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Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

"Queen Rock Montreal" will be released simultaneously in both high definition formats, HDDVD and Blu-Ray. This version includes the full Queen Live Aid performance, never before seen full performance footage of Queen rehearsing for Live Aid: Bohemian Rhapsody + Radio Gaga + Hammer To Fall and previously unreleased Live Aid interview with the whole band.

The Montreal concert is presented in high definition, while the Live Aid and all bonus materials will remain in standard definition.

Tracklisting: 1. Intro 2. We Will Rock You (fast) 3. Let Me Entertain You 4. Play The Game 5. Somebody To Love 6. Killer Queen 7. I'm In Love With My Car 8. Get Down Make Love 9. Save Me 10. Now I'm Here 11. Dragon Attack 12. Now I'm Here (reprise)13. Love Of My Life 14. Under Pressure 15. Keep Yourself Alive 16. Drum & Timpani Solo 17. Guitar Solo 18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 19. Jailhouse Rock 20. Bohemian Rhapsody 21. Tie Your Mother Down 22. Another One Bites The Dust 23. Sheer Heart Attack 24. We Will Rock You 25. We Are The Champions 26. God Save The Queen

Bonus Features: * Brand new audio commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor * The full Queen Live Aid performance * Never before seen full performance footage of Queen rehearsing for Live Aid: Bohemian Rhapsody + Radio Gaga + Hammer To Fall * Previously unreleased Live Aid interview with the whole band * 1982 news feature from US TV series PM Magazine * "Before & After" restoration comparison * Weblink to microsite.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love This Release
    One of my most cherished in my collection. Very good PQ (considering the movie's age) and amazing SQ. My only criticism is a somewhat pale color of the BD transfer....more info
  • WOW!
    What can I say?

    The picture quality is better than any other concert I have seen on blu-ray.

    Shooting on 35mm film was definately the right choice. There is something about film and the way it captures the lights. The colors are all highly saturated and the detail is amazing. You can see the dust and finger prints on the monitors, the uneven texture on the surface of Brian's guitar and all the little details in Roger's drum kit. I have never seen a more beautiful concert video; and to think this was shot 25 years ago.

    The sound is excellent too. But I found myself switching back and fourth between surround and stereo a number of times. The surround soundtrack provided a very open and spacious sound; but it was a little too reverberant. I found the stereo soundtrack to be more clear and direct.

    Musically the band is in great form. Freddie's vocal performance is top-notch. He is in full voice and clear as a bell.

    The reason's I only gave this DVD 4 stars are minor. Even though Queen were at their peak in popularity when they filmed this performance, in my opinion this was not their artistic peak. If only they could have filmed a performance 5 or so years earlier during their Night at the Opera and Day at the Races period. Also, even though the band sounded great, it seemed like their performance was somewhat lackluster. Compared to some of their other concert videos, this outing was not quite up to par....more info
  • A re-re-re-release, just a different name
    "Queen Rock Montreal" might seem like a new live DVD from Queen to those who are unaware but in reality, this is actually the THIRD DVD release of the Montreal show which has previously been released under the title "We Will Rock You." One assumes that since Queen now own the rights to the concert film, they wanted to change the title so as not to confuse people with their musical of the same name.
    While there are some new bonus features on this disc as compared with previous versions (the new edition features a commentary with band members Brian May and Roger Taylor) the primary reason is that Brian May was not happy with the DTS surround sound mixes included on the previous versions and the new disc offers an "approved" surround sound mix. Not much of a selling point if you ask me.
    No word on if "Rock Montreal" will be presented in widescreen like the last DVD was (this *was* a concert film intended for theaters.)
    This particular edition of the DVD includes a bonus disc featuring Queen's historic set at Live Aid which, you guessed it, has also been previously released on DVD. Lots of double and triple dipping here and frankly the inclusion of their Live Aid segment is a tad shameful, using their set from a charity show to promote their own product makes me cringe a bit.
    On top of all this, the "Rock Montreal" concert is virtually identical to the set list from Queen's last DVD, "On Fire at the Bowl." There just isn't much here for fans to buy yet again. HOWEVER the companion CD release of the concert (which uses the same title) has never been officially released on CD before AND it includes two songs NOT included on the DVD so that's certainly something for a fan to buy.
    Overall, "Queen Rock Montreal" is not a must buy for Queen fans unless you have not purchased the concert before.
    ...more info
  • this title has made me a fan of this band
    after viewing Freddie Mercury all i can say is we lost the greatest showman on earth...more info
  • Great Show + Bonus Performance
    I have to recommend this one not only for a excellent performance but the addition of the "Live Aid" performance. The Montreal concert itself was top notch that only Queen could pull off. The Live Aid performance was one of two stand out performances (the other was The Who) that I am glad finally came out complete on video. The only thing missing are "Rarities" live by Queen doing "Imagine" and other covers only on bootlegs. Do yourself a favor & get this one. Any Queen fan will be pleased ;-)
    Search out our site "Judemac Forever" on google,yahoo or msn. ...more info
  • How to perform LIVE by QUEEN!
    This is one of the best performed, filmed, recorded live dvds I have ever seen! Screw all that MTV video crap with 400 cuts a minute. This is how you record a band live. Queen was one of the best ever, and this dvd proves it. Freddie lives on!...more info
  • The Best-Sounding Queen Live Release Yet!
    The sound quality on this release is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot believe how much resolution has been tweaked out of these 26-year-old multi-track master tapes. This is by far the best audio quality I have ever heard of a music concert of this age. The sound quality can stand next to any sound quality of today. Yes, it is that stunning!!!

