Yours, Mine & Ours (1968)
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  • The movie is great!
    This has always been one of my favorite movies of Lucille Ball's. In my opinion she is one of the greatest actresses there has ever been. The movie is extremely entertaining. Out of all the remakes of this movie I have to say this one, the original, is the best. ...more info
  • I Wish They Still Made Em Like This
    I was at the grocery and they have a little DVD stand. I saw this film for $5.00 and decided to buy it. I always adored Lucille Ball, and can barely remember this film, I hadn't seen it since I was a kid.
    I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud at a movie.
    Lucille Ball does some good acting here. She is nothing like her Lucy character. Until you get to the dinner scene.
    What happens is, Lucy's character finds a new boyfriend and she goes to his house to meet his children. the children decide to play a prank on her and spike her orange juice with liquor and she does not realize it. During dinner she is drunk and this scene is soooo funny. I laughed thru the whole scene, especially when she starts alternating between crying and laughing. This is the only part of the movie where she lapses into "Lucy"..she is truly funny in this movie. I am really glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Compared to today's movies, this is a good family movie
    The majority of today's so-called family movies are filled with too much suggestive language, ideas and/or images. This is why I wanted a classic movie. I am ultra conservative so this film still contains a few things I am not pleased with. I suppose it was the beginning of the revolution in movies? The biggest disappointment was "Lucy's" reaction to her son reading playboy magazine. It was treated as if this is what young men do. I'm sure it was included in this movie to encourage other moms to feel the same. Well, I never will! I couldn't remember all the details from the first time I viewed the movie but if I had remembered that and the other few things I didn't care for in this movie, I would not have purchased it. On the other hand the movie does contain some wise words from the dad in the movie and the movie never showed or suggested this couple went to bed before the proposal. That was refreshing!!!...more info
  • Fun Family Movie
    Loved this movie since I was a kid. The remake of this movie is not even close. Better to stick to the original. Fun to watch. My 20 something kids are watching it now too. Lucy was such a great actress!! Henry Fonda is good and Van Johnson is a cut-up....more info
  • Fun Movie
    I have loved this movie for years and I could not resist getting it on DVD. It is a great old classic with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. If you enjoy classic movies you will enjoy this one over and over. ...more info
  • Fabulous Fun With Henry and Lucy....But MGM!..This Classic Needs Some DVD Upgrades
    This review refers to "Yours, Mine and Ours"(1968), DVD(MGM) edition.

    The one thing I like about remakes(okay, there are a few good ones out there), is that they bring some renewed and well deserved attention to the original. Usually a classic. All of a sudden these oldies but goodies start appearing and are getting top billing at the video and discount stores. I understand that a remake with a more modern take will bring the story to a whole new(maybe even 2) generations, but this is Lucy Ball and Henry Fonda we are talking about, does it get any better?

    So I was so happy to see this 1968 classic family film on DVD, and at such a reasonable price. The picture is sharp, colors are good. If you are REALLY looking for them, you will see some signs of age, but basically a wonderful transfer of this nearly 40 year old film...but MGM!..."modified to fit my screen"?(pan and scan), why'd you have to go and do that for. Couldn't we at least have the choice as to whether we would like to view it as the director and cinematographer wanted us to see it? So that's my reason for 4 stars, maybe another edition will come out in the original screen format. And while I'm on a rant about this DVD, why aren't there any subtitles or captions in English for those who may need them to enjoy this wonderful film. There are however subtitles in French and Spanish and may also be viewed in those languages as well. All in Dolby Digital, and although in Mono(including the English), the sound is very good. The only features is a Trailer. Wouldn't it have been nice to gather the child actors together to talk about working with the great ones?

    The film is 5 stars in my book. It's one that I love enough to buy this DVD(with all it's faults), as I know that it will get viewed and enjoyed many times. For those that have never seen it(or the remake), it's a charming, funny and poignant romantic comedy of a widow and widower(Ball and Fonda), who fall in love, marry and try to bring their kids together as one big happy family. And when I say big, I mean huge...between them they have 18 kids! The resentment the kids build up are very understandable, and all the child actors do a fabulous job of portraying their feelings.The courtship scenes will make you fall in love all over again.

