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Yours, Mine & Ours (1968)
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  • Yours, Mine and Ours
    This is my favorite movie of all time. Chaotic and oh so funny....more info
  • The Original Funny Movie
    This is the original movie starring Lucille Ball and though some parts
    seem corny now it is the best movie for when you need to laugh.It's O.K.
    for the whole family to watch. Who couldn't use some old school comedy.
    By the way it's based on a true story (18 kids!)...more info
  • Lucy & Henry Fonda in a Comedy
    Widow Helen North (Lucille Ball) and widower Frank Beardsley (Hendry Fonda) meet in a grocery store, each lugging a cart with huge mounds of food in them. They each need to lug huge amounts of food because Helen has eight children and Frank has ten, though two of Frank's are temporarily on loan.

    With a little luck and a bit of manipulation on the part of Frank's friend Darrel Harrison (Van Johnson), Helen and Frank end up married, making a family of twenty! The opportunity for humor is boundless, both before and after the marriage. Before the marriage there are several opportunities for sexual references, lending a bit of credibility to the interplay between Helen and Frank. After the marriage the focus tends to be more on the children and the family orientation of Helen and Frank.

    This film is at its best when it focuses on the real life problems of families in general. The size related issues just add opportunities to the comedy and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see people who could be real deal with problems that look as though they could happen.

    This movie is one of those rare movies that looks fairly at the advantages and disadvantages of large families. The other movies that I have seen that fall into this category are the original version of "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "Belles on Their Toes." None of these movies makes any sort of judgment on large families, positive or negative, but there is an incredible amount of love and understanding shared by all the members of the North-Beardsleys. Note that the real-life story of Helen Eileen Beardsley and her husband inspired this movie.

    I originally watched this movie in the 1960's. I was pleased that the movie is even more charming than I remembered. It may be that having children of my own (though no where near eighteen!) has affected my view of this movie. I strongly recommend this movie for families everywhere, particularly where the children are getting older and more selfish. A family this size helps everyone realize the importance of love and sharing.


    ...more info
  • yours, mine and ours
    this is a lovely story its funny and teary and luciell ball plus henry fonda what more can you ask. its a love story of the most unlikely pair so many kids would kill a saint but she copes with his help. love should be like that and so often isnt.
    the grocery list is amazing and thank goodness we can look back on these classic movies and remember them fondly.hope you get this movie and watch it again and again....more info
  • A lesson for everyone
    I couldn't agree with (reviewer) James P. Hunt more, nor could I write a better review for this wonderful movie; and I won't try. I'll just say that watching this brought back some great memories, and that you'll be hard pressed to find anything in this day, and age that has the warmth, values, and real life lessons that filmakers of yesteryear were so good at conveying. That's because the values of society have changed, and so has what we view in movies. This movie is a classic....more info
  • I Love Lucy
    I have always like this movie, from the time I first saw it on TV to now owning a copy. It's a movie for the whole family and it has a message on what a family can be like after a world seems to be totally rocked for 2 families. I get a big kick out of the grocery bill, would like to get that many groceries for that price today....more info
  • Charming 60s comedy
    Man, there are some really WEIRD reviews here for this one. I think we should chip in and send those folks a dvd copy of "Saved!" Anyhow - Ball and Fonda make a good team here. It is a sweet film, often funny, sometimes sentimental, and always enjoyable. A good film for a rainy nostalgic mood kind of day....more info
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours
    Excellent family friendly movie that expresses high morality and how to blend a family and deal with some of the problems in a blended family...very funny and entertaining....more info
  • Yours ours and mine
    The movie is excellent, however the quality of the DVD is very poor. Stops and skips. The quality is not what was advertized....more info
  • (The Old Version Of)Yours,Mine and Ours
    Dear kids
    I think the new(2005)Version Is Better.I Still think this movie is cute,though!Still,You should watch this movie when you have a chance!

    Sincerely,Matt Aurand...more info
  • Children and children and attitudes, oh my
    Wouldn't I love to find jam all over this DVD. Then I could throw it away (which is all it really deserves anyway). Although we won't throw ours away - we'll donate it to the library. perhaps somebody will like it.

    This was really pathetic 1960's cinema: Gone is the class and glamour of 1930's MGM. No taste in clothes, no taste in home decor (much), no taste in raising children. I couldn't believe that Mother didn't even reprimand the son for having the Playboy magazine? Family film? Not a chance in my house.

