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HP C8180 Photosmart All-in-One Printer (L2526A#ABA)
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Product Description

Experience the ultimate in photo printing and archiving with a CD/DVD burner and industry-leading scans. The fastest and easiest way to print photos at home starts with the 3.5" Touchscreen. Finish jobs faster by printing at blazing speeds, up to 34-ppm black and 33-ppm color. Get the tools you need to preserve your photo memories. Easily edit, print and share photos, using included HP Photosmart Essential Software. Easily print from compatible memory cards and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Print documents and 4x6" photos without swapping out paper by using an automated photo tray. Print with six individual inks for lab-quality photos and laser-quality black text for documents Standard connectivity - 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 PictBridge, 1 Wireless 802.11g, and 1 Bluetooth Memory card compatible - CompactFlash, xD, Secure Digital (SD)/Multimedia Card (MMC), SDHC, HDMMC, MMCPlus, Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro, MS Duo, and MS Pro Duo with adapters Display - 3.5 LCD color graphics Standard memory - 64 MB System Requirements - Windows 2000 SP3, XP or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Intel Pentium II, Celeron or compatible processor, 233 MHZ or higher, 128 MB RAM, 1 GB hard disk space, CD-ROM and USB port Dimensions - 17.6 x 15.4 x 8.5 (448x392x216mm) with paper tray retracted, power cable not installed Weight - 25 pounds (11.4 kg)

The HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One is perfect for archivists who want to preserve all their old photos. The C8180 can print, scan, and copy and has built-in LightScribe technology that will print professional-looking labels on CDs and DVDs. The printer has a built-in 3.5-inch touchscreen you can use to easily print photos without a PC: Simply put your memory card into the memory card slot (supports CompactFlash, xD, Secure Digital (SD)/Multimedia Card (MMC), SDHC, HDMMC, MMCPlus, Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo), preview it on the display, and print. Enhance your photos and remove red eye with HP Red-eye Removal, HP Scratch and Dust Removal, and HP Adaptive Lighting technologies.

The HP Photosmart C8180 produces lab-quality, fade-resistant photo prints by using a six-ink color system for accurate color reproduction. Photos will always print on the correct side of the paper with the right quality settings because of HP Auto Sense technology. And coupled with HP Advanced Photo Paper, the C8180 is sure to produce photos that are smudge and smear-resistant right from the printer. Print speed is outstanding as well, at up to 34 ppm black and 33 ppm color. For those looking to save paper, an optional (not included) duplexer lets you print on both sides of the paper. With built-in Ethernet, everyone on your home network can share the printer.

The scanner uses a Contact Image Scanner (CIS) for scans at up to 9600 dpi optical resolution with a scan size of up to 8.5 by 11.7 inches. The copier supports pages up to this size as well and you can make up to 50 copies in one pass. Color copies are supported and there are settings for enlarging and reducing from 50 to 400 percent. HP Photosmart C8180 supports Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP Home and Professional, and Windows Vista as well as Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4.x. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Photosmart C8180 all-in-one, 02 black ink cartridge, 02 cyan ink cartridge, 02 magenta ink cartridge, 02 yellow ink cartridge, 02 light cyan ink cartridge, 02 light magenta ink cartridge, power cord, starter ink cartridges, setup guide, user's guide, paper sample pack, and installer CD.

  • All-In-One device offers color printing, copying, and scanning, with support for LightScribe
  • Outstanding print quality for photos and documents; speeds up to 34 ppm black and 33 ppm color; support for LightScribe to print CDs
  • Scan documents and photos at up to 4800 dpi optical resolution
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
  • Device measures 17.6 x 8.5 x 15.4 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Good but could be better
    I like it in that it does what I want it to do. Has great color on photos but the paper has a lot to do with it too. I like the flexablity of the tilt of the screen. That enables me to put it at what ever height level I want and still see the screen. It was easy to set up for wifi, however the connection is not always consistant. It tends to drift in and out of the connection. I may try it with the eithernet connection to my wireless router and see if it works more consistantly that way. Dont pay full price, its not worth that much. One other thing that could be improved: the lower paper tray is difficult to use if you are printing with anything other than 8 1/2 x 11 paper. There doesnt seem to be a good way to print things on 3x5 index cards because they are difficult to reach when removing them. I dont have big fingers and it is hard to reach between the trays. I wound up using a screwdriver to move the cards enough to get them out. One other thing that I did like about it is that the scan lid is made where you dont have to remove it to scan bulkier items. That was a real turn off for me looking at other HP and other brands of printers. I didnt need the ADF or fax, so this was the best fit for me....more info
  • Perfect for wireless network
    I purchased this printer Friday, at a box store, for the same price as here. I had read the reviews and saw that some people had problems with the wireless networking.