    Lucy, who was not far from 60 years old when she made this film, is absolutely gorgeous. She has a scene in which she wears a short skirt and shows off her still beautiful legs. Her comic abilities as always are the best. Who can do drunk better then she(and maybe Dudley Moore). Fonda is charming, handsome and brilliant as the father, and Naval officer who tries to run his family as he runs his ship. The supporting cast are no slouches. Van Johnson and Tom Bosley add their wonderful talents as well. A couple of faces to look for among the 18 children, are Tim Matheson as the eldest Beardsley child, Mike(Henry's group) and Tracey Nelson, just a toddler as Germaine Beardsley.

    A feel-good film that will keep you smiling throughout. One the entire family may enjoy together(especially big families),some fabulously funny dialogue, and a great look at the 60's!

    Fonda: "...I'm glad I have 10 children"
    Lucy: "And I'm glad I have my 8"
    Fonda's date, sitting between them: "And I'm glad I'm careful!"

    I'll ALWAYS Love Lucy!... Enjoy.....Laurie

    ...more info
  • "Lucy" shows another side--and Henry helps
    Most of us, when we think of Lucille Ball, probably think of the slapstick character she played as Lucy Ricardo. But in this film, she shows that she can handle a semi-serious role as well, and makes it easier to believe that under that "screwball redhead" exterior there dwelt a woman who became one of the richest and most powerful in the Hollywood of her day. She plays Helen North, a nurse and Navy widow who moves from Seattle to San Francisco with her eight children (four of each) in the 1960's after her husband's accidental death. There, working at the dispensary, she meets Frank Beardsley (Fonda), a career officer and widower who (unknown to her at the time) has *ten* children (three boys, seven girls). Their romance is portrayed as low-key and gentle, with only two truly comic moments: a scene in a jam-packed downtown singles bar, and the sequence in which Helen is taken home to meet Frank's "mafia"--and gets her drink spiked, not only by oldest son Mike, but both his brothers as well. (Her "crying drunk" scene is as close as she comes to slapstick in the entire movie.) Though there are many moments of humor, "YM&O" is mostly about making a cohesive unit out of two families--dealing with the logistics of bedrooms, bathrooms, and meal preparation, getting the kids in each family to accept those in the other as well as the stepparent. (Interestingly, it's Helen's next-to-youngest son Philip who seems to adjust the most smoothly, forming a bond with Mike ("That's my brother," he proudly tells his school-bus driver) and insisting to his teacher-nun that he's now a Beardsley rather than a North ("We all went to church and we all got married!").) In a day when families blended due to divorce were still uncommon, the lingering grief and resentment of each set of children is well portrayed, especially when Frank and Helen broach the idea of each adopting the other one's kids. Frank's scene with Helen's oldest daughter, 17-year-old Colleen, as he tries, in the midst of the chaos attendant upon Helen going into labor with their first mutual child, to explain to her why she shouldn't "do it" with her boyfriend, is still relevant today.

    The children aren't angels, and shouldn't be: when Frank and Helen first meet, Helen has been a widow "almost a year"--really not enough time for hers to have worked through their loss--and Frank's wife has probably been dead little longer, judging by the apparent ages of his two youngest children. It's particularly interesting to watch the developing relationship of Mike Beardsley and his stepmother as they hold down the fort after Helen gives her blessing to Frank's going off to sea again--without telling him she's just learned of her pregnancy--and as Mike copes with the prospect of being drafted (he ultimately decides to sign up with the Marines instead). As another reviewer has said, the process of becoming a man himself may open him to a better understanding of adult issues.

    I do take issue with the buyer who described Frank as "slightly randy" in the restaurant scene. I always felt that he was a bit disconcerted by the clearly aggressive intentions of the blind date with whom he's been set up by his friend Darrell (played with a wink by Van Johnson), and wanted to make sure he could make a quick getaway without her (unchivalrous as it might seem) if she became any more obvious about it. (Darrell, though at best a peripheral part of the action, also proves to be central to the development of the plot: a notorious skirt-chaser, he still realizes that Helen and Frank belong together, and slyly maneuvers things so that each will see the other with another person and come to understand that truth as well. "I had to lie, of course...You have to do that sometimes with the marrying kind," he says.)

