The First Years Soothie Infant Pacifiers - 2pk Blue
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Product Description

The number-one pacifier used in over 2,000 hospitals nationwide--over half the hospitals in the country! Over 2.5 million pacifiers are distributed to newborns each year--this means that more than half the babies born go home from the hospital with a Soothie Pacifier. Made from medical-grade silicone, in blue. One-piece design for less germs. Soft, latex-free nipple.

  • Medical Grade Pacifier.
  • Includes 2 Pacifier.
  • 0-3 for newborns.
  • One piece durable construction.
  • 90 day limited warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Super" Soothie not good for babys 3+ months W/O teeth
    It is important to note the "Super" in super soothie means that this is for a baby with teeth it is much harder than the green soothies you first experience at the hospital. All the packaging says is 3+ months so I bought this thinking they were a little bigger or more appropriate for a 3 month old than the original soothie. My baby is a little over 2 months and liked them initially but they ended up making him more fussy and irritated his gums. He is not teething and maybe when he does we will get these out again. It is important to note that the packaging and the description here does not alert you to the fact that 3+ really means teething or with teeth. I found that description on the manufacturers website. I give it 3 stars because it appears to be the same good quality, but I think it is important to note that it is confusing....more info
  • Don't buy too many of these if any!
    We got these from the hospital, a couple of them. My baby seemed to love them so much that I went nuts and bought 6 more. Three days after getting them my baby was 10 days old and decided he didn't like them anymore. I think they're great for newborns at the hospital but I dont' think they like them for a long time....more info
  • Super Soothie
    The description of this item did not explain that it is a much tougher rubber than the infant size. My daughter is 3mo+ so based upon the description this is the size I purchased. The rubber is so tough she cannot use the soothie. I contacted the company on this issue and received very poor customer service. I would not recommend buying from this company....more info
  • Choking Hazard
    Our 6.5 mo old son was able to fit the entire pacifier into his mouth and began choking on the soothie during a nap. We heard him gasping for breath over the monitor and had to sweep his mouth to remove it. We would caution all parents using these to not only make sure the nipple has not been chewed on to the point it could break off, but also be aware that not all babies mouths are within the safe range for these kinds of products....more info
  • Super Soothie Blue Pacifier
    The Blue Super Soothie Pacifier looks like the ordinary green ones but is made of thicker material. It works wonderfully for older children. My 19 mos old son is teething and chews on his hands constantly. He won't use teething toys but he chews the edge of the pacifier. He could bite through the green ones but the blue one is thick enough he cannot bite through. ...more info
  • Choking Hazard!!
    Having just removed one of these from my son's mouth, yes, choking hazard!! I heard crying on the monitor and went into his room to find he had the whole pacifier in his mouth! I was able to get it out and calm him, but I'm still not calm......more info