    I have to confess I was laughing sometimes during this film, but not because it was funny. It was incredibly UN-funny. I don't find rude children and parents sort of lost out there somewhere amusing. I would never watch it again, and certainly advise anyone else never to watch it in the first place....more info

  • Compared to today's movies, this is a good family movie
    The majority of today's so-called family movies are filled with too much suggestive language, ideas and/or images. This is why I wanted a classic movie. I am ultra conservative so this film still contains a few things I am not pleased with. I suppose it was the beginning of the revolution in movies? The biggest disappointment was "Lucy's" reaction to her son reading playboy magazine. It was treated as if this is what young men do. I'm sure it was included in this movie to encourage other moms to feel the same. Well, I never will! I couldn't remember all the details from the first time I viewed the movie but if I had remembered that and the other few things I didn't care for in this movie, I would not have purchased it. On the other hand the movie does contain some wise words from the dad in the movie and the movie never showed or suggested this couple went to bed before the proposal. That was refreshing!!!...more info
  • Excelent
    I loved this movie from the first time I saw it and I still do. It is about time it made it to DVD so I can watch it whenever I want to....more info
  • Great Family Fun
    This has got to be the greatest family movie of all time. It is wonderful. Lucille Ball is hilarious, and Henry Fonda gives one of his best performances. The fact that this is based on a real family makes it even more special to watch. My kids love it. We watch this movie every year on Christmas Eve when we are decorating our Christmas tree, following a tradition my own mother started. (She and my father saw this movie on their first date.) I don't believe this story will ever become dated; my own kids will probably watch it with their children. It is timeless and classic....more info
  • Needs to be made available in W-I-D-E-S-C-R-E-E-N
    I bought this DVD but returned it before opening when I discovered it was pan and scan. Can't understand why it's not available in widescreen--every time the movie runs on Turner Classic Movies (it was shown, again, in the last month or so), it IS in widescreen. I agree with L. Shirley's January 26, 2006 review: This film needs to be available in widescreen DVD. Also agreeing with L. Shirley and other reviewers ... it's a wonderful film.

    I followed L. Shirley's lead and gave only a 4-star rating, a reflection of the aforementioned unavailability in widescreen....more info
  • Ball and Fonda Elevate a Sitcom-Level Domestic Farce Where Pro-Life Family Values Dominate
    I remember when this old-fashioned family comedy came out in 1968 because I saw it from the back of my parents' Rambler station wagon at a suburban drive-in. Ironically, it was released about a month before Robert Kennedy was assassinated, a pertinent fact since he was the Kennedy brother with by far the most children - eleven. The wholesome image of Kennedy as a young family man with a large brood is what much of the country responded to at the time, and this movie echoes those sentiments on a broader, sitcom level. It helps when you have two veterans like Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda play the leading roles as the widowed parents of sizable broods that combine eighteen children. One is a screen icon, the other America's most beloved TV comedienne. In hindsight, it seems predictably cautious for a movie set around the Alameda Naval Base to ignore the Vietnam War entirely, even though Fonda plays a naval officer and his oldest son a draftee.

    The plot is based on a true story as recounted in a 1964 memoir by Ball's character Helen North Beardsley. She was a part-time nurse on the base and a recently widowed mother of eight. In typical meet-cute fashion at the grocery store, Helen bumps into naval officer Frank Beardsley, the recently widowed father of ten children. They meet again at the clinic when his daughter needs female attention for her budding young womanhood. Their first date leads to the mutual revelation of the size of their respective families. Frank's best friend and fellow officer Darrel Harrison also knows Helen well and is determined to get them together through a pair of mismatched blind dates. Once Frank and Helen realize they are made for each other, the couple spends the rest of the movie trying to meld their warring families together into one happy unit. It's hardly a spoiler to say that they eventually succeed but not without a lot of trial and tribulation - including another baby on the way.

