Warriors #1: Into the wild
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Rusty starts out as an ordinary house kitten, but his travels deep into the forest involve him in the epic battles of the cat warrior clans who roam (and rule) the wild.

With a new name -- Firepaw -- and a position as a Thunderclan apprentice, our feline hero faces his destiny, struggles with issues of friendship, honor, courage, and betrayal, and learns what it truly means to be a warrior.

Ages 9-12

Customer Reviews:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
    The first book of Erin Hunter's Warriors series isn't half bad. For being a youth-oriented work (I am 28), it has enough plot to keep one going for a while and just enough imagery to not totally suck. For it's target age group it is excellent. If you have read Tad Williams's Tailchaser's Song, this may at first come off as a poory-made rip-off, but if you take it on it's own merit, it can be very enjoyable.

    I like the characters, most of them anyways, and I like the fact that the book takes it's own pace. Suspected treachery, Clan wars, and the timeless coming-of-age of the book's main character, Firepaw...every time the book lags a little it picks up the pace again just before tedium sets in.

    Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't the Greatest Novel Evar. Far from it.

    The way I look at it is this. My dad LOVES gourmet cooking. He does a fair bit of it as a hobby. The man can do wonders in a kitchen that I can't even UNDERSTAND. He knows the various properties of several herbs and spices and he actually gets CREATIVE in inventing new recipes.

    Yet even he enjoys the occasional grilled cheese sammich.

    The Warriors series is my grilled cheese. It isn't a real brain-stimulating thought-provoker, nor is it groundbreakingly creative or unique. It isn't written in a memorable style and indeed it is, style-wise, pretty plain (ESPECIALLY if you have ever read the afforementioned Tailchaser's Song or indeed any similarly-themed book such as the immortal Watership Down). However...taking all that into consideration it is still just a pleasurable read, a great way to pass the time. I love the story thus far and am now halfway through the second book, which is even better than the first. Isn't that the purpose of a book, at it's core, to entertain us?...more info
  • Not just for kids
    /review from a kindleO.o/ Erin Hunter's hit a literary goldmine in the Warrior series. I'm 20 years old and I must have read this book at least 5 times. Following behind the ThunderClan cats in their strive for justice in the forest of the 4 Clans is a pleasure of the imagination. Sure I can finish these books in less than 2 days, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them.
    Plus, don't you ever wonder if your cat's dreaming of StarClan as well?
    WAHH typing on a kindle is harrrd...:O...more info
  • Very Dark
    Other reviewers have covered the content. So I'll share our experience reading this series as a family. My 9 year old liked it. The prose and plots held the adults' attention. But with time, we felt the series was kind of oppressive. There's very little joy or positive energy in these books. The cats spend most of their time on the defensive, getting hurt. And because it is a series, there's a lot of rehashing between books. I also noticed that my child hasn't asked to read any of the author's other series. Instead, my child is now reading the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series....more info
  • Why all the hype? (Contains mild spoilers.)
    With the Warriors fanbase growing larger and larger, I figured I'd give the first book a try. I wanted to like it, but something about it just didn't hit the mark for me.

    First of all, the characters blatantly annoyed me. The main character, Firepaw, was particuarly grating. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the title "Gary-Stu" but it means a character who is beyond flaw, who is handsome, quick-witted, and rarely gets in trouble for breaking the rules. These are a few qualities I noticed in Firepaw that made him truly unlikeable for me. The scene where he bravely attacks the cat taunting him for his "kittypet" background and rips off his collar was enough to make me actually giggle.
    Another complaint I have about the characters is that they seemed like cardboard cut outs, with the same stilted way of talking ("Look, young apprentice. A sprout. Newleaf will be here in but a moon, and then freshkill will be running well again." not a direct quote, but you get the idea) and not much personality except for the idea that they have a name and some color of "pelt".

