very handy when driving. Radiation levels are lower than on many phones.
    If you think this is a replacement IPOD, think again. It does not play certain MP3 files and LG does not know why. It seems that podcasts over 20mb won't play (that's about an hour). Tech support at Verizon does not know what podcasts are! (Yes, that's right!) There may be other problems with the music player. For what it will play, the sound is very good. Stay away from the junk adapters and stuff that are on Amazon these days and get them from Radio Shack or Verizon. You may wish to spend $30 on the music essentials kit from Verizon. It's not necessary but at least it works.
    As for pictures, 1.3 megapixels is passable for emergencies, etc. but does not take good pictures. For $100, you can buy a decent pocket digital camera.
    Hopefully, Verizon's soon to be open system will lure better multimedia phones at cheaper prices.
    If AT&T works for you (good luck) the Samsung Sync has a 2mp camera which takes decent pictures. If only the calls didn't keep dropping.......more info
  • low quality : not a replacement for the VX8300
    Very disappointed that this was sold to me with a new 2yr contract as the replacement for the VX8300. Buy a used 8300 if you're looking to replace.

    harder to open clamshell
    no flash on the camera
    no zoom on the camera (replacement does -- it may have been that the old one was set at the highest resolution which will not zoom)
    unusable speaker because of the feedback (my replacement doesn't seem to suffer the same flaw)
    cheaper body
    battery life -- I am charging more often than I did with 8300
    lower intensity button backlighting
    outside mp3 player buttons now protude making it more likely to start music unintentionally

    After 6 months the hinge broke (as with many other reviewers). LG told me this is damage and not covered under the warranty. Same response from 611.
    The outside screen is all scratched up, whereas my 8300 outside screen is almost pristine for 2 years use -- I'm guessing because it is protected by a rim rather than flush with the body.
    But after reading
    I found out it should be replaced -- and it was hassle-free at the Verizon store.
    I discovered that I probably stressed the hinge because I do press it against my ear when struggling to hear:
    "while on several test calls, with the flip up to our ear, we could move the bottom keypad closer to our face, thus causing pressure to build in the hinge and causing it to flex. The VX8300 suffers from this slightly, but nowhere near to the extent as present on the VX8350."
    I'm not thrilled that I now need to be gentle when flipping open and holding at my ear because of the poor construction.

    voice call quality

    no antenna

    When switching phones, Verizon saved my contacts with Backup Assistant for free, but I advise downloading and using Open Source BitPim http://www.bitpim.org/ before you go in for a replacement and for frequent backups. BitPim saves speed dials, contact ringtones, and caller id pics, whereas Backup Assistant did not. In addition you can transfer all your call logs and text messages that you will otherwise lose....more info
  • Excelent Phone - Crap Software
    This is my first new cell phone in two years, and I must say, for a free phone it totally rocks. The sound quality of this phone was awesome, and I'm using the cheap headphones (buds) that comes with the VCAST music kit. The phone is very nice and easy to use. The display is clear and has great color. I was able to sync this phone up with my laptop via blue tooth very easily. Camera is easy to use, but no flash so can really only do well outside.

    On the down side. The VCAST software is not that great. You have to reconect the cable a couple times before it wants to sync up. I also had issues where music from CD's that I copied onto my laptop in the past would not work on the phone. I recopied with the VCAST software and got it to work, so that sucks. In a nutshell a very good phone with loads of options at a very good price point. I would recommend it. Software can always be upgraded and improved on.

    I would have given this phone five stars had it not been for the software.

    Oh one foot note. You have to get an additional chip, the phone can only hold about five songs before it's full. So get that chip!
    ...more info
  • vx8350 Verizon Review
    Good feel, small enough to keep in my pocket. The sound quality has been good so far, so no complaints there. Verizon does have things locked down so that you have buy the extra features. However, there are ways around having to buy ringtones :)

    Maybe i'm a little (or a lot) anal about this but I like the normal (snall) dial fonts. However, there seems to be a glitch with the vx8350 accepting the normal dial fonts. No matter which one you choose (large or normal) the dial fonts remain large. I have tried this on other vx8350's in the Verizon store and they all had the same issue.
    Also, when I plug the charger in the front screen dims but does not shut off. Not a big issue, just an observation....more info
  • Great reception, lousy MP3, weak Contacts list
    My priority when I bought this brand/model was to get something with excellent reception, and on this point I am thrilled. I have had the phone for a year or so (Verizon service) and have had maybe two dropped calls the whole time. When I had a piece of junk Sony-Erickson with Cingular/ATT I had countless dropped calls and horrible reception 90% of the time. When I'm on the 8350, people have commented that they had no idea I was on a cell. I have even gotten a signal out in the boonies when people standing next to me have no bars on their phones. Part of this is due to Verizon excellent coverage in central Indiana, but part of it is most certainly the phone itself.

    The camera is also fairly decent, although in the year 2009 I'd expect better photos in low lighting even from a camera phone. The video recorder is pretty decent too, and records with sound. I also like having the ability to swap out memory cards. Built in calculator and notepad are useful, and the calendar and alarm functions are quite good.