    Honestly, I did not expect the audio quality to be as good as the audio quality from the 2004 DVD release of 'Queen On Fire - Live From The Bowl'. But this beats it, and the audio quality on that release is breathtaking as well. I had no idea that so much punch, bass, and kick could be lifted from a concert of this time.

    The DTS 5.1 mix is unbelievable! It feels like I'm taken back in time and am right there in concert watching the show. The instruments are so crisp and clean! The music is not flat and lifeless. It is full, wide, and alive! These guys rock!

    The picture is beautifully restored as well. In fact, it is hard for me to imagine that this concert was recorded in 1981. It simply does not show it's age, and now I understand why Queen Productions have taken technology further yet with Blu-Ray and HD DVD issues of this release as well. The picture is magnificent! No grain, lines, or darkness whatsoever! The picture glows and shines! Is it really this old? You won't believe it!

    Since I do not own the original 'We Will Rock You' DVD release from a few years back I cannot do comparisons. All I know is that this is the best-sounding and best-looking Queen DVD concert in my collection. Overall, it is simply one of the best DVD releases in my collection.

    The addition of the 'Live Aid' material on the second DVD is a nice treat for those fans who do not already own the material on the previously released 2004 Live Aid (4 Disc Set) DVD box. Even if one already owns this live set an interview with rehearsal footage is exclusive to this release. Furthermore, a 1982 news feature from US TV series PM Magazine is a bonus.

    Queen has never sounded and looked better! These guys were incredible! Highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • A prize possession for any Queen fan
    Amazing !!!!!! The only negative for me was the Montreal audience wasn't as passionate as I would have been! A flawless performance from Queen for sure. Although the video quality of the Live Aid segment didn't match the Montreal concert ..... the sheer magic of the event and the response from the audience and "back stage guys" was extremely emotional for me. This DVD is the pride of my Blu-ray collection...more info
  • Awesome
    Queen's music is timeless. I've never seen a concert in person that is as good as this....more info
  • Greatest Concert EVER!
    I'm eighteen years old, I've been to many impressive concerts, and I was absolutely amazed by the performance in Montreal....more info
  • Big Audio Improvment
    When I first saw this being released, I'll admit, my first opinion was "oh no, now they're releasing stuff to make money". But, as usual, like any true fan, I bought it! And how happy I am!

    To anyone with a home theatre, who owns the previous release, this is NOT a waste of money. There is a definate improvement in sound. A HUGE improvement in sound. Much more low end, more even sound. I really enjoy this release, unlike the previous version, where I felt I wasn't part of the concert. This puts me right in the middle. An important record of this era of the band.

