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Discovery Exclusive Flip Phone Walkie-Talkies
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $24.99

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Product Description

Now, your kids can enjoy talking for hours through their cell phone without the hassle of bills with this Discovery Exclusive Flip Phone Walkie-Talkies. This stylish walkie-talkies which resembles like a real cell phone will bring more fun time of chatting with your kids friend or other members of the family. With the Discovery Exclusive Flip Phone Walkie-Talkies, your little girls can also customize the phone for a more personalize look by inserting their beautiful picture in the phone telling everybody that she owns a cell phone. Easy to use, just press the button and you can talk with your friend like two-way radio transmitters. Plus, you can get to talk with your best friend up to 1,000 feet without the static reception! All of these without cell phone bills, which makes it great for every parents. Comes with 4 fashion faceplates, this real-like cell phone also features a flexible safety antenna for a clearer chatting with your friends. With all of these wonderful features, you will surely love to have this Discovery Exclusive Flip Phone Walkie-Talkies concealed as a real cell phone.

  • Talk up to 1000 Feet!
  • Customize your look with changeable face plates!
  • Real Wireless Connection.
  • Each unit requires 6 AG13 Batteries.
  • Talk for Free!

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't take standard batteries...
    Doesn't take standard (i.e. AAA, AA, etc) batteries. Requires 6 little AG13 batteries. How annoying!!!...more info
  • What fun!
    My niece requested these for Christmas and I researched quite heavily before I chose this set and am perfectly satisfied with them. They have the appearance of a flip cell phone which is perfect for the 4 year old and she knows which button to push to operate her end of the set. As for range, we were playing indoors in a 3 story 6000 square foot house and there was never a problem in reception on either end. The set also comes with additional faceplates to change out when she wishes which is a nice bonus. I am so glad this was the set I chose for her and she absolutely loves them! In re-evaluating these, I would give them 5 stars for durability and I can't get this review to change to 5 stars. As for educational purposes, its a toy! As a toy, it should receive 5 stars....more info
  • Cute idea..but too much static!
    I bought 2 of these for my nieces birthdays. They were so excited about them and then went to use them only to find it was so much static that you couldn't even understand the other person. It's such a cute idea I wish they worked better!...more info
  • What a piece of crap
    No range on these things or clear reception.
    This was one of those "I gotta have it" requests from my daughter and they've been sitting in the same place for months now. Nobody has touched them. Buy real walkie talkie's if your kids want to get more than 15 feet from each other....more info
  • Not Bad
    I bought these for my granddaughter and she has fun with them, however the transmission is quite fuzzy and it is many times difficult to hear what the other person is saying. In their price range I think that they are one of the better ones. They are a great toy to take to the park....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this for my girls (age 4 and 8) for Christmas. They were so excited because they are very into "spy girls" right now. However when we opened them up and tried them out, they hardly worked at all. I could hear a faint voice when we were a few feet away, but any further, and there was no reception at all. They come with batteries, but they are the little watch batteries that are expensive to replace. The girls liked the fact that you could put a picture in them, and they were a fun color and design-but such a bummer that they did not work. Quite a disappointment on Christmas!...more info
  • Great for young girls wanting a cell phone!
    I bought these for my girls 7 and 9 for Christmas. They like all kids already want a cell phone, these walkie-talkie cell phones work great and are loads of fun. ...more info