    The Contacts feature is very weak. For some incomprehensible reason you cannot include the contact's address or email or any notes - what the h*ll kind of contacts list is that?? Also, while you can put the contacts in groups, which is a great idea, each group is limited to something like 6 entries. So if you have more than 6 friends or more than 6 businesses you often call, or whatever, the feature is useless - beyond stupid. There is room for something like 1000 contacts, so clearly space isn't an issue - it's just astoundingly dumb programming.

    The MP3 sound is very good, but literally 1/3 or more of the music or other MP3s I try to add aren't recognized. I just loaded Duffy's Rockferry, for instance, and it dumped it into a generic "unknown" folder along with a bunch of other stuff it didn't recognize. I also have tried to load MP3s of old radio shows, and it recognizes half of them, even though all of them seem to be clearly labeled. I can seem them in the folder and access them when I plug the card into my computer, but they are invisible once the card is in the phone. Furthermore, the PlayList feature has never worked. Even when I try to add songs the player does recognize, it will not allow me to add more than a couple of songs; some play list.

    The player has external controls so you can operate (in limited fashion) with the phone closed. The problem is that the buttons often get hit when the phone is in my pocket and the player turns on and the music pours out from the external speakers unless I have remembered to turn the player's volume all the way down, which I started doing after about the tenth time it came on at an inopportune moment. Of course if the volume is down then I don't know it has come on, and the battery gets drained.

    The V-Cast software that you load onto your computer to interact with the phone is also very poorly designed, very non-intuitive, too bulky. I also have gotten copyright warnings on music I legitimately own and have thus been disallowed from loading it.

    Since I didn't buy this phone for the MP3, I guess I shouldn't complain too much, but the fact is I DID pay for all the features, after all. I have wasted many frustrated hours trying to get it too work properly to no avail.

    Bottom line: If you're looking for an MP3 player, or a robust PIM, don't waste your life on this phone. But if you're simply looking for great reception, look no further - a most excellent phone in this regard. So 2 stars for the MP3, 5 stars for reception....more info
  • LG 8350 cheap construction
    I have had my LG 8359 phone for 5 months and the hinges cracked and broke off in pieces. This phone was not dropped or treated roughly. LG would not stand behind this phone and replace it because it has a "limited warantee" and body damage is part of it. The phone itself is great, just be sure you have no structural defects at the hinges or be sure to buy insurance....more info
  • Fairly Solid Phone
    The LG VX8350 is a pretty decent cell phone. I don't need it as an mp3 player, and I don't need it as a camera (often), so I have little to say about those features.

    It's built solidly and the hinge is nice and tight. The sound quality is an improvement over my Samsung u540 on both ends of a call, and according to one person I called, it "sounds like a land line." The screen is bright, with high contrast making text easy to read. The buttons are big enough, and have a good tactile feel to them. You can also reassign some buttons, which by default start up pay services but can instead be changed to start up a calculator, for example. There is also a microSD card slot on the side for adding music and video, but the card is sold separately.

    It's not flashy or all that sexy. You'll have to decide if that's a pro or a con.

    The interface is Verizon's very own version and is not great. They limit what can be customized, and not surprisingly, ingrained lots of ways to charge you for services they offer. If you don't like the default ringtones, be prepared to pay up.

    The camera feature is a decent 1.3 megapixel, but the shutter lag is absurd. If you want a picture of a moving car, you better push the button a full 2 seconds before you want the shot. You want a shot of your kid? You'd better hope he's asleep. Good news is you can email a photo (taken with an 'actual' camera) of your kid to your phone and get it that way.

    The phone seems a little thick, but it's less than 7/8ths of an inch, which isn't bad. Since there's no external antenna I keep it in my pocket, but there isn't a lock button*, which causes two problems. 1) Any time a button is inadvertently pressed the external screen lights up, which needlessly uses the battery up, and 2) you can accidentally turn on the camera and take photos of the inside of your pocket. Not a big deal to erase them later, but you can wind up with dozens of photos of nothing. Just a nuisance.

    *Okay, there is a lock feature buried in the menus, but it takes up to 12 key strokes to lock it. But there is no lock BUTTON.

    All in all, I like it. It's solid, the battery life is adequate, the call quality is good and it's small enough to keep in my pocket. It does a good job of just being a phone....more info
  • No good with a corded headset
    At first I loved this phone. . .until I got in the car and plugged in my trusty Plantronics boom-mic headset. I've used that model headset for years, on 3 different Samsung phones, and it's worked great. But with this phone, the volume was totally inadequate. I could barely hear people. I took it back to Verizon and swapped it for another (great customer service at that branch) but no change. I tried a different headset, too. No help. Maybe this thing would be OK with a bluetooth headset, but I've never liked the idea of a little tiny radio transmitter blasting away by my skull. I liked everything else about the phone; much better than my old Samsung SCH-A950. But it's pretty much useless if you use a corded headset. After 3 weeks of trying, I'm returning it....more info
  • Not as good as I was told
    I visited a couple of Verizon stores and this is the phone they kept recommending so I bought it. I'm taking it back the first of the week. Here's why. It doesn't have nearly the sound quality of my old vx6100. I keep accidently hitting the clear and the end buttons when trying to use the up/down button. It's hard to flip open and the flip top that rests against my ear has a sharp edge that hurts my ear after a while. Battery life is poor.
    On the good side it does have a nice, loud speaker but it 's just not the phone for me....more info
  • It's a phone, it does phone things

    - It doesn't have a touch screen, ultraslim profile, QWERTY keyboard, or any of the other gimmicks common on phones these days.

