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Bright Lights, Big Ass
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Jen Lancaster hates to burst your happy little bubble, but life in the big city isn't all it's cracked up to be. Contrary to what you see on TV and in the movies, most urbanites aren't party-hopping in slinky dresses and strappy stilettos. But lucky for us, Lancaster knows how to make the life of the lower crust mercilessly funny and infinitely entertaining. Whether she's reporting rude neighbors to Homeland Security, harboring a crush on her grocery store clerk, or fighting-and losing-the Battle of the Stairmaster- Lancaster explores how silly, strange, and not-so-fabulous real city living can be. And if anyone doesn't like it, they can kiss her big, fat, pink, puffy down parka.

Customer Reviews:

  • Laugh Out Loud Funny!
    I loved Jen's first book but this one is even better. I was just ticked when the book was over because I wanted more! After reading her two books, I feel as if Jen and Fletch and their assorted cast of friends, family, and dogs (love the dogs) are old friends to me now. I'm not sure I'd want her living next door to me but I'd darn sure want to go shopping with her, hang out, and make unmerciful fun of those around us. She's just the kind of sarcastic, smart, funny friend that I want around and after reading these two books, I do consider her a friend--even if I've never met her and probably never will. (P.S.--her blog is hilarious too!)...more info
  • Laughed my #$% off!
    I saw this book as I was ready to leave at Barnes and Noble and the Title caught my eye- clearly with a title like this, I had to buy it. I LOVE it! I am halfway through it and I am so bummed...I came to Amazon to buy bitter is the new black and to say, if you have a sarcastic, biting sense of humor, you will enjoy this book. Can she be self indulgent? Yes...Can she be frank? VERY....but scarily, she uses a lot of expressions and abbreviations I do...which makes me wonder how she got into my head. I find the footnotes and email excerpts to be a clever way to write (some reviewers do not feel the same). She does talk like a pirate (four letter words galore) but frankly that makes her more real to me and similarly more like me- thus, I love it!
    My husband won't allow me to read this book in bed because I break into laughter often (not exactly the read to help you fall asleep)....but it is a great way to unwind.... You can read this and realize universal truths- Jobs can stink, Neighbors can be awful, and EVERYONE has problems that can be mountains or molehills (it all depends on how YOU react to it). Kudos, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars!...more info
  • Loved It!
    Jen Lancaster has outdone herself! I was a big fan of Bitter is the New Black, but if possible, this book is even more entertaining. It is full of laughs and I whipped through it fast because it was such a page turner. I recommend this to all my friends and read her blog, too! She is a new favorite of mine. ...more info
  • Lacks a common thread through the chapters, first book was better.
    While Jen is still rather humorous, I found her latest book lacking. It still amuses, but its more of a little smile rather than the laugh out loud hilarity that was found in Bitter. Also, there is rarely a common thread throughout the whole book. Jen randomly makes references to Sex and the City, but there aren't enough of these to bring the book together....more info
  • Reason enough
    Another reviewer writes:

    "When she wrote about reading an Ann Coulter book, i felt repusled and could not get past it. She would write something funny and i'd think, "but she reads ann coulter!" For whatever reason, that greatly diminished my reading and enjoying the book and will dissuade me from purchasing another."

    I disagree! If she reads Ann Coulter, it only makes me lover her all the more! ...more info
  • How can you NOT love this girl
    I read alot and I admit I got the first book because the title made me laugh and it was small and cute enough to fit into the beach bag.. I admit it.. I started reading it and that was it I was HOOKED>

    Come on she got me hooked on trader Joes!.. I swear I feel like I could be this girl.. except the langauge.. LOL.. and Fletch, what a wit.. I LOVED her first book, thrilled when I saw this one and have already pre-ordered her third.

    She is funny, self indulgent.. sarcastic.. witty and SMART! Many of us have worked those agencies at those temp jobs.. met some of those same neighbors.. did alot of those same things.. for me she is totally real.. One of my all time favorite authors and I read a ton of books on nearly everything. So for me to mention her as a favorite shows she is in amazing company among entertaining authors...more info
  • it's ok...
    this was my first experience with jen lancaster and eh, not so much. there were a few entertaining parts, but to me, she's trying to be funny and over-the-top. it was just ok. i might give her another chance, but i don't think she's my cup o' tea....more info
    I couldn't put this down, it is so funny! I was laughing and chuckling so hard that I even annoyed my husband (who is not nearly as patient as Jen's husband, Fletch). She writes what the rest of us are thinking, but are now too politically correct to say out loud. Awesome. I check every morning in my little cube farm for a chuckle. I can't wait for the next one....more info
  • Funny
    Jen is funny and kept me laughing throughout the book. However, I could have done with out all the political commentary. ...more info
  • Not quite as funny as Bitter - but an evolution of sorts
    While Bright Lights wasn't quite as laugh out loud funny as often as "Bitter" (her first book) was, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and Jen's take on life. The fact that Jen notices all the little idiotic quirks and bizarre oddities that happen all around us every single day totally makes me feel better. I am not the only one with lunatics next door hiding a battalion of well armed mice behind 3 foot of un-mown monkey grass, rotten fencing and tacky drapes!