    This would make a great film for any blended family--or families with the prospect of becoming blended--to watch together, to realize that certain issues are timeless, and that others have been finding ways to cope with them for years. (In some ways it was probably harder for Frank and Helen: a dead spouse is likely to be idealized and missed, while a divorced one, even if you still have to share the kids with him/her, may be resented or even hated.)...more info
  • Needs to be made available in W-I-D-E-S-C-R-E-E-N
    I bought this DVD but returned it before opening when I discovered it was pan and scan. Can't understand why it's not available in widescreen--every time the movie runs on Turner Classic Movies (it was shown, again, in the last month or so), it IS in widescreen. I agree with L. Shirley's January 26, 2006 review: This film needs to be available in widescreen DVD. Also agreeing with L. Shirley and other reviewers ... it's a wonderful film.

    I followed L. Shirley's lead and gave only a 4-star rating, a reflection of the aforementioned unavailability in widescreen....more info
  • yours, mine and ours
    this is a lovely story its funny and teary and luciell ball plus henry fonda what more can you ask. its a love story of the most unlikely pair so many kids would kill a saint but she copes with his help. love should be like that and so often isnt.
    the grocery list is amazing and thank goodness we can look back on these classic movies and remember them fondly.hope you get this movie and watch it again and again....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I love this movie and I was so happy to find it at such a great price. It was delivered pretty fast,too. Thanks!...more info
  • Yours, Mine and Ours (DVD) ~ Lucille Ball
    What can I say its Lucy I Love her in Yours, Mine and Ours the newer versons dont even compare...more info
  • Hilarious and one of Lucille Ball's best!
    This is one of the best movie's that Lucille Ball made. Based on a true story, it is absolutely hilarious mixed with heart-touching moments. If you like to belly laugh, this will deliver. (BTW, I have not seen the remake of this movie with Dennis Quaid and have absolutely zero desire to do so. In my opinion, it is a crime that they remake movies from superb original productions.) If you have NOT seen the original with Lucille Ball & Henry Fonda, do yourself a favor and rent it. I don't believe you will be disappointed.

    This movie is a perfect addition to have in any DVD library because you never tire of watching it. It's also a fun reminder of what life was like back then, looking at the automobiles, clothes styles, and furniture that we had back then. Truly, a wonderful walk down memory lane. ...more info
  • Children and more children.
    Yours, MIne and Ours is a sweet family film but some of the scenes are kind of boring and unfunny. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda have great chemistry together, in the movie both of them have a lot of children and when they get married, boy talk about a blended family! Some of the kids are annoying, some are helpful. If you like The Brady Bunch then you'll probably enjoy this flick. Enjoy!...more info
  • Yours, Mine & Ours
    This is the original Yours, Mine & Ours with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Very enjoyable and wella cted. A Navy widow with 8 kids marries a Navy man with 10 kids. it is odd to see their groceries only add up to like 120 dollars. But i thought by that time she should know about birth control....more info
  • (The Old Version Of)Yours,Mine and Ours
    Dear kids
    I think the new(2005)Version Is Better.I Still think this movie is cute,though!Still,You should watch this movie when you have a chance!

    Sincerely,Matt Aurand...more info
  • Yours, Mine & Ours
    I purchased this for a "Lucy" fan. She absolutely loved the movie and would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a huge "Lucy" collector. It is funny and makes for an enjoyable evening....more info
  • Yours ours and mine
    The movie is excellent, however the quality of the DVD is very poor. Stops and skips. The quality is not what was advertized....more info
  • Yours, Mine and ours
    Great family movie. Get the kids together and watch the movie with them. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda show how it really should be to raise a hugh family. Great humor....more info
  • Yours, Mine and Ours
    Excellent movie, you will love it. A really good family movie for young and old. Excellent !!...more info
  • Ball and Fonda Elevate a Sitcom-Level Domestic Farce Where Pro-Life Family Values Dominate
    I remember when this old-fashioned family comedy came out in 1968 because I saw it from the back of my parents' Rambler station wagon at a suburban drive-in. Ironically, it was released about a month before Robert Kennedy was assassinated, a pertinent fact since he was the Kennedy brother with by far the most children - eleven. The wholesome image of Kennedy as a young family man with a large brood is what much of the country responded to at the time, and this movie echoes those sentiments on a broader, sitcom level. It helps when you have two veterans like Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda play the leading roles as the widowed parents of sizable broods that combine eighteen children. One is a screen icon, the other America's most beloved TV comedienne. In hindsight, it seems predictably cautious for a movie set around the Alameda Naval Base to ignore the Vietnam War entirely, even though Fonda plays a naval officer and his oldest son a draftee.