    That did not happen here. I am not a computer wiz by any means, but I set the printer up in about 1/2 an hour. 1 desktop running XP, and 2 laptops running vista. Not a problem. I've printed from all 3, and it all works fine

    For $300.00 this is a super deal!...more info
  • very good so-so
    I really dont have a lot to say thats bad about this machine. It scans negatives very well and the negative holder is actually a joy to use compared to others.
    As a stand alone machine you can scan directly to a memory card or a dvd/cd. You can also copy a memory card directly to a dvd/cd. You can browse a memory card and/or dvd and print photos..etc.
    Scan quality is excellent and the printing is excellent. Printing speed is a little faster than my 2 year old hp photo printer.

    The wireless connection is really not that hot, its slow sometimes, and it does drop out occasionally.

    usb connectivity is fine, network connection is untested as of yet.

    Drivers and bundled software are what you have come to expect from hp (you can take that a number of ways)..but all in all im not dissapointed....more info
  • Jury is still out...
    My first project, shortly after receiving the printer was to print pictures from my daughter's wedding. The printer did an outstanding job! I printed over 60 photos before receiving a message indicating that the yellow starter ink cartridge was running low. Pretty good I think. When it was time to shut down, however, I received a message indicating that there was a jam. I read the directions, followed the trouble shooting advice, went on line and followed HP's suggestions for clearing the jam and solving the problem with no luck. I unplugged it, waited, plugged it back in. The error message continued to say a jam had occurred and needed to be cleared before it would shut down. Finally, I gave up, unplugged it for the night since it wouldn't shut down on it's own. The next day, it was as if nothing had happened. The printer worked like a charm again! Go figure. As far as the quality of the prints, two thumbs up! Having the CD tray is great! The footprint and appearance of the printer as well as the touch screen each get an A+. Hopefully the stubborn error message (for an imaginary jam, I should add) was a one time thing. Time will tell....more info
  • Finally Happy
    I had an HP printer that didn't make the move to Vista. A clerk at Staples talked me into another brand to replace it. Paid a good dollar for it and bought a separate scanner to do slides. The new printer was never as good as the one I thru away. Tolerated it for about 2 years and finally gave up, did some research, and bought the 8180. It's all-in-one, does everything I want, and the scanning is equal to my stand alone. The quality is back. I recommend it....more info
  • Doesn't do what is says
    This printer promised to be everyting and definately isn't. First, I spent 4 hours on the phone with someone in India because it the software could not be installed on my computer. Then when they got it to work for printing but not scanning the HP support person promised to call back with more help then next day and never called. Second, this printer promises to print on cardstock but if you run anything thicker than poor quality photo paper through, it will jam. And... the paper feed tray is so shallow you cannot get your fingers anywhere near the feed area so you have to waste a full piece of paper everytime you print something. No chance of using a half piece scrap. I hate this printer and I do not recommend it....more info
  • poor service and quality
    Just purchased the HP C8180 which jamned 50% of the time while attemping to print 4 by 6 photo prints. First I tried Kodak photo paper, the C8180 stated it was jamned, but it was not. After finally reaching a live service person at HP, he said it was Kodak paper's fault, that the HP machine could not read the thickness. I purchased HP paper, it made 6 photos then it really did jam. Could not resolve. Returned for refund. Also this All in One makes a lot of noise, is slow to start and shut down, quite a cumbersome product. HP service people wasted a lot of my time, apparently reading solutions from their manual which took forever. I would not recommend this purchase. ...more info
  • Works perfectly
    The delivery of my Hp C8180 was much quicker than I anticipated. I am using it on my iMac and the installation was perfect with no problems. If you have a Mac and want a great printer, this is the one. In fact, I just ordered a second printer through Amazon which has a Fax included. The wireless feature is again perfect. Just follow the easy instructions. I love my Mac and am glad I am not a Windows user any more. The HP printers are a good match....more info
  • Hp C8180 All in one Printer
    Extremely easy to set up and use. Touch screen instructions are easy to following. Advantage of having a CD/DVD Drive built into the printer allows for quick and easy copying and burning on documents/photos/etc. ...more info
  • Very Pretty Plastic and Metal PAPERWEIGHT
    The printer is very pretty and shiny. Unfortunately I've never even gotten it to power up. On the SEVEN occasions I have had to speak with HP Tech Support they have been condescending, abrasive, unhelpful, and generally incompetent. You see, the power adapter was non-functioning right out of the box. And the printer just sits there. Somehow, although I have three times faxed my purchase receipt to HP and now twice scanned and emailed it (with my Epson scanner which is 5 years old and working like a charm), HP still cannot see fit to send me a replacement power adapter. I have to start the process fresh each time. So, as of this evening, the pretty piece of plastic and metal will go back to Office Depot and I will get my money back. I also intend to either bill HP or file a claim in small claims court for the needless time and expense I have gone through to jump through their hoops yet still never receive the replacement for the broken part. As "Scott K" from HP Tech Support said in his email (that was mysteriously signed "George") "I so sorry that your going through with this product and I assure you is not satisfactory to HP." Yeah, right, "George..."...more info
  • What I was wanting in a wireless printer
    For me, the C8180 provides the right level of features and ease of operation that I want in equipment that I don't want to have to constantly manage. From the box to removing the old wired printer and physical setup required only 20 minutes. The software load on a notebook computer (older Gateway with Centrino Duo and Windows XP) required about 40 minutes for a full installation using defaults and with test printing. The registration actually took longer as I forgot my password at the HP site (probably about 1 hour).