    The plot left much to be desired, too. The author was killing off characters faster than she could introduce them! Shortly after Firepaw is accepted into Thunderclan, we learn that Greypaw's mentor, Redtail, has been killed in a battle. Overload of information? We barely know who Grewpaw is, let alone his mentor. We can't really be expected to mourn over his death, can we, after just learning his name. I found that for most of the book, knowledge was being shoved down my throat quicker than I could digest it. Thank goodness for the handy character key in the beginning of the book, or I might not be able to keep those swarms of characters straight in my head! (I hope you note the sarcasm.) This is where the lack of distinct personalities really comes into play: I spent most of my time going, "I forget...who is ___? I swear I've heard the name before..."

    My final complaint is the portrayal of good and evil. I understand that this is a children/young adult's book, but don't you think we can handle characters that have a little shading around the edges? Sure, there's a bit of treachery within Thunderclan, but--surprise, surprise--the main antagonist is the mentor who bosses his apprentice around, even when his apprentice is injured, growls and grumbles about everything under the sun, and has an ugly scar on his face. Really, Erin Hunter, could you be a bit more obvious? I'm not sure the little kids in the back understand that this guy is supposed to be bad.

    So, to conclude, I don't get along with the Warrior Cats. She must be doing something right, to have found such a wide range of fans, but if she did, I don't see it....more info
  • Warriors Review
    The very first book in the Warriors Saga, Into The Wild, focuses on a Kittypet (A house cat) named Rusty. In the forest, there are four clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan. There is also StarClan, which is where all the clan cat's warrior ancestors are. Rusty is soon asked to join Thunderclan by the clan's leader, Bluestar. Bluestar gives him the name Firepaw as his new clan apprentice name. (All apprentices have Paw as the second part of their name, then when they are warriors they get a different thing, like for example: Fireheart, Firepelt, Fireclaw, Firedapple, Firefur, etc. And if they become deputy, then the leader dies, they become Firestar.) This books shows Firepaw's journey to becoming a warrior and showing loyalty to his new clan despite most of the clan cats disliking him or taunting him because he was a Kittypet once. By the end of the book, Firepaw becomes a warrior named Fireheart and more cats show respect to him. The Warrior books are wonderful books for young readers, (8-13, give or take a year) and take you through the journeys that the clans have as you enjoy reading these books. I'm a big fan of these books, and you can learn a lot more about them, play games, take quizzes, test yourself on Warriors Knowledge, get your warrior name, and get your clan at: www.warriorcats.com

    Thanks for reading!...more info
  • Best Book Ever by Lara
    this has got to be the best series i've ever read. i'm so serious. rusty is a kittypet that meets a few cats from a group of cats called Thunderclan. he decides to join them hoping he is making the right decision. as he goes there he becomes great friends with Graypaw. Who is also an apprentice. Rusty's name is changed to Firepaw and he and Graypaw do many good things for the clan. it's awmazing to think about how your own cat could be like this. you never thought of it hunting or finding a mate and fighting other clans. you just think of it as a animal that likes to cuddly and play. but really their much more than that. they have minds, they CAN think. they're not just playtoys. they have lives that i want to help them live. anyone of all ages can read this book and love it. i do. it's one of the best books on the planet!!!...more info
  • warriors 1
    Interesting enough for me to really enjoy listening to my 8 yr old granddaughter read it aloud. She loves it and is looking forward to reading more....more info
  • a review from anders or "Noodleheart"
    this is a series about a house cat named rusty who is a cat owned by humans or "Two-legs". he has a happy carefree life but is offered a life full of adventure. he goes into the ThunderClan who renames him "Firepaw". he makes two new friends named ravenpaw and graypaw. Also he makes a few enemys who pity him for being a "kittypet". here are a few of these firepaw-hater cats: Tigerclaw,Dustpaw,Sandpaw, and Longtail. the leader Bluestar thinks he can do fine and he is determened to show everyone that kittypets can be good warriors too....more info
  • my favorite series!
    The book is about a kittypet, or domestic cat, who is named rusty. rusty goes into a clan that is full of adventure. he is a ThunderClan aprrentice and has two new friends,ravenpaw and graypaw. this book is action packed and tons of things you never expect happon in a world where rusty will prove to everyone that he is just as good as everyone else. i am on the 3rd book now and i can't stop reading them. thank you for reading my review. i hope everyone loves this series as much as me!...more info
    OMG!Its a little sad but, some one dies every day here!Im just starting it and I'm already conserned weather...NO SECRETS TOLD!Look at the frount,
    it just beggs to be bought!Look at that face!Hes even cuter in the story though!For readings sake,BUY IT!...more info
  • Best book EVER
    My friend gave me this book. I looked at the cover and thought it would be kind of dorky. I gave it a try and after I got to the second chapter I couldn't put it down. Every night, instead of watching TV, I'd read this book instead!
    It is about a race of Thunder Clan cats that are wild and have a battle with the evil Shadow Clan. There are four generations of cats who have beliefs in a powerful race of cats before them called the Tiger clan, the Lion clan, and the Spotted clan. All were very powerful clans that were wiped out. The elders of the clans created four new clans, the River, Thunder, Shadow, and Wind Clans. They have one other clan among the stars called the Star clan, which is where all the dead warriors go.