    Those who hated this and the other two books or found Jen Lancaster to be shallow, snarky and hateful, well so what? She is a little bit of all three. Aren't we all? The difference is she's also brave enough to be honest about who she is and what her priorities really are or were and where they are heading as she matures. I think Jen represents in many ways, a huge percentage of the women from her (our) generation. We grew up in a material world - Jen's books are an open look at the path through and beyond that world into the bigger picture. If you can carry a Prada bag and be funny while you learn something at the same time, more power to you!
    ...more info
  • If you don't get the humor, I'm sorry no one can help you!
    I loved Jen Lancaster's first book and this follow up was even more brilliant and funny than the first. She is a caustic bitchy broad with a keen ability to throw in enough self deprection to let you know she doesn't take herself to seriously. If you cannot appreciate the humor I'm afraid no one can help you. The only bad part for me was that it had to end. I cannot wait to read the project she is currently working on. I know it will be a great escape just like this one. ...more info
  • she lost me with coulter
    Okay, i know i shouldn't let my political views impede on my book selection. i have close friends who are republicans. i fear my husband is a closeted one. And I enjoyed her last book. But, i felt a frisson of alarm when she mentioned having Fox news on all the time and ripping down an anti-Bush poster. When she wrote about reading an Ann Coulter book, i felt repusled and could not get past it. She would write something funny and i'd think, "but she reads ann coulter!" For whatever reason, that greatly diminished my reading and enjoying the book and will dissuade me from purchasing another. ...more info
  • Made me laugh out loud. Repeatedly.
    Thank god I was at home alone while reading this book, because about every third page made me belt out one of those embarassing deep-down belly laughs that somehow always ends with me choking on my own air intake. Sure, it's nothing groundbreaking or hugely thought-provoking, but that's the point! Besides, who hasn't had some kind of run-in with a crazy-in-the-eyes squirrel and the dogs that hate them? I love this book (and her previous work, Bitter is the New Black)immensely. It completely changed my day and refreshed my outlook on life. It's just a simple, funny book and it totally cheered me up. I'm looking forward to many rereads and her next book....more info
  • Great Read....
    Jen Lancaster is a fantastically funny author. She is sarcastic, and quick witted. She is able to laugh at herself (and practically eveyone she meets) - I throughly enjoy her writting, it's complete entertainment. So far, none of her books have disappointed me. ...more info
  • Wanted to like this...
    I wanted to like this book so much. I had heard such good things about it. Specifically, I'd read that Jen L was like David Sedaris with pearls and a super cute handbag and I had to get this book, because David Sedaris is god. I have to say that Jen L is definitely no David Sedaris, with or without handbag or pearls. The first chapter was fine, a few giggles, then the next chapter had less, by the third, I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Maybe it was the footnotes or the typesetting, which made you think you were reading e-mails, or maybe it was the unrelenting whining that got to me. I couldn't finish it. I thought I got the wrong book, but no, the David quote was right there in the front. What a disappointment....more info
  • Refuse to finish!
    Lancaster is a spoiled brat. Period.

    For a great many chapters I read as she complained about how she USED to have money and now is struggling to be middle class. BOO HOO. Welcome to America, sister. MOST Americans deal with being broke everyday.

    She rants about everything and sadly, I couldn't bring myself to give a hoot about anything she had to say. She sounded like a four year old who had her favorite toy taken away. She can't do a breast exam on her own cause she is too modest. Doesn't like having to work on her books because she used to have money. She wishes her husband would stop everything he is doing to support her lazy butt so that she can have someone to annoy because no one else wants to deal with her. She refers to Carrie Bradshaw as though anyone actually mistook Sex and the City for a reality program... well, SHE might have.