    The family shares this printer and I or the other computer users loaded the software on three different Vista OS AMD processor notebooks and all took between 30 and 40 minutes. All test prints with both paper and photo stock media were great. The scanner worked great, but we have yet to try the disc burner or card slots. I'll write more as we use the balance of features that this "all-in-one" printer has, but as for the primary functions - they all work great and not having to carry and plug connect the notebook by wire is a truly wonderful experience....more info
  • Great printer, but . . .
    This printer was easy to set up, and is easy to use. No problems with the wireless feature. However, when you attempt to print photos from your computer (rather than a memory card) it does not recognize paper in the photo paper tray; instead you have to load photo paper in the main paper tray (very awkward). HP should fix this....more info
  • Paper Jam
    Just having used for 1 year, paper jam occurs. The quality of the hardware is so disappointed!!!...more info
  • Good Machine so far
    HP C8180 Photosmart All In One Printer/Scanner/Copier This appears to be a good All In One machine so far. The only issue we had is when we tried loading the software. It loaded okay, but then we repeatedly got a notice on our computer screen that "new hardware found" each time we turned on the printer and it would bring up the installation program on the computer screen. It didn't matter how many times I completed the installation process, it would still bring this up each time we turned on the printer plus some functions of the scanner wouldn't work. After repeated calls to HP's Customer Service center and trying different things with each tech, we finally latched on to a tech that new what he was doing. We have a new Dell computer and he said there has always been issues between HP and Dell. But at least he got things set right in our computer so that we no longer have any of our initial problems and everything is working well. HP needs to have their techs share information so that they all know the fix to certain problems. The printer is working great now both from our desktop computer and a wireless laptop....more info
    I LOVE THIS PRINTER! I have been using HP printers since 1994 have had almost no problems with any of them. In fact, I am still using the one I bought in 1994 but it isn't a multi-function printer. I wanted to get a new printer that had copy, scan and photo capabilities. I bought a Canon MP970 because it had such high ratings. I hated it so I returned it and got the HP C8180 instead.

    I don't understand what the negative reviewers are talking about since I have not encountered any of the problems they metion. In fact, my experiece with this printer has been the opposite of what they say.

    Set up was fairly easy. I have it set up to work on my wireless network and encountered no problems during set-up. I installed the software on all the computers on my home network (three desktops and one laptop) and again had no problems. The whole set-up from start to finish took less than 1 hour (that's for the printer and all computers).

    Apparently, some peple ecountered a problem with their printer uninstalling itself. HP has a driver update that fixes this issue. When installing the printer it gives you the option to check the web for updated drivers. I downloaded the update and I haven't had any problems.

    A couple of the reviewers mentioned that the CD/DVD option only works in USB mode. This just isn't true. As I said, I have my printer connected via a wireless router (WiFi) and have been able to make picture DVDs. It's great to be able to pop in my camera's memory card and then just create a DVD.

