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Die Hard Collection (Die Hard/ Die Hard 2: Die Harder/ Die Hard with a Vengeance/ Live Free or Die Hard) [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 11/20/2007 Rating: R

Die Hard is the movie franchise that made a movie star out of TV star Bruce Willis, and created an entire action-movie genre of its own. In the original 1988 film, Willis plays wisecracking New York cop John McClane, who arrives at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles to meet up with his estranged wife, Holly (Bonny Bedelia), at her office Christmas party. As luck would have it, the company ends up in the middle of a terrorist plot led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his gang of expert killers, and with little help coming from outside, McClane has to pick off his enemies one by one. Thus was born the "Die Hard genre," epitomized by such films as Under Siege ("Die Hard on a ship"), Passenger 57 ("Die Hard on a plane"), Speed ("Die Hard on a bus"), and Cliffhanger ("Die Hard on a mountain"). But few measure up to the explosive brilliance of Die Hard. Director John McTiernan develops the action at a fast and furious pace, culminating in some fantastic set-pieces on the top of the building, in the elevator shaft, and in the building's outer plaza. Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza's script, based on Roderick Thorp's novel Nothing Lasts Forever, is smart, funny, and full of memorable lines (among them "Welcome to the party, pal!" and of course "Yippee ki-ay, motherf*****"), and the cast is perfection, especially Rickman as the cunningly evil villain, and Willis, whose McClane character--bloodied, beaten, bruised, and barely breathing, as he battles both bad guys and bureaucrats--is someone audiences could genuinely cheer for.

Directed by Renny Harlin, the 1990 sequel, Die Hard 2 (unofficially referred to as Die Harder), doesn't match the level of the original, but it's still an exciting thrill ride with some terrific action sequences. One year after the Nakatomi incident, McClane (Willis) is awaiting his wife's (Bedelia) plane to arrive at Dulles Airport when he stumbles onto a plot to paralyze the entire airport, including all the planes trying to land. It's up to McClane to take on the cadre of bad guys despite all the bureaucrats standing in his way, and before the planes run out of fuel and crash to the ground. The cast includes William Sadler as rogue military man Col. Stuart, Dennis Franz as the latest bureaucratic cop to get in McClane's way, Richard Thornburg as the annoying reporter from the original movie, John Amos as a special-forces commander, early-in-their-career John Leguizamo and Robert Patrick as terrorists, and future politician and Law and Order actor Fred Thompson as the head of air traffic control.

The third film in the series, Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), was again directed by John McTiernan and uses a different concept. The villain (played by Jeremy Irons) claims to have planted bombs all over New York City and gives John McClane (Willis), now alchoholic and separated, a series of clues to try to track them down. Along the way, he's aided by, and eventually teams up with, a Harlem shopkeeper named Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson). The interplay between Willis and Jackson is engaging, but better suited to the Lethal Weapon franchise it was previously considered for, and not till the end does the movie return to the familiar McClane-vs.-villains-showdown format.

Twelve years after Die Hard with a Vengeance, the third and previous film in the Die Hard franchise, Live Free or Die Hard finds John McClane (Bruce Willis) a few years older, not any happier, and just as kick-ass as ever. Right after he has a fight with his college-age daughter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a call comes in to pick up a hacker (Justin Long, a.k.a. the "Apple guy") who might help the FBI learn something about a brief security blip in their systems. Now any Die Hard fan knows that this is when the assassins with foreign accents and high-powered weaponry show up, telling McClane that once again he's stumbled into an assignment that's anything but routine. Once that wreckage has cleared, it is revealed that the hacker is only one of many hackers who are being targeted for extermination after they helped set up a "fire sale," a three-pronged cyberattack designed to bring down the entire country by crippling its transportation, finances, and utilities. That plan is now being put into action by a mysterious team (Timothy Olyphant, Deadwood, and Maggie Q, Mission: Impossible 3) that seems to be operating under the government's noses.

Live Free or Die Hard uses some of the cat-and-mouse elements of Die Hard with a Vengeance along with some of the pick-'em-off-one-by-one elements of the now-classic original movie. And it's the most consistently enjoyable installment of the franchise since the original, with eye-popping stunts (directed by Len Wiseman of the Underworld franchise), good humor, and Willis's ability to toss off a quip while barely alive. There was some controversy over the film's PG-13 rating--there might be less blood than usual, and McClane's famous tag line is somewhat obscured--but there's still has plenty of action and a high body count. Yippee-ki-ay! --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

    I bought the blu ray die hard collection and I LOVED THEM. After watching all of them I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, they were all so good! The sound is out of this world! A+++++...more info
  • Tons of fun!
    Come on, what's not to like? It's DIE HARD!! I would have to say that this movie was one of the best in the series of the DH movies. (Next to "With a Vengeance")

    Tons of killer action, will keep you on the edge the whole time, right from the beginning!

    It rocks! Go get it!!