    Their enemy shadow clan wants hunting rights over every territory because they can't provide for their own clan. Broken star, the leader of the Shadow Clan, trains kittens when they are only 3 moons old, which is very young for a cat. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, so you'll just have to read it for yourself! ...more info
  • "Whooo! Best book of the YEAR! by Swiftstar
    I really think amazon.com is col, but when I saw that a cat book had five stars [and not just one, the whole series!] I was doubtful. I don't like cats, for my own reasons, but my mom said some of her friend's children loved Warriors, so I gave it a try. What I found was a world of excitement. TEven if you're a dog-person like me, you'll love it, the entire series. Trust me....more info
  • Warriors 4 life!!!!!!A reveiw from a warriors fan-atic!
    I LOVE these books!period!I'm currently reding the 5th book,a Dangrous path.Thats a good one too.Anyway,back to this one.My neighbor was reading the first chapter,and it seemed like she didn't enjoy it very much.But by the end of the chapter,I could tell she wanted to read more.The book starts getting interesting by the 3 chapter.I have to say,the first book isnt as interesting.But it pays off by the second,trust me!Each book is better than the last and I guess thats what keeps me hooked.DON'T skip books,EXPECALY the first one!!!!!!!It's the first one that tells the most and will DefAnAtLY help with understanding the others.(By the way,if things don't seem to be made clear,it will by the end.)Oh,and one more thing before I give you a discription of the book,THESE SERIES CAN BE SPOILED,EASLY!!!DON"T read ANYTHING that could spoil the next book for you!If you keep the next book a secret,then it will be enjoyed more!I have,unfourtunatly,read spoilers.And I must say that,If I didn't,I would enjoy the books even more.So if your tempted to read the back of,oh,lets say,book number 5 in the series,slap your hand and tell yourself"No!don't ruin it for yourself!You'll regret it!"and put it back on the shelf.Now that thats covered,hears what the books about:

    It starts out with Rusty,a house cat,who stumbles apon a group of wild cats in the neighboring forest.Rusty,whos fed up with life as a house cat,decides to join them,the wild cats,and learns what its like to be a true cat,& discovers what his life has been missing.Meanwhile,Rusty(by the way,thats not his name)senses that there is some tretory going on in this 'clan' of cats.Join him on a journy filled with hounor,lies,and everything else in between.It'll make you want to read the next!

    I hope this reveiw was helpful to you.And I encourage you to read the whole series,no matter how many books,and become a Warriors fan-atic like me!...more info
  • Cats Fight a Lot
    Cats, male and female, engage enthusiastically in tribal warfare over dwindling resources.

    The hero advances through the ranks through honesty and natural physical ability. The villain takes power by deception and murder.

    This is a simple story, which is probably why these books are so popular....more info
  • Warriors Legacy
    This is a great book. In fact, Warriors has OUTSOLD J.K. Rowlings series, 'Harry Potter'! Amazing!