    If you want to burn a label onto a DVD, you must use LightScribe compatible DVDs (if you just want to save/backup your photos you can use any DVD). If your printer is not connected through a USB, then you can only label the DVD by using the printer's touch screen (this is straight forward to do). I've been told that this is due to a restriction in the Roxio software that the printer uses to write the LightScribe label. In my opinion, this is pretty much a non-problem. It doesn't stop you from creating photo DVDs. It just means that instead of using your computer's keyboard to type the label you have to use the printer's touch screen. I think the two reviewers who complained about not being able to create DVDs without a USD connection must have tried to burn a label from their computer and then got confused into thinking that the CD/DVD feature doesn't work.

    To sum up, this is a great printer. The print quality is excellet, there are lots of great features, it is easy to set up and easy to use. I would highly recommend the HP Photosmart C8180 to anyone.

    June 24, 2008 - I have had this printer for 4 months now and I still love it. I bought a new computer (with Windows Vista) and had no installation problems. I have printed photos, documents, cards and labels without any paper jams. I have an Epson photo scanner for high resolution photo scans but use my HP printer to scan to OCR. Again, I have encountered no problems....more info
  • Great printer
    I actually purchased this printer as a gift for my parents. I bought this one because I was so happy with mine. My parents love the copy capability and the quality of pictures it has printed....more info
  • HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-one
    I like the design and function of this machine. Since it does everything I want and need to do it minimizes footprint on my work surface. The scan is much faster and precise that previous HP scanner that I have used. Printing is much faster and the software prints from last to first page so you don't have to organize paper after a print job comes off the printer.

    While the photo print quality will knock your socks off I find it annoying that HP has put a special feed tray for 4x6 print paper. I don't need or want that, but it's there. There is also a rather annoying window at printer start up that tells you if you have "genuine HP photo paper" in the tray.

    The seven cartridge ink system (six colors plus black) is unusual to me, but it seems to do the job nicely. When a print job starts a window pops up to give you an estimate of how much ink is left in each cartridge.

    The supporting HP Solution Center software is a bit opaque and the vaguely worded installation instructions resulted in my having to uninstall the software and start over when I initially installed the printer....more info
  • For the price, this printer has some annoying flaws
    I bought this printer to replace an officejet 5500 series for the higher picture quality and the high quality scans. However, there are a few concerns I have with the printer.

    1. Most important, the black ink the printer uses is terrible. I bought the printer to make higher quality photos but the majority of my printings are documents. The black ink smudges considerably even if your fingers or anything else are the slightest bit wet even after significant drying time. My 5500 series never had this problem (it used #56 black cartridges I believe).

    2. The software is HUGE. It took about an hour to install even if you install just the drivers and skip all the other features.

    3. The quality of scanned negatives is not that great. You are better off scanning a hard copy of your photo if available. Don't buy it for this purpose.

    4. The drivers worked on all my machines except my wife's which is running XP even after uninstalls and reinstalls. Tech support was eventually able to get it running by downloading different drivers from their sight.

    5. No auto-feeder for the scanner/copier which makes anything more than a page or two unbearable.

    6. The software always bugs you to buy HP products even if you ink levels are full.


    1. Pictures look fantastic.

    2. The WiFi is great. Easy set up. Only needs the power cord. Greater flexibility in printer placement. Some posts have commented that printing wirelessly is slow. I have not found that to be the case. Whichever computer I am using, a print almost instantaneously shoots out when I hit the Print button.

    3. HP support was great. They answered my calls in less than a couple of minutes and have this nifty way of controlling your computer (if you let them) and fixing you problem while you can do other stuff.

    ...more info
  • Returning to store today -- unbearable drivers
    I'm a somewhat tech-savvy person, but after 10 uninstall/reinstalls of the drivers on two of our PCs, along with manual updates from the web, we are returning this printer today. We will never buy another HP again.

    Today, I was able to print a single page from my laptop. But it won't print the second page -- unknown error from my side, the printer is just sitting there with no status.

    Its drivers have uninstalled themselves from The Wife's computer twice. She was asking me to try to install them again today because she needs something to print. Cost/benefit-wise, it's going to be simpler to get a different printer.

    The drivers also cause my Dell to run at 100% CPU utilization unless I disable one suite (the "imaging" utilities, or as they appear in my task list, "svchost"). Before the drivers removed themselves from The Wife's Toshiba laptop, they would cause an error dialog nearly every time on startup.