    Either way you slice it, the book isn't well written and the author needs to think about getting another job to get ALL that money back. Good luck on that. :)...more info
  • So FUNNY it makes being bad look good!
    Jen takes on temp jobs while waiting for her advance check from selling her first book. To fill the extra hours, she has written a hilarious memoir about her ordinary life experiences. Cross her and you may be the lucky recipient of one of her crafty letters that you wouldn't believe someone would have the nerve to write. (And what a great tool for releasing anger) If your one of her stay at home friends, you may be on the recieving end of funny daily scoops that rival a soap opera drama, and much more interesting by far. -The thing is you never read any e-mails from them, so their lives must be dreadfully boring in comparison.

    I've never had a book make me laugh out loud (even in public) like this one did! This girl has lightning quick wit and humor. Actually, reading this made me feel a little more sane. (Thanks Jen:) I thought I had an overactive mind, she's definately got me beat, and her thoughts are way funnier than mine could ever be! Her behavior and mouth are so excusable because she's just hilarious. She really does make being bad look good.

    This is a keeper. When I'm feeling low and needing a good laugh, I'll be reaching for this. Reading this will make passing the time (in line or Dr's office or anywhere) much more pleasant. Just know that it is very likely to make you bust out laughing in front of everyone!...more info
  • A Disappointing Collection of Fluff

    I was really excited about this book. I enjoyed Jen Lancaster's first book so much that I thought her second would just as amusing...WRONG.

    This is not really a book, it's more of a collection of rantings, e-mails and daily logs mortared together with some amusing stories.

    I will admit that I got a chuckle here and there but I can get that from Reader's Digest.

    When I read a book I like there to be a story, some sort of conflict and a resolution of some sort. This had none of that and the events weren't even arranged in chronological order.

    I think some editing here would have been helpful, the quest for a new apartment was entertaining as were Jen's struggles at the gym. But there was no focus in this memoir, it was silly, sarcastic ramblings. Almost like a stand up routine, which in my opinion doesn't work well as a book.

    Really needed editing and a focus.
    ...more info
  • Great Fun!
    I really thought this book was great and very funny in parts. I could do without the preachy parts and WASPy nature, but at the same time that is what made me laugh, so I guess I need to take it as a while. I did laugh out loud and often. When I tried to read parts out loud to my sister on a couple of occasion, I could not get the words out of my mouth because of laughter. The ending was rather deflated and that is my only real complaint. It's a fun entertaining read....more info
  • Fantastic
    It was embarrassing to read this book in public as I could not control my laughter.Jen Lancaster is witty, brilliant and beautifully honest, right up there with Burroughs and Sedaris....more info
  • Not as I expected!
    It started out funny, then it got boring (ex: her train experience and how she needed her husband for EVERYTHING, come on). I thought it was fiction, but it was a memoir. I couldn't even finish the book, stopped half way. ...more info
  • Loved it!!!!!!!!
    I read her first book and thought it was OK, but this one surprised me. I was laughing aloud and almost crying in laughter at certain parts. I related so much to this book! I recommend it!...more info
  • Great Book!
    Jen Lancaster keeps me laughing all throughout her book. It is extremely enjoyable, an easy read, and something I could reread anytime I need a good laugh....more info
  • Sorry Ms. Lancaster, you aren't that interesting.
    I cannot believe this "journal" was published. Consisting of uncensored anecdotes from Ms. Lancaster's life, this book is an unbelievably boring romp through Ms. Lancaster's unbelievably boring life. And, who is this woman, who is afraid to see the gynecologist? What are you 12? This isn't funny, it's stupid and lame. You are not funny Ms. Lancaster, you are stupid, lame and appalling narcissistic. I want my money back. ...more info
  • Extraordinarily witty!
    There were so many quotable and funny quotes in here, I would be jotting down the whole book. I love this writer! This isn't a novel with characters and plot. This is Jen's actual life on paper. It takes someone special to be able to put all of her thoughts and adventures in writing like she does. I loved the chapter on Rachel Ray. I have a couple of her cookbooks and I have tried several of her recipes and liked them. But, I would never be caught dead sitting in front of the TV watching her show. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I can't take it. I like the fact Jen is a Republican and reads Ann Coulter on a bus. That's brave. I admire her for being overweight and liking her self just as she is. Her husband should receive a medal for allowing Jen to put their life out there for all to see. If you are in the mood to sit and giggle for several hours, this is a book for you! ...more info
  • It just went on, and on, and on...
    I read her first book, and found that is was just "okay". I only started reading her second book because it was my book club's pick. Sadly, I didn't make it past page 50. I just felt like she just kept going on and on about nothing really... At least in the first book things happened. To be honest, by the time I got to this one, I was just annoyed with this woman... Honestly, I am not sure how she has managed to write about three other books past this one because it didn't seem like there was even enough material for a book two...
    I wanted to like it, but it just didn't happen......more info
  • Hilarious
    Because of some of the reviews here on Amazon I was a little hesitant to read this book especially since I thought Bitter is the New Black was so funny but I'm glad I ignored the reviewers. BLBA is just as funny and well written as Bitter!! Jen once again puts her life out there (good, bad & ugly)for the world to read and she does a great job of capturing the classic moments of her life. I found myself cracking up in some parts and even reading certain parts to my husband where we both chuckled at Jen's life moments. Funny, fun and entertaining is to best describe this book. Way to go Jen I can't wait for the next book!...more info
  • Not as good as her first book
    I LOVED Jen Lancaster's first book, and was looking forward to this one. I was a bit disappointed, as this book dragged a bit and I made myself finish it instead of looking forward to each page and being disappointed when I was out of book to read, as I was with her first book.