    Truth be told, Ball and Fonda are too old by a decade or so for their roles. However, it doesn't really matter since they are immensely likeable here. Even though she is given plenty of Lucy schtick to do between false eyelashes and toxic screwdrivers, Ball lends surprising dimension to Helen when it matters. Van Johnson is in typical wise-guy mode as Darrel, while Tom Bosley shows up as the befuddled family doctor. Among the children, you can recognize Tim Matheson as the eldest and most resentful of the pack and Morgan Brittany as a middle daughter, though the scene stealer is Eric Shea, who would have a memorable turn as the crafty kid in The Poseidon Adventure four years later. Reflecting on this film forty years later, I am struck by the pro-life message it seems to encourage, although religious themes are smartly avoided. The whole venture was directed and co-written by journeyman Melville Shavelson. The 2006 DVD only offers the original theatrical trailer as the one extra....more info
  • All Around Good Movies
    Product was as described. It was brand new, still wrapped. Came quicker than expected.Good movie....more info
  • GREAT Movie, WRONG format!!!
    I remember seeing this in the theaters as a kid when it was re-released (@1970) -- I was only nine at the time, but I enjoyed it. I still do when I see it at on TCM, and for now, I'll stick to TCM until this studio releases this in its appropriate WIDESCREEN format! I mean, between Helen's 8 kids and Frank's 10, you need a widescreen to see the whole family at once!
    A lot of people here like the drunk scene, which I actually find a bit sad, but one of my favorite moments is when Helen and Frank are on their 1st date. While they're riding the trolley we see her point of view as he tells her that he has 10 kids and we see the street suddenly turn upside down in front of her! There's a lot of subtle touches in this movie like that. And it's still enjoyable after all these years. Unlike the Brady Bunch, the younger kids act (mostly) like real little kids, bickering, bawling, and not always behaving or even liking each other. Tim Matheson's character is as far removed from 'Boone' in Animal House that you can get, even (happily) joining the army! But Henry and Lucy are the real prize here, acting like real grown adults would in such a situation. Wait for the Widescreen Version! Another fun movie with similar theme to it (but not based on true life events) is the funny 'With Six you Get Eggroll' with Doris Day and Brian Keith, but I don't know if that's available on DVD yet. ...more info
  • great
    I cant beleive how many children between them i like the part where they expect a child together ....more info
  • dvd does not work properly
    The DVD "Yours, Mine and Ours" does not work properly in our DVD player. I do not know if it is the player problem or the DVD. All other DVDs in the house (there are dozens) work as they should. Yours, Mine and Ours will not load properly and freezes about half way through. It acts as if it cannot read.
    Can you shed some light?...more info
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours
    I received the product in the time specified. Haven't watched it, as I plan to give it as a gift to a friend who is only familiar with the Dennis Quaid version. Lucy was a little old for the part, as was Fonda, but it still remains one of my favorites. Again thanks for the prompt service....more info
  • Very Close to My Heart
    My parents went to see this movie on their first date and soon after blended two large families together, much in the same manner as the Beardsleys and Norths. I am extremely grateful to the tellers of this story for inspiring my parents to marry, thus giving me the best mother in the world.

    Though this is a comedy, and bits of it are truly hilarious, it is not overdone and focuses well on important family issues. Lucille Ball is very much not Lucy in this film, and is the perfect blend of serious and funny. Many of the younger actors are very recognizable despite their youth including Tim Matheson and Tracy Nelson who, due to her smile and other facial features, is easy to spot as the approximately three-year-old Jermaine.

    The dual narration, assembly line lunch making, industrial laundry chores, military-like logistics for bathroom sharing, and grocery shopping for an apparent army are all interestingly staged. The movie also includes a nice variety of settings including the crowded house, officer's club, aircraft carrier, clinic, navel base, Japanese restaurant, school, commissary, and hospital.

    This is an uplifting family story and a wonderful Christmastime feel-good movie, though it is fun to watch all year round.

    J.H. Sweet, author of The Fairy Chronicles...more info
  • Classic Lucille Ball Movie!
    Classic Lucille Ball Movie! She is so funny in this movie! Henry Fonda is great also. Tim Matheson is so young in this movie. Would recommend for people of ALL Ages!!...more info
  • One of the Best movies ever!!
    I'm usually not impressed by many movies and after seeing the new version of this movie I almost gave this old gem a miss. It's truly one of a kind. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda are amazing as two harried single parents of 8 and 10 children respectively- but that's nothing to how harried they are about to become when they combine their brood of 18! This movie doesn't feel dated at all, it moves along fast and is full of humor.Perfect for families of all sizes :) I'd reccomend this movie to anyone!...more info
  • Just When You Think You've Got a Large Family...
    This fantastic film is a nice reality check for the "large" modern family. If you've got more than the socially approved one boy, one girl family, you'll love this flick. What makes the movie great rather than good is its grasp on reality; it does not gloss over problems, idealize one age/phase over another, or shy away from showing the challenges of laundry, cooking, etc.

    If for no other reason, the film is well worth watching for Fonda's soliloquy on love when questioned by his teenage daughter: 'loving a man isn't going to bed with him, but waking up with him in the morning to face this miserable, wonderful world...'