    Googling for "HP 8180 problems" pointed me to lots of people with the same issues, but most advice was of the type of "selectively disable some drivers / set to manual start". We've done that. It's still not workable.

    I don't know how Consumer Reports could have rated this printer so high. There are pervasive problems that many people are having. Maybe it just works for the first two hours....more info
  • Not working very well.
    This is a quirky printer. It is not accepting photocards. It shuts off with the insertion of cards. I would not recommend this printer...lots of bugs....more info
  • Great printer
    I wanted an all in one that could scan slides so I picked this unit. The printing and photos are great. The software is easy to use and documentation is OK. ...more info
  • Cool printer
    This all-in-one printer is ausome. It really prints out nice quality pictures. I also like the fact tha it is a little bit more compact than my previous HP printer. ...more info
  • perfect HP Photo printer
    HP Power to the paper!
    this is the besy HP all in one I have ever owned. the print speed is amazing and the quality unsurpassed.
    The HP 02 inks are a real bargain.
    This is a must buy printer....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I was a bit hestitent to purchase because of neg feedback regarding the software. I had not one bit of trouble. It had been about 3 years since I purchased a printer and was very surprised at the selection and how easy it was to set up and use. Print quality is great for b&w and photo.
    I'm a very pleased custommer....more info
  • Nice features, Hidden cautions....
    I originally went to a store to buy a replacement Yellow ink cartridge for my Canon Pixma printer. I ended up leaving the store with the HP C8180 printer. After all, it's only 1666% more than I originally intended to spend in the store... :)

    That being said, what I liked about the printer is the extras built in. Things like the DVD-RW Lightscribe and the film/slide scanner. Besides, the memory card reader supports the SDHC memory cards where my Canon did not. It's not unusual for me to upgrade my printer every year or two. I guess I was due.

    I set it up at home and tried printing some pictures off a compact flash card. For comparison purposes, I printed pictures I had already printed on the Canon. The Canon printed these picture spot on. The printed image matched what I saw on its viewscreen. The same pictures on the 8180 printed very dark, even after turning off auto adjustment features in the printer.

    I was using Canon paper (because the gloss of the paper was astounding) in both the Canon and HP printers. I tried the HP paper next. I still got the same result (thus debunking the "must use HP paper" myth).

    Nothing (at least nothing blatantly obvious) in the manuals gave me any clue as to why it printed pictures that dark. I took a good print from the Canon and used the "copy" feature of the printer to see how it printed from a copy. It printed wonderfully. Almost a perfect match of the original. Now I'm thinking there is something wrong with the printer's internal image printing software. I get on the phone to HP to see if there is an answer.

    Eventually, after all the initial identifying information they ask for, I get to discuss the issue. They guided me to the print settings where I can change the brightness of the image before printing. Meaning, EVERY TIME before printing. Unacceptable! I'm not paying this kind of money for a printer where a convenient feature such as direct print from card is rendered inconvenient by having to set the brightness for every print. The printer doesn't save the brightness setting. The funny thing is, the image to be printed looks just fine on the LCD display.

    Next, during the hour long call, they said that since I'm using the supplied cartridges, my prints will come out darker than normal, and they'll gladly sell me a new set at a discount. This supposedly is because the starter inks are formulated differently. Feeling I've been snookered into deceptive sales practices from HP and their vendors, I asked them that if that's the case, why did the copy function work so flawlessly even when I was using the same "starter inks". They had no answer to that question except saying it's mentioned in the manuals. I asked them to prove where that's mentioned. They put me on hold for a few minutes and came back intending to change the subject. In the end, they couldn't quote any place in the books or even on the box where I need to have a second set of ink cartridges available. They only kept saying that the starter inks are used to mix with the shipped inks in the device because of the different formulation. It's a new low for HP to pull a stunt like this, especially for their flagship multifunction inkjet printer that costs enough money already to end up having to spend another $70 for a set of inks up front.

    I only had the printer for a day. I already printed many ways on it, but the direct from card method is still dark. Because I get good printing otherwise, I'm still skeptical about the dark printing "clearing up" if and when I change the cartridges.