    I think the problem here is that Jen is now happy. She was more interesting when she was bitter and hating everyone. Maybe she has to go back to working full time, and then write another book. Or maybe she needs to get divorced and dive into the miserable world of first dates? I can't imagine what her third book will be about--but I do know that I can't take another chapter about her dogs!
    ...more info
  • Way to go Jen, Way to go...
    I am reading this still- I LOVE it. I laughed for 3 pages of one "episode", I read this part to my husband and I was laughing so hard I couldn't get the words out. Tears were running down my face. Jen you CRACK ME UP!...more info
  • She's trying way too hard....
    Lancaster's first book was all about ironies...the loss of her job, the eventual demise of her bank account...the subsequent near-eviction out of a ghetto apartment, etc. This is what made her so endearing. This second book however, just gets on one's nerves. There are Jen's lists, the emails, the "footnotes" and of course, the chapter to contend with. All the while with sentences. that. end. up. written. like. this. Aaggh!! In Lancaster style, she. is. trying. way. too. hard.

    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    Whiny sarcasm pretty much sums up this book. I prefer intelligent humor so, obviously, this book did not appeal to me. ...more info
  • Jen Lancaster's world
    Bitter is the New Black, Jen's first book, was wonderful. This second book is great, but I feel it falls a little short of the fullness of BINB. Not as much of an actual story line, just tons of funny scenarios and banter - which are all great, but I'm not as anxious to find out what happens next (when does Jen find a job, how will they survive the next month, etc). It definitely still keeps me chuckling page after page though. Since there is not much drama in this book, I am enjoying getting to know Fletch a little more. ...more info
  • She's hilarious!
    I think this book was fabulous! Since moving to Chicago from Oklahoma and from recieving a above average paycheck to being a broke student living on student aid, I could really relate to some of her funny daily dilemmas (ie... the fabulous CTA system and the ever so complicated apartment search). I was searching for something to brighten my day after being around the rude and grumpy dwellers of Chicago. I havent been able to even finish a book in years and I couldnt put this one down, often times even finding myself laughing hysterically and talking to myself in my thick southern accent on the "L" with people gawking at me like a freak (oops). I just bought "Bitter is the New Black" and I cant wait to read all of the books that follow....more info
  • Laugh Out Loud
    Seriously, Jen Lancaster had me laughing out loud while reading the entire time! I loved every page of her book and can totally relate to everyt word she writes. Can't wait for her next book! The perfect beach (or anytime) read. Would suggest this book to anyone looking for a fun, fresh, comical read....more info
  • Yo! Jen, dude? What happened?!?!?
    After reading her first book, I was her number one fan. I hooted and hollered the whole way through, and couldn't wait for her sophomore book to be released. (But I did, not that impatient...) It's painful to get through it because I'm one of those people that absolutely MUST finish anything I start, and chapter after chapter I keep saying to myself, it's gonna get better... it doesn't.... I feel like I am reading a reality show! Sorely disappointed! ...more info
  • Hilarious Book
    I couldn't read Bitter is the new black quick enough, it was a great book. When I saw that Jen Lancaster put out another book, I was thrilled! This book was just as great as Bitter.

    I have already pre-ordered her next book! Way to go Jen, you are an amazing writer!...more info
  • Snark lives in Chicago
    Jen is my new favorite person on the planet. Her books are funny and poignant, while she still wouldn't be someone I would want to have behind me in line at Target.
    Her life is funny and she writes about it well.
    Her website is also hysterical.
    ...more info