    After finding the original Cheaper By the Dozen dated & patriarchal and the remake just ridiculous, I am THRILLED to have come across Yours, Mine and Ours. ...more info
  • Not at all a "Family Film" in my opinion
    A friend brought this over today for us to watch together. I had my doubts, for we generally steer clear of movies made in the 60's and later, and we even avoid some 50's films. I vaguely remember seeing this when I was a child, but remembered nothing. So anyway, I obliged my friend and watched. I must say my doubts were correct, and we were both disappointed. It was typical of 60's and onward movies, where all the children have to be bratty and have attitudes, disrespect parents, etc. I don't appreciate Hollywood's way of picturing children in this light. And I don't want my children to watch other children who behave in this way. I felt the parenting was not the greatest either...I mean, if your son is up late reading a Playboy magazine, would you just quietly slip it from his hand and say nothing about it? I found that scene very weird. There were also other suggestive and sexual things about this film, though subtle, that would make me not allow my children to watch this film. Nor did I appreciate the scene where the boys make Lucy's drink so strong she gets drunk. How interesting though, when she tasted it, she looked just like she did when she first tasted "Vitameatavegamin" on her TV show! Lucy will always be "I Love Lucy" in my mind, and noone else. I don't care for Henry Fonda much, but in this he was a bit more tolerable than usual. Maybe because he was older. One scene that was funny was how they both were grocery shopping (after marriage) and had 4 overflowing carts of groceries, and you are wondering what the bill is going to come to, and here it was only $126! Wow, for 4 carts of groceries! How the times have changed. But I remember growing up in the 70's and my mom only spent $40 a week for our family of 6. Now, I am sure they would have had to spend closer to $500, maybe more, for all those groceries. The 60's hairstyles and clothes were so so so disgusting...I can't believe people actually dressed like that. I think the late 60's and all of the 70's is a time that would be nice to be erased from the memory of fashion history. But then, we see much of it back today. Why??? I want to say too, that not all large families operate like it is chaos going on all the time. I have known many large families who really have it together. Well, I haven't a whole lot to say, for it was only a so-so film and one I won't watch again. Neither will my friend. I mostly wanted to say to parents who really care about presenting their children with good values and morals, that I wouldn't recommend this as a family film. If you want to watch a 60's film with nice children, watch The Sound of Music. Or get your children some nice classic films from the 20's-40's to watch. My children love the old films, even silent ones. I am sure yours would too....more info
  • Brady Confusion
    This movie was released in 1968. The Brady Bunch debuted in the fall of 1969....more info
  • Yours, Mine & Ours
    This is the original Yours, Mine & Ours with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Very enjoyable and wella cted. A Navy widow with 8 kids marries a Navy man with 10 kids. it is odd to see their groceries only add up to like 120 dollars. But i thought by that time she should know about birth control....more info
  • Not "mine" - as long as it's in stupid standard screen!
    This is a 4 star film reduced to 1 star because it's been butchered down from widescreen to standard screen for no reason whatsoever.

    Heck, you NEED the vast viewing range of wonderful widescreen in this flick just to keep track of all those dang kids!

    It was shot in widescreen in 1968, as were about 95% of all films made after 1953, so there's no excuse for chopping it down to this putrid pan-and-scan nightmare. Another Amazon reviewer (from Derby, CT) said it all about this ridiculous ripoff of an otherwise very cute movie:

    "Great film but who wants to watch a film like this in pan and scan format. Listen up studios, WIDESCREEN, WIDESCREEN, WIDESCREEN!!!!"...more info

  • Children and more children.
    Yours, MIne and Ours is a sweet family film but some of the scenes are kind of boring and unfunny. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda have great chemistry together, in the movie both of them have a lot of children and when they get married, boy talk about a blended family! Some of the kids are annoying, some are helpful. If you like The Brady Bunch then you'll probably enjoy this flick. Enjoy!...more info
  • I Wish They Still Made Em Like This
    I was at the grocery and they have a little DVD stand. I saw this film for $5.00 and decided to buy it. I always adored Lucille Ball, and can barely remember this film, I hadn't seen it since I was a kid.
    I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud at a movie.
    Lucille Ball does some good acting here. She is nothing like her Lucy character. Until you get to the dinner scene.
    What happens is, Lucy's character finds a new boyfriend and she goes to his house to meet his children. the children decide to play a prank on her and spike her orange juice with liquor and she does not realize it. During dinner she is drunk and this scene is soooo funny. I laughed thru the whole scene, especially when she starts alternating between crying and laughing. This is the only part of the movie where she lapses into "Lucy"..she is truly funny in this movie. I am really glad I bought it. ...more info
  • How would you all like your eggs?