    Many fan sites have been made in honor of the warriors series. I have finished Sunset, last book of the New Prophecy. Young Rusty travels to the forest to be confronted by Graypaw, a ThunderClan apprentice, Lionheart, a senior warrior, and Bluestar, the Leader. Rusty gains three more names -Firepaw, Fireheart, and eventually, Firestar.
    ...more info
  • Into the wild
    A story about cats that will captivate you as you read it's pages.The first book in the warriors series,it is a very good book.If you think it's a little boring at first, I agree with you,but it gets very exiting.
    The cats don't have what we call "normal" cat names, but they do have names like Bluestar,Oakheart and Tigerclaw.The genre of all warrior books including this one, are realistic fiction and fantasy....more info
  • warriors rock
    this is one of the best books i have ever read. this book is packed with action and adventure i recommend this series to anyone....more info
  • Great!
    This novel is all about a typical house cat called Rusty, except for reason. Rusty has strange dreams about running free in the wild, every step closer to catching a mouse. When he awakes, he wanders into the forest, deciding to hunt. A small gray head appears which leads him into a fight. Bluestar, the present leader of Thunderclan, asks Rusty if he wants to join her clan. Rusty thinks about it, and the next morning, he gives Lionheart his answer- which is yes.

    When he first steps into the clan, many cats complain about his stinky TwoLeg scent and his collar. A warrior, Longtail, challenges him to a fight. Rusty fights bravely and gives Longtail a scratch. Longtail teared off his collar, showing the mark of a clan cat. He is known as Firepaw. Firepaw starts his day with Graypaw, his future best friend. They have many mentors including Lionheart and Tigerclaw. At the start, Tigerclaw is accused of killing Redtail; but only Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and Firepaw. Eventually, he begins training with Bluestar, the leader. But one day, he was hunting in the fields when a familliar head popped up. Smudge was there. Smudge was a small cat which Firepaw had grew up with. Tigerclaw catches him with Smudge and reports this to Bluestar. Firepaw knows Tigerclaw is up to trouble. Ravenpaw had caught the whole scene that Tigerclaw killed the old deputy Redtail. Tigerclaw does not admit it, and the friends agree that if Ravenpaw tells, there could be grave danger. One day, a rogue, formally of Shadowclan, steps into Thunderclan territory. Firepaw feeds it, and Tigerclaw again reports to Bluestar. Yellowfang, the rogue, evantually becomes Medicene cat after Spottedleaf, the present medicene cat dies. The cats send Ravenpaw to Barley's farm because of danger.

    Toward the end of the book, a fight is picked up. Firepaw and Graypaw fight bravely and earn warrior names. The path continues....... in the forest of secrets!...more info
  • For all ages
    This is a series I have become addicted to. I'm an adult and I discovered it when I was working in a bookstore. This was a great intro to the series. What a feisty, lovable character Firepaw is! All the characters are interesting and serve their own purpose. The story has a good plot and stays on track. The basic concept for the series is taken from Native American cultures(for example, they have a "Medicine Cat"). If you read books such as "She Who Remembers," you will see where Hunter got the idea from. I think it is actually a pretty original idea for a children's series. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    This is a great book. It's about cats that live in the wild. A kittypet named Rusty decides to join them. He is named Firepaw as his apprentice name and later Fireheart as his warrior name. He meets new friends and new foes. He has to travel and work hard before gaining respect and fully welcomed in the clan. There are four clans all together. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, Riverclan and WindClan. The clans are rivals but sometimes strike up alliances. Oh, but there is yet one more clan. It is not a clan of living cats but dead ones. It is called StarClan. They are the clan's warrior ancestors. Every moon, (month) the medicine cats of all four clans and their apprentices go to the moonstone. They touch their noses to it and StarClan sends them prophecies, messages and dreams. Only leaders and medicine cats know of what happens at the moonstone. I hope you enjoy this book. ...more info
  • The One that Started it all
    I'm 13 and I've read and bought every book that Erin Hunter has written at least twice. I'm now in the Power of Three Series and I can't help wanting to go back and read Into the Wild over and over again. If you don't want me to spoil some parts of the book for you, I suggest not reading any further.

    It starts out when a young housecat named Rusty starts getting bored with his quiet easy life and ventures into the woods and attempts to hunt down a mouse. While he is in the forest a wild cat attacks him. He thinks about fleeing, but in the end decides to fight back. After the two cats are done fighting eachother they start talking. This strange cat is named Graypaw. He lives in the woods with a group of cats called Thunderclan. The clan has to fight to survive in the harsh wildernes. Rusty is amazed by this strange cat and is even more surprised when the leader of Thunderclan, Bluestar, asks him to join the clan. Rusty accepts and leaves his cushy life for the rough outdoors.