    Queen have been releasing very special concerts representing important eras of the band, and this is no less important. Keep up the great work Brian and Roger! (and John? where are you John!)...more info
  • A Beautiful View and Rememberance to Queen!
    This is so upfront and so Queen. Beautiful! Awesome! Freddie Mercury at his PEAK! You have to get this, too!...more info
  • A must have for your viewing library!
    Queen with Freddie Mercury were meant to be seen live, as is evidenced by this amazing show. I regret to say that I was really more of a casual fan who enjoyed "News of the World" and the radio mainstays of "The Game". After viewing this show, one really gets the magic that was brought to audiences lucky enough to see them. I've promptly received their entire remastered CD collection!
    The quality of this Blu-Ray is such that it seems like it was filmed yesterday. The Live Aid footage is a great bonus - their portion was truly, one of, if not THE, greatest live show EVER! ...more info
  • Skip the Commentary and Turn Up the Band!
    I think it's safe to say that 99% of the people who are familiar with Queen have already made up their minds about the band. Either you love `em or you hate `em, and there isn't much room for middle ground. Strangely, though, I find myself in that 1%, a `hater' who has slowly crept over into the `fan' category. Growing up in the `70s, kids had to choose between `glam' music or `rootsy' music. That meant that you could listen to Bowie and Queen, or Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, but never both. I fell in with a crowd that worshipped southern rock, so Queen was verboten in my high school days. Remarkably, though, the band survived such prejudice. Queen even survived the punk onslaught, as this show from 1981 proves with a vengeance.
    An independent crew filmed "Queen Rock Montreal" in 1981, and the band was unhappy with the final results. This DVD is the result of the band claiming possession of the footage and restoring it to a state that meets their own exacting standards. If you are fan of Queen, the result is glorious. The band opens with "We Will Rock You," and they definitely do just that. This live version blows away the bombastic studio/stadium version that is now abused by sports franchises. They then move through a series of album tracks, building momentum as they progress. Freddie Mercury is at his peak, which is a primary reason for this video being so valuable now. The entire band shines behind him, and the harmonies are fantastic.
    Here's a fun fact for the ignorant (like me); did you know that both Freddie Mercury and Brian May play piano with flair and grace? I did not, but the footage for "Save Me" displays them as piano-playing `switch-hitters', changing the piano seat to suit the song's instrumentation. It seems as if much of Queen's catalog is slipping into the ether, growing ever more forgotten as time passes. Other than the obvious hits, this material is rarely heard, so it is both entertaining and informative to see and hear the band tackle this wealth of material without straining to prove anything. Throughout the show, not one single bandmember ever acknowledges the presence of the camera crew, which is beneficial, leaving us with the impression that this is just another show with Queen on the road. The truth is different, and seen from today's perspective, it is plain that by any standard, this is not just another show. If for no other reason, you ought to see the video just so you can gawk at Mercury's outfit for "Another One Bites the Dust" - even Elton John would have blushed at that outfit. The commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor is extraneous and not particularly informative, so you can skip the 'special features'. Just crank up the volume and let the band rock you. Long live Queen! A- Tom Ryan...more info
  • Some good improvements and some not so good
    I've listened to the Rock Montreal concert and noticed how they cleaned up a few mistakes from the WWRY DTS version like the sour guitar note in Somebody to love during the "work till' I ache my bones" part etc. Also, the video seems to match the sound this time around(two nights were shot and often one video was substituted for the others sound and vice versa). I also noticed the overall mix on Rock Montreal has less midrange than the prior WWRY and sounds slightly more clean and less angry/raw which is a good and bad thing. It definitely sounds cleaned up though.

    However certain things didn't sound as good, like the "thunderstorm intro". I always used to stick the prior WWRY disc in to show off my sound system to friends, and the new version lacks the intensity of the sound of the prior release. It sounds so much more intense on the WWRY DTS version because that mix cleverly makes much more use of the rear surrounds which create this *big* atmosphere/ambiance for the bands grand entrance. Instead, they chose to mix the crowd noise in the rear surrounds. Try to A/B both disc if you have them and you will see what I mean. I guess this was done to be more realistic from a concert seat standpoint(band- front speakers, crowd- rear speakers). I should mention that the sequences done with delay(or echo) do make use of the surrounds.

    I believe the drums are mixed a little bit louder on the newer release and they sound very good. The guitar is low at points like on the lead on the fast version of WWRY, but the fading of the guitar volume up and down found on the prior release seems more cleaned up on Rock Montreal. Less of a swishing sound.

    I liked the commentary by Roger and Brian as well. It's not overly entertaining, but it's quite informative at times. Queen fans will enjoy it, but the average person would probably find it boring due to a few gaps in commentary.