    The form and function of the printer is great, and would deserve a five star rating for those. My two star drop in perfect rating is for both the poor out of box memory card printing issues and the audacity of the HP tech support to insult my intellect and consumerism by telling me that I basically should replace the (completely full) starter ink cartridges with new ones right away. An extra expense I'm supposed to incur myself. I don't recall any other printer manufacturer pulling a stunt like that. This could very well be my last HP printer if that's how they do things with all their new inkjet printers....more info
  • HP Has a winner printer!
    All of the functions of the printer I've used so far are exceptional. As others pointed out it's a little slow compared to other printers. The print quality is worth it though. I have not tried the light scribe feature to burn and label any disks, but since it performs everthing else so well I'm sure that will work just fine. For my uses the print speed is great and not much different from the last HP All-In-One that I had. For most home uses this is it, the top of the pile, and you won't be unsatisfied with it. The light scribe disk burner should make the difference between other printers an easy choice, since this is the only one that features it.
    JerseyDevil...more info
  • Printer purchase
    Purchase went smooth--No problems. Arrived on time and everything was packed and shipped appropriately.

    George Turk...more info
  • Excellent Wireless Printer and Print Quality is Awesome
    I have owned many printers and by far HP is the way to go. I have read some of the reviews regarding the HP 8180 and seemed that the biggest complaint was the wireless capability and wireless setup. Well, to keep this review short and to the point all you half to do is read the quick setup guide that comes with this printer, not even the manual, just that little four page illustrated magazine "Quick Setup" and follow the directions. I think what most users do when they receive a new computer and or printer is start setting it up without reading the simple directions it comes with. What some people also have done in the past is connect the USB first before setting up the wireless connection this too can be avoided if you read the Quick Setup Guide when a wireless connection is desired. Oh, damn almost forgot to include in this review that I run two PC's and two MAC's to the HP 8180 wirelessly and have had no errors or glitches in doing so. ...more info
  • Super printer!
    Okay I read reviews here and on other websites. Some think it is great others hated it. I purchased it today and had it set up within 10 minutes. I easily set up a second PC and laptop wirelessly on the printer in minutes. The software took care of all the set ups. I did have some issues with an older Dell which caused a huge slow down on the system. But everything else works like a charm. ***** stars hands down....more info
  • Buggy drivers, disappointing connectivity, so-so paper handling
    I use this multifunc to scan old family photos and tintypes, print letters and photos. I got the machine because it is fairly compact and had a lot of features; such as touch screen controls, card reader, DVD writer and the ability to scan photos, documents, slides and negatives. It's connected to a Dell xps420 running Windows Vista. I've had it for about a year now.

    Be aware there are some functions, such as some features of the LightScribe, that will not work unless you connect directly to the computer, i.e., not via LAN or wireless.

    I like the printer when it works, but it has serious driver issues if you use it as your default printer in MS Office software. Both Outlook and Word are affected and maybe other apps, too. HP knows it is an issue for at least a year and says they plan to update drivers. I'm still waiting. The work-around is to use another printer (or a generic print driver such as xps document writer) as your default. It might still hang your MS Office software, in which case you'll need to use Task Manager Processes tab to "end process" your Office app. Even though the app is closed, the process lingers.

    It also has some scan problems, which I suspect is driver-related, too. Scans have been very good in the past, but recently the machine refused to scan to a file. It would copy fine, it just wouldn't save image as a file. I got it to work eventually by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.

    The HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon in the Windows task bar has been erratic, too. Sometimes it open the printer control software, other times it hangs. Once a balloon said it was initializing, but that went on for more than an hour.

    Finally, the documentation said it prints standard envelopes, which it does. It just doesn't do it well. Paper handling is OK for regular flat paper, but envelopes often jam or double feed. I go back to my old HP7350 to do envelopes even thought it isn't a Vista-certified printer.

    I'd like to recommend because I've always had HP and they were always workhorses, but in this instance, I cannot in good conscience tell someone to get this erratic equipment....more info
  • fantastic printer
    This printer is FANTASTIC! I can print from virtually any format without a computer to any size output. From slides, negatives, videos, scans, CD/DVD's and four different memory card sizes, images are input into the printer, you do a little editing and then VOILA ---print out 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, passport, video still-capture image, or any combination of photos sizes. You can even download your pictures from a memory card onto a cd and burn your own backup. This printer is totally awesome!...more info
  • Don't touch this printer if you want full and fast all-in-one functions
    If you buy this item you are asking for trouble. MANY of the features that are mentioned in pre-sale information do NOT exist on this printer or do not work as advertised.