    Rusty soon realizes that life in Thunderclan is very different from what he is used to. Most of the cats in the clan are against having a kittypet (housecat) join their clan. Bluestar changes his name to Firepaw and then he begins his life as an apprentice warrior with Graypaw, Sandpaw, Dustpaw, and Ravenpaw. On Firepaw's first day in the clan a cat dies in battle. Firepaw realizes that life is not easy in Thunderclan.

    In Into the Wild Firepaw has to battle with rival clans, hunt for his own food, and rescue stolen kittens from an evil clan leader.

    If you like animals and adventure Into the Wild is the book for you! If you want to read this series I strongly suggest that you read them in order or else you'll get confused...

    Here are some things that you might want to know while you're reading it:
    There are four clans:
    Thunderclan- they are known for their strength
    Shadowclan- hostile cats (mostly)
    Riverclan- excellent swimmers and fishers
    Windclan- fast runners and good at hunting rabbits
    In clans every cat has a name with one of the following on the end:
    star- leader
    paw- apprentice
    kit- kitten
    (a warrior and medicine cat can have anything on the end of his or her name)

    I hope you have fun reaading this awesome book!...more info
  • Excellent Book
    I have grown up with cats my life and I always loved them. I still do but now I eye them more suspiciously after reading this book. It is an excellent book and very adventurous for young readers like me, all the way from the beginning where a young "kittypet" named Rusty goes into the forest to hunt a mouse when his soon to be best friend Graypaw fights him, to the end which I will not spoil. It is a great storyline and is mysterious with the death of the deputy Redtail. Not until the 3rd book does everyone in the clan found out who the killer is. I suggest everyone who loves cats to read this book. So far I have finished the first series of Warriors which are Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. There are 6 books in 3 series so there are 18 books. All in all, it is a very good series as well as this particular one. ...more info
  • Rusty to Firepaw
    My daughter is seven and a very good reader. She loves the Warriors books. We bought her a bunch for Christmas and has already finished seven of them!(and we are still in January). I have gotten kind of "hooked" too. It is really like a soap-opera for kids, but in its simplicity and predictability, it teaches a lot about living with others, respect for others' feelings and the importance of helping each other. Yes, the good guys always win, but I wouldn't want it any other way for a kid her age.

    However, keep in mind that cats do die in the story, and there is violence--more than I expected, especially at the end of the first series (book #6). The second series--The New Profecy--is less violent, but some characters die violent deaths. Still, I'd rather have my daughter reading about violent cats than watching violent humans on television.

    Overall, it is a good series of books for children when they can read independently....more info
  • As good as redwall.....
    I have been a fan of Redwall for a long time now and I must say this is as good as Redwall.I just like animals. Nothing is wrong with that,and nothing is wrong with this book.It all starts when a normal house cat, Rusty,goes in to the woods behind his house.He starts to stalk a mouse,but he is attacked by a cat. This cat then gives up fighting when Rusty starts to fight back as hard as he can. When Rusty starts to talk to him he learns that the cat who attacked him is named Graypaw, a forest cat who lives with Thunderclan, one of the four forest clans.I might tell you more but I would ruin the whole book. Any way, FIVE STARS. ...more info
  • Brave Wild Cats
    The first book of the Warrior series is Warriors Into the Wild. There was this original house cat named Rusty. One day Rusty went out into the forest in back of his house. When he was in the forest another cat attacked Rusty when he tried to catch a mouse. Rusty tried to fight of the cat so he could run away. Later in the book Rusty choose to go live with the wild cats in the forest. When he made it to the wild cat's camp he got his new name. Rusty trained to become a good warrior cat and in the end he found out that this was all he every wanted. ...more info
  • Great read
    My 10/11 year old son just started reading this series. SO far, so good! We'd recommend it....more info
  • Mr. Review
    Ever wonder what a house cat is thinking? Have you ever thought about where your lost cat went? Humans are fascinated by cats strange behavior, but Erin Hunters book "Warriors: Into the Wild" will turn that fascination around!