    - Speaker is nice and loud. I have minor hearing problems and this is the first phone I've owned that I didn't have to plug my other ear to hear clearly in a medium-loud environment. The voice-clarity option (it increases volume if there's loud ambient noise) is also really nice. Switching to the 8350 from a first-gen Razr V3 was a revelation in this regard.

    - Internal antenna is the best I've seen. I get good reception in places in my office that are notorious cell phone dead zones.

    - The external display is great and the ability to display text messages on it is particularly nice.

    - Phone seems to be durable and has survived a few drops already with no issues.


    - Verizon's crappy interface. Most of the menu options lead to screens where they try to sell you ringtones, backgrounds, music, etc. Annoying but bearable with some customizing of the main screen.

    - Keypad could be laid out better, I find myself accidentally hitting the "clear" button while trying to push the down key every once in awhile. The numeric keypad is also a little tricky if you've got bigger hands.

    - Phone is really really light, like half the weight of my old razr. Might be a good thing for some people, but combined with the ergonomic design it just seems to lead to me dropping the phone a lot. One-handed text messaging takes some practice.

    - It's a bit bulky in the pocket if you're used to a razr-type phone.


    Can't comment on the bluetooth, music playback, or multimedia functions because I haven't used them yet, but the 8350 does all the basic things a cell phone is supposed to do (calls, text messaging) extremely well. There are much flashier phones out there and the keypad design could be better, but if you're looking for a cell phone (as opposed to a multimedia center that can make calls) you can't go wrong with this guy....more info
  • For a phone, it is great!
    I have owned quite a few phones over the course of the last few years (to my wifes chagrin), the RAZR, Chocolate, KRZK, enV, VX9400, Blackberry 8830 and various other Samsungs, LGs and Motorolas. For this round, I was looking for a middle of the road phone (considering I have to pay full price due to my contract not being up) that had great reception and call quality. A camera was also required but not a high megapixel one. I did a lot of research via the internet and looked specifically at consumer reviews (the company reviews tend to rate things too high or seem to be somewhat biased). At the end of my 3 week search I decided to go with the 8350.

    I have now had it for a day and I must say I am impressed. It is exactly what I was looking for. Here are my observations so far:

    - Excellent reception, probably the best I have experienced in a cell.
    - Great call quality.
    - Ability to read text message on cover screen is really nice (FYI - volume keys are used to scroll up and down)
    - Pics are great from a quality standpoint.
    - Voice dialing is very good. My blackberry occasionally would not recognize the name but this 8350 does a really good job. I have it paired with a Jawbone bluetooth headset. See my review on the Jawbone.
    - Screen resolutions is just ok, little on the low side.
    - Opening the phone one handed is a little bit of a challenge but get used to it.
    - I do agree with the other review, that the font on the dialing is HUGE, but I am ok with that.

    Overall I am happy with my purchase. Updates to follow as I have more experience with it. Stay tuned!!

    Update: 11/1/07
    Still happy with my purchase. Voice clarify on both ends is excellent and the volume is more than adequate. Battery life is good but I have ordered the extended battery. Couple minor annoyances that I have noticed:

    - Screen resolution is a little fuzzy. Not very crisp compared to other, higher end phones.
    - Taking pictures is not always "what you see is what you get". What I mean by this is that I took a photo in landscape orientation and while when the pic was taken it filled the screen, when it was saved it was quite different. The pic was about 1/2 size.

    Update 12/17/07
    - Here is another minor item that I have noted with this phone and maybe it is just mine....normally phones give you a little bit of feedback in the ear piece (if you know what I mean). This one's feedback goes in an out. Sometimes it has the feedback and at other times it goes completely silent. It is a distracting when this happens but nothing serious. ...more info
  • My husband's phone
    My husband's last phone was with sprint and looked similar. However, he liked that phone better. These are his comments.

    Makes calls reliably
    Few dropped calls

    Hard to find the function you want
    Common functions are well hidden
    Doesn't hold charge all that well

    I like my red one better and have reviewed it there. Our two lines costs about the same as his one line did with sprint....more info
  • Stay away from this phone
    Reception is marginal at best. The front button design is a disaster. If you put it in your pocket plan on the buttons starting up any music you have on the phone. Alllll by itself. This very annoying design defect only chews up the battery and constantly requires you to grab the phone, open and shut down the music player. An ignorant design. It is obvious that those designing this phone never actually used it. ...more info