    The plot is based on a true story as recounted in a 1964 memoir by Ball's character Helen North Beardsley. She was a part-time nurse on the base and a recently widowed mother of eight. In typical meet-cute fashion at the grocery store, Helen bumps into naval officer Frank Beardsley, the recently widowed father of ten children. They meet again at the clinic when his daughter needs female attention for her budding young womanhood. Their first date leads to the mutual revelation of the size of their respective families. Frank's best friend and fellow officer Darrel Harrison also knows Helen well and is determined to get them together through a pair of mismatched blind dates. Once Frank and Helen realize they are made for each other, the couple spends the rest of the movie trying to meld their warring families together into one happy unit. It's hardly a spoiler to say that they eventually succeed but not without a lot of trial and tribulation - including another baby on the way.

    Truth be told, Ball and Fonda are too old by a decade or so for their roles. However, it doesn't really matter since they are immensely likeable here. Even though she is given plenty of Lucy schtick to do between false eyelashes and toxic screwdrivers, Ball lends surprising dimension to Helen when it matters. Van Johnson is in typical wise-guy mode as Darrel, while Tom Bosley shows up as the befuddled family doctor. Among the children, you can recognize Tim Matheson as the eldest and most resentful of the pack and Morgan Brittany as a middle daughter, though the scene stealer is Eric Shea, who would have a memorable turn as the crafty kid in The Poseidon Adventure four years later. Reflecting on this film forty years later, I am struck by the pro-life message it seems to encourage, although religious themes are smartly avoided. The whole venture was directed and co-written by journeyman Melville Shavelson. The 2006 DVD only offers the original theatrical trailer as the one extra....more info
  • This is not a good Family film
    I have to admit I was very disappointed in this film. It is labeled as a family movie but I was literally embarrassed when we watched it. It bears only a passing resemblance to the book, which is Christian testament to pro-life values and loving family values. The movie however, puts the children totally at odds with each other and with their parents. Also, a number of the characters make pro-contraception statements and anti-children statements. There is a great deal of immodesty in dress as well as in the dialogue and behavior of the actors.
    The movie itself is rather boring with over 40 minutes devoted to how Helen and Frank got together. We see the whole family acting together for what seems a small amount of time during the whole movie. If this movie had been made ten or fifteen years before it would have been great. Keep in mind that you are going to see a lot of the 1960's and 70's loose attitudes about the things that matter most: decency, real love and respect for people (especially regarding sex) modesty, and respect for parents. I don't really recommend this movie to anyone. It's better to read the book, "Who Gets the Drumstick."
    ...more info
  • The Original Funny Movie
    This is the original movie starring Lucille Ball and though some parts
    seem corny now it is the best movie for when you need to laugh.It's O.K.
    for the whole family to watch. Who couldn't use some old school comedy.
    By the way it's based on a true story (18 kids!)...more info
  • Excelent
    I loved this movie from the first time I saw it and I still do. It is about time it made it to DVD so I can watch it whenever I want to....more info
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours
    I received the product in the time specified. Haven't watched it, as I plan to give it as a gift to a friend who is only familiar with the Dennis Quaid version. Lucy was a little old for the part, as was Fonda, but it still remains one of my favorites. Again thanks for the prompt service....more info
  • Great view especially for Step families
    I love this movie. It has a great message especially for anyone who has been either a step parent or step child. It is great for the whole family to see-very wholesome while showing real life scenarios.
    It adds humor that stepparents really need....more info