    This probably is my favorite live dvd release though, especially since it lack the snyths found on the later releases, and doesn't have any additional players. I think more could have been done with the surround mix, but this is probably the best one out right now. If your looking to buy your first live Queen dvd, this one is probably the best. If you have WWRY DTS, this isn't all that different and might want to rent it first. If you have the original VHS or DVD(not DTS), you will enjoy this one much more. Plus this one has the bonuses of Brian/Roger commentary and Live Aid.

    I rented this first since I already own the WWRY DTS, but the bonuses alone make this worth buying, not to mention the cleaned up audio....more info
  • Phenomenal - Rekindled My Love for Queen!
    When I first saw this presentation on the Voom Networks' "Rave HD" channel, I was absolutely blown away. Amazing performance, awesome camera work - what a show. I'm only 24 years old, and never really was around to enjoy Queen in their prime-time, but this Blu-Ray really put me back into what I can imagine those days were like. Absolutely amazing performance! Worth every penny I spent!...more info
  • An awesome job...
    I was in London last night with my partner and saw (quite unexpectedly) that the Empire Leicester Square were showing a Digital Presentation of this concert...I saw it and I have to say, the picture and sound for this "re-release" is nothing short of awesome.

    Having already seen many far older films and concerts being transferred to high definition, This version ranks among the best I've seen, with perfect colour reproduction and image resolution. The source is meticulously free of dirt and scratches and doesn't suffer from artificial removal of natural grain on the 35mm stock, preserving the concert's filmic look.

    Tim Young at Metropolis Studios is on top form and has really outdone himself with the sound mix...It's quite front heavy which is the way I like it with the surrounds only adding to the illusion of actually being at the concert. The bass is deep, fast, clean and tight (and any other words you'd like to describe good bass) and had that real "kick in the chest" gravitas.

    The Empire has long been my favourite cinema for picture and sound, so I was surprised when, at one point during the concert, the sub bass distorted rather alarmingly. In their defence, the bass on that particular section was insane, but if Empire want to reclaim their "most spectacular cinema in the world" title, they need to update their sound system to PMC speakers and Bryston amplification, as used by Metropolis and Brian May himself.

    I'm expecting great things from this one...and the fact it's coming out on Blu-ray with (hopefully) a HD sound mix means we probably won't see it 're-released' for a good few years to come.