    ...more info
  • The Indestructible Man
    Here's some cool trivia:

    The original 1988 Die Hard is based on a 1979 novel by Roderick Thorp titled Nothing Lasts Forever, which was a sequel to Thorp's book The Detective that was made into the movie The Detective starring Frank Sinatra in 1968. Predator Director John McTiernan directed Die Hard.

    In Die Hard, Hans Gruber is played by Alan Rickman, now more famous for his role as Servious Snape in the Harry Potter series. Rickman and Jeremy Irons, in my opinion, could easily be confused with each other...especially when they're heavily costumed.

    Die Hard 2 was based on the book titled 58 Minutes 58 Minutes by Walter Wager. The plane crash at the beginning of the movie is considered one of the most horrific ever filmed (according to Maxim.

    Die Hard 3 has John McTiernan back in the director's seat, and DH3 is the only one of the four to have been written by a screenwriter. It stars Alan-Rickman-act-alike Jeremy Irons as 'the bad guy'.

    Die Hard 4 is based on a 1997 Wired article by John Carlin (see it here DH4 is directed by Underworld series master Len Wiseman and stars that dude (Justin Long) who's more popular from his stint in the recent Apple Computer commercials than his past acting roles.

    This Blu Ray compilation of all four films is a great package. Chances are that you're here (like I was) because you've already seen the first three, and you're wondering if it's worth it to buy the entire collection in order to get the 4th? I'll say this: the fourth (Live Free or Die Hard) stands out as one of the best, if not the best, of the series. So if you've always wanted the Die Hard series in your collection, this great compilation is for you.

    Like the previous 3 movies, in Live Free or Die Hard John McClane (Bruce Willis) is seemingly indestructible, surviving death defying feat after death defying feat. Willis' banter with costar Long is witty and funnier than anything from the first three movies combined. The action is non-stop, and the supporting cast is fabulous (especially Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant).

    Therefore, you can add this collection to your cart or Die Hard.

    ...more info
  • best Die Hard ever!
    i honestly have not seen DH in about 11 years i think! its one of those great 80's moments for me when life was ..well simple! no internet and lots of fun outdoors with friends! when finding a movie as popular as DH was an achievement in my neck of the woods. But ask any 20 something now about what an amazing guy series this movie is! its "the standard" in guy action movies!

    i recall in the U.S there used to be ad campaign on TNT: "Movies for guys who love movies" DH was always in the lineup!

    Enough reminiscing about DH, for the fact all 4 were released on Bluray was a big step forward! i was hoping to get it when that actually happens. Lets thank sony for not messing up the encoding on these discs like F4 2 (u guys know what i am talking about!) I bring this up because there is a ton of fun stuff on the discs that takes a while to load and experience.

    Back to the movie...i think these 2 guys in Hollywood struck a very nice balance of bringing an old analog hero in a digital world. They kept the amazing depth of the characters around and did not mess it up like most franchise movies when they make a #4 of its kind! i think #4 is the best DH yet. The stunts and the action sequence is BIG guys! i mean BIG! and of course the BD performance in picture and sound added to the realism of what was happening here. This was key always in DH: realism! there were some crazy moments but allot of fun.

    I gave it 4 stars because the 1st DH was similar to T1 in terms of quality. I don't know how much remastering one can do on the older print of DH1 and DH2. But the sound was definitely remastered.

    Every DIE HARD fan must get this! Happy holidays people! ...more info
  • Like father, like daughter
    Even though I noticed that Bruce's showing his age, I still enjoyed watching him in his signature role. The only complain I have is that his daughter should have had more screen time. She's not only daddy's little girl, but grew up to have his tenacity. Maybe a sequel is in order for her to follow in her daddy's footsteps? ...more info
    A package is nice, economic, fitted 4 disc in once small box.!
    You can recalled the excitement from 10 years ago in DH1, see a development in DH2 and Finally DH3, more modern, techno excitement in DH4.

    Picture is restored and clear as Blu,

    Don't miss this if you are Die Hard Fan!
    ...more info
  • Great Collection
    Great product, delivered on time and in perfect condition. Perfect quality for any Die Hard fan......more info
    Being a huge Die Hard fan, I have to say that the new blu-ray disc set is a perfect buy. Good price and great quality. The first three are re-mastered to 1080 picture and even the sound quality has been enhanced. This is a must buy for action movie buffs and a must to have in any real man's collection. "Yippee ki yay mother$@^#&*!"...more info
  • A must have collection
    This is a great set to have in your collection. Blu-ray is great. A good value and most of this series is great....more info
  • Update?
    They pushed this set so hard and yet we have to wait until they fix a glitch to be able to watch them. Who knows when that will be?
    If I put out a product and pushed very hard to sell it I would have been sure it worked first. ...more info
  • Bruce Willis is the MAN!
    I've been waiting for this collection in blu-ray. When it came to surface, I couldn't bring myself to spend $100+ (BestBuy sells for $109). So when I saw Amazon was selling it for a low $45, I jumped on it. Loved these movies for years. So glad I have this in my Blu-ray collection now....more info