    First, is the DVD burning. Not until you unpack the printer and read the installation manual does it mention that you can't burn a DVD through a network connection. It is USB or nothing.

    Second, and worse yet, is that the scanner, from the specs, appears to be a top of the line with 4800 dpi optical resolution. Good luck using it at this resolution.

    Scanning at ANYTHING higher than the default resolutions usually won't work. The defaults are 200 dpi for film and 300 dpi for prints. For negatives 200 dpi is useless if you plan to blow it up past the size of a postage stamp.

    Using Twain to transfer to Photoshop only works 10% of the time even at the default settings. Most times it will either report the file is too big (32 MB, who knew?) or just sit there and do nothing. The other scanning methods do not give enough control of scaling to be of any use.

    I just used the non-twain scan option to bring in a 4x4 print at 1200 dpi and it took 5 minutes. My 10 year old Microtek scanner would do this in 60 seconds or less.

    No where in the pre-sale specs does it mention these limits.

    HP tells me that this is due to "defective hardware" the scanner was built on. Pardon me?

    I am stuck with a piece of junk. I will never touch another HP product again.

    Print quality? Can't tell you. Can't scan my existing negatives or prints well enough to get a decent print.

    It also re-installed itself after being turned on. It made a duplicate of itself in the control panel. I had to uninstall everyting and install again to get rid of the extra pieces. Removing the "second" printer didn't work.

    Stay away. I'm not new to installing and using printers/scanner, but this thing takes the cake.

    Edited 8Feb08:

    After MUCH hassle the scanning now works beyond the defaults to a certain extent. I have been able to scan negatives at 2400 ppi and prints at 600 however the output starts becoming washed out on the edges for the negatives. Print scans appear fine at 600 ppi. It also takes roughly 3-4 minutes before the device will actually start the scan once set outside the default. Once it starts the scan itself is fairly quick. If the delay before starting gets to be too long it appears that no amount of waiting is enough and it just will not scan. If I am able to get a better reponse from it and get it to stop re-installing itself each time it is turned on I will rate it higher.

    Edited 19Feb08:

    Finally had a quick reponse from HP regarding the whole business of the driver trying to re-install each time the printer was turned on. The instructions worked and that problem has gone away. Just need to remember said instructions for the future if things change and I do not like those kind of "fixes". I am going to read up on this supposed update to the software and see what that is all about. I do believe I am running the latest version of the drivers already based on the updates and number of times I had tried to get the scanner working properly. It is worthwhile to double check just in case.

    Edited 23Mar08:

    There have been no driver updates since I first installed this printer - I have the latest so things that are still sub-par include: no network support for using LightScribe (which may be Roxio's problem - a sad limited program which I have since uninstalled, but still something that could have been addressed at the time this printer was planned) and slow, SLOW scan rates at anything above the default resolution. I am giving it higher marks now for print quality - it would get a total of 2 stars if I could change that. Very good to excellent printing on photo paper and acceptable, fast printing on regular paper.

    Fixing the drivers to improve scanning times and to better make use of the, on spec, excellent scanner capabilities could easily move this printer up to 4 stars. As it stands now, the negatives out-weigh the positives for any higher rating.

    Edited 3May08:

    Just when I was beginning to think the thing was stable I discovered that the cause of my Word 2007 crashing on exit is the result of the printer. Unless the prnter is turned on all the time Word will crash on exit. The "Fix" people have found on Google is to set another printer as the default and just remember to select the 8180 when required. HP's solution is the usual route of requesting the drivers be uninstalled and reinstalled which is their solution for everything and I have yet to have that solution actually fix anything. I've had the priner for almost 6 months and there have been no new drivers or fixes released which is rather laughable based on the number of bugs people have ran into and the poor functionality to top it off....more info
  • I love this printer
    This is a great printer and for a great price. I am so happy I decided to go with this one, it has everything I need. Super fast printing, scanning and copying....more info
  • r3909
    Printer works exc. but cannot find a duplexer & HP support is NO help as they directed me to a q5712a which i purchased & it did not fit & it cost ME to send it back....more info
  • HP C8180
    Easy to use printer, prints great pics. Had a slight problem getting it to run at first after loading the software, for some reason I lost my internet connection. It is ok now after having my son-in-law look into it....more info
  • Love it!
    Has made life so easy! Only complaint is that the photo printing will only do standard sizes so it auto crops....more info