    On a side note, the inclusion of the Live Aid tracks is fantastic news for me as it's my favourite Queen performance...followed closely by this one....more info
  • Queen is King!!!!!
    What can I say??? It has performances from Montreal as well as Live Aid.A great combo,which made me buy it. I wasn't fortunate to see them "live" in concert with Freddie and this is the closest and best way for me to have seen them.It has most of their best songs on these discs. If you know the hits,as well as other maybe not as well known songs,you should definitely check this one out. I give it 5 stars for its greatness and content. I am very easy to please and for this,it has...Go get this double performance. It Will Rock You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • lacklustre
    Yes, the technical specs on this may be impressive, but what people really want is entertainment, and there's little to be had here!
    Recorded over 2 nites at Montreal Forum, after their trailblazing South American extravaganza, we find Queen on familiar ground in terms of audience and setlist - they've clearly done it a thousand times before and the boredom of routine starts to show in their performance.
    Afetr a promising hard-rock start, the show settles to well-trodden versions of the usual hits and concert highlights without originality or any real connection with the (unusually flat) Queen audience.
    Queen's contempt for the audience here is magnifiently illustrated during the ad-lib words in Tie Your Mother Down and the 'f...ckers' remark during a hideous work-out of Jailhouse Rock - they really should have known better!
    Their contempt was about to be repayed as their horrible Hot Space album nosedived with their career, never to fully recover in the States.
    Queen fans deserved better on the night, and we deserve better now...more info
  • This DVD ROCKS!!!!!!!!
    YES! THIS is the Queen DVD I've been waiting for. First of all, this DVD is LOADS better than the other Queen concert DVD's. I had Wembley, and the camera work was annoying, and the video quality lousy. THIS is Queen! The restored picture quality is impeccable, and the DTS sound! Holy crap! It ROCKS! If you're listening to this with regular TV speakers, go get a SS receiver man, this is the one. Filmed about 10 months before I saw them live in NJ, this was Queen at their best, before the Hot Space lameness. I am SO glad I waited for this release and didn't get We Will Rock you before. The restoration is beautiful. And as for the clowns saying they look lackluster, um, yea, and George Bush is a good president. Get a clue, this is great. ...more info
  • great quality product
    Its great to see queen in such clear sharp detail and the sound is awesome...more info
  • What is There To Say it's Queen
    Here to entertain is the Ultimate God of Rock and his Prince's Brian, John and Roger. These four men are genius's of music and performing. Songs are timeless and energetic in nature. Treat Yourself...more info
  • Same as We Will Rock You DTS Import version, but...
    This IS the Same as the previously released We Will Rock You LIVE FROM MONTREAL DVD, and that too had DTS Sound. On My combo JBL & Infinity speakers it sounded GREAT, and I'm sure this "enhanced" (?) New DTS Mix will sound just as fine. One thing the prior version had was the inclusion of a Commentary track by the Director/Producer of the concert film, Saul Swimmer, which was Very insightful about the band at the time, that particular tour, their approach to touring and shows, how The Band wanted this Concert Film to be Different from others, etc. Also, it had a lot of other "inside" information that I found very cool to hear and find out. So to have this "new/enhanced" DTS version WITH the LIVE AID footage is cool with the added rehearsals thrown in. I Was AT Live Aid in Philly, on the field about 100' from the stage Purposely so we could watch QUEEN from Wembley--a great & VERY HOT day indeed!! So in my opinion, if this really does have Enhanced picture and Improved DTS sound, with the new commentary tracks by Brian/Roger, it will be very worth it. And with my new 2-month old 50" Samsung DLP, Onkyo 7.1 Receiver, and Polk Audio speaker system, I can't wait to ROCK the House LOUD!!! I only was able to see the band One time, 9/26/80, the Day After John Bonham of Led Zep died, and the show was at the Old famed Boston Garden (the Original one, not the newer one obv). It was a great show, and they used the same Widely praised "Moving" Lighting rigs which were very innovative at the time. At the end, Freddie dedicated "We Are The Champions" to their "dear friend, John Bonham", which brought the place down almost. That was for the JAZZ tour at the time....more info
  • Sound is Incredible. Picture is too!
    This concert is excellent. Clear picture. Amazing sound. A true Queen masterpiece to watch over and over again. It is like you are transported back to the 1981 concert in the front row watching Freddie give yet another stellar performance....more info
  • Excellent on all counts
    Audio, Video, Program and Performance are all excellent. You feel like you are there at the concert. Very well done and at something of a bargain price. Highly Recommended and a Must for Queen Fans. Benefits from a good audio system - the better your system, the more you will enjoy the concert....more info
  • Ready Freddie...?!?!?!
    The concert is amazing.. Queen at it's best.. plus the 1985 LIVE AID famous 17 minutes of QUEEN... Need I say more???

    If you're a fan, buy it and enjoy, if not a fan, buy it AND LEARN and see history in the making!!!!...more info
  • Sound and Vision
    If you ever wanted to be in the middle of a concert you'll never again be able to attend, pick up this dvd. You are put dead center in the crowd, (except for the impressive camera moves that put you center stage),and the DTS audio is bone-crushingly real. A truely REAL concert experience.
    As for the price....."Forget about it"....more info
  • It's Like Being There!
    The picture is crystal clear - it is like being at the concert. Even though Mercury is long dead, he looks very much alive on this disc (I know he WAS alive on this disc, but you know what I mean). The sound is spectacular and this disc is in 24/96Khz! For that alone it's worth a purchase. The music sounds pefect. With Blu Ray, it's like being there!...more info
  • 2 or 3 Good Songs
    While admittedly live performances are just that, live, I still dislike it when the lead singer feels the need to vary from the original recording. What I hear first is what I think it should always be and Freddie Mercury chose to accessorize the songs and the differences were annoying to me, but that is just me. If you aren't that familiar with the songs you won't notice any problems....more info
  • Great DVD for Queen collectors
    This DVD is a must for any Queen fans out there. Shows Freddy Mercury at his best....more info
  • Not impressed
    I know this was taken from old footage, but I was not impressed with the quality of the audio or video considering this was a blu-ray transfer.
    Compared to Roy Orbison - Black and White Night (5 stars)...more info
  • easy 5 stars
    how can anyone give this DVD less than 5 stars?...A great Queen performance in montreal, and their legendary "live aid show" in one package. ...more info