    Erin Hunters "Warriors: Into the Wild" book is the story of a house cat named Rusty, when he leaves the safety of his backyard to enter the forest behind his house. Like his friend told him, Rusty's attacked by a wild cat, but when Rusty fights back, him and the attacker, Graypaw, become close friends. But when Graypaws Clan leader offers Rusty one day to decide if he wants to join the clan, he has one day to choose between his safe, boring life he grew up with his best friends and caring housefolk, or the deadly life he's always wanted with adventure and freedom at every turn.

    Eventually, the Warriors series makes a large Text-to-World connection, but I won't spoil it for you. It's mostly Text-to-Text. Each book having a connection to the one before, if it's a fight like a previous one, or there's a tragic story, just like the one before. But no two books have the exact same plot. It's always a new story, new adventure, even if it seams the same.

    The audience for "Warriors: Into the Wild" is between 9 and 13 year olds. Although other ages might enjoy the book too. Any cat fan should read the books if they have ever wondered what cats might think from day to day. The audience stays the same throughout all Warriors books so you'll never be disappointed. This book is a good combination of realistic fiction and fantasy and is very similar to other realistic fiction books; love, fighting, adventure, friendship; just with cats!

    One thing that constantly changes in the story are the characters. At any moment a beloved character dies, or a personal favorite cat, turns blood thirsty and murderous! Families can expand or contrast dramatically within the course of three pages! You're allowed inside the main characters thoughts, to see what they think about what's going on. A big change could occur for one person, but the other might have no idea what just happened! The characters make it seam so realistic, you'll think it's about humans; till one comes along and something disastrous happens, like starting forest fires.

    Ultimately, Erin Hunters "Warriors: Into the Wild" is an amazing book that puts the world into a cats point of view. After reading this book, you'll see your pet cat, and other cats very differently!...more info
  • A.m.A.z.I.n.G!!
    This book is the start of my favorite series! Must-read!
    Message to those few who rated less than 2 stars: You have bad taste in literature! :3
    Message to those who rated 5 stars: You rock! Warriors forever for everyone!...more info
  • cats rule while dogs drool
    Rusty,the cat,prepares to leave the cover of his house and go out into the forest. Little does he know his life will never be the same. He becomes Firepaw. Erin Hunter,the author, makes it seem like you're there in the forest among the six clans: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan and Starclan. Some of the characters you'll meet are: LEADER (Bluestar), DEPUTY (Redtail) and MEDICINE CAT (Spottedleaf).

    ...more info
  • You'll be Hooked; Great for all Ages
    I didn't buy the boxed set because I wasn't sure if I'd like the series. Once you read the first book, you can't help but continuing. Great books for cat and animal lovers alike. Thoroughly enjoyed it. ...more info
  • This book is awesome
    this book is the best. whoever hasnt read this book must be crazy. im on the fifth book of the first prophecy and it is the best!! i love warriors books!!...more info
  • great book
    this is a great book, which sucked me in so much that i have read every book in the series, thank you erin hunter!...more info
  • I am 43 years old and read it along side my 13 year old!
    I had so much fun reading this with my 13 year old book after book, we laughed and cried at some of the endings! Erin Hunter has created a truly fascinating world of wild cats and their adventures. I can truely say I read these as loyally as I have read Harry Potter!...more info
  • Terrific
    I don't even like cats and i loved this book! The author describes the characters very well. I have already read 6 of the series and each book leaves you on the edge and there is always something new. I give it two thumbs up....more info
  • Amazing Book!
    Warriors #1: Into the Wild (Warriors)

    This was a very fun book to read. It is about Rusty, a cat that wishes to catch a mouse. He leaves his home and joins a clan to save all the Warriors in it. He must please everyone in the clan. He must hunt for the clan and train to be a Warrior. His best friends in the clan are Graypaw and Rayvenpaw. The clan leader's name is Bluestar; they must always protect her. I loved reading this book and if you like cats you will love this book! I can't wait to get the second one!

    Fire and Ice (Warriors, Book 2)...more info