    Director: Melville Shavelson
    Format: Color
    Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
    Video Release Date: January 23, 1996


    Lucille Ball ... Helen North Beardsley
    Henry Fonda ... Frank Beardsley
    Van Johnson ... Warrant Officer Darrel Harrison
    Louise Troy ... Madeleine Love
    Sidney Miller ... Dr. Ashford
    Tom Bosley ... Family Doctor
    Nancy Howard ... Nancy Beardsley
    Walter Brooke ... Howard Beardsley
    Tim Matheson ... Mike Beardsley
    Gil Rogers ... Rusty Beardsley
    Nancy Roth ... Rosemary Beardsley
    Gary Goetzman ... Greg Beardsley
    Morgan Brittany ... Louise Beardsley
    Holly O'Brien ... Susan Beardsley
    Michele Tobin ... Veronica Beardsley
    Maralee Foster ... Mary Beardsley
    Tracy Nelson ... Germaine Beardsley
    Stephanie Oliver ... Joan Beardsley
    Jennifer Leak ... Colleen North
    Kevin Burchett ... Nicky North
    Kimberly Beck ... Janette North
    Mitch Vogel ... Tommy North
    Margot Jane ... Jean North
    Eric Shea ... Phillip North
    Greg Atkins ... Gerald North
    Lynnell Atkins ... Teresa North
    Ben Murphy ... Larry
    Ysabel MacCloskey ... Housekeeper #1
    Pauline Hague ... Housekeeper #2
    Marjorie Eaton ... Housekeeper #3
    Richard Angarola ... French Actor on TV Screen
    Lilyan Chauvin ... French Actress on TV Screen
    Robert P. Lieb ... Happy San Franciscan
    Ginny Gan ... 1st Young Lady
    Eve Bruce ... 2nd Young Lady
    Susan Carr ... 3rd Young Lady
    Paul Potash ... Hippie
    Stuart Nisbet ... Man of the Cloth
    Patty Elder ... Waitress
    George Jue ... Chinese Store Proprietor
    Arthur Peterson ... Priest
    Mary Gregory ... Sister Mary Alice
    Larry Hankin ... Supermarket Clerk/Harry
    Lawrence Heller ... Medical Assistant
    Marti Litis ... Hospital Nurse
    Harry Holcombe ... Judge

    This is a funny movie. Helen North Lucille Ball) marries Frank Beardsley (Henry Fonda), a Chief Warrant Officer in the Navy. He has ten children, and she has eight. Then, she gives birth to another.

    Beardsley tries to organize the 20 people in the family for the four bathrooms in the house, and the bedrooms. The amount of groceries is astonishing, and the surnames of the children presents a problem in school, and an emotional issue with the children.

    A warrant officer in the Navy does not make much money, and speculating on that problem is interesting. Although Fonda is shown with a commissioned officer's cap device, as is Van Johnson, unless the Navy has changed since I retired, they would be out of uniform. They are not supposed to be commissioned officers. However, the movie has many funny moments, and was fun to watch. But, they are actors, not Navy people, and cannot be expected to know the difference, although some one should have. Not a great movie, perhaps, but a very good one, thanks mainly to the great acting.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre, USN (Ret)
    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    ...more info
  • Yours, Mine and Ours
    Excellent movie, you will love it. A really good family movie for young and old. Excellent !!...more info
  • Great movie
    Amazon needs to check their editorial department. Their review begins "Predating the Brady Bunch by almost a decade..." This movie was released in 1968, LESS THAN ONE YEAR BEFORE The Brady Bunch debuted on ABC. ...more info
  • Excellent movie
    This is my wife's all time favorite movie. She had used the VCR version she had for the past few decades so I finally just bought her this DVD. She loves it on DVD!...more info
  • Yours Mine and Ours (Original)
    This was bought for my mum and auntie, they are both 45+ and still loved it as much today as they did when they were kids, i watched it with my kids under 10 and they thoughly enjoyed it, great for all ages...more info
  • Fun Family Movie
    Loved this movie since I was a kid. The remake of this movie is not even close. Better to stick to the original. Fun to watch. My 20 something kids are watching it now too. Lucy was such a great actress!! Henry Fonda is good and Van Johnson